Just entering the school, Asma Sarutobi Kurenai and others came to lead the students. They stood still in shock at the sight of seven nights.

"Four generations of Huo Ying adults!"
"no! I’m not four generations of Muhuoying. "Seven nights of sunshine smiles." Four generations of Muhuoying are my father. My name is Bo Feng. I’ve only been in Konoha for a few days. Please take more photos. "
"What?" Seven nights and one revelation, everyone’s mood was pushed to a climax again, and he was very surprised. "You are the vortex country, and the wave wind killed those guys in seven nights."
After the climax, the forbearers all led their own students away. At last, the class of Iruka has not been claimed. After reading the placement list, Iruka told all the students to wait quietly for their placement teacher to claim it. Unexpectedly, when they came out, they met Asma Sarutobi Kurenai and seven nights. Iruka made a ceremony to Asma and Sarutobi Kurenai. When he saw seven nights later, he was surprised and said, "Are you? That night? Are you an adult of four generations? "
Seven nights smiled and said, "I didn’t come to explain that night. I’m not a four-generation naruto. I’m his son. It happened that I came from the vortex country on the day of seven nights. It was a coincidence that you met." In fact, it was seven nights on purpose. It was no coincidence at all.
Iruka was even more shocked and stammered, "Are you your seven-night adult?"
"All right, Iruka!" Seven nights patted Iruka on the shoulder and looked at this guy, who is two or three years older than him. He always smiled at Naruto’s nice guy and said, "Naruto, the kid who doesn’t worry, gave you a lot of trouble, so he taught me. I’ll let him know what true benevolence is."
"ah? Are you going to personally guide Naruto? " Iruka was amazed at the strength of seven nights, but he saw it with his own eyes and got his guidance. It seems that Naruto’s dream has gone further, and his heart is relieved.
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"It’s almost the same when it’s ready. Let’s go in, Asma predecessors and Sarutobi Kurenai predecessors!"
Chapter 5 Seven Nights Coming (4)
Almost all the students, especially the girls, are boiling up as soon as they step into the classroom door.
"Wow, that blond hair is also our instructor? I seem to have seen it somewhere. It’s so handsome. If I can get his guidance, I will die happily. "
"Quiet!" Asma drank a lot of noise, but there were still many whispers.
"Why are you so fierce? It’s not your fault that you are difficult to grow."
"It’s just that compared with my super sunshine handsome teacher, you are a horse-faced uncle."
What is Asma like? Can’t hear them? Green face embarrassed to look at the seven nights immediately didn’t good the spirit tunnel "read the name to come with me Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chōji, Yamanaka Ino".
After Asma led his team away, Sarutobi Kurenai went on to call the roll "Hinata Hyuga, Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino, you three come with me".
Finally, it was the seventh night. After Asma and Hong left, the female students went crazy.
"Ah! What’s your name, teacher? Where do you live? "
"Hey, teacher, can you introduce yourself?"
In the face of this situation, he was embarrassed for seven nights. He had seen madness, but he had never seen such madness. He looked at Naruto again for seven nights, but he saw him pouting and turning his face to one side arrogantly.
"Hum, what’s the big deal? Don’t you just look a little handsome like smelly fart Sasuke?"
Naruto had not finished rambling for seven nights when he suddenly came to his name "Naruto Uzumaki, you come with me".
In everyone’s puzzled and surprised eyes, Naruto’s name was called for seven nights, which even Naruto himself couldn’t believe. The whole class suddenly became very quiet, which seemed to be the most bizarre and unrealistic thing they had ever seen.
At this time, Iruka pushed the door and broke the silence at the right time.
"Naruto, don’t hurry up and thank Lord Seven Nights."
"Wow, the teacher’s name is Seven Nights. What a handsome name, but how he chose that crane tail guy is really puzzling."
As soon as Iruka broke the silence, the students became noisy again. Iruka added, "Do you think adults at Seven Nights look familiar and like a person? Is the seven-night adult very similar to the four-generation adult? Right! Because the seven-night adults are the four generations of adults, Naruto, if you can get the guidance of the seven-night adults, you should be glad that your dream will go further. "
"ah! At this moment, Naruto’s mind has already seen the resolute face of four generations of Naruto statues. Suddenly, he feels that his dream is so close, and the boy named Seven Nights, who is four years older than him, gives him a feeling of being more intimate and connected with blood. Naruto bowed to Seven Nights for the first time and firmly tunnel, "Thank you, Teacher Seven Nights!"
Seven nights patted Naruto on the shoulder and ignored others leading Naruto out, which made other students envious, especially the anthomaniac KINOMOTO SAKURA. At this moment, she could hardly wait to eat Naruto alive. Sasuke is still as indifferent as ever, as if the world were with him.
Seven nights brought Naruto to a land behind Huoyingyan.
"Then let’s introduce ourselves first!" Seven Nights said bluntly, "My name is Bo Feng. Seven Nights are four generations of fire shadows. As I said just now, I have no favorite things, no hate things and no dreams. I don’t want to tell you yet."
Naruto looked defeated by you and said, "Cut! When I didn’t say anything, Naruto stood up and said, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. My favorite thing is Yile. Lamian Noodles hates smelly fart to help. My dream is to be recognized by everyone when Huo Ying."
"Huoying?" Seven nights faint tunnel "want to be a naruto is not just talking about it, but there is no shortcut, you have to surpass me."
Seven nights’ words meant nothing to him, but they had a great influence on Naruto, and it was precisely because of these words that Naruto made a good preparation for his future road.
"I will definitely surpass your seven-night teacher," Naruto said firmly. "Practice now, no matter how hard and tired I am."

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