what’s up Need to discuss with me? Sun Hao’s heart slowed down a bit.

Xia Yan glanced at XuanYuanHong and didn’t show much respect for this monk Tsukiji, but he didn’t show her his face, but smiled and said, "This is good for saying that Sun Hao won’t have any opinions but won’t discuss it with him."
Xuanyuanhong chuckled, "That’s not necessarily true. I don’t think it’s meaningful to be small and knowledgeable."
I came to Lin Lan town, and this little girl actually followed me like candy. I wanted Sun Hao’s parents to move to Beijing to enjoy themselves. As a result, this girl jumped out and said no, it wasn’t so irritating. Xia Lan was a little annoyed at the sight of this girl who made Xia Lan feel very uncomfortable. If she hadn’t scrupled about this girl’s position of repairing peace, Xia Lan would have been impolite to him.
Xia Yan’s eyes stared and seemed to want to get angry. Xia Jing hurriedly pulled her sleeve. Xia Yan remembered that this was Sun Hao’s home. He couldn’t help smiling sweetly. He smiled at Wu Yuhe and Sun Qiang. "Uncle and aunt, this matter is still your decision. If you are willing to go to Beijing, my royal family will naturally not treat you badly."
Sun Hao understood that Xia An wanted his parents to settle in Beijing.
Wu Yuhe and Sun Qiang looked at each other with a joke that three beautiful girls suddenly arrived, but for Xia Rong to lead the way, they couldn’t believe that these three girls were really looking for their own home.
Xia Rong, they know the patriarch of the largest friar family in Nanxian County, and take care of Lanlin Town in Sun Jiahe. It is the owner of Nanxian County, but Xia Rong is afraid to catch his breath in front of the three girls. Introduce the three girls’ position.
Two older people are directly two princesses.
Where’s the princess ! The two kids in Sun’s family are directly talking about the princess with their eyes shining! ! Can you not be excited to witness the two princesses talking about it? <
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine ErShu jealousness
The younger girl behind is said to be a younger brother. It seems that the two princesses Xia Rong and the two princesses are very respectful to her, but there is no concept of living in Sun Qiang or Wu Yuhe. The two kids think that the princess is more powerful.
Haven’t you seen the two children glance at the two princesses from time to time, whether they write or boil medicine? If it weren’t for the calmness of the family, it would be strange for two children to feel at ease.
Compared with the two children, Sun Qiang and his wife feel another doubt in their hearts. These people come to saying that they are their own children, Sun Hao, and they don’t know what earth-shattering events Sun Hao has done. They were killed by three girls as beautiful as flowers and pure as jade, and the couple were proud and a little nervous. In other words, which play is this? Ok, these three girls and Xia Lao are very kind. The three girls are very clever. Then say that they are not guilty.
Xia Lao Xia Rong is another mentality at this time. He has long felt that Sun Hao is not a thing in the pool, but he never imagined that Sun Hao would be so fierce. It was learned that Sun Hao actually killed Zong Di’s younger brother and won the Longfinch’s secret land score first or that high record first created a precedent in Xia Guo’s history, which made him tongue-tied.
This time, the two princesses of Xia Guo lived in a building foundation, and their younger brothers actually came to Nanxian County to visit Sun Hao’s parents, which made him fully feel Sun Hao’s toughness than influence and toughness than charm.
But at the same time, I was surprised that Xia Rong’s heart was a little faint and worried that the girl was too far away from sunny or rainy. This is not good!
Xia Rongren’s age is fine. I can’t see that the two girls are not saving oil lamps. This time, they have already vaguely started fighting with each other. It is estimated that such struggles will often occur in the future.
Xia Rongzheng lamented that people were too good to worry about being robbed. I heard Sun Haoyin coming over when I sighed endlessly. "My parents … I’m back."
Just like leaving Aoki Zong, Sun Hao left Lanlin Town quietly after visiting his parents, and never disturbed his neighbors except visiting an ancient strong.
Wu Yuhe, the mother of the night, arranged for the guests and two children to sleep early. Sun Hao and his father Sun Qiang had a long talk all night. Over the past ten years, Sun Qiang’s temples have turned pale, but he has a profound body and a spirit of Sun Haodan’s medicine conditioning, and he is also strong and healthy. He has not been tired for a night.
Sun Qiang, a monk, doesn’t know much about the world, but he has told Sun Hao a lot by analogy combined with his own Jianghu experience. Sun Hao has to listen carefully whether he can help Sun Hao even a little or not.
There are three main points in Sun Hao’s serious communication with his father.
Sun Qiang once again reiterated the importance of the foundation and once again warned Sun Hao that the foundation of cultivation should not be underestimated. According to Sun Qiang, it is out of date to consolidate the foundation.
Second, Sun Qiang warned Sun Haoren not to be afraid of losses, to learn to do more things, to help more friends, not to care too much about temporary gains and losses, and to focus on the long-term. These words are quite different from the monk’s world view. Most monks emphasize that it is very different from Sun Qiang’s statement, but Sun Hao still feels that his father’s teaching is very meaningful and his mind has been baptized again.
Third, Sun Qiang also told Sun Hao to be ruthless, accurate and steady. If he meets the enemy, he will be fatal and leave no future trouble …
Sun Qiang said a lot, and Sun Hao listened very attentively, and he really felt that his father was very simple. His views were often of great help to his spiritual path, such as paying attention to the foundation. It was according to his father’s view that Sun Hao was able to walk steadily and steadily to the present.
Wu Yuhe was going to tell Sun Hao about finding a daughter-in-law. Before you know it, Sun Hao is almost 20 years old. Most of the children of his age in Lin Lan Town have already got married, and many of them have a generation. However, three fairy girls have found a home. Wu Yuhe feels that she will skip this section if she doesn’t exercise this luxury. However, it is indispensable to worry about her mother.
Of course, Wu Yuhe never imagined that it was because of his poor thoughts that his son treated emotional problems in hindsight, which led to a lot of jokes. Wu Yuhe never imagined that Xianmen was all right and everything was available, but he didn’t teach people how to face feelings or how to pursue women’s studies.
Sun Hao read many ancient books and records, and even Sun Hao personally promoted Tong Li and Xiao Wan, a Taoist couple. However, Sun Hao would not think that emotion and cultivation are not necessarily connected, even if you practice higher, it will be a mess when you face emotional problems.
The reason why Sun Hao’s younger brothers and sisters worship Sun Hao is that the two princess brothers and sisters in the family have no spiritual roots and can’t cultivate immortality. Sun Hao once again gave the two little guys some pills that they can use to improve their physique. It will be much easier to practice medicine and improve their physique.
The next afternoon, Sun Hao bid farewell to his parents’ swords and set foot on the road of practice again.
At this time, the sunshine was just right, but the breeze blew and the leaves rustled and flew half-wistfully. Sun Hao smiled at his companions around him and said, "Let’s go."
Sun Qiang declined Xia Shan’s kindness and didn’t plan to go to Beijing, which may be better for the two children, but Sun Qiang knew that the two children didn’t have spiritual roots to go to the monks and walk around Beijing. There is no doubt that there will be many variables. Once an accident happens, it will be a big deal, even if Sun Hao gets it again, sometimes even if it is beyond his control. Moreover, the Sun Qiang couple have lived in Lanlin Town for many years and don’t want to be dragged down by Sun Hao.
For various reasons, I came to Sun Qiang and declined Xia’s kindness, which made Xia’s face quite disappointed, and XuanYuanHong seemed happy to smile and her eyes narrowed into a crescent moon.
Sun Hao felt a little wrong when he returned to Jinghua Road. The two little girls were a little wrong with each other. Anyway, if you think it’s good, I’ll object to your bad words. I’ll say that Sun Hao has a big head and can’t help but think doubtfully, "Everyone is friends and should be hostile to each other?" It’s really hard to understand "<
Chapter two hundred and ninety-one Receive nothing but idle lang
Sun Hao, of course, is even more surprised that Xia Lan is a princess born in the face of Godsworn Zongzhuji. She is a monk who refined gas and dared to directly express her dissatisfaction. It’s really bold …
Xia Jing also advised her sister, but Xia Yan said, "Don’t advise me, elder sister. Anyway, I will see that little girl is not pleasing to the eye and pretend to be confused and naive about everything. I hate pretending to be a person …"
It’s strange that XuanYuanGong "has a spirit of heaven and earth" from time to time, but he never makes peace with Xia An. Most of the time, he always smiles, let alone XuanYuanGong, which really won a lot of goodwill from Sun Hao.
Sun Hao returned to Jinghua City the day before Qingyun Zhanzhou took off.
At this time, there is a lively and extraordinary festive atmosphere in Jinghua City, and the streets and lanes are full of people’s flags and banners, and red and red celebration slogans are everywhere. People in the streets are full of joy, and the news that the dragons and birds in the teahouse and the wine shop win the five elements of magic clan is still a hot topic at all times.
Sun Haosun Shenxiang Junshan will hunt the Longfinch’s Secret Realm, and the first place in the standings will once again focus on the adults in Beijing competing to praise the wonder. Moreover, I don’t know where Lao Jia got the information of the Longfinch’s Secret Realm these days. Actually, he continued to write a book called "Beijing Shenxiang Secret Realm", which is once again selling well in Beijing. Brother Jinghua is almost a hand.
When Sun Hao entered the capital city, one of the most obvious feelings was that 10% of the young men in the streets and alleys actually carried a sword box on their backs, just like Sun Hao carried agarwood.
The two princesses and Xuanyuanhong are amazed at this spectacle. Even people in the streets are Sun Hao admirers.
Sun Hao is also ironic. I didn’t expect to bear the sword box to become my own symbol.
However, Sun Hao’s agarwood sword has been brought into the abdomen, but it can also achieve the effect of self-cultivation without carrying it. Although Sun Hao is famous in Beijing, there are not many people who actually know it in Beijing. Even if he now carries the agarwood sword, it is estimated that few people can recognize him.
Sun Hao didn’t go to Aoki City, but returned to Zhulinyuan. At this time, Gu Yun, they have not yet come to Jinghua Zhulinyuan, which is slightly quiet.

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