Indeed, if an output can’t be produced in one of more than ten rounds, then what can he do to gain an advantage? What’s the point of talking to Fang about Gank?

Party want to did not expect to make public there has become such a state yawned.
"If you don’t talk, even if you lose."
Fang wants to talk to Zhang Yang’s ears and mutters a mouthful. He just wants to say how I could lose! But when he thought that he had been suppressed for more than ten rounds, he took a deep breath and nodded.
It is also the publicity of this "grace" that has already chosen to escape from the battle picture in the PK picture.
"Depend! How did this Datang government escape! I also want to see if the square-inch mountain opposite can be suppressed all the way to the end. "
"That’s right! In this case, there should be more than ten rounds, and the boss should not be able to study any data? "
"Let’s send it to the boss first."
The three wonderful young people of SK team are all full of words and mouths, and their hands have also guaranteed this video and sent it to the man they called "the boss" in their QQ group.
"What’s wrong with this video?"
Soon SK head replied to three people.
"Boss, please take a look at this PK video. Liu Xin and Zhao Lei and I both think that this square mountain is not simple."
Talking is the young man who keeps talking.
"Not simple?"
SK colonel thought about watching a video sent to him by one or three people.
But after watching a few rounds, he closed.
"The idea of this square inch mountain is good and clear, and it’s also quite Nie to play against the opponent’s Datang, but after all, his own hardware is so poor that BB can’t produce any output. You don’t need to pay too much attention to such people. Let’s focus on the elite cup before the Jingwu God League."
SK colonel said to the three people lightly
"Well …"
The three men looked at each other. The head of their SK team was all right, and they were also very good to everyone, but their personality was too arrogant and conceited. He always felt that SK was now the overlord of the 69-level elite of the Fantasy Westward Journey. For those teams that had an impact on them, they were a little afraid. Although there was nothing wrong with this practice, they did have this strength in the elite of SK, but …
I don’t know why three people always think that this dreamer F will cause them some trouble or crisis in the future.
Think too much?
The three men didn’t think much about it because the boss had told them not to put such a small role in their energy.
And party want to there is naturally didn’t think of SK people stared at him more don’t know SK head regard him as a worm.
But even if you know Fang, you won’t feel any problem. After all, the hardware of Fantasy Westward Journey is the first command and the second!
Even if Fang wants to command the explosion, he can’t take a garbage team to Gank, a 3-hole big light team like SK team.
And even if we now receive a publicity output, if we put publicity in front of the SK team, it’s still … far from it.
Make public to join didn’t make the dreamer this team have too much joy, after all … Now I think there are two people in the team, where can two people be happy?
Fortunately, there is a lot of traffic in Dream 69 Post Bar. After joining the dreamer team, another hell with a level 12 weapon found Fang Xiang.
It is …
For the exporter, the threshold will not be low, because if the output threshold is low, Gank will not be able to defeat the opponent, so that the original round of killing will be delayed to two rounds, so that there will be some effort when facing the big bright sky group like Carry team and SK team.
Fang Xiang’s goal is not just to play a simple team.
And that with 12 levels of weapons in hell was rejected by Fang Xiang, and Fang Xiang wanted to accept people face to face and replied directly.
"The garbage team still has such a high vision?"
"I am a 12-level weapon, and you still call me garbage?"
Such words are naturally ignored by Fang Xiang, but Fang Xiang can’t stand it, and some people can’t stand it.
Make public to see the party want to accept people post such discordant words appear directly after the hell reply that on the first floor.
"You said our head garbage? You are a broken level 12? Who are you with? "
Make public, he says, sent out his 14-level weapon.
Although this weapon is not very powerful, it is much stronger than this hell.
"how about it? Can I buy you a number with a weapon? "
"Even if I can’t walk for ten rounds with the head of F, do you still say that people are rubbish?"
Make public words, though bitter, are thin, but this hell … Really can’t say anything! Because make public the price of the 14-level knife is really more expensive than the sum of his numbers …
After all, the sword weapon in Fantasy Westward Journey is the most expensive.
And Fang Xiang didn’t refute Zhang Yang’s words. He knew that Zhang Yang said so, and it was also because of Zhang Yang’s making a noise that many elite players at level 69 were eager to try. Fang Xiang was also chatting privately. Everyone was frank, and after sending it to Fang Xiang, he waited for Fang Xiang to reply.
Joining a team is just like interviewing a company. Your team will want you only if your hardware is bright.
While chatting privately with my 69-bar dream friends, I think I also found many players who are qualified to enter my team.
However, accepting these people is not as strong as accepting publicity.
Soon, there are six new members in the QQ group of Dreamer Team, and Fang wants to make public a total of individuals.
The group is also a lively.
"Colonel, you have also seen our hardware. Do you also show your hardware to your brothers?"
Immediately after this sound sounded in the group, someone echoed it, including making public and not talking. He also wanted to see what Fang Xiang’s hardware was like.
Chapter 21 Is it really so strong?
If it’s a person, Fang Xiang can still refuse, but now everyone in the QQ group has said so, so Fang Xiang can’t refuse even if he wants to refuse. It’s not good if all the previous efforts have changed jobs because of his refusal!
Thought of here to nai shook his head.
"I’ll show you if you want to see it. My hardware is just so-so."

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