It seems to be curtain sound.

Not good!
Liang Ping’s heart is more urgent than that of others.
Wang Huirong must have secretly given him an anesthetic when he opened the window!
He shouted in his heart!
However, he has a mouth!
What on earth will become like this!
Eager tears rolled again
Wang Huirong also came to his window and felt that Wang Huirong’s warm and soft palm suddenly covered his face and wiped away tears from his eyes.
"Liang Ping, I know you will wake up soon. You are such a kind child. I really don’t understand why your mother has to kill you. Ten times the dose of anesthesia needle is fatal!"
Speaking Wang Huirong lifted Liang Ping’s warm bedding.
Then it sounds so beautiful that Wang Huirong’s breathing is still.
What the hell happened to her!
Liang Ping is eager to know everything in the ward.
But no matter how hard he works, he can keep his eyes open.
But suddenly a male doctor whispered in my ear.
"Dr. Wang, what are you doing?"
"Oh, it’s nothing. I’m helping the patient check up." Wang Huirong was anxious to cover Liang Ping’s quilt, and he was already a little nervous.
The male doctor hesitated for a moment, saying, "In this case, please get busy first and I’ll come back to you later."
The talking male doctor is ready to step away.
Wang Huirong stopped eagerly. "Can you do me a favor?"
"What’s busy?" asked the male doctor.
"I want you to give him an anesthetic injection for me," Wang Huirong whispered.
"What, he can’t get an anesthetic injection in this situation?" The male doctor stood still with a low voice.
"I know, but it’s a family request," said Wang Huirong Nai.
"Family members ask you to commit suicide. Do you want to commit suicide!" The male doctor suddenly got angry and strode to Wang Huirong and seemed to have taken something from Wang Huirong.
Wang Huirong heaved a sigh of relief without the slightest resistance. "In fact, you are right. We doctors should have our own opinions and not kill our patients because of the wrong demands of their families."
"What’s worse?" The male doctor asked.
"What’s more, I have known Liang Ping for many years. I looked at him. daily growing, although he used to be a flowing Langhan, was still the president of Shengshi Tuan." Wang Huirong suddenly choked here and seemed to be thinking about many things.
Male doctors don’t know what Wang Huirong is talking about.
But Liang Ping is particularly white. Wang Huirong saved his life.
But she said that watching her grow up, Liang Ping was somewhat puzzled.
Since the death of the severe winter, Wenqing was taken away by the police, and he also lost his memory because of that incident, and he never saw Wang Huirong again.
My heart is wronged and confused, which makes Liang Ping want to get up and twitch his muscles.
This phenomenon shocked both Wang Huirong and the male doctor.
"Give him sleeping pills!" Warm sunny exclaim one
The male doctor hesitated and said, "Dr. Wang, you can’t do this. I don’t think he will wake up in 24 hours. This is a clinical phenomenon. His mind has come alive and he will soon be normal."
"no! I can’t wake him up! " Wang Huirong stressed
The male doctor was indifferent and said, "Dr. Wang, you cured him yourself. What are you going to destroy him? He is a living human life. How can you?"
"Why can’t Mrs. Liang kill him? I don’t have the courage to kill him. Don’t I have the power to let him sleep forever?" Wang Huirong said that he was so excited to cry here.
The male doctor took Wang Huirong into his arms one step before his death and said, "Well, this is a hospital. If these words are heard by others, you will definitely receive a stop notice. We will let him have a good sleep for the time being to calm his mood, and then we will talk about everything when we get home, okay?"

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