"ok solved the words, why are the two eldest brothers still here trying to make a random scroll? We can only go to that place after it has been made." Lin Tianxiae said with a surprised look, but in the eyes of Liu Heng and goblins, how do you think this ya is playing with yourself?

However, Liu Heng and the goblin left together and joined hands to prepare a random scroll.
A guild must have talents to develop in an all-round way, and the game return engagement has some deputy positions besides the main position, such as pharmacists, blacksmiths, miners, builders, alchemists and tailors.
Those who don’t like fighting will focus on these deputies, which will not only relieve boredom, but also benefit the family.
So Liu Heng and the goblin joined hands, and it was the alchemist who could make things.
A beautiful figure appeared in the procession. It was already 20 minutes since Liu Heng and the goblin left. When Lin Tianxiao saw it, he immediately greeted him and shouted, "Dear here!"
This person is Zhou Xiaofu. She wanted to come at once, but she was angry when she thought that Lin Tianxie had not been connected with her for so long, so she forced herself to see Lin Tianxie * Zhou Xiaofu wandering leisurely in the province of Union, but she would watch it every minute.
"Hum, don’t befriend me. Who knows if you’ve been hitting on other women during this time!" Zhou Xiaofu airway
Lin Tianxiae immediately shouted, "I’m wronged, Xiaofu, and I’m more wronged than Dou E. During this time, you also know that I’m always wanted and I can’t enter the city, and I want to give you a surprise. I’ve been trying to get what I want and I’ll come back for you immediately!"
"Hey hey!" While Wang Youliang laughed at Lin Tianxiae, he quickly glared at Wang Youliang and immediately frowned. "Hum, my stomach hurts!"
"endure!" Lin tianxiae roared
Holding Zhou Xiaofu’s hand, Zhou Xiaofu dumped a few times. Can Lin Tianxie pull Lin Tianxie out of the Buddha’s ring and put a glittering and translucent bone bow in Zhou Xiaofu’s hand?
Zhou Xiaofu was immediately attracted by this bone bow. The cold bone bow made Zhou Xiaofu’s spirit shake and followed a mysterious force into Zhou Xiaofu’s arm and finally entered her body.
"The dragon is close to the bow!"
Dragon secret bow (advanced fairy)
Physical attack 12
Magic attack 12
Power +35
Magic +35
Physical strength +35
Increase the damage to creatures by 40%, increase the threat to boss by 20%, increase the basic damage by 15%, and increase the chance of killing with one blow by 5%.
Need a professional archer
Need grade
Need strength 35
Need magic 2
Dragon bone bows and arrows can not only display physical attacks, but also display elemental arrows, which require corresponding skills.
Zhou Xiaofu saw the horror on the face of the dragon’s secret bow, followed by a kiss on Lin Tianxiao’s face
Lin Tianxie’s heart is pleased to reply immediately. Where do you know that an arc appears at the moment when Lin Tianxie wants to kiss Zhou Xiaofu? Lin Tianxie will lie prone at Zhou Xiaofu’s feet directly.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Wang Youliang laughed and remembered that he was treated like this when he attacked Bi Yuer.
Zhou Xiaofu immediately squatted to the ground to help Lin Tian’s evil heart and said, "Xiaotian, I’m sorry I was so excited just now that I didn’t hear the announcement."
"Cough cough!" A puff of smoke from Lin Tianxiao’s mouth recovered his strength before saying, "Xiaofu was killed by you!" "
However, when Lin Tianxiao came to Wang Youliang’s side, and Wang Youliang’s surprised eyes were scratching and fat, he saw Lin Tianxiao clap his hands and said, "Well, I’m relieved, Xiaofu, let’s go shopping!"
"He …" Zhou Xiaofu glanced at Wang Youliang, who was lying on the ground with a black face.
Lin Tianxiae directly interrupted Zhou Xiaofu’s words, "No matter who he is, I’ll take you to the jewelry store to see." Wang Youliang, who was pointed at by passers-by, followed the two of them and left.
I planned to go to the jewelry store in Beach City, but Zhou Xiaofu said that she would go out for a stroll. Lin Tianxiao took Zhou Xiaofu to Beach City.
The two men walked hand in hand in the forest outside the city. Those low-level monsters couldn’t pass the exam because two big dogs were escorting each other. Those low-level players who just entered the game showed envy and wondered when they would be able to walk around with their two big dogs holding their girlfriends’ hands like this man!
"Brother, can I ask if this pair of beasts are your pets?" Finally, some players can’t help but come to Lin Tianxiao and ask.
"Oh, no, I summon creatures. I am a fairy profession!" Lin Tian evil didn’t frame all smiles should way.
"Thank you, big brother!"
This player said that he directly wiped his neck with a dagger in his hand. "return engagement" is a very serious game for suicide. If a suicide player, it means deleting the number and practicing again.
There are a lot of new players who directly delete numbers and practice again. Novice players constantly wipe their necks and spoil the good mood of Lin Tianxie and Zhou Xiaofu, especially when the former player’s neck is splashed with blood, but the profession of immortality is popular throughout the game at this moment.
"I hate how these people are like this!" Zhou Xiaofu asked with a frown with a hint of anger in his tone.
Lin Tianxiao shook his head with a wry smile. "No one can let your husband be so cool. They are envious and jealous!"
When the good mood is destroyed, the two of them can go home. At this time, Liu Heng and the goblin also came to the news that hundreds of random scrolls have been made and they are waiting for him.
Lin Tianxie took Zhou Xiaofu’s hand and wandered back to the edge of the array. Sure enough, Liu Heng and the goblin were waiting there with an anxious look on their faces.
"How come the random scroll is ready? Are we going to kill monsters?"
In one sentence, two people’s eyes broke out. This is to let Lin Tianxiao take them to kill the monster and explode the exquisite horse-cutting knife.
"Take a look at the random scroll first!" Lin Tianxiao said and held out his hand in front of Liu Heng.
Liu Heng immediately took out four bundles of random scrolls and handed them to Lin Tianxie. Lin Tianxie called to check the attributes of a random scroll.
The random scroll allows the player to move once on the current map.
"There are too few good things. This time, it is estimated that you will not be able to come back for ten days and a half months. The more of these things, the better," said Lin Tianxiao.
Liu Heng and the goblin looked at each other. "Why do you want so much? There is no place to put it!"
"I do. Don’t say so much. Go and get a thousand more and buy more big drugs at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s dangerous without instant recovery drugs!" Lin Tian evil light said
"Don’t say that the potion is really refined by those refined pharmacists. What’s called sun water can instantly restore the player’s 2 health points!" Liu Heng said.
"Well, the more it is, the better. Don’t be afraid that there is no place for me!" Lin Tianxiao said again and again
“ ` ` w w w
Liu Heng and the goblin immediately sent a message to their hands for about ten minutes. Two teams of about ten people came here. They were Liu Heng and the goblin hands.
"Give him all the things I said and inform him when he gets back. Five words are floating in the sky. After the third boss of our guild is also your boss, he asks you to help him!" Liu Heng immediately ordered.
The goblin is also saying the same thing. Lin Tianxiao is accepting the sun water sent by two teams of personnel. Don’t say that there are really many bottles of random scrolls and hundreds of bundles. This is the limit of refining during this period.

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It’s so fucking tiring to return the favor.

139 the power of dark Taoist priest

14 Dark Forest of Terror

141 terror black blind.

142 Death Suit

143 forest trap

144 Octopus is also crazy

145 delicious seafood is awesome

146 primitive man? Holy shit, isn’t that cool?

We also became warriors, haha
As soon as I entered the palace, I didn’t know what is magnificent and beautiful. Boy, it looks like an ordinary palace outside. When I come in, it’s like a different world. It seems that you have to see something not only from the outside, but also from the experience.
"Bird elder brother is your boss?" I asked in a low voice as I walked forward
"Shh, don’t talk nonsense." To my surprise, Zhang Yuanchao made a quiet gesture at me. Is it possible that this place is a place of worship for some religious beliefs like the church? If so, you won’t crucify me and play barbecue games like ancient Christianity, will you?
"Elder, they have come in." At the end of a hall, Bird knelt down toward an old man sitting at the top, which made me depressed. Should I kneel down or not? I haven’t knelt down for anyone since I was so big. What if it’s a little difficult for me to kneel down for such a stranger, but what if I don’t kneel down and make the old man angry?
"Well, you go first." The elder really has a boss. He said that his face was expressionless and he didn’t even lift his head.
I don’t like this guy the most when I grow up. I won’t move if you don’t talk to us. I turned my head to see Feifei. They all exchanged eyes. It seems that they want to see what medicine this elder is selling in the gourd.
"you are that warrior who came out of the underground river?" After a long time, the elder finally spoke. As soon as the words came out, I wondered if he called us warriors to harm us. But where can I treat the warriors like this? I won’t talk about it without a beautiful woman, but it’s a bit unreasonable to have no chair. What is this called?
"Elder, they are the people who came out of the underground river." We haven’t answered yet, and Bird just shut up.
"Elder, please tell me what’s going on when you bring us here." Since there’s a play, you all call us warriors anyway, so it’s better not to hang us warriors on the cross immediately because of my words.
"Warriors, you didn’t meet anything in the underground river?" Instead of answering my question, the elder asked with interest.
I’m even more depressed. What happened to us in Dihe? What happened to you? This is strange. Why is he so concerned about this matter? There must be something. There must be a ghost in it. I’d better be careful. It won’t be their totem, will it? In that case, if we kill the octopus and eat its meat, will these primitive people not eat our meat?
"We met a big octopus, but we have killed it and eaten its meat."
I haven’t come to talk yet. Feifei has already said it first.
It’s too fast to stun this girl. If they really worship that octopus, we’ll die here.
"You, do you have any proof that you killed the octopus thief?" Hearing Feifei’s words, the elder’s eyes lit up and he said with joy
Haha, the octopus thief seems that they are not good with octopus classmates. That’s good. Fortunately, I still have a few pieces to prepare for Xiaohei to eat octopus later. This is a big party. Haha, what a surprise!
I quickly took out a piece of fish and handed it over. "Elder, this is the chapter of fish and fish haha."
The elder took the octopus from my hand, his eyes almost fell out, and he went back to his chair trembling. Poor Bird was also happy that he couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest, but he was afraid to look there and stretched his neck three points longer than Comrade Giraffe.
"Bird eldest brother, don’t stretch your neck so long. I still have it here. Let me give you a piece. This thing is delicious. Hey hey"
As I said, I handed a piece of octopus in the past. As soon as Brother Bird listened to my words, he came running like a fart. I didn’t expect this piece of fish to have such great charm. If I had known earlier, I would have put the whole octopus in this sachet. It’s hard to say that a primitive man will give me the position of the elder.
I’m having a dream in the Spring and Autumn Period, and Bird and his elders are already excited.
"Warriors, you are really our tribal benefactors. Haha, except for the octopus thief, our tribal day will be better."
Haha, I’m a warrior. Call me a warrior. You must give me something.
"Elder, we killed the octopus with great efforts. His legs were thicker than an elephant, but when he died, he almost crushed me to death."
"Ha ha, warriors are really joking. Since warriors have made such great efforts to help our tribe get rid of their worries, if you have anything we need, just let us know." Bird patted his chest politely.
"What do you think we should do?" I asked Feifei in a low voice. After all, people are mainly planning this activity. How much I am here is also an auxiliary figure.
"They are locals. Why don’t we let them take us to the Black Forest?" Feifei suggested in a low voice that this is a good idea. If they can send us to the Black Forest, we can save a lot of effort. Haha.
"We don’t know if it’s convenient for the elder to help us with a request," I said to the elder. After all, people are grateful to us now. We are also guests. If a request is not good and they beat us out, it would be bad. Besides, it is not an easy thing for people to take us to the Black Forest. I have already deeply realized the charm of this original forest since I came in for a while.
"Warrior, please speak. If our tribe can make a definition, it makes me happy. No matter whether people can help or not, please listen to it. The elder is the elder. Say something so well. It seems that this elder is really not an ordinary person. I’m afraid he can’t be that silly Bird classmate. Haha.
"We want you to take us to the black forest, even at the edge of the black forest." I’m afraid that people will reject it outright and quickly lower the requirements a little. Even if you can’t take us to the center of the black forest, it’s not difficult to take us to the edge of the black forest.
"I’m afraid I can’t do it in the black forest." When the elder’s words came out, my heart was half cold. Just now, he said it well, and now he wants to do it without hesitation. Now he wants it. I ask you to refuse it as soon as you say it.
"But it’s not difficult to get to the edge of the black forest. Although we tribesmen can’t get into the black forest, we are familiar with the way to the black forest."
Haha, it’s not bad to send it to the edge of the black forest. I was happy when I heard what the elders said.
"In this case, there is not much waste of gifts. Thank you, Elder Bird and Brother Bird. How about we start now?"
"Since the Warriors are so impatient, I can’t keep them. You can go to Bird directly from our tribe to the edge of the Black Forest. You can take all the Warriors."
"Cang water, you come with me," Bird said, taking us towards the hall.
I’m depressed. I knew it was so easy. Then what am I doing in such a hurry? At least we have to enjoy this primitive tribe more. Maybe we can have a one-night stand with the primitive mm. Isn’t that cool?
But now it’s too late to regret it. I can’t tell them it’s not urgent again, can I
I can’t help but appreciate the primitive customs when I come next time. Let those primitive MM go this time. Haha.
It was much more convenient to send troops, and in a blink of an eye, we came to a strange place
"This is the edge of the original forest and the black forest. Less than 1 km further ahead is the black forest. We original tribesmen can’t send you here in the past, saying that the black forest is full of dangers. I hope you can go early and come back early. Remember to come to the original tribe to find me and let you experience the MM customs of our original tribe. Haha"
Bird, this guy is really a pervert. I haven’t said anything in my heart. He didn’t look at the fact that there are women here. He just threw the words out. It’s estimated to be more colorful in peacetime. I like this guy. Haha, it’s promising. It’s also good to get him to the wolf clan and let him build a wolf clan branch in the original forest. Haha.
"If we don’t go by ourselves, we will definitely come to you when we come here. You must remember what you said. Haha," I said, patting Bird on the shoulder and Bird laughed at me.
Breaking up with Bird, I’m still iMMersed in the fantasy of primitive mm seeking happiness. Feifei has put her evil hand on my waist.
Oh, I cried. How can all women in this world do this? If I become the boss, I must make it forbidden for women to pinch men and offenders to hit PP 100 haha.
"Shall we quit the game day first or go in now?" Blackie is a real buddy. Just when I was in pain, his words pulled me back from the abyss ravaged by women.
"I think we’d better wait till tomorrow. No one knows what will happen when we go in. It’s already late. Let’s have a good rest today." I suggested without looking at my watch. Today, I am exhausted. I just suffered inhuman abuse. I have to have a good rest and mend my body.
"Well, then quit the game and wait until tomorrow. Is there a problem that everyone must be on time at this time of day or today?"
"Be sure to arrive on time"

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"Brother Seven Nights, you’re not worried about me."

Seven nights gently stroking Feng Hua Xiaoxue’s hair lightly, "I’m fine. I’m just saying’ golden flash’. I don’t care about the wind for seven nights and a few third-rate ninjas. I won’t have an accident until I let you go home in an upright way. This is a promise made by a male man."
"yeah!" Feng Hua Xiao Xue happily tunnel "thank you for your seven-night brother!" "
"hey!" At this time, there was a warm applause around, and the crazy director said, "This is the perfect love between the hero and heroine. The screenwriter adapted the original play for me and changed it to lead to the other side of the rainbow. On the way, Princess Fengyun was attacked by the devil again. In desperation, the princess appeared in her life and saved it."
In the warm hands of people, seven nights and Xiaoxue are not embarrassed by this, but still naturally embrace together. From this point, we can see that both of them have one thing in common, that is, they dare to love and hate, and they don’t care about the whole world or people.
Seven nights light whispered in Xiaoxue’s ear, "Let’s formally communicate after Xiaoxue and so on! Ok? "
Listening to the favorite man courting Xiaoxue happily replied, "Yeah!"
There is still a long way to go before the group leaves the snow country, the capital and the snow city.
Mei twice, this is the seventh class. Don’t cut the head again.
After many wars, Kakashi was killed and put in the dungeon.
"Hum!" Don’t chop arrogantly and sneer, "You’ve been tricked by Kakashi. This is your absolute way to escape from the special cage. If you are allowed to move freely, I’ll take care of you later." Then I saw that the pool of water left on the ground during the initial fight actually came alive and formed another one, that is, no more water.
Kakashi, who was in the dungeon, said, "You guys run away with Mr. Dazina. You have no chance to fight that guy. If he keeps me in the dungeon, he can’t leave, and the water body should be far away from the body. You can always run away now."
Sasuke, Naruto and KINOMOTO SAKURA have been stunned by the murderous look. They are all unable to move. However, in this critical situation, Naruto remembered to talk to him for seven nights. There is always a solution to everything.
"ah!" Hearing Naruto cry out for Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA in Naruto’s cry out for help, they both freed themselves from the murderous look of never cutting again. They looked at Naruto with a handle in his right hand and shuriken stuck it on the back of his left hand. Naruto endured the pain and said, "Escape? Don’t be ridiculous. From the moment you were put in jail, we had no other choice. Even if we escape now, if you don’t cut again, we will eventually be killed." Naruto had a painful tunnel. "Maybe there will be a chance to escape, but we are companions! Teacher Seven Nights once said that when a person has friends and companions, everything will become beautiful. That’s true. I really feel that I don’t want to lose this hard-won happiness and beauty. I might as well just die if I leave my companions and escape. "
In addition to not cutting again, some people in other places, including Kakashi who was trapped in the dungeon, fell silent by Naruto’s words. Kakashi thought of Daitu Dazina and his son-in-law, Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA, and was surprised that Naruto, who has always been nervous, should have such consciousness.
Don’t cut a sneer and then continued, "Not bad, kid actually thought of pain to resist uncle murderous look. Uncle remembered your name, Naruto Uzumaki, right? Even so, you still have to die today."
"Hey, hey!" Naruto smiled firmly. "That’s not necessarily true. You should quickly remember in your manual that Naruto Uzumaki, a Konoha ninja, will become a naruto sooner or later. My uncle Naruto Uzumaki will never die before he becomes a naruto!"
"Naruto’s big talk will be saved until I can live. Now you should protect Mr. Dazina from escaping. But the first rule of ninja is how did you learn it at school?" Kakashi had to say something against his will considering Naruto’s situation.
"I will never leave!" Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA both mean the same thing, but the three of them looked at Da Zi Nada Zi Na and were silent for a moment before saying, "What? At the end of the day, it’s all because of me. At this time, I don’t think I still want to live? I’m sorry to trouble you, so you can fight as much as you like. "
"Ha, that’s it. No eyebrows, guys. Are you mentally prepared?" Naruto confidently said, "Shadow separation!" Naruto was divided into thirty or forty shadow members in a flash.
"Oh!" Don’t cut a little surprised a "shadow busy? And there are quite a few places at once. "
Naruto’s avatar department holds a bitter mouth and says, "Cut the crap and I’ll take it!" Say, the shadow doppelgangers are rushing to cut the water body again, but they are surrounded by the water body again, but even the water body strength is not a fledgling person. Naruto can resist listening to it and drinking it, and Naruto’s shadow doppelgangers are scattered by the Ministry.
"Hey hey hey!" Don’t cut and continue to laugh. "I told you that you are just a group of ordinary kids playing ninja games. When you were your age, your uncle’s hands were covered with blood."
Naruto pulled out shuriken calmly and said, "I can’t control those things and eat my trick again!" Naruto sank shuriken in four points, saying, "Wind Devil shuriken Shadow Windmill!" At the same time, Naruto jumped up and threw shuriken at the water body again.
"Kid shuriken’s toy is not for me!" Never again cut water body arrogant tunnel but naruto shuriken suddenly changed direction and flew towards never again cut water body when he was near it.
Chapter 16 Plot (7)
"Kid shuriken’s toy is not for me!" Never again cut water body arrogant tunnel but naruto shuriken suddenly changed direction and flew towards never again cut water body when he was near it.
"Oh!" Don’t chop a little surprised and say, "Come to me!" Seeing that shuriken, the rotating enchanter, flew to the front of the body without cutting, reached out and easily grasped shuriken, the enchanter. "This degree is naive. Grandpa said that shuriken is not a toy for me." Just when he was not proud of it, another enchanter, shuriken, was fast and surprised. "It is a shadow shuriken technique to hide in the shadow of shuriken." It is still naive to avoid the second enchanter shuriken with a light jump without cutting! "
"Really?" Suddenly, the second one, which was evaded by shuriken, turned into Naruto, who took the opportunity to take out a handful of hard work and threw it at the dead corner behind him. "Eat your uncle Naruto Uzumaki!"
Don’t cut frightened he never thought that the second shuriken turned out to be Naruto’s mercy, his sensitive control of the water dungeon technique, or a blood groove blown by shuriken, even with such a little devil saying, "You little devil will kill you!" Say don’t cut conveniently pulled out beheading broadsword suddenly split to naruto.
"Bang!" A violent metal impact took the opportunity to solve the problem of water imprisonment. Kakashi will never cut this deadly knife again.
"Naruto, you’ve grown a lot in battle." Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA praised Kakashi again, but they couldn’t believe all this, and they couldn’t believe that Naruto, the crane’s tail in ten thousand, did it.
Naruto hey hey smile with a smug tunnel "I make the shadow separation is not to knock down and never cut again, but to cover up the fact that I really turned into a enchanter shuriken. I left a doppelganger, but I turned into an enchanter shuriken, and then I took out my enchanter shuriken and two enchanters shuriken. Together, I can just make a shadow of shuriken. Of course, I won’t recognize the light, so I can knock down and never cut again, but I want to destroy the dungeon, and then I can use this to make the water not cut again. It’s really successful.
At the moment, Naruto’s performance made Sasuke unable to sit still. Sasuke’s heart whispered, "Naruto, where have you grown up? It’s the first time to perform this kind of thing. How can you be so calm and calm? But also can improvise such amazing tactics because of that guy named Seven Nights? "
KINOMOTO SAKURA: "Is this still the stupid Naruto I know?"
Dazina: "This kid is much more reliable than when we first met."
The battle to get Kakashi and not to cut again is about to begin.
"I said that the same patience can’t make me twice. What are you going to do!" Kakashi avenue
Two people hit it off and don’t cut it immediately. Kakashi sharingan copied it as soon as he finished turning it.
Almost at the same time, "water escape, water dragon play!" When the two men completed the operation at the same time, they saw that two hoses broke out of the water and bit each other, causing a wave that washed Naruto ashore and spread to Sasuke, KINOMOTO SAKURA and Dazina.
Looking at the great destructive power caused by the hose, KINOMOTO SAKURA was surprised and said, "Is this Ninjutsu?"
The most shocking thing is never to behead again. Looking at Kakashi’s scarlet eyes, I felt a little uneasy. "What’s the matter? It’s imitation. Why is it even the same time and power? Is this the real power of sharingan?"
Then the situation is the same. Kakashi’s every move is exactly the same as never cutting again, which makes him even more worried. When he didn’t respond to never cutting again, he listened to Kakashi and shouted "Water Dun Waterfall!" I can’t believe all this if I don’t cut it. This technique is exactly what his horse wants to deal with Kakashi. Unexpectedly, Kakashi made it first. Then the only explanation is that Kakashi has the ability to predict the future.
As soon as Kakashi’s voice fell, he saw that the river suddenly swelled and formed a huge spiral water flow to hit Zaibuke. Finally, this operation ended everything in Zaibuke’s incredible eyes.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!"
"Kakashi!" Don’t cut the road again. "Before I die, I want to ask you a question. Do you have the ability to predict the future?"
"Not bad!" Kakashi calmly said, "I see you are going to die!"
Just as Kakashi was about to kill again, two flying needles broke through and went straight to the neck artery. Soon, he was already dead. Everyone looked up and saw a mysterious boy with a mask on the opposite branch.
"Yes, he is dead!" The teenager said, "You are Konoha ninjas, right? I’ve been hunting for a long time, and I finally caught this opportunity today. I have to thank you."
Kakashi squatted down to confirm that there was really no pulse. Kakashi looked at the mysterious boy again and said, "That mask, are you a foggy assassination unit?"
The young man said, "You know very well. Yes, I am a member of the Fog Hidden Assassination Force. I am responsible for hunting down escaped ninjas like Never Cut again."
Kakashi tunnel "Judging from his height and sound, he should be about the same as Naruto and others. This kid is not an ordinary kid."

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This fruit surprised Chen Song and Tong Yihuai. They don’t doubt that some foreign forces want their lives, but is it funny to send such a person here?

Wu Fan explained that "judging from the current investigation results, the attack on you may be due to Yan Weilun’s initiative, and he is still investigating why Yan Weilun’s attitude is not cooperative."
Chen Song nodded all his thoughts and said, "In this case, my brother and I should still be very dangerous recently. Why don’t we go to this activity?"
Wu Fan smiled. He believed that Chen Song said this, but in order to relieve the pressure of those who protect them, there is definitely something that they don’t want to take part in sports activities and prefer to take them to the research institute to see the research factors. He said gently but firmly, "Without this activity arrangement, I have seen nothing wrong. Dr. Chen, can you believe that we can protect you and Dr. Tong?"
Chen Song "Well …"
It will soon be the day of the activity. Ren Jia Jia’s original arrangement was to drive by car. Now there are just two more cars, Chen Song and Tong Yihuai. Wu Xiaoran’s villa should come mainly to a friend’s party. The garage is big enough to park all the cars.
Wu Xiaoran’s villa is quite big. The main building is three floors. The rooms have been cleaned up by the servants before, but everyone has one room.
The front courtyard is a large lawn with big trees and trees planted around it to block the view and decorate the flowers.
Ren Jia Jia, they have quite a league building atmosphere, and they have specially made a flag to write "League building activities for young migrant workers in scientific research", which is very real.
The flag bearer handed it to Ren Jiajia, the only man in the management and the owner of the villa, Wu Xiaoran, holding a trumpet, and said, "Dear colleagues, arrange activities. Let’s climb to the top of the scenic spot together, that is, where we eat at noon, and then separate ourselves for free activities. If you have any personal problems to solve, solve them quickly. We will leave in ten minutes!"
Everyone should go to the toilet, go to the toilet, apply sunscreen, and take an umbrella.
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai also brought umbrellas and packed water and some food in their backpacks, which were more than half the weight of their belongings.
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai wanted to carry their backpacks, but they were robbed by Wu Fan directly before they were carried. Wu Fan said, "You can’t hide quickly if you carry such a heavy bag on your back. Don’t increase my work burden! Anyway, I’ve been with you all the time. It’s convenient for you to take things with your backpack. "
Chen Song bulged his cheeks. Is he worried that it is inconvenient to take things?
He was embarrassed to bother Wu Fan because his backpack was too heavy!
But since Wu Fan said so, Chen Song didn’t compete with him to take out the umbrella, and he and Tong Yihuai held an umbrella together.
When everything was ready, they all lined up in Ren Yoga and Wu Xiaoran. Chen Song and Tong Yihuai walked at the end.
Everyone stays in the laboratory for a long time, seldom comes out to play, or physical activities are quite exciting at first, but slowly they feel a little chatting, so someone shouts, "It’s boring to climb mountains. How about playing a game?"
"What to play? Physical games? "
"What physical games can we play when we are still climbing mountains? Can’t you sing when you give a question in front and calculate it in the back? "
"Don’t you think you can’t figure it out? Don’t you think about it in case you can’t figure it out?"
"Oh, that’s right. It’s also a postgraduate entrance examination. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the numbers are ugly?"
Ren Jia Jia heard the discussion behind him and raised his horn and said, "Why don’t we play a simple math game? Let’s start from me, go back to the last person in turn, and then go back and forth. Everyone will quote a prime number in order. If you make a mistake or skip a prime number, there will be punishment! Singing or telling jokes can be punished, and everyone must think that it is passed. "
"It seems a little simple."
Ren Jiajia said, "The front is definitely simple, but it’s still a little difficult at the back. Then I’ll add another restriction. You can’t let everyone wait in half a minute, right?"
"Not bad"
Renjiajia "Then I’ll start!"
Behind her was Wu Xiaoran, carrying the banner, and immediately took it to "3!"
In addition to Chen Song and Tong Yihuai, there were 18 people who participated in this activity. It happened that it was Chen Song’s turn to report "61", and Chen Song’s greatest achievement in the field of mathematics was that he would naturally say "67!"
Although Tong Yihuai didn’t remember a prime number in particular, he quickly got the answer "71!" after a simple calculation.
Then it was Chen Song’s turn to go forward. A prime number was "73", which happened to be a pair of twin prime numbers.
Two people glance at each other couldn’t help laughing.
Today is not a holiday. There are not many tourists in the scenic spot, but it is not over. Their unique games naturally attract some tourists nearby. Some people have taken a small video and sent it to social networks, which has caused some notes in a small area. After all, ordinary people are still very interested in the life of researchers.
When the number is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more calculations. Isn’t it that some people have made some mistakes? The first mistake is Bao Shan, who ranks sixth.
He has a bitter face, "Ah, I can’t sing with five tones."
Ren Jia Jia "Then you can tell a joke or a short story or something."
Bao Shan: "Do I look like someone who can tell jokes? Shall I search for a line on the spot? "
Before Ren Yoga could speak, others would boo, "No! On-site search is too insincere to think for yourself! "
Bao Shan: "Then you are really giving me a hard time, Pang Hu. I don’t remember anything now."
Chapter 68 Chapter 68
Ren yoga "that otherwise, you recite a poem? Of course, whether it is modern poetry or ancient poetry, it must be longer, otherwise everyone can’t count you, right? "
They shouted "Yes! At least you have to have the length of everlasting regret song, right? !”
Bao Shan: "It’s too difficult for me to be a science student … Don’t mention the everlasting regret. I can’t recite the chivalrous now! My brothers and sisters begged, can I do it? "
Chen Song said, "Why don’t you recite a pi? You don’t need to recite 1 digit and 5 digits, do you? "
Bao shan "? ? ?”
The boss suddenly spoke, but the question is, who can recite pi by himself these days? Is it a bad brain?
Bao Shan said weakly, "The pi of the back is OK, but can you give me a look before the back?"
Wu Xiaoran "I think so, but if you want to read the words, you will have to recite them to the first place, and there will be a minute."
Bao Shan said in distress situation, "Are you studying for my memory? Ok, I’ll search for it myself. "
The team stopped just in time, and good people can take a break.
When tourists nearby heard that someone was going to challenge the memory of one pi in one minute, they suddenly became interested. They leaned in and took photos with their mobile phones. If Bao Shan succeeded in the challenge, they could record this historic moment and send a circle of friends or social networks.
Bao Shan searched the top 100 digits of PI on his mobile phone, and memorized it quickly while watching it. In less than a minute, he put down his mobile phone and began to recite "3141596535 … 117679".
After reciting Bao Shan in one breath, I spit out a long breath and feel suffocated. There is no mistake in reciting a number after the decimal point of PI.
Ren Jiajia shouted, "Did everyone say that he had passed?"

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Messi hurried to help the two ladies carry their luggage. "I’m sorry, I just came with Sai to see the reporter. He helped me guide the reporter, but I still didn’t dare to go in." Charlotte came to Madrid every year. Messi knows this little sister’s temper very well. It’s better for him to apologize immediately, so as not to be counted by this girl.

Seeing Messi get along with Charlotte, I thought that I used to regard Charlotte as a rival in love for a while before, and I couldn’t help but feel funny. Now she believes that Messi regards Charlotte as another little sister.
"Hello, dear" Messi finally calmed Charlotte down and immediately looked at Anton. The tenderness in his eyes made Anton not miss it.
"Hello" Antonella blushed a little, and she greeted Messi in a low voice.
Charlotte couldn’t get over it. "You two are going to live under the same roof in the future. Do you have to say hello so quietly in the future? In that case, Leo, my birthday present for you this year will be a pair of loudspeakers."
Hearing Charlotte’s words, Macy and Antona couldn’t help laughing, and their embarrassment was swept away.
Originally, Antona decided to stay in Argentina to study in university after graduating from high school this year, but she could not hold back. Messi repeatedly persuaded her to finally make up her mind to come to Spain. To be exact, Messi now lives in Madrid to study in university, and Charlotte will play the role of Guti Investment Shadow, and Messi will make a guest appearance in it. Charlotte will ask Antona to come to Spain together.
Three people and three kinds of Messi and Antonella are lovers. Messi and Charlotte are brothers and sisters who are not related by blood. Charlotte and Antonella are friends, and they are not very old. As Messi started the car, they started chatting at will, and talked about Charlotte and Messi’s upcoming movie.
Antonella said, "There are also reports in Argentina. After all, this is the first time that Mr. Lei Dongduo has appeared in the film since he retired."
Charlotte also said, "My father is still jealous. I can be invited by Fina and Hernando. He doesn’t even have a guest role."
Messi revealed some gossip to them. "Actually, Mr. Carney was invited to them. I heard from Fina that there would be many famous Real Madrid guests in the film and friends from Hernando would be invited to make guest appearances."
Charlotte smiled. "Then I won’t tell my father and let him sulk for a few more days."
Macy and Antona glances at Charlotte’s temper and expressed sympathy for Mr. Ricagni, who was kept in the dark by her daughter
Charlotte thought of one thing: "Will all the active players of Rio Real Madrid make guest appearances?"
Messi nodded. "Almost, but I heard that there seems to be something wrong with the scene. After all, he looks so much like Fina."
"Yes," Charlotte rolled her eyes and was relieved to hear that all the active players in Real Madrid would make guest appearances. After all, she came to Spain for another purpose besides filming.
"Speaking of real Madrid’s first-team handsome boy can be a lot? Plug is still so popular? I heard that a man named Ramos is also very handsome. By the way, Igor has broken up with his girlfriend now? " Charlotte looks like chatting and asking Messi
"There are too many gossip about the traffic jam. Every day, there are so many female fans around the base and scream as soon as it comes out." Messi has a headache. He has never bought a car and has been living in the room where Guti is separated from the traffic jam. Every day, he takes a traffic jam to go back and forth for training. It is conceivable that sitting in the traffic jam, his ears are tortured every day.
Messi continued, "Sergio is handsome, but Fina said Sergio’s good friend is handsome, but it’s a pity that it’s next door to us." Messi knew who Guti said Ramos’s good friend was, and he had already played against the Atletico Golden Boy next door in the league, but his footwork was not inferior to his appearance.
"Igor recently heard that he seems to have some problems with his girlfriend, but I’m not sure exactly. After all, this is his private matter."
"Well," Charlotte bowed her head in thought and then looked up and asked Messi, "Leo, do you think I’m beautiful or Igor’s girlfriend is beautiful?"
"Ah?" I’m concentrating on the car. Messi has some doubts
"Forget it, it’s no use asking. You must say that you are the most beautiful in Anton," Charlotte said grumpily.
Messi couldn’t help shaking his head. "The most beautiful thing in my mind is that Fina Antonella is ranked second." Messi said that before he came to his senses, "Honesty" embarrassed to look at Antonella.
Antonella smiled at Messi understandingly. She had known Messi since she was a child, and she knew that Messi was ill before and after that year. If Lei Dongduo and his wife hadn’t helped him bring him to Spain for treatment and sent him to Real Madrid youth training camp, Messi’s life might have become different, and maybe there would be help from noble people, but Messi would have to go through more hardships.
Antonio, Messi’s girlfriend, is also full of gratitude to Lei Dongduo and his wife. She knows that Messi’s admiration for Guti’s appearance is from the heart and not mixed with other thoughts. He also thinks that Messi may regard Lei Dongduo and his wife as his other parents in his heart, which may be the same with Charlotte.
Several people laughed and went all the way to Messi’s home in Madrid, or the house that Guti rented to Messi’s father was next to the plug room.
Messi has now been promoted to Real Madrid’s first team, but his salary is almost the lowest in the team, reducing the burden. His father still has to go out to work, and others still live in Argentina. However, Messi’s performance in the league and the Champions League has been impressive. Some experts say that it will be terrible to wait two years for Messi to mature. With Messi’s high grades, he will earn more and worse. His agent is Castro, the agent who crosses the cultural and sports fields, but he is very powerful when negotiating contracts.
I could have moved my house a long time ago, but I don’t want to move this house when I think of whether I bought it with Guti in those years or whether my good friend lives in the house. But I have already developed in the direction of a black-hearted renter. Guti has a lot of luxury houses in his hand, and he will wait for him to change rooms directly with Messi in two years. After so many years of getting along, people will always have feelings, and Guti’s impression of Messi has changed from "cheating from next door to being a fool" to "bullying my own little fool". We must take good care of ourselves.
Messi didn’t know that Guti was going to move for him, and he was happy to introduce his room to Anton La, who came here for the first time.
A few days after Anton La settled in Macy’s house, there was a lot of buzz. Lei Dongduo’s first "touch" film was finally going to be filmed
The name of the movie is Faith. Although the name is tall, the actual plot is still quite bloody.
Fina and Hernando are classmates in the same middle school, but they are as far away from each other as the South Pole and the North Pole.
Fina is a shy and autistic girl with freckles and acne, while Hernando is a sunny and athletic boy who has to take part in football training in his spare time and is a future star of football field.
The only possible connection between two people is that Fina secretly loves Hernando and Hernando doesn’t know it.
One day, Fina was bullied by a group of bad students in a place where no one was around, and she was saved by passing by Hernando, who also said a few words to encourage Fina, which made Fina cheer up from then on.
A few years later, Hernando has become a soccer star, and Fina went to study football coaching. However, Hernando never knew how hard Fina worked. Once again, Fina bought a ticket to watch Hernando’s game, and two people met by chance. Hernando didn’t recognize Fina as her shy and autistic female classmate. Although Fina was a little sad, Hernando didn’t recognize her, but she always remembered what Hernando encouraged her to continue her strong and optimistic life.
It seems that Fina and Hernando didn’t pay each other, but I didn’t expect that one day the head coach of Hernando’s team suddenly fell ill and went to the club to continue coaching. Nennai chose an acting coach to direct the team before the head coach recovered.
There is an English in the club? Knowing people is good? Dare to make progress? Chairman he chose the only female coach among several resumes, and that is Fina.
When she became very beautiful, she couldn’t see the past middle school days. After she came to the club with her sports car, from the first day, she was questioned by captain Hernan and many players, and she was not allowed to step on the team bus when she went out to play.
Fina worked hard to win the trust of the players and finally won the recognition of the players. Qi Xin worked together to play a wave of winning streak. Finally, she faced an arch-rival in the cup final, which was dirty and dirty, and secretly bribed Fina by small means. Their club staff drank Chinese medicine for the players, which greatly reduced the status of the players in the game, but all dirty means could resist the real sportsmanship. Fina and her players worked hard together to overcome their opponents and won the game.
After the game, the real head coach of the team came back from recovery, and Fina also ended her career as a fire-fighting coach. She had already developed feelings for Fina in her relationship. Hernando went to Fina’s residence and found that someone had gone upstairs, but he recognized that Fina was actually his middle school classmate. Hernando took the photo and was going to chase Fina. As a result, she found it after a dozen doors and came back to look for the photo. Fernando confessed to Fina and then they were together.
Many years later, the elderly Fina and Hernando sat in the stands watching the ball, and a young man with Fina’s appearance but Hernando’s surname was killing with the ball in the arena.
"Honey, are you sure that the hero and heroine’s names should be Fina and Hernando?" Before filming, Lei Dongduo asked Guti again. He always felt strange. After reading the play, he always thought of them forever.
"This will make the audience feel kind and dear, Hernando. This is a drama that I personally made." Guti is sweet and tired of calling Lei Dongduo’s name. Well, he does have a grudge. He remembers how good he was when he was ignored by Lei Dongduo, and how much he loves Lei Dongduo. He will remember how miserable he was. Although he asked for it, he still has some resentment.
"What’s the name of the villain club? Our club is called Real Madrid, and even Florentino happily agreed to be a guest chairman. You’re not going to call the villain club Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, are you? I don’t think they want to make a guest appearance. "Lei Dongduo suspected that Guti thought so when he was writing the play.
Guti wanted to nod, but he also knew that it would definitely not work like this. "I’ve already thought of a name, so it’s called Lewen. I somehow feel that this name sounds annoying."
Guti cleared his throat. "Go to hell with Lewen! Lewen hell! It sounds like the fans are very excited to shout like this. Isn’t it good? "
Lei Dongduo shrugged. "Yes, your voice is very good even when you curse." Lei Dongduo knew that he should praise Guti appropriately.
Sure enough, Guti’s eyes narrowed when he heard Lei Dongduo’s words.
"Your investment is really saving money this time." Lei Dongduo figured out that this time, except for looking for a professional filmmaker, almost all of them were friendly cameos
Real Madrid woke up in Guti to compete for the filming of "One Goal Becoming Famous", but there was still no competition. Newcastle Florentino decided to shoot a football film himself to promote Real Madrid. This time, he not only contributed the first team, the youth team, the training base and the home court, but also performed a club chairman.
In terms of actors, Hernando and Fina were naturally played by Lei Dongduo and Guti, while in their middle school days, Hernando Jr. and Fina Jr. were played by Messi and Charlotte, which confirmed the title of "illegitimate daughter of Lei Dongduo" and "illegitimate daughter of Guti" in those years. This film also became a "virgin" of the future plum ball king, which made many fans come from time to time.
It is estimated that the most dissatisfied with his role in the whole movie is the cancellation, because he was robbed of the captain’s armband in the movie by Lei Dongduo, and he was also degraded by a generation to become the movie Lille Nando and Fei Naer, and he only showed up at the end of the movie.
I am very cautious about my own scenes and roles, and I think it must be Lei Dongduo’s mischief. His sister must have been blown by Lei Dongduo, so she made a bear’s strength. Xiong Haizai decided to declare her feelings, so he sang the only scene several times until Guti personally twisted his ear and taught him a lesson. Only then did he finish the trick honestly.
This film, dubbed by the media as Real Madrid’s "image project", was filmed in more than a month with concerted efforts in several aspects.

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The Chinese-style wedding has finally been finished, but they have to go back to Spain to hold another western-style wedding. After all, some friends have not come to attend the Portuguese wedding, and Cyprus feels that a wedding alone is an injustice to Sang Ni.

The western-style wedding was also organized by Castro, who had enough experience in western-style weddings to hold a "king-like wedding" that was later talked about.
In addition to the bride’s elaborate wedding dress inlaid with water mirrors, precious stones and broken diamonds, the pair of little flower girls are also very attractive at the wedding. They are Guti’s children Diego and Flora.
The Guti twins are 14 years old, tall and handsome, and they can be groomsmen for their uncles, and Diego and Flora are just right in age. This also makes fans laugh and say that "they never walk on their own legs". Princess Xiaohua walked so far for the first time, and later came out to see the wedding video. The little girl walked unsteadily with a long wedding dress like a fairy. Many people were cute, but she also pulled the wedding dress. At the same time, she also helped her little sister Diego from time to time, which attracted a lot of fans back.
As soon as the ceremony was over, there were several guys hanging around Flora, her twin brothers, Diego and even Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Cassie. They all wanted to hold the little girl in their arms.
"Your daughter is really popular," Goody said sourly to Lei Dongduo.
"That’s your daughter, too." Lei Dongduo calmly hit back and then glanced at the "strange uncles" and "strange brothers" around Flora, especially the little girls of Raul, Yero Jia Er.
"Flora, come to Dad," Lei Dongduo called to her daughter.
Come to Flora, her head is tilted and she is caught in the difficulty of choosing. So Togo’s brother and uncles want to hug her. She is considering when to choose when she hears her father’s voice. Well, she won’t choose. So the group of people around her saw Flora running past with her short legs like Lei Dongduo.
But before Flora ran to Lei Dongduo, she was cut off. Guti grabbed Flora in front of Lei Dongduo and held her in her arms. "Flora just asked her father not to be sad." The Oscar-winning actress actually exaggerated that she could trick children into acting and cried.
But this acting really fooled Flora. The little girl quickly touched her mother’s face with her little hand. "Flora likes her mother best."
Sure enough, as soon as Flora’s words came out, Guti stopped crying. He rushed aside to demonstrate in Lei Dongduo and picked his eyebrows. What do you mean, Flora likes me best?
Some people in Lei Dongduo are jealous of their own daughters. Guti is naive. It’s been decades.
Lei Dongduo deliberately came over and touched Flora’s little face. "Does Flora like her father or her mother better?"
Obviously, this question made the little girl feel a little sleepy to answer. Flora’s little eyebrows obviously wrinkled up and she hesitated. She looked at Lei Dongduo and made faces at herself. Guti felt that whether she said that her father or mother would hurt another person’s heart, and finally forgot her. At the same time, both of them liked the little girl’s pain. She closed her eyes and pointed to a place at random. "I like him best!"
Guti and Lei Dongduo’s youngest daughter either chose one of them or said they all liked it, but none of them chose her. They both happened to be murderous and looked at Flora. They wanted to see which rabbit dared to hook up with Flora under their noses.
Looking in the direction of Flora’s finger, Guti was a little surprised and then said to Lei Dongduo, who was also a little surprised, "Flora has a good eye, but which one does she like?"
It turned out that there was a pair of twin brothers at Flora’s finger. They looked the same and were the same height. The blond hair looked as cute as an angel.
"Do I look familiar?" Guti remembered that he invited several football friends to this wedding, but these two children are not his usual Real Madrid players or famous children, but they look familiar. That may be which player’s children.
"I think I already know." Lei Dongduo motioned for Guti to look at the man who was walking towards the twin brothers. The man squatted in front of the twins with a small tray in his hand, apparently giving them food.
Guti one eyebrow "wow! So it’s him! Then it’s Luan and Noah, and they will be … "Guti didn’t finish his words. He remembered that Flora was still in his arms. When having children, especially when the children grew up day by day, Guti and Lei Dongduo were very careful not to remember those things that hadn’t happened yet, but now they saw the twins. Guti naturally thought of them when they grew up, but the horse shut up.
After thinking about it, Guti put Flora on the ground. "Since you like them, go and play with them."
Flora came to point casually, but when she opened her eyes, she saw the brothers. She was as visual as her mother, and she had long thought about it. Now her mother allowed her to cheer and passed.
I saw that Flora went to the twin brothers and joined them in the conversation. The twin father was just surprised but took good care of Flora Guti before withdrawing his sight. "What, now I have a feeling that a little bastard is trying to grab our little flowers?" This feeling is really bad! "
Lei Dongduo also withdrew his eyes. "I feel the same way."
Guti leaned into Lei Dongduo’s ear. "I think our little heartless girl must be a little pervert. Sooner or later, she will hook up with a handsome guy and let us watch her go on a date happily."
Lei Dongduo still holds Guti’s paw. "I think her mother should be very experienced in pursuing handsome guys."
"I have no experience. My two generations have chased a guy named Hernando Lei Dongduo. That guy is not handsome at all." Guti’s dead duck mouth shut and never admitted that he was fascinated by Lei Dongduo.
"Not handsome?" Lei Dongduo held Guti’s paw in his hand, which contained threats.
"It’s very handsome, okay?" Guti quickly changed her mouth. "So, this handsome guy, can you get me something to eat? I have to stare at our little heartless crazy girl here. "Guti ordered Lei Dongduo to peek at how his daughter got two handsome boys without blinking."
"You are as heartless as Flora." Lei Dongduo ordered some of Guti’s lips and Nai went to get them. He had to come back quickly and keep an eye on his daughter.
I don’t know if I communicate with my own twins and have been stared at by their lovely little girl’s parents. It’s hard to say whether a gentleman is still having fun with his children and will be retaliated for this matter.
Two weddings were finally finished, and Sang Ni was finally able to catch her breath by these two time-consuming and labor-intensive weddings, but she was found pregnant just after her honeymoon before she recovered her strength.
"This guy moves really fast." This is Guti’s words after receiving the good news in the middle of the night.
"After all, he delayed so long at the starting line more than others" was also woken up, and Lei Dongduo also teased his little brother.
That night, different people were woken up by traffic jams in different places and time zones, and I didn’t know whether I was about to arouse public anger or excited, and told others that I was excited to be a father.
Sai’s excitement and excitement directly turned into the expectant father’s anxiety disorder during pregnancy. First, in the first round of the league, he was just like crazy. Not only did he not feed the cake, but he also went to the front line to grab the chance of the strikers. Finally, he scored the goal. He was excited to put the ball into his jersey and fly around to celebrate. Anyway, this way of celebrating is very skilled for him. After all, he has robbed Lei Dongduo of the opportunity to celebrate many times before. He should be glad that Lei Dongduo has retired, otherwise the great god may retaliate and come back to celebrate in front of him.
It’s not enough just to celebrate, to take care of Sang Ni in all my spare time, and then to go shopping in Madrid’s big and small baby stores and buy piles of things that may or may not be there.
After being stuffed with that kind of gentle and creepy posture for a month, Sang Ni can’t stand it. It’s only comfortable to just put the root back and beat it again. After the beating, the plug will come over to Sang Ni massage hand and ask if the beating was enough just now. If not, Sang Ni will lose his temper directly.
When it was confirmed in the pregnancy test that Sunny was pregnant with twins, she was as excited as when she first learned that Sang Ni was pregnant, so all his family and friends were baptized by his words again.
Raul, who is far away in the Gulf, has some words, "Should I be glad that there is a time difference of more than an hour between here and Madrid?" He said to his wife, Mamam, "But this guy is really beautiful. I just don’t know if he can give birth to a daughter. If he does, how arrogant that guy will be. I pray more that he can’t give birth to a daughter or give birth to a daughter later. The twins must be annoying to him."
Mamam shrugged his shoulders and ignored the angry words of her husband’s children, but when she gave birth to two pairs of twins in three years, and then gave birth to two sons one after another without giving birth to a daughter, Mamam often looked at her husband’s mouth magically # Come and see here is a crow mouth comparable to Bailey! #
It’s not clear how Yusai got himself and the people around him to jump around Guti. Because he was busy again, the filming of White Queen and Bloody Mary entered the announcement period respectively, and the second part of the Holy Grail War was also filmed. Guti was very busy. Today, he appeared in the United States and Britain.
Fortunately, this busyness is not without gains. White Queen entered the Oscar title, while Bloody Mary won the Golden Globe Award. It is even more unexpected that it was shortlisted at major film festivals. If it was not for the intentional suppression of the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, it is very likely that Guti will appear in the final award.
In fact, as far as Guti himself is concerned, he prefers Bloody Mary, but it shows that historical dramas like White Queen are more appetizing to the Oscar judges, which makes him somewhat naive.
So from the 13-year semi-annual film festival to the 14-year semi-annual award ceremony, Guti became a big winner, winning the prize and getting soft.
Of course, one of the most important awards is the Oscar, especially Guti has won the Oscar twice. If she wins it again this time, it will be the third time. Although it is estimated that it is difficult for anyone to reach Catherine Herr’s kind of winning the Oscar for Best Actress for twelve times and then winning the achievement for four times, it would be extremely glorious to win it for three times.
So even Guti regarded this Oscar as an ordinary award, and the people around him could not be as calm as he was, especially Castro. He chose one set of Oscars to wear early, which made Guti feel annoyed. Finally, Guti simply found something for Castro to do, and finally decided to wear them by himself.
This time, Guti invited Lei Dongduo to bring the children with him. They want to walk the red carpet together as a family. Because Guti has already turned his career focus back to the football field, he plans to hold an election again in 2015, and he plans to run this time. He feels that he is ready, so since the career focus will change, there will be fewer opportunities to take pictures on the Oscar red carpet. It is better for the family to create a rare memory together.
Lei Dongduo strongly supported Guti’s idea, so Lei Dongduo was hiding, and the reporter kept a low profile and took the children to the United States.
So on the day of the Oscar ceremony, journalists and viewers around the world watched the live broadcast and saw the spectacular sight of the Guti family.
In the Guti family, all the men except him and Flora look particularly handsome in black, while Guti and Flora are wearing the same white dress, which matches them very much and makes people smile.
Walking on the red carpet, Lei Dongduo holds Flora, who rarely walks by herself, with one hand holding Tiago, a child, while Guti holds a handsome boy with one hand, accompanied by twins holding the moon. Lei Dongduo is somewhat resentful that he can’t walk next to Guti. Sometimes he will even be jealous of his own son, but seeing Guti’s smiling face and the excited look of the children walking on the red carpet, he thinks it is good to take a step back occasionally.
Even the TV host was excited when the Guti family appeared on the red carpet. After all, Guti’s two films swept through the major film festivals this time, and the Golden Globe Award was also won, which was regarded as the most popular candidate for the best actress. Although there was always a big fever and death, this one seemed to be the closest to the best actress title before the final result was announced.
Moreover, it is enough to talk about the husband and children just after the film. From their family to the red carpet, the hosts are all interested in talking about their family’s football career and winning honors; All three children have been trained in football, especially the twins Argentina and Spain, who have fought for their adulthood; What Beckham Xiaoqi and Lei Dongduo Xiaohua argue about which is the first little princess in football? These topics make the hosts talk freely and make the audience in front of the TV crazy, but it sounds like people have come to a conclusion-Miss Guti is really a winner in life!
After sitting in the venue after walking the red carpet, the Guti family were always the focus of the live cameras, but they were also very calm. The children discussed with each other about what they saw the stars, and Lei Dongduo finally got the opportunity to sit with Guti, even though his little daughter Flora was still sitting in his arms.
However, the Guti family is not the biggest focus in the venue. Leonardo, who has been running professionally for 20 years, is also the focus. Whether he can get the winner this time is also a hot topic on the Internet.

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Jiu Jianxian paused and said, "No, Qiu Shui didn’t tell me about the white tiger armor, so he said that the Qingcheng Sect could be protected smoothly."

That’s what it feels like to think there. No white tiger armor.
They all asked Kun Shao, "Stop lying at this time. Do you have it or not?"
Kun Shao spat, "What’s the point of bringing that thing to Europe? My master just gave it to me to settle in Tiancheng. Do I still wonder?"? So many people stop. "
Very puzzled. "You and I have white tiger armor. Didn’t I just say that? No roots don’t know. "
Zhang Song asked, "Then when we said we were leaving, it meant the default. We did. Why didn’t you say that?"
It’s all messed up
Kun Shao said, "I still think you are deliberately delaying them and others to make moves. What’s all this and what? I, Zeng Xiaofan, am also a good person arranged by you."
He’s completely messed up himself.
We’ll be even more chaotic
Jiu Jianxian also looked at me and said, "You seem to know about the white tiger armor, right?"
I nodded my head. "Well, we eavesdropped on Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism, Confucianism and Confucianism."
The ghost in the color is white. "Qiu Shuigen didn’t contact us. We received a message that it wasn’t Qiu Shuifa, saying that it was all fake. Let Jiu Jianxian help you. It is absolutely impossible to settle in the four of us, and Qiu Shuigen won’t ask for four people. She is not a fickle person."
"Yes, there must be something wrong."
We were all confused about this matter, but we all showed up anyway, and things were almost done, killing people and destroying the city
Without white tiger armor, it is basaltic, but why do you do this?
I looked at the bodies of the three families and said, "All three families are dead, and we killed them. They could have accepted Xuanwu’s magic weapon, but at this time, they gave up our interests."
It’s all white. Everything is actually Xuanwu Root. There’s no white tiger armor. We think too much and benefit.
In particular, debauchery and wealth were stamped and cursed by Li Zhi. "If you come out, we will take your surname if we don’t kill you." However, people answered the cloudy method to know the answer.
But it seems that it will be revealed soon.
Chapter 111 Take shelter from the wind first
At this point, no one wants to see the mantis catching cicadas and yellowbirds go smoothly, and all the people who want to fight white tiger armor are solved.
Who ever thought that it was a trap to have no white tiger armor? They were all lying there and being cheated.
Moreover, we have killed three guild members, first those who talk about things, and then these elders, even if we say that we were cheated for guarding the white tiger armor.
They won’t leave it at that. It’s inevitable that these people are not here in the three major guilds, and so many awakened people are watching. How can they get along if they don’t call back in public?
Revenge is over.
The other party will certainly come to seek revenge. I was a little calm there and said, "You should go quickly. The people of the three major guilds are likely to take action to round us up. Although we are not afraid, we can’t be so profitable as thugs, and we won’t leave it at that."
Wine, wine and wealth are very depressed, but I also know that I am right, so I nodded. "You are the oldest and youngest brother of wine, and you are also very fierce. We trust you to go first."
I immediately waved to the face of Ning Xi and shouted, "Landing, landing, first leaving." There must be a real film thickness behind me.
We listen to the Confucian Italians. I don’t know if it is, but they seem to believe in the White Tiger Armor. They may not be. Then who is it?
People know
The same is true of Zhang Song, grimace, witch girl, etc. And Lin Weiwei and Hongli are all preparing for wealth and danger. Who ever thought it would be like this?
Nye watched the helicopter land.
Most of the awakened people are there watching Yi Xue, Lin Xinheng and their helicopters.
I said to the two of them, "Don’t worry about anything. Go to the gambling boat and go to that gambling boat."
Yi Xue and Lin Xinheng took people away from the land quickly.
We got the helicopter one by one, and Zhang Song and others got in, so it was very crowded and asked, "Where are we going? No matter who is behind the scenes or the three guild members, we will never let us leave Monte Carlo so soon."
Hongli said, "What’s the hurry if you don’t venture? Since you don’t know that we have the strongest strength now, we should actually wait and have a look."
This makes sense, but I feel that I can’t do it myself, so it’s going according to their plan, and it must be the three major guilds who arrive first

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Korea dropping don’t believe his threats. He always scares her with such a gloomy face. In the end, he won’t touch her with a finger.

A typical knife mouth and tofu heart looks fierce, but the bones are gentle and cherished. Seeing through the otherness, her courage also rises a lot.
Ha, ha, ha, don’t be afraid of him in the future. I don’t know if he can control her if he breaks her tricks.
It’s better to discount my legs and be your slave.
You want to be beautiful
At that time, we will be good. I have to carry me, support me, feed me soup, feed me dinner, and you will become a slave. How good it is for me to be a master. Han leans on his shoulder and fantasizes proudly that he used to be a tyrant. She always thinks that he is passionate and relaxed together, but he should be so rough and live a fine life. That’s it.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, kass suddenly burst into laughter, then glanced at her and narrowed her red eyes to make up her dream of abandoning you to the wild dogs.
You can’t bear it
You really can’t bear to say that Han has learned enough about this tyrant for several months.
Bullshit. Do you think I’m willing to give up
Hey, hey, Han hooked his arm and glanced at his violent eyes. Gu muttered, You can’t bear to part with who called me your dearest slave.
Get rid of the most dear and disgusting. Balakas can’t help but cover his throat and vomit. He is very dissatisfied with me. If you kiss me, you won’t be a slave. A slave is a slave. If you can’t fly, you can’t be a phoenix.
But you’re my only slave, Cass. After that, I’ll add that I’m embarrassed at the rear. Turn my eyebrows and glance to the other side. I won’t let Han drop a glance until his face turns red. Damn it, he always says the wrong thing, so he suddenly makes a fool of himself in the future.
You said
Cass cold hum a way
Can I ask you a question?
In addition to asking me to kiss you, let Cass clench his fist nervously for fear that she will ask him strange questions again. Tell him to be speechless. This strange mouth asks, "Do you know that you admire each other before you can kiss?"
Dry fart
If you know, does it mean how you feel about me when you kiss me?
No, no, Cass didn’t hesitate to say a word, so she licked her dry lips with a pink tongue, so she felt calm. What the hell is it? A few taels of money a catty after the death of a stupid woman, he didn’t feel anything but pain. Cass held on to her red lips, and I hypnotized him. I looked at him awkwardly, flustered, blinked and blurred. Autumn eyes smiled and teased. Did you really feel nothing? But when you kissed me, you were very serious.
Can you take part in accidental amusement when you treat a woman who has no feelings?
In the face of Korea’s awkward coercion, Cass jumped up angrily in confusion, grabbed her hair at random and snarled at the tip of her nose, saying, Are you tired of living?
Let me ask.
If you have no ghosts in your heart, you will be so nervous. Do you really feel you and me as a slave?
break wind
Cass hurriedly retorted and pushed her aside. Her words were all he wanted to ask, but the answer was unknown. He cared about her. He was jealous of others. He loved her. He didn’t want to leave her. Does this mean that if this stupid woman takes his breath, you give me a better point?
Dare not answer?
Or on behalf of the default Korea crooked more and more evil to force him to look at him blush at him light Qiao looked at him grumpy panic I don’t know if she felt warm in her heart, white memories of the moment of light poured into its depths.
Dead girl
Are you really me?
In a hurry, Cass retorted that he simply didn’t know that he loved the same woman, but subconsciously told himself that he couldn’t betray her, even if he cared about her. She wanted to dominate her, but she couldn’t love her. She should be loyal all her life.
Oh, so you treat me as a playable slave and kiss me at any time to satisfy your pervert’s nature
I’ve lost my master and slave. It’s never possible. I’ll consider Kirin Mo Xie and have a look
Dare you

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I don’t believe Xiaoxiao said in a low voice that his facial features were wrinkled to such a degree that he could not cure his daughter’s poison.

He smiled gently and held the bar against her head and arms unconsciously. Their poison is not ordinary poison, but the combination of methods can detoxify people.
That Xiaoxiao clenched her lips and suddenly remembered what color I wanted to see the immortal bird.
Duan Fei eyes light zheng eyebrows light cu looked at her without asking anything is headed slowly.
Oh, by the way, Xiaoxiao grabbed him and pointed out that he was covered in a blood-stained plain shirt. He said that he would change me.
Duan Fei raised her lips and kissed her suddenly, pouting and whispering to her ear.
Xiaowu dividing line
When I came to the secret room, the door turned without turning.
Suddenly, a golden light stung Xiaoxiao and quickly reached out to block her eyes. After she got used to it, she slowly let go. Her big eyes stared at the beautiful bird in the cage with colorful feathers and dazzling golden light. It held its head high and stretched its wings, and its peaceful and soothing breath lingered around.
It’s so beautiful. At the moment I saw it, I forgot all the compliments. It’s a beautiful word that covers a thousand words.
As if she understood her words, the immortal bird tilted its head gracefully and closed its eyes gently. Xiaoxiao could even see that it had two rows of thick eyelashes.
Treating the undead birds or Xiaotian or Duan Fei is always from explaining these magical things. He never takes pains to brew unnecessary emotions.
Xiaoxiao swallowed saliva to resist the excitement and slowly closed his eyes.
Soon after, she suddenly opened her eyes and stared at the immortal bird in front of her in disbelief, and then she winked at her playfully.
Dong Xiaoxiao directly bumped into Duan Fei’s arms.
Duan Fei picked her eyebrows and glanced at the bird holding Xiaoxiao and turned to go.
Swish the wings of the immortal bird is another dazzling golden light.
Xiaoxiao lied that he had a headache and wanted to rest after returning to the room. He went to the room without telling a few words. He just left Xiaoxiao and sat up and called Xiaotian.
Xiaotian crawled in through the window, yawned and said lazily, What’s the matter? Don’t you know that it’s important for mice to sleep in broad daylight?
Xiaotian, I saw the immortal bird. Xiaoxiao’s eyes were wide open. Obviously, he hasn’t recovered from the shock just now.
On hearing this, Xiaotian came. How about running over and sitting on the quilt?
Xiaoxiao took a few deep breaths to stabilize her mood, and then it was incredible to say that I just got there and it took the initiative to follow me.
Xiaotian raised his eyebrows and mused, does it feel that you can communicate with animals? Things are getting more and more interesting. Does it ask?
It, it said that it knew what trouble I was in, and if I could find a way to let it go, it would help me until dawn, and I was not sure whether she was really with the immortal bird or had a dream.
The little paws touched the bar and stroked both sides. Hu Xiaotian said seriously, it seems that my previous guess is correct, but now the problem is that this fairy may not be credible. What if it is cheating us?
Xiaoxiao patted his forehead and tried to digest these strong facts, and then the strange man needed his blood to survive. Shura couldn’t match the antidote, so he was our only hope, just in case we never let it go during this period, but I could take the opportunity to talk to it more.
Xiaotian nod can also be like this.
Xiaoxiaoteng got up and startled Xiaotian. Her eyes were firm and her expression was awe-inspiring. Now I’m going to solve the troubles around me one by one.
Then, without saying anything, I grabbed Xiaotian and stuffed him into my arms, leaving work first from the most troublesome.
Xiaotian wriggled in her arms and protested, "I’ve recently learned that Sheng Lingli is working with you."
Shh. Just do as I say.
Xiaoxiao came to the backyard and the frost stood at the door. She strode in and followed me.
Uh, yes
The two men followed Xiaoxiao into the room with a face of unhappiness. Seeing Xiaoxiao at the bedside gave you a sigh of relief, girl. I still have a lot of unfinished things there. Say that finish carrying the medicine cabinet and hurry.
If Yu sits on the bed and stares at Xiaoxiaolou girl with hostile eyes, what are you doing here? Where is he? Chapter 4 Can the world be a little crazier?
Xiaoxiao smiled. I wish you would talk to me from now on. I hope you can forgive me if she is too busy to come and visit you.

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The thunder roared and flashed triumphantly overhead.

Xuanyuan night felt more and more confused. With a wave of his hand, Xu Mao waved an umbrella, and the cold rain fell on him, but the coolness was even more conscious.
Now is not the time to worry.
Stride into the eaves, he ordered, pointing to a bodyguard
You take my edict to get the body guard commander.
The bodyguard was ordered to take the Xuanyuan night and pass the waist tag away. Although I don’t know what happened, it must be a big event to look at the emperor’s mess.
Xuanyuan night pushed the door and walked into his bedroom.
Xu Mao followed and handed the umbrella to one side. The little eunuch came in with the tail and asked the body-guard to do something.
I’ll draw you water first. You’re soaked to the skin. You need to take a bath.
No Thanks!
Xuanyuan night waved his hand, and the gorgeous carpet left his footprints with water stains.
Deep eyes seem to be filled with fog, and I can’t see clearly the mind inside. The cold is all over me, which makes the temperature in the room cold.
Huang, what’s the matter with you
Xu Mao felt that Xuanyuan night was full of sadness and helped his heart to tremble. He couldn’t help but ask such an emperor in a moment. He had never seen the instant death of the first emperor and the instant poisoning of the little queen.
The queen is gone.
Xuanyuan’s low body trembled at night, which seemed to suppress Falk’s grief. He believed that lying in bed was unconscious and the cold bend would disappear at the bottom of his eyelids.
My little queen is missing.
The sound is getting lower and lower, but the sadness is getting stronger and stronger.
What Xu Mao’s eyes are as round as a bull’s-eye? He can’t believe that he has heard that the queen is gone. How can she be gone? Isn’t the queen poisoned and unconscious? Isn’t the emperor standing by her side? She said that people can snatch the queen in front of the emperor? Isn’t the emperor also dangerous? He quickly swept the Xuanyuan night for fear that he might get hurt? It’s okay, although it’s a mess, it’s not a scar. It seems that the man is intent on stealing the queen instead of hurting the emperor. But who is the one who took the queen? What
Report to my Emperor, Lord Lin Yang, the Imperial Guard, asks for an audience with the little eunuch who is standing outside the door and reports through the door.
Come in, Xuanyuan night said coldly, but with eagerness in his tone.
Xu Mao in side also analyze the possibility of this matter in my mind.
I see Huang Linpu came in and bowed down.
Get up Xuanyuan night cold way
Xie Huang Yangpu’s eyes touched Xuanyuan night’s mess, but suddenly he was surprised and quickly lowered after hitting Xuanyuan night’s cold eyes.
The queen is missing. Xuanyuan Night said that your horse led the body guard to look for me along the palace. You must find the queen back.
At first, I heard that the nine-year-old little queen was missing. It’s too bad that the queen was taken captive in the palace. Their body-guards could not escape their responsibilities, and they quickly left with a careful face.
Wait, Xuanyuan night suddenly stopped him from looking for another reason. Don’t let the captive curved person accidentally hurt her in panic.
Long Xianxiang is filled with fresh fragrance.
Xuanyuan night in front of the window, staring at the stormy night outside the window.
Bend, you must be good.
Chapter seventy-three True master
The wind howled and the rain fell heavily.
Thunder accompanied the flash dance.
Have a lively party at night.
Two figures, one high and one low, are now in the dead of night on the street, occasionally reflecting soft lights from someone’s window to add a little warmth on rainy nights.
Lengwan suddenly remembered that Nanny was the first person to treat her well after she wore it. Whenever she was late, Nanny would light a lamp to guide her home.
The rain seems to fall into the bright eyes, and the fundus light flashes. If it is not guessed that Xuanyuan Yuan can’t find her at last, she will suspect that she is missing and go to the cold house to find her. She will go to see the nurse now.
Stretching white soft cotton hands and cooling the rain from the fingertips through the red lips, sooner or later, she will return to the cold house
Don’t keep me waiting too long at Xuanyuan Night.
The wind blows and the trees sway.
The rain splashed on the road, and the drops were crisp and the thunder was deafening like modern rock music.
Black-and-white eyes turned and looked up at the silent night. Although it was splashed by the wind and rain, he didn’t see the slightest mess. He changed to a maid-in-waiting ridiculous woman’s dress and changed to a crescent gown. He was still a young boy in a thin raincoat. A purple eye pupil was shining more and more because of the rain, as if it were two glittering purple gems.

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