Steven Berger replied immediately, "Mr. Military attache, there are fences around that mountain forest, and there are some wild animals in it that we black sharks hunt in our leisure time."

John Zhang nodded and replied, "In that case, why don’t we have a real battle? It’s meaningless to compete in marksmanship." Now it’s almost dusk. If you want to compete, why don’t I go into the mountain forest? You black sharks can also send a few people to compete in the mountain forest for firearms. That’s not necessary. I need to bring my own short knife to see if you can catch me … "
Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. Is this guy too arrogant or is he really pregnant? How dare you challenge several black sharks with a short knife in the forest! That’s incredible!
Aside Betty can no longer hold back the anger in her heart and drink a way: "You are too small to judge people in the military attache pavilion. Just the two of us have a competition, such as no one is armed in the mountains! I’d like to see what the Cang Lang Warriors in the Chinese Revolutionary Army have done! "
Aside Wu Peifu is also frowning. This time is not impulsive. Once you lose, Cang Lang noodles will be lost. Worse, John Zhang’s identity will be announced sooner or later. That’s a terrible blow to Cang Lang.
Wu Peifu drink a way: "Zhang, what are you fooling around about? Just honestly compete and don’t play tricks! William is watching! "
Zhang Shengqi shrugged his shoulders and stopped talking. William II laughed. "Well, since Mr. Military Attaché is so confident, then no one will carry a gun and stab himself with an army. This will also prevent accidental injury to Bette. You will lead three people into the forest to search for Mr. Military Attaché. You will capture or force Mr. Military Attaché out of the forest three hours from now. Even if you win, Mr. Military Attaché will win."
See William II said everyone is no longer words, although the number of black sharks is dominant, but this mountain forest is not small, and there are wild animals in it. It is not easy to catch or drive out Zhang Shengqi, a master of Cang Lang, for three hours.
This time, Bette didn’t say anything anymore. For three hours, he also knew that there were some difficulties. Cang Lang was not so easy to deal with!
Zhang Shengqi smiled at several people and said, "Well, in that case, shall we start?"
Speaking of this, John Zhang pulled out two pistols at his waist and handed them to Wu Peifu with a smile. "Brother, help me keep them. Haha, I’m going!"
Zhang Shengqi bent over and ran to the front for hundreds of meters, and soon disappeared into the mountains.
Betty’s face turned black just now, but it was a little angry with him. He turned around and picked his weapons and equipment. "Hallenbo, Ricky and Wallis, you three unload your equipment and come with me for three hours. Do you know what to do? If you lose, do it yourself? "
Three people quickly removed their arms and ran towards the mountain forest. In the past three hours, this mountain forest in Fiona Fang is three kilometers, which is not very big, but it is not too small. Where is it so easy to catch your opponent if you don’t grasp it?
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty Meng Qi was scared.
Suddenly a few people have entered the jungle and disappeared.
William II replied, "Go and move a table and add some chairs. Let’s wait for their news here."
Four to one in such a small jungle, I was afraid that this military attache would not take advantage of anything. When I gave it to him for three hours, I had already left him a face!
That’s true. Almost everyone thinks so. Even Stephanberg doesn’t think that this military attache can be one enemy and four. Even elite Cang Lang has a limit. Worse, Bette is not a fool. In the black shark, the expert kung fu is natural.
However, Wu Peifu is really relaxed. If there is a weapon, maybe Zhang Shengqi will miss. After all, no one can say that there is no gun, but it is difficult to catch Zhang Shengqi with his own business. At least three hours is the method!
About half an hour later, suddenly there was a shout in the mountain forest, and everyone’s spirit died. It didn’t take long for a black shark to run out of the mountain forest dejected and despondent
Spielberg was dealt with so quickly when he was stupefied?
"What’s the matter with Boric?" Spielberg shouted.
Boric replied with a full face of frustration, "Captain, we went in for a whole half hour and found no trace of each other. We just wanted to continue our in-depth search. I didn’t expect this guy to hide from the top of the tree and drop a dagger at my throat like flint. I won’t dodge!"
Obviously, I was held back by a dagger. What’s the point? It’s already dead. Black sharks have their own pride. They can’t cheat!
Spielberg’s heart tightened and asked, "What’s the situation now? Even if you die, there are still three people. Do you still let him run away?"
Boric blushed and said, "That guy is too slippery to stab me. Before a few people came around, she had already jumped back to the treetops and then disappeared …"
Spielberg turned red and denounced, "Waste waste! Betty is such an asshole! "
At this time, a car whistle suddenly sounded in the distance. A car drove into the base and came here. When the door opened not far from William II, Ke Meng Qi jumped out of the car.
"William Pico Meng Qi came back to report to you when he finished!"
Ke Meng Qi stands on the right path
William II nodded and replied, "Thank you, Meng Qi."
Meng Qi smiled and saw Wu Peifu hurriedly run over and hugged Wu Peifu. "General Haha, I finally saw you again. Are his brothers all right?"
Wu Peifu laughed. "It’s okay. Thank you for remembering our old friend Ke Meng Qi. Everyone asked me to say hello to you!"
Meng Qi, holding Wu Peifu’s hand, laughed and Spenberg whispered, "Well, let’s be quiet for a while. Didn’t you see Bidu?"
Meng Qi one leng is really very obvious now. The black training has been completed. Why are they still here?
Meng Qi asked, "What’s the matter with Spielberg? There is no training now. Why are you still here with General Yu? This is very rude … "
Steven bogner said, "what’s the matter? Isn’t it Betty? Don’t want to compete with General Jade and want to appreciate a Cang Lang thing … "
Then Steven Berg explained the situation to Meng Qi, and Meng Qi’s face changed. The people around General Yu knew that Wu Peifu was almost the most stable general in the Chinese revolutionary army. He was not sure that he would never do such a thing!
Now, four black devils have encircled a Cang Lang, and it would be a shame to let others stew in a pot! Isn’t this already killed by others?
Meng Qi hated, "Spielberg, why don’t you stop it!"
Spielberg shrugged and replied, "don’t you know Bette’s temper?" What’s more, I agreed with General Yu. Is there anything wrong with my opposition? "
Meng Qi’s face was full of heart. "This is a difficult task. No matter whether it is Cang Lang or Black Shark, the honor of mercy is more important than all, especially the honor of soldiers!"
Meng Qi turned to Wu Peifu and asked, "General Jade, who is your military attache? Do I know him? "
At Meng Qi, Wu Peifu was about to speak when another black shark ran out of the forest in disgust!
Steven Berger’s face has completely changed. Now, just over an hour ago, two people in the black shark have missed. If you go like this, don’t say that you will capture Cang Lang alive. If you don’t get caught by others, it will be cheap and you will lose!
"How did you get killed?"
Spielberg roared
Harlan said acerbity, "Captain, when we were searching, this guy actually jumped out of the bushes. Before the division commander reflected it, I was already caught by his hand …"
"You idiot, didn’t you three notice that there was someone in the bushes?"
Meng Qi roared angrily.
Harlan is ashamed now, and he just needs to put his head in his crotch. What a shame!
Meng Qi turned to Wu Peifu and asked, "Who is in General Jade? I don’t believe that an ordinary Cang Lang can fool four black sharks around. Absolutely not!"
Wu Peifu replied leisurely, "Laibeite wants to challenge me. You know that I have been out of Cang Lang for more than ten years. Where can I still represent the level of Cang Lang? It just so happens that this brother just retired from Cang Lang and volunteered to come out and want to learn a black shark without throwing his kung fu three or four years ago …"
"Which one is it!"
Meng Qi is really a little impatient. Didn’t you see that William II’s face has changed? If four people were killed by others, where would the face of the German Empire be put?
Wu Peifu laughed. "Don’t worry, Meng Qi. You’re still so impatient. It’s not a good thing, is it? You shouldn’t be familiar with him since John Zhang? "
Zhang shengqi?
Meng Qi is a little dizzy. I really don’t know such a person, but listening to Wu Peifu’s narrative should be similar to myself. It should be the first issue …
Immediately, Meng Qi’s face turned white. He remembered that Blue Sky Yue had told him about the President, but he had a more elite team. That’s the name of the leader!
Burst division Meng Qi sat down to the ground and finished!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-one A disgrace.
At the beginning, Meng Qi didn’t react who Zhang Shengqi was, but soon it was white!
When Zheng Shaoqi, Blue Sky Yue and others told him about President Zhang Yi, there was a group of more elite people around him, and everyone was not strong enough. The most powerful of them was the leader John Zhang, who was a terrible guy!
How good is it?
Meng Qi had asked Lan Tianyue this way and told him that the four division commanders tied together at that time were not necessarily his opponents anyway, and that was the first master in Cang Lang!
Today, this guy actually appeared in Germany and was still fighting with his own black shark!
Meng Qi sat down and muttered, "* * * * * This black shark’s face is even more humiliating than the attack on the French military base!"

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