"You are-"Jane really can’t remember this person, but she has to pretend.

"It’s understandable that the villain Wang Santong’s little official can’t remember. The villain was only visited by the owner of Zhuangzi a few years ago, and he often visited the owner of Zhuangzi these years. It’s a pity that the villain missed the little official several times without being blessed!" This man is also good at talking.
"How is this wine?" Jane nodded a little.
"Don’t be afraid to boast that the owner of Zhuang Zi personally supervises the making of wine. It is also famous in this mansion. There is also the Pan family Pan Yang restaurant Jasper Spring Sujia Juxianlou Jade Distillery, which is slightly better than others." Wang Santong’s face is quite attractive.
"Can my wine have a name?"
"The master of Zhuang zi personally called the hundred steps down!"
"Is it possible that my family sells antiperspirants?"
"Non-antiperspirant is good wine!"
"Oh, I understand!" Jane hesitated. "It’s better to call the kettle black!"
"Good name, good name!" Wang Santong busy nod.
"Bring pen and ink!" Jane saw him say that he was full of lofty sentiments, and a little while later, the page presented a pen and ink, grabbed a pen, and got drunk.
"It’s framed and can be hung outside!" Jane was quite satisfied with these three words, but Wang Santong looked embarrassed and quick.
"Good words, good words!" Wang Santong quickly handed over his hand and congratulated him, "Don’t show more concessions than the master of Zhuang zi!"
"That’s good, Master Zhuang-er, can my father keep it?"
"Isn’t this it?" Wang Santong pointed to the wall with the three words "Hundred Steps Down"
Sure enough, it’s a domineering exposure, and it’s terrible!
"Good word!" Jane looked at the old man’s words and then at her own words. Her face finally turned white, from white to black and from black to normal. "It’s framed and hung next to my father!"
Dare to laugh at my words? It’s still a good word hanging next to my father’s word.
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The second chapter meets everything
The second chapter meets everything
"Is that well-proportioned and unrestrained young official in front of you a streamer?"
Fengfu is so lively, you can often hear such yelling, Jane has a full face of smiles and looks around. It really is that Fengfu’s style is not recreated.
Er ya desperately pulled Jane to have a skirt.
"Do you want to eat my tofu!" Jane laughed and tried to touch her double face.
"Hurry up! There is fun elsewhere! " It’s rare for Er Ya to say such a whole sentence, even if Jane touched her.
"Brother Liuguang, slow down!"
Cuff was pulled forward by Er Ya again.
"Jane streamer can’t hear the little brother’s voice?"
The sound at the back is getting louder and louder.
"But call me?" Jane looked at Er Ya.
Two ya a face of nervous hurriedly shook his head and nodded again found wrong and busy shook his head.
When Jane turned around, she saw a rough face in front of her. This fellow was a handsome man, shaking his head and getting fat. Even if he was wearing satin, he could see that he was a foodie!
"Is the streamer me?" Jane looked at the goods and wanted to laugh.
"Did Brother Liuguang change his words?" This foodie looks surprised and inexplicable.
Jane looked at Er Ya Er Ya and nodded, only then did she confirm that the goods were different from his father’s level before she was born again.
"Dare to ask you-"
"What brother I am your brother, you are my brother!" This foodie grabbed Jane’s shoulder. "I heard that Sue’s shopkeeper retired some time ago-"
"Break off an engagement!" Jianyoudao
"Yes, yes, it’s his mother who broke off her marriage. This old man has eyes but doesn’t know gold and jade, so his wife is playing around. Today, my younger brother will host my brother and have a few drinks!"
"This-"Jane has the impression of eating goods. At that time, she was hesitant. Next to her, Er Ya shook her head like a rattle and was not afraid of her falling apart.
"Hurry up!" Eating goods is high-handed, and Jane goes to the nearby Panyang Building.
Xiao er yi Liu will bring the dining tables.
"There were a few new girls singing in the Tea House yesterday. It’s not bad!"
"Drink!" Jane has a toast to eat food.
"A San of Changle Square lent me five taels of gambling money. San Qian silver promised to return this fellow a few days ago, but he wouldn’t go there and go to his house to find him unlucky!"
"You-you-this fellow isn’t-be loved. I called my sister to accompany me-I haven’t! Zhang’s mother’s name is ―― Cui Hua ―― "Chihuo squints at Jane with two ya bobbing around.
"Dare to ask your brother!" Jianyoudao
"I’m-I’m-Han Wuyan’s dad-Han Qi’s a good friend-who looks familiar?" Say that the fat man leans forward and throws down several cups and dishes and snores like thunder.
Han Qi? Isn’t this fellow the queen of famous ministers? Why are you so mixed up?
"Pay the bill!" Jane made a noise and threw a piece of broken silver.
I can’t believe that this fellow is still a famous minister, and Jane has a natural and unrestrained checkout, regardless of that Han Wuyan’s two ya’s going home.
"Little officer person-"
Er ya looks coy.
"What do you want to say?"
"That’s a bad guy!"
"That fellow-"
Jane nodded and said, "Sure enough, he’s a bad guy. Let’s have a drink another day and see what’s wrong. It’s better not to be as bad as him in the future!"
Two ya stamp a stamp "little officer person-"
It’s really not interesting to wander around Fengfeng these two days, and it’s boring to panic after the novelty.
"Er ya is better than going to see Sue the shopkeeper!"

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