Sure enough, just like I thought … Looking at the wooden door fluttering with the waves on the sea, I stretched my foot and pressed the wooden door. After making sure that the wooden door would not sink, the whole person followed.

"…" Oogway, there was no sound behind me for my actions.
Looking back, my eyes are like a mechanical turtle. I really feel comfortable with it. I think I prefer the old turtle who will spoil me.
"Wait for me, Master." For the first time, I called out the word "Master" to him with a serious and sincere attitude.
Although I have always known that the tortoise fairy is a unified program, no matter how long you get along, you will have feelings!
The first chapter 6 water line bead
I fired a turtle fairy qigong bullet at the sea behind me. With the reaction, the board I stood on quickly rushed to the middle of the sea, and the wooden door was twice as fast as the flying car!
It’s a sunny day, and white clouds are blooming in the distance. I’m suddenly leaping with warm breath in waves, and the sea breeze is rustling in my ears, and milky white waves are splashing my pants. A cool and carefree feeling fills my heart. If I’m not in a hurry to finish it, I really want to enjoy this sea surfing feeling.
In surfing, the thunder suddenly rushed to my side and shouted at me, "honk-honk!" The owner made the game play in a way other than the game setting and developed 30 new moves to start the hidden ability illusion. "
Illusion? What is this ability? The official website doesn’t have the ability to say? My brow wrinkled when I heard the so-called "hiding ability"
Although online games always deliberately attract players to explore and pursue hidden machines and treasures, no one will set their abilities as hidden, right?
When I think about this, I think of my ex-brother. They form a hidden ending in the game. I hope it won’t be some damn strange thing.
A little distracted, a wave of tens of feet came head-on, and I almost fell into the sea. I quickly lowered my body and barely held myself steady before I fell into the sea, but I was all wet.
"Master, be careful ….." Thunderstorm rebuked me like shouting.
The tone of thunder sounded like I was scolded by a three-year-old child and suddenly felt a little cute.
"Okay, I’ll pay attention." I answered it with a smile.
After rushing through the waves, an island appeared at sea level.
Is that the island? Looking ahead, I strengthened the strength of the turtle fairy qigong bomb and ran away to my destination with the fastest speed.
The island’s land is charred black, and the big rocks are like blood. A dark brown castle stands at the top of the island, and the sunshine behind the castle is brighter than the blue sky …
What a strange castle … Looking at the scene before me, I suddenly feel dizzy and want to vomit.
That castle is not as beautiful as most people think, just look at its color-dark brown. Which castle will use brown as the wall color? And the appearance of the castle …
No, it has no appearance at all. The whole city is irregular. The only thing that can be clearly distinguished is the ups and downs of the castle appearance. There are holes in the city wall. According to the building structure, it should be a window or an entrance, right? The whole city looks like if I want to come up with a word to form it …
"smash chocolate cake" should be that most appropriate word.
Is this a visual attack? Let the player vomit until he is weak, and defeat the devil player naturally? I tried my best to resist the urge to vomit and try not to faint. In the face of such a huge pile of rotten chocolate, I can still smell the sweet chocolate.
No, I think too much. It’s like this here. It’s my brother. They have aesthetic problems. It’s not a visual attack at all. I shook my head and took a deep breath to try to sober my head.
How do I get in now? When I arrived near the castle, I found that there were many monsters guarding the castle. Those monsters were half my height, with light green skin, big head and small body, and looked like aliens.
I didn’t know that the alien’s name is "Laker" because it belongs to a passive attack monster, that is to say, they won’t attack the player actively, but they won’t attack the player until the player enters their attack range. Laker is a kind of fight-resistant monster with low attack power but strong defense power.
It is said that the top floor of Devil Castle will reach the top floor in this way … I don’t think it will take me ten days to walk. I look at the towering cake castle and think hard about the countermeasures.
There are an amazing number of defense castles. There are three or five guards at every entrance and exit of the castle. There are groups of patrol guards outside the castle. At first glance, their defense seems to be perfect
But when I carefully observed the movements of the Lacks, I found an interesting place, that is, the Lacks have a fixed route. Although it seems that the defense is tight, there will be a small gap in the route when the two batches of Lacks meet.
Maybe I can take advantage of this gap … I have a bold action plan in my mind.
It’s harder to sneak in with such a tight defense than to ascend to heaven. Then I might as well go in the opposite direction and go straight through the door!
If I’m careful not to go into the attack range, they won’t attack me. I can enter the castle through the gap in their activity route. If I’m lucky, I may reach the top floor without fighting. But if I’m unlucky … I may be crushed to death by a bunch of rakes! I shed a cold sweat at the thought of that terrible situation.
I took a deep breath and quickly dived outside the city wall to seize the intersection gap. I slipped into the city smoothly. There was a spacious hall in front of me. There was a blue flame floating on the wall of the hall. The whole atmosphere made people feel dull and gloomy. The castle defended more Laker soldiers, and groups of Laker monsters kept shuttling around all the way. When I saw the Laker group, I found no place to hide. I just looked for the gap between them or solved them directly.
Hey hey! Judging from the present situation, I should be able to sneak to the top floor soon to find the devil and climb to the next floor smoothly. I am proud of my calculations.
But if it’s so easy to get past my brother, how can they be labeled as "perverted lunatics" by players? As soon as I climbed to the fourth floor, I heard a familiar sound …
"Hum …" The dense vibration of wings echoed in the aisle on the fourth floor.
It seems that my "old friend" appeared and I smiled bitterly.
It seems impossible to reach the top without spending a little effort.
The mosquito legion soon appeared in front of me and counted. At present, there are fifteen of them.
This amount is probably enough for a shot of shotgun. I evaluate the current situation and I don’t want to wave too much energy before I reach the devil.
One or two mosquitoes narrowly escaped me after a shot of shotgun blast, and then each kicked them and sent them to accompany their companions.
The further I go, the more I meet the mosquito legion, and the slower I go. Until the last attack, the mosquito legion actually increased by 120!
"Tired of it! Why does it keep popping up? More and more mosquitoes hinder my speed, and I feel impatient.
"Honk! Come on! Come on! "Thunderstorms constantly cheer me up, and sometimes they help me. I hit a few mosquitoes that attacked me.
"Come on, exercise one! It’s still a long way to go after I stop playing Qigong bombs. I can’t finish playing Qigong bombs here. When I decide to change my fist to solve mosquitoes, I’ll wait for a fight with the devil to prepare for the warm-up.
As a result of close combat, of course, I couldn’t fight back when I met mosquitoes. When I arrived at the eleventh floor, I had more than ten wounds, big and small, messy hair and dirty clothes. The whole person was in a mess
The authenticity of this game is really "good"! I’ve never been so miserable when I played sniper before! I looked down at my face and smiled.
Laugh not because of embarrassment; Laughter is due to satisfaction.
It’s been a long time since I fought alone. I’ve been used to the team warfare mode since I teamed up with others. Now, the satisfaction of working hard alone and trying my best to fight monsters has brought me back to the time when I first entered the sniper.
After entering the eleventh floor, the mosquito legion disappeared instantly, and the guard monster on this floor changed back to the Laker monster.
Shout ….. Finally, it’s easier to look at the familiar Luck Blame. I feel relieved and slowly walk towards Luck Blame. I’m going to pass through Luck Group along the previous mode.
"touch! "Suddenly I was hit by a clay ball.
"Honk! "Suddenly, the thunder screamed as if he was very distressed and said to me," The master was attacked by Dalak, and the blood volume decreased by 30 points, leaving 170 points. "
Usually, the thunder will be shocked and call me seriously injured or the blood volume will be greatly reduced. It can be seen that this attack is very harmful to me! This situation is not shocking, and even I feel incredible.
Reduce blood volume by 30 points? Are you kidding me? I was hit by mosquitoes before, but I lost two points of blood! Huh? Wait! Isn’t the Raquel in passive attack mode? How can … I wait for a while staring at the front, blame.
Although the appearance is the same, the body shape of the former Lakshman seems to be a little bigger. The former Lakshman’s skin color is light green, but the group in front of me is dark green. The former Lakshman’s hand is unarmed, but now this group … each hand holds a clay ball.
Think about it again. Bao Lei just said that the name is big, pull and gram. This is the evolution of the Lakshman? I took two steps back in astonishment.
It’s really troublesome. There are still three floors back to the Devil’s floor, and there will be many such big trucks. According to my experience, the most conservative estimate is that I will encounter more than one hundred …
Thinking about this number, look at my equipment. There are three bottles of blood-enriching mercurochrome, a ganoderma lucidum for restoring physical strength, and I can send qigong bullets 23 times … My forehead is cold and sweaty.
No matter how I look at it, it seems that I can’t make it to the devil’s floor. Even if I am really lucky, I think I will be killed by the devil in about two seconds.
All right! In this case, I’ll give up my plan, give up my calmness and fight the monster directly. Even if I get killed, I know how I died. Let’s just earn an experience first!
I’ve always liked an efficient attack, but if the situation is out of my control, I’m too lazy to think too much. On the other hand, I’ll try my best to fight each other in the most direct way. My principle is-even if I die, I’ll die happily!
I made up my mind, and my face followed with a smile, and the hand gathered a shot wave "Big Luck! Fight! 」
First, a few shots were fired at them, and the number of them was reduced by more than half. After that, I changed my fist and attacked the body, and the blood volume was gradually reduced. Finally, I was hit by a big earth ball, and the blood volume became unified, declaring my death. The scene flashed in front of me and I was sent away from the castle.
Woo … It hurts! It really hurts to be hit by a big clay ball! I was sent back to the phantom forest in pain, and I leaned against the tree.
Strange? What will be sent here after death? Remember that official website data is not introduced like this, or that I will return to my former place only when I die in progress? Although I was puzzled by this matter, I decided to solve it first and then study it.
Two days before the deadline, I have to hang up the mosquito corps that needs to be equipped. After that, there will be blood-enriching syrup and physical supplement of Ganoderma lucidum, which is of great help to me in the long-term war of resistance.
"Hum …" My old friend appeared soon.
Come on! The more, the better! I really need you now!
I spent half a day in Phantom Woods and hung up several batches of mosquitoes. I was tired and sat on a tree to rest.
"Warehouse Startup" After I gave the instruction, a square cabinet formed by laser light and shadow appeared in front of me.

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