Is to ensure that players will not be bullied by the guild to affect the fun of the game.

All these things are good for the so-called site benefits in the game, but they are not what we want. "
Chu Qianqiu’s face kept changing. Finally, he squeezed out a stiff smile and said, "In this case, I won’t disturb the world of laughter. Let’s go!"
Before Pang Xia and the world of mortals could say anything, Chu Qianqiu left here naturally.
After waiting for Chu Qianqiu and naturally leaving here, the world of mortals said to Pang Xia, "Shrimp that Chu Qianqiu didn’t have any kindness."
If he really wants to deal with the sun and moon with us, then I will probably promise him.
But I know that they, Jiugang and Qisha, have secretly withdrawn from Qianqiu Ba Tu for no reason.
That Chu Qianqiu paid a lot of money to attract the top nine Gang and seven evil spirits, which caused the lack of top experts.
And along with the withdrawal of Jiugang and Seven Shames, some players of Qianqiu Batu also quit.
Just like when Sun Moon and Taitai ran away from Vivian Dawson, they lost a large number of members.
Qianqiu Ba Tu’s strength now barely maintains the face of the so-called three major guilds.
If we really say that the strength category is stronger than the strongest ones in those intermediate guilds, it is also limited.
But the sun and the moon have developed for a long time after the brain drain, which is definitely not comparable to the guild that has just bled out.
If we really jointly attack the sun and the moon, it will be really difficult for us to ride a tiger.
What’s more, it’s true that Chu Qianqiu’s so-called attack on the sun and the moon is to let our chivalrous world of mortals stand in front of them so that they can recover! "
Pang Xia listened to the explanation of the world of mortals and suddenly nodded his head. Just now, he felt that Chu Qianqiu was somewhat untrue, but due to the lack of information, Pang Xia also accurately analyzed the reasons.
Unlike Xiaohong, she has a huge guild behind her.
In intelligence, we can get things that ordinary people can’t get.
The laughing world of mortals can analyze something that Pang Xia can’t see and analyze through intelligence.
Pang Xia shrugged his shoulders. He really doesn’t like these cheating things and is not very good at them.
Therefore, he didn’t change the topic to the conclusion of this time.
"The world of mortals, you should be promoted to congenital this time, right? I don’t know what your constitution is when you return to innate selection the day after tomorrow?"
"My choice is innate fire spirit. In the future, it will be faster and easier to practice fire and masculine martial arts, and the power will be greater.
It’s just that my "Big Diamond Boxing" is masculine martial arts, otherwise I really can’t be increased by this physique. "
Pang Xia nodded and said, "I wonder if this constitution has any special abilities?"
"Well, I don’t know if it’s a special ability. You can always see for yourself."
Talking and laughing, the world of mortals sent him a screenshot of the introduction of the innate fire spirit.
Inherent fire spirit inherits the flame of heaven and earth, masculinity is born, physical flame and masculinity are born, martial arts level is permanent +1 level is improved, proficiency is reduced by 20%, and the power of fire and masculinity is increased by 20%!
After watching the introduction of the innate fire spirit, Pang Xia spit out a sigh of relief and felt a little shocked.
The root of this constitution is that the world of laughter is tailor-made.
At this time, Pang Xia had a guess, that is, when the day after tomorrow comes back to nature, letting players choose their physique is actually decided according to the martial arts and experience they have learned.
However, the different emphasis of these constitutions also determines that the quality of each constitution is not necessarily similar.
Pang Xia just gave up his preference for the physique of Xiao Xiang Gong and Taoist martial arts, and instead chose the two martial arts of Three Extremes Dao and Zhu Tian Jian to determine the physique of the sword and sword.
Yu Xiaoxiao’s world of mortals obviously chose "Jiuyang Shengong" to decide his physique.
And this just fits in with the martial arts that Xiao Hongchen has learned now and will follow the routine in the future.
Different choices also represent the path that players should take after birth.
Pang Xia’s choice means that he will go in the future, which is the road of sword and sword in the center of sword and sword!
Laughing at the world of mortals, Pang Xia left a letter for Zhang Ji, and the two of them left the top secret passage together.
Holding hands, the two of them felt as if they were dying.
But if you look closely at Pang Xia’s body, the sword and gas are intertwined and seem to be opposite, but it is the sharp breath of the sword and gas that cannot be changed.
The smell of the world of laughter is as constant as the red sun, emitting light and heat, but if this force breaks out, it will be enough to destroy everything and make all objects advanced to virtual!
On the whole, finding a superb skill in the acquired realm and then breaking through the innate represents that the road ahead is bound to be smooth.
If Pang Xia and Xiao Hong Chen don’t go the wrong way, then they must be the top players in the game in the future.
Of course, now the two of them are already top players.
Pang Xia and the world of laughter came to the mountain when they were suddenly stopped by several beggars with steel forks and harpoons and sticks.
After a slight pause, Pang Xia turned white. These people are the clean clothes faction np of the sea sand gang, the giant whale gang and the beggar gang!
"You two must be demons from the top of the light. If you give in easily, that’s all, otherwise don’t blame us for offending!"
The np club of the Beggars’ Clean Clothes Sect pointed at Pang Xia and Xiao Gongchen, and his face was full of pride.
At this time, the giant whale helped the big fellow to come over with a harpoon towards the world of laughter.

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