Is to ensure that players will not be bullied by the guild to affect the fun of the game.

All these things are good for the so-called site benefits in the game, but they are not what we want. "
Chu Qianqiu’s face kept changing. Finally, he squeezed out a stiff smile and said, "In this case, I won’t disturb the world of laughter. Let’s go!"
Before Pang Xia and the world of mortals could say anything, Chu Qianqiu left here naturally.
After waiting for Chu Qianqiu and naturally leaving here, the world of mortals said to Pang Xia, "Shrimp that Chu Qianqiu didn’t have any kindness."
If he really wants to deal with the sun and moon with us, then I will probably promise him.
But I know that they, Jiugang and Qisha, have secretly withdrawn from Qianqiu Ba Tu for no reason.
That Chu Qianqiu paid a lot of money to attract the top nine Gang and seven evil spirits, which caused the lack of top experts.
And along with the withdrawal of Jiugang and Seven Shames, some players of Qianqiu Batu also quit.
Just like when Sun Moon and Taitai ran away from Vivian Dawson, they lost a large number of members.
Qianqiu Ba Tu’s strength now barely maintains the face of the so-called three major guilds.
If we really say that the strength category is stronger than the strongest ones in those intermediate guilds, it is also limited.
But the sun and the moon have developed for a long time after the brain drain, which is definitely not comparable to the guild that has just bled out.
If we really jointly attack the sun and the moon, it will be really difficult for us to ride a tiger.
What’s more, it’s true that Chu Qianqiu’s so-called attack on the sun and the moon is to let our chivalrous world of mortals stand in front of them so that they can recover! "
Pang Xia listened to the explanation of the world of mortals and suddenly nodded his head. Just now, he felt that Chu Qianqiu was somewhat untrue, but due to the lack of information, Pang Xia also accurately analyzed the reasons.
Unlike Xiaohong, she has a huge guild behind her.
In intelligence, we can get things that ordinary people can’t get.
The laughing world of mortals can analyze something that Pang Xia can’t see and analyze through intelligence.
Pang Xia shrugged his shoulders. He really doesn’t like these cheating things and is not very good at them.
Therefore, he didn’t change the topic to the conclusion of this time.
"The world of mortals, you should be promoted to congenital this time, right? I don’t know what your constitution is when you return to innate selection the day after tomorrow?"
"My choice is innate fire spirit. In the future, it will be faster and easier to practice fire and masculine martial arts, and the power will be greater.
It’s just that my "Big Diamond Boxing" is masculine martial arts, otherwise I really can’t be increased by this physique. "
Pang Xia nodded and said, "I wonder if this constitution has any special abilities?"
"Well, I don’t know if it’s a special ability. You can always see for yourself."
Talking and laughing, the world of mortals sent him a screenshot of the introduction of the innate fire spirit.
Inherent fire spirit inherits the flame of heaven and earth, masculinity is born, physical flame and masculinity are born, martial arts level is permanent +1 level is improved, proficiency is reduced by 20%, and the power of fire and masculinity is increased by 20%!
After watching the introduction of the innate fire spirit, Pang Xia spit out a sigh of relief and felt a little shocked.
The root of this constitution is that the world of laughter is tailor-made.
At this time, Pang Xia had a guess, that is, when the day after tomorrow comes back to nature, letting players choose their physique is actually decided according to the martial arts and experience they have learned.
However, the different emphasis of these constitutions also determines that the quality of each constitution is not necessarily similar.
Pang Xia just gave up his preference for the physique of Xiao Xiang Gong and Taoist martial arts, and instead chose the two martial arts of Three Extremes Dao and Zhu Tian Jian to determine the physique of the sword and sword.
Yu Xiaoxiao’s world of mortals obviously chose "Jiuyang Shengong" to decide his physique.
And this just fits in with the martial arts that Xiao Hongchen has learned now and will follow the routine in the future.
Different choices also represent the path that players should take after birth.
Pang Xia’s choice means that he will go in the future, which is the road of sword and sword in the center of sword and sword!
Laughing at the world of mortals, Pang Xia left a letter for Zhang Ji, and the two of them left the top secret passage together.
Holding hands, the two of them felt as if they were dying.
But if you look closely at Pang Xia’s body, the sword and gas are intertwined and seem to be opposite, but it is the sharp breath of the sword and gas that cannot be changed.
The smell of the world of laughter is as constant as the red sun, emitting light and heat, but if this force breaks out, it will be enough to destroy everything and make all objects advanced to virtual!
On the whole, finding a superb skill in the acquired realm and then breaking through the innate represents that the road ahead is bound to be smooth.
If Pang Xia and Xiao Hong Chen don’t go the wrong way, then they must be the top players in the game in the future.
Of course, now the two of them are already top players.
Pang Xia and the world of laughter came to the mountain when they were suddenly stopped by several beggars with steel forks and harpoons and sticks.
After a slight pause, Pang Xia turned white. These people are the clean clothes faction np of the sea sand gang, the giant whale gang and the beggar gang!
"You two must be demons from the top of the light. If you give in easily, that’s all, otherwise don’t blame us for offending!"
The np club of the Beggars’ Clean Clothes Sect pointed at Pang Xia and Xiao Gongchen, and his face was full of pride.
At this time, the giant whale helped the big fellow to come over with a harpoon towards the world of laughter.

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Steven Berger replied immediately, "Mr. Military attache, there are fences around that mountain forest, and there are some wild animals in it that we black sharks hunt in our leisure time."

John Zhang nodded and replied, "In that case, why don’t we have a real battle? It’s meaningless to compete in marksmanship." Now it’s almost dusk. If you want to compete, why don’t I go into the mountain forest? You black sharks can also send a few people to compete in the mountain forest for firearms. That’s not necessary. I need to bring my own short knife to see if you can catch me … "
Everyone was shocked when they heard the news. Is this guy too arrogant or is he really pregnant? How dare you challenge several black sharks with a short knife in the forest! That’s incredible!
Aside Betty can no longer hold back the anger in her heart and drink a way: "You are too small to judge people in the military attache pavilion. Just the two of us have a competition, such as no one is armed in the mountains! I’d like to see what the Cang Lang Warriors in the Chinese Revolutionary Army have done! "
Aside Wu Peifu is also frowning. This time is not impulsive. Once you lose, Cang Lang noodles will be lost. Worse, John Zhang’s identity will be announced sooner or later. That’s a terrible blow to Cang Lang.
Wu Peifu drink a way: "Zhang, what are you fooling around about? Just honestly compete and don’t play tricks! William is watching! "
Zhang Shengqi shrugged his shoulders and stopped talking. William II laughed. "Well, since Mr. Military Attaché is so confident, then no one will carry a gun and stab himself with an army. This will also prevent accidental injury to Bette. You will lead three people into the forest to search for Mr. Military Attaché. You will capture or force Mr. Military Attaché out of the forest three hours from now. Even if you win, Mr. Military Attaché will win."
See William II said everyone is no longer words, although the number of black sharks is dominant, but this mountain forest is not small, and there are wild animals in it. It is not easy to catch or drive out Zhang Shengqi, a master of Cang Lang, for three hours.
This time, Bette didn’t say anything anymore. For three hours, he also knew that there were some difficulties. Cang Lang was not so easy to deal with!
Zhang Shengqi smiled at several people and said, "Well, in that case, shall we start?"
Speaking of this, John Zhang pulled out two pistols at his waist and handed them to Wu Peifu with a smile. "Brother, help me keep them. Haha, I’m going!"
Zhang Shengqi bent over and ran to the front for hundreds of meters, and soon disappeared into the mountains.
Betty’s face turned black just now, but it was a little angry with him. He turned around and picked his weapons and equipment. "Hallenbo, Ricky and Wallis, you three unload your equipment and come with me for three hours. Do you know what to do? If you lose, do it yourself? "
Three people quickly removed their arms and ran towards the mountain forest. In the past three hours, this mountain forest in Fiona Fang is three kilometers, which is not very big, but it is not too small. Where is it so easy to catch your opponent if you don’t grasp it?
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty Meng Qi was scared.
Suddenly a few people have entered the jungle and disappeared.
William II replied, "Go and move a table and add some chairs. Let’s wait for their news here."
Four to one in such a small jungle, I was afraid that this military attache would not take advantage of anything. When I gave it to him for three hours, I had already left him a face!
That’s true. Almost everyone thinks so. Even Stephanberg doesn’t think that this military attache can be one enemy and four. Even elite Cang Lang has a limit. Worse, Bette is not a fool. In the black shark, the expert kung fu is natural.
However, Wu Peifu is really relaxed. If there is a weapon, maybe Zhang Shengqi will miss. After all, no one can say that there is no gun, but it is difficult to catch Zhang Shengqi with his own business. At least three hours is the method!
About half an hour later, suddenly there was a shout in the mountain forest, and everyone’s spirit died. It didn’t take long for a black shark to run out of the mountain forest dejected and despondent
Spielberg was dealt with so quickly when he was stupefied?
"What’s the matter with Boric?" Spielberg shouted.
Boric replied with a full face of frustration, "Captain, we went in for a whole half hour and found no trace of each other. We just wanted to continue our in-depth search. I didn’t expect this guy to hide from the top of the tree and drop a dagger at my throat like flint. I won’t dodge!"
Obviously, I was held back by a dagger. What’s the point? It’s already dead. Black sharks have their own pride. They can’t cheat!
Spielberg’s heart tightened and asked, "What’s the situation now? Even if you die, there are still three people. Do you still let him run away?"
Boric blushed and said, "That guy is too slippery to stab me. Before a few people came around, she had already jumped back to the treetops and then disappeared …"
Spielberg turned red and denounced, "Waste waste! Betty is such an asshole! "
At this time, a car whistle suddenly sounded in the distance. A car drove into the base and came here. When the door opened not far from William II, Ke Meng Qi jumped out of the car.
"William Pico Meng Qi came back to report to you when he finished!"
Ke Meng Qi stands on the right path
William II nodded and replied, "Thank you, Meng Qi."
Meng Qi smiled and saw Wu Peifu hurriedly run over and hugged Wu Peifu. "General Haha, I finally saw you again. Are his brothers all right?"
Wu Peifu laughed. "It’s okay. Thank you for remembering our old friend Ke Meng Qi. Everyone asked me to say hello to you!"
Meng Qi, holding Wu Peifu’s hand, laughed and Spenberg whispered, "Well, let’s be quiet for a while. Didn’t you see Bidu?"
Meng Qi one leng is really very obvious now. The black training has been completed. Why are they still here?
Meng Qi asked, "What’s the matter with Spielberg? There is no training now. Why are you still here with General Yu? This is very rude … "
Steven bogner said, "what’s the matter? Isn’t it Betty? Don’t want to compete with General Jade and want to appreciate a Cang Lang thing … "
Then Steven Berg explained the situation to Meng Qi, and Meng Qi’s face changed. The people around General Yu knew that Wu Peifu was almost the most stable general in the Chinese revolutionary army. He was not sure that he would never do such a thing!
Now, four black devils have encircled a Cang Lang, and it would be a shame to let others stew in a pot! Isn’t this already killed by others?
Meng Qi hated, "Spielberg, why don’t you stop it!"
Spielberg shrugged and replied, "don’t you know Bette’s temper?" What’s more, I agreed with General Yu. Is there anything wrong with my opposition? "
Meng Qi’s face was full of heart. "This is a difficult task. No matter whether it is Cang Lang or Black Shark, the honor of mercy is more important than all, especially the honor of soldiers!"
Meng Qi turned to Wu Peifu and asked, "General Jade, who is your military attache? Do I know him? "
At Meng Qi, Wu Peifu was about to speak when another black shark ran out of the forest in disgust!
Steven Berger’s face has completely changed. Now, just over an hour ago, two people in the black shark have missed. If you go like this, don’t say that you will capture Cang Lang alive. If you don’t get caught by others, it will be cheap and you will lose!
"How did you get killed?"
Spielberg roared
Harlan said acerbity, "Captain, when we were searching, this guy actually jumped out of the bushes. Before the division commander reflected it, I was already caught by his hand …"
"You idiot, didn’t you three notice that there was someone in the bushes?"
Meng Qi roared angrily.
Harlan is ashamed now, and he just needs to put his head in his crotch. What a shame!
Meng Qi turned to Wu Peifu and asked, "Who is in General Jade? I don’t believe that an ordinary Cang Lang can fool four black sharks around. Absolutely not!"
Wu Peifu replied leisurely, "Laibeite wants to challenge me. You know that I have been out of Cang Lang for more than ten years. Where can I still represent the level of Cang Lang? It just so happens that this brother just retired from Cang Lang and volunteered to come out and want to learn a black shark without throwing his kung fu three or four years ago …"
"Which one is it!"
Meng Qi is really a little impatient. Didn’t you see that William II’s face has changed? If four people were killed by others, where would the face of the German Empire be put?
Wu Peifu laughed. "Don’t worry, Meng Qi. You’re still so impatient. It’s not a good thing, is it? You shouldn’t be familiar with him since John Zhang? "
Zhang shengqi?
Meng Qi is a little dizzy. I really don’t know such a person, but listening to Wu Peifu’s narrative should be similar to myself. It should be the first issue …
Immediately, Meng Qi’s face turned white. He remembered that Blue Sky Yue had told him about the President, but he had a more elite team. That’s the name of the leader!
Burst division Meng Qi sat down to the ground and finished!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twenty-one A disgrace.
At the beginning, Meng Qi didn’t react who Zhang Shengqi was, but soon it was white!
When Zheng Shaoqi, Blue Sky Yue and others told him about President Zhang Yi, there was a group of more elite people around him, and everyone was not strong enough. The most powerful of them was the leader John Zhang, who was a terrible guy!
How good is it?
Meng Qi had asked Lan Tianyue this way and told him that the four division commanders tied together at that time were not necessarily his opponents anyway, and that was the first master in Cang Lang!
Today, this guy actually appeared in Germany and was still fighting with his own black shark!
Meng Qi sat down and muttered, "* * * * * This black shark’s face is even more humiliating than the attack on the French military base!"

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An Xiaoya instantly understood, "It is said that there are actually two of us supporting at home. Do others have to go directly to the scene?"

Yanming nodded and agreed with AnXiaoYa.
An Xiaoya suddenly held her face and said, "But I also want to go to the scene!"
Yin Ming glanced at An Xiaoya or hit, "But we are foreign aid and technical foreign aid-this identity root can’t come to the scene in person!"
That’s right. Although Nail often cooperates with the network police, it is from the public security side after all.
Even though we are very close, because it is not a department, it didn’t react at the first time. The other party, An Xiaoya and Yin Mingcai, let him get beaten in his hand.
Of course, he still knows that the two of them are there.
I will be so worried when I think of it later!
"Well, have the babies eaten their meals?" Self-serious captain nail adults watching everyone left a lot of lunch box couldn’t help saying.
When everyone looks at it-it will be officially prepared in ten minutes!
But they haven’t finished their dinner yet!
It’s not here yet. Throw away the garbage!
How can this work?
So they all buried themselves in their lunch boxes and tried to eat.
Because whether you need a lot of mental energy, network police comrades or public security comrades need a lot of physical energy later, you need enough nutrition. These box lunches are very heavy!
It’s twice as much as usual!
And if it is not enough, there is something to add next to it!
In addition to these, chocolate, which can quickly replenish energy and sugar, has two boxes in this car!
It’s so hard to get out
Bring your own equipment, bring your own food, and prepare food.
And these-in fact, they are all nailed by their respectable and lovely captain.
Watching everyone eat almost, the nail lifted a box of chocolates, and everyone gave out two first.
"The old rule is to take it and eat it first!"
He is the captain who is in charge of words and logistics!
No one is as hard as him!
Stupid mu mu sprained his ankle-this is a hard life.
Life years really make people collapse!
Chapter 173 Target appears!
But whether it’s the hand pups or the cyber police, they often join them, and he is the most protective
A sense of being a father and a mother suddenly appeared!
Soon, everyone settled their lunch boxes, then picked up the nails and wiped their mouths and hands with tissues and wipes just now.
Everyone threw the paper towels and wet wipes into the box lunch box, and then got up and tacitly put the lunch box in a box in the car.
And this box-after the end, it is to be held by the captain and thrown away.
Stop it! They’re executing it!
If you throw so many lunch boxes, they will definitely find out when they are squatting. Okay!
When everyone has thrown away the garbage and nailed the box silently and then took a look-the rabbits are always so accurate!
"Prepare formally in thirty seconds!"
He gave the order!
Whether it’s the network police or the public security, or Yin Ming and An Xiaoya, they all shouted off one by one.
And then later!
"get ready!"
Nail again!
Network policemen debug their own equipment and instruments.
The police adjust their equipment and clothes.
An Xiaoya and Yin Ming invaded the target network in the shortest time and then quietly controlled it.
Everyone is waiting for the nail step command.
In the half hour of preparation, they can go to great lengths to check whether there is anything wrong with their equipment over and over again, but their comrades around them can check each other’s situation without any problems.
Don’t they just move silently?
AnXiaoYa also silent when she will take this action all information and YanMing watched it again.
Then I have a more detailed understanding of the person who will be arrested today.
She also did face detection for today’s targets by the way.
That is to say, if these people appear in a surveillance screen of her or the network police, they will be captured and locked immediately.
She sent this little program to the network police who are trying to prepare there.
On the other hand, it is silent and not installed.

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"It seems that knowledge is not bad …" Xia Chaoyang also saw Xiaoqing, although she gave up the dragon body and soul, but it did not completely dissipate.

Reading this, Xia Chaoyang’s eyes lit up and the golden hair band wrapped around the dragon horn suddenly danced.
"Now that you have incarnated the pulse, you can make a most powerful pulse and leave it to your sister …"
The voice of Qingyue seems to have penetrated the empty summer sun, and the golden hair band on the top of his head flashed like a crown and a golden cloud robe.
The powerful dragon breathes through the body, and the blood vessels churn like boiling, and the breath of the real dragon is rich to the extreme.
With a charming drink a way blood gas through fingers Xia Chaoyang palms condensed out a drop of bright red mans true blood.
As soon as the true blood side condensed into a golden light, it flashed from the eyebrows of Xia Chaoyang and fell into the true blood.
Instantly, the true blood-red mans are greatly released, which gives a complete and transparent breath.
Round satisfaction!
Penance Du Jie didn’t give up round satisfaction at this time is not hesitate to drop.
With the golden light flashing, there is a small figure, and Xiaohua Ling can’t help but show up and watch.
This time, the little flower spirit didn’t fall to the young master’s shoulder again, but sat on the side of the cloud multiplier and looked at the young master’s real blood with bright palms.
"My dragon emperor’s name gives you the dragon body!"
Xia Chaoyang’s eyes sparkled and his hands lifted gently to send the drop of dragon’s true blood instantly into the boiling vein magma.
True red mans blend into the earth’s pulse in an instant, and the whole earth’s pulse suddenly shows red mans after a lag.
The pulse began to degenerate, and the breath of true blood seemed to inspire the unknown void to reveal the ancient breath, and the blue light spots appeared in the pulse void.
When the mysterious qi machine broke open, the fence merged into the earth vein.
The original true blood is flashing like some unknown is waking up.
Blue light spots scattered all over the earth suddenly gathered into a dazzling green mountain in front of the wishful pearlescent cover.
With the gradual convergence of Shenmang, the vein magma flashed dozens of feet by itself, and a blue dragon with a length of nine feet, head held high and extraordinary momentum appeared in its original place.
God beast Qinglong!
The blue dragon head and back scales, the golden dragon horn, the back and the white belly scales of the dragon tail are almost the same as those of the Qinglong in the Atlas of the Four Great Beasts.
The most important thing is that virtual convergence forms the mysterious positive body of Qi.
Party a condensed out the real Qinglong, and it stirred up the dragons in the pulse.
With the whistling of the dragon and the singing of the dragon, the soul of the little dragon gradually merged with the dragon qi machine, which was regarded as the dragon statue.
Dragon songs spread all over Kyushu and the four seas, and the East China Sea array was the first to be affected.
With the penetration of Qinglong Qiqi into the East China Sea, the large array of Qiqi is completely stable.
The magic thoughts of the remnant demons in Donglai immediately dissipated, and those monks who were planted with magic also felt refreshed.
It should be sensed that the direction of Qinglong Qi’s secular Xizhou followed the sound of tigers whistling.
There were waves in the North Sea array and waves in the South State, and the little red birds guarding the eyes also broke out.
Is to look at the array eye that imprisoned red buttonwood, Aly’s eyes reveal the true meaning of leaving the fire more and more rich.
Qinglong Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi Qi
Sensing the fatigue of Xiao Chaoyang, Baiyun Tower gently held the soft little hand and sent it over to the eyebrows with all the innate qi.
"Brother, this Xiaoqing is a promise …" Xia Chaoyang was relieved to sigh that his mind was gradually recovering.
"Xiaoqing to nature" Baiyun Lou nodded and replied.
At this moment, the dragon incarnated and roared and turned to the three people. Then he turned into a few-foot-long dragon, Shi Shiran, and swam into the wishful pearlescent cover.
This little dragon first swam to Ziyan, leaned out of his palm and made a close detour for two times, and then came to the Baiyun Tower to hover and shake his tail.
Baiyun Tower looks funny. The agent touched the soft belly of the little dragon and said with a smile, "This dharma body’s innate qi has already fed you, Senior Sister Chaoyang …"
Before Xia Chaoyang, the agent picked up the little Qinglong and was about to praise two sentences. Suddenly, three people came to a message at the same time, and then they glanced at each other and flicker out of the East China Sea.
Leave a soul to accompany Xiaoqinglong to guard the East China Sea array. Xia Chaoyang’s body did not stay. Brothers and sisters split their souls and fled to the South China Sea.
There seems to be something wrong with Nanzhou Grand Array Monty …
It must be unusual to make Baiyun Tower say something is wrong.
Now the Kyushu array is stable and abnormal, and the flaw in the Qi channel has disappeared. It is impossible for Monty to escape the demon soul along the Qi channel.
Kyushu’s great array of worries is that three people split their souls and fled into the empty cave at the dome of the South China Sea without hesitation.
It is the magic gas that churns The Machine’s powerful large-scale gas machine, which is like the essence of The Machine refining and chemical industry.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Gathered in the South China Sea

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Let out a deep neigh again.
Turns out to be in the direction of Yin resin old village.
Liang Ping didn’t hesitate, but she ran after him.
Dragging a sword on the ground looks cool, handsome and natural and unrestrained with a solemn face.
The shadow cloak is ringing in the high wind, but Liang Ping’s heart is heavy
The whole village was either bitten by a corpse and turned into a corpse, or brutally killed by this damn beast.
Liang Ping’s trip didn’t save anyone. He wanted to kill all the monsters here with one blow.
However, when he re-entered the old village of Yin corpse, the scene before him made him feel a little timid.
All the villagers who died before were resurrected here.
But they are not normal human beings who are resurrected, but people who have no thoughts and corpses.
Liang Ping’s grip on the sword is hard to feel.
If you say it before and after, you don’t hesitate to kill every corpse, because it is to save lives.
And now what’s the significance of slaying these corpses?
Liang Ping had a brief confusion.
However, it is this sister who is lying on the shoulder of Yin ptomaine beast who actually giggles and laughs wildly.
"Big brother, I know you are a good man. Come with us!"
Hearing the sound of younger sister’s immature innocence, Liang Ping felt a sense of sadness.
What a kind child, what a poor situation.
Everyone in this mountain village is extremely kind. What have they done to bear such a terrible experience?
Liang Ping’s step-by-step retreat may be because their ancestors used to be Luo Zhuang people, and now they have to repay their ancestors’ mistakes.
However, Liang Ping found that the guy who was mistaken for a beast suddenly appeared behind him before he left the village.
He wore a dark black suit, and his limbs and body were mechanically transformed, but his head still belonged to human beings.
Liang Ping looked at the man in surprise and immediately thought that a great medical scientist had seen on the news a few years ago that human beings had achieved eternal scientific research achievements, that is, human heads could be transplanted into mechanical bodies, and they would never die if they were well protected.
And this person in front of me is like a person who says that in the news.
Looking at him with a face of maliciousness and a smile, Liang Ping suddenly felt creepy and asked boldly, "Who the hell are you? Is this so-called ptomaine from you?"
"My name is Miki, a scientist who has lived in the Farmar Empire for nearly a thousand years."
"Scientists? So this corpse poison is really your Jie? " Liang Ping frowning brows asked.
Mikubi smiled smugly. "These things are really my Jie, but I am not satisfied with the growth of these guys."
"Oh?" Liang Ping looked at Mark in surprise.
Mark looked at Liang Ping with flashing eyes and smiled. "Of course, it was after seeing you that I suddenly felt that these guys were all a bunch of waste!" "
Liang Pingwen felt an ominous premonition. For scientists, he always thought it was a way to fight against the super-strong. They not only had super brains, but also had some unimaginable means of killing.
This kind of opponent makes people wonder about his strength, which is even more frightening.
Liang Ping seriously faced Miki’s theory of heart and mind, and he had to be beheaded at one stroke!
Is slowly close to mark before preparation to slay Yin ptomaine beast plan to slay mark before.
However, just after two steps, I saw Miki suddenly flash in the dark and laughed. "I know who you are. You just occupied the sword statue of Mu Ye. Your name is Liang Ping, who came from the 23-year-old world, but you want to kill me. I’m afraid it’s not easy. Why don’t you try my scientific research results first!"
Mark’s voice fell slightly and he heard a burst of screaming from the villagers’ Yin corpse, which seemed to be ready to attack himself.
Their speed of action has also become faster here, and they can move a distance of 3 meters in about one second, which is really unprecedented among small monsters!
Liang Ping’s face sank in vain, and he could no longer have the slightest kindness.
Chapter 139 Slay Yin corpse
The dark body of the shadow sword can’t see its appearance in the dark night.
However, Liang Ping’s release of white firm but gentle swordsman is like a dazzling fluorescence in the night.
"shua shua ~"
The extremely fast sword speed forms a sword curtain, and Liang Ping is wrapped in it.
He didn’t release his skills when he broke into the group of unknown corpses.
"Kaka Kaka ~ ~"
Hear waves like broken glass.
Blue ice crystals are flying in the village, all of which are gone in a flash.
However, it is strange that those blue ice crystals just disappeared in the night and were resurrected from the anus of the village-end ptomaine beast.
Liang Ping can’t help but scold a.
"This M is resurrected too fast!"
However, his speed of slaying the corpse is getting faster and faster.

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"Americans will promise this condition? The British Expeditionary Force wiped out the American army, can the day of extinction be far behind? Americans should understand the truth that their lips are dead and their teeth are cold? "

Jiang Fangzhen looked at the military map for a long time before saying, "I don’t know, but it seems that the political promise may not be great, but the military operation is very strong, and it is achievable for the US military to reach a tacit understanding."
"That is to say, we are not talking to the US government delegation, but to General Pershing, commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Force." Jiang Fangzhen map carefully explored and said carefully that he had gradually formed a plan in his heart.
Zhang Yiping sent a newspaper to Qu Weiqing to tell him his opinion. The next day, Qu Weiqing came out of the negotiation meeting, saying that the Chinese regiment was interested in re-establishing a non-aggression treaty with the United States, but the former United States was not allowed to shelter the British expeditionary force that had brought great pain to the soldiers of the Chinese regiment.
Qu Weiqing said, "As we all know, the officers and men of the Chinese regiment are a group of ordinary French workers. They came to China to help the Allies. Some of them fought like Allies soldiers in the battlefield, but such lovely working people were persecuted by the British government. Not only were they unable to get their due wages, but their personal freedom was also imprisoned. However, the British government has never said sorry for all the culprits.
We won’t stop fighting between the British team and the British team until the British government says it’s sorry and compensates for the losses. Our Chinese team used to be called the’ Wage Corps’, and we will fight to the death if we don’t reach our goal at least. "
Thomson, the American ambassador to France, secretly cursed the British for being a group of hardworking and obedient Chinese laborers, but they were forced by the British to become a group of man-eating tigers, paying a heavy price for themselves and the United States.
However, although there are 10,000 British people who are not, Britain is an ally of the United States, and the China people obviously want to destroy the friendship between Britain and the United States, which cannot be agreed.
Thomson said, "I’m sorry that you asked us to honor the fact that Britain is an ally of the United States. We feel sorry for your British government, but the friendship between the United States and Britain will never change because of things."
Qu Weiqing said with disappointment, "I regret that the US government is indifferent to right and wrong. If the US government must shelter the British Expeditionary Force, we will have no choice."
At this time, the negotiations had to be interrupted because the difference between the two sides was too wide, and the Americans had to ask for instructions before they could reply.
When Qu Weiqing returned to his own lounge, Hu Weide complained, "Brother Weiqing, can you discuss with me before you throw out new requirements?" Qu Weiqing said, "I’m sorry, Brother Weide, but I just received a report from the commander-in-chief Zhang that Brother Zhen Fang also agreed to this matter and it’s really sorry that he didn’t come to discuss it with you when he was in a hurry."
"But it’s not a special requirement. It’s normal for our group," Qu Weiqing said.
"How can you say it’s not special? You should know what the United States and Britain are like. Americans will not please us regardless of their friendship with Britain. The United States and Britain can be said to have the same roots and wear the same pants." Hu Weide said, "Imagine how Americans can agree to our request? “
"I don’t care whether they answer or not, but I think this is our minimum and most legitimate request. If Americans can’t even do this, there will be no place for peace talks," Qu Weiqing said.
"But this negotiation has to be done bit by bit. How can you talk about it when you come and throw out a question?" Hu Weide said, "I don’t know if your commander Zhang really wants to negotiate."
"Heaven and earth conscience, this time I really mean that money is not so real!" There was a burst of laughter outside the door, and Yuan Wanhong quickly greeted him. "The commander-in-chief is here!"
Zhang Yiping came in and said, "It’s not like a gentleman to speak ill of me behind Mr. Hu’s back."
Hu Weide said something like "I’m sorry" before Zhang Yiping said for sure, "This time I really mean it. Although the Americans have done many bad things in China and paid us a lot of indemnity, we have already come back with several compensations, and we have killed hundreds of thousands of people in their second army. In this case, the Americans can let bygones be bygones. What can we do if we are willing to make peace talks?"
"But why should we set up these obstacles?" Hu Weide asked
Zhang Yiping said, "This is not an obstacle, but that we Americans can’t circumvent the problem. Only by solving this problem will our war really end. Without solving the war factors, there will be no real peace."
"We Americans have a war because the British persecuted us. If we want the Americans and the British to be separated, we will no longer have a war, as simple as that," Zhang Yiping said.
"But why don’t we call the British out and have a good talk with them? Isn’t everything solved if we want to clear up the misunderstanding of the British?" Hu Weide suddenly said
"Ha ha how to talk to the British? "Zhang Yiping said.
"Let them compensate you for your lost wages or apologize. I don’t think the British government will stand by again at this time …" Hu Weide said.
"But have you ever thought about how to compensate Mr. Hu Yuanyuan? Englishmen, we have sold opium in China for so many years, which has poisoned us in China for so many years. How can we compensate for this? …”
Hu Weide was speechless at the moment.
On the American side, the American ambassador to China, Thomas, reported’s human requirements to China and then waited for instructions from China.
John, Thomson’s assistant, said, "It’s impossible to promise them that the China people will force us to choose between them and the British, but it’s obvious that the United States will definitely choose Britain. There is no doubt about it."
Thomson shrugged his shoulders and said, "You never know, maybe Britain’s sinking is just in the interest of the United States, and Britain’s sinking, Germany and France are fighting like this again. Maybe from then on, the US military will replace Britain and become the world hegemon …"
After listening to this, John carefully tasted Thomson’s words, which became more and more interesting.
At this moment, a China guard came in and handed a note to another military member of the negotiating team. He came to Wens School and took a look at the note. Then he lifted his leg and went outside. Thomson hurriedly asked, "What can I do for you at Wens School? Did you, General Pershing, have any military actions? “
"no! “
"The negotiation period is confidential, so you can’t just walk around to Wines School! "Thomson said again
"I’m from the American Expeditionary Force, not your hand, Mr. Ambassador." Come to Wence School and say, push! Push! Push! Go out quietly
There is a Chinese official waiting for him to take him to a sealed room outside the door. There is a man here who said, "Please tell General Pershing that I want to make a deal with him".
Chapter 493 Settled
There is a vast and deserted field in the west of Trouvat, and an isolated wooden house stands on the horizon. A field road runs like a long straight line from the front of the wooden house.
Around this house, the security company Pan Wubai and Shi Xiaochuan led a group of gunmen who have closely monitored this house.
After the sun rose, the earth flew from the direction of the Central League in the west, and it was obvious that the horse was Shi Weilan. At this time, a horse was flying in the direction of the US military in the south, and it was an American officer
They stopped in front of the house at the same time, tied their horses respectively, and then went into the house. After a while, they both came out and galloped away.
Pan 500 said impatiently, "What the hell is he doing? We sneaked here last night. After staying for so long, he just broke up with that American ghost and was still a Yankee."
"What’s wrong with America?" Shi Xiaochuan asked
"It’s either male or female. If it’s female, it’s said that the stone staff will be lovers here. We should be brothers and he should keep it overnight.
Shi Xiaochuan has just returned from injury, and people seem to be more calm. "You just do your own thing, as long as you are talkative, the chief of staff of Shi is doing business."
"I’m wondering if it’s so much trouble to meet Americans and put them down with one shot? And Shi Weilan. What’s he doing? Do we really have peace talks with Americans? Is this necessary? "Pan 500 said," We killed so many people in the US team, and I have at least 50 Americans. How can we really make up with us? “
"The peace talks are not about fighting for the time being, not about reconciliation," Shi Xiaochuan said. "If you don’t understand, don’t try to concentrate on doing your own thing."
Pan Wubai grabbed his head and said, "I just can’t figure out why we should rush over and kill all the Yankees, Brits, Frenchmen and foreign ghosts after all this hatred. Why waste so much?"
"Pan 500, you are 250 out of 250. If you want to have a meal, you will eat. If you have a woman, you will call you to fight. Just call you to have sex. Why do you think so much? If you think too much, I’m afraid you will really lose your mind."
"I just want to think because I can’t figure it out."
"Let me tell you this. We don’t want to fight Americans when we come here."
"What then played? “
"Isn’t it forced by Americans? "Shi Xiaochuan said," But it’s better to let Americans see our strength after a war, and he won’t dare to touch our minds from now on. "
"The commander-in-chief said that dignity and status are punched out, and now I really understand this truth. It is precisely because we have killed so many of them that Americans will face up to us and respect us before we can truly abide by the treaty. Otherwise, will you tell a person who has no resistance and respect each other?"
Pan 500 said, "Yes, even if he is a child, I will keep everything I promise."
"You are 250 out of 525 Pan …"
This secret military contact was planned by Jiang Fangzhen, and Jiang Fangzhen demanded that the US military give up Trouvat and withdraw to Lyon in return. In the middle, the regiment withdrew its 15th division from Kesuwa.
Pan Xing’s delay in moving is largely due to the fact that around Dijon, the 15th Division and 14th Division, he was worried that when the troops retreated, there was a card on 14th and 15th to block their retreat and let the US military repeat the mistakes of the Second Army.
At that time, the US Second Army was blocked by a division of the Chinese * * regiment, which caused the army to be defeated and wiped out.
At this time, the American expeditionary force was left with the first army, and its experience was not very rich, and its combat effectiveness was not strong, which was very inferior to that of the British and French Coalition forces
The United States has trained three armies, with a total of 2.1 million people. The first army has been put into battle, and the second army was wiped out by the Chinese regiment. The third army has just finished training and landed in the United States, and the number of French people is more than 300,000. Moreover, most of China and Lyon have not participated in actual combat. It is unrealistic to hope that the two infantry divisions of the Chinese regiment will pass through Lyon and Dijon.
At present, the number of the first American expeditionary force in Trouvat and Xiaomeng is about 100,000, and there are strong fortifications. This is somewhat different from the situation of the second army at that time. At that time, the failure of the second army was due to the contempt for the Chinese regiment. Another reason was that the battlefield field was quickly attacked by the regiment, and it was out of control.
The fortifications here in Trouvat are solid and complete. If the Chinese * * regiment stormed the American Expeditionary Force, it would definitely pay heavy casualties, which is unacceptable to the Chinese * * regiment.

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Young hee also asked, "Who lives here in Obaoni? The room is so big."

I laughed and said, "You crooked nuts don’t understand, do you? It’s better to live here after the emperor’s death than to live alive?"
First of all, I visited the emperor shunzhi Xiaoling Mausoleum and became the first emperor of Qing Dynasty, which was naturally full of morale.
It is also the main mausoleum here.
Tong also gave the indication that "Player Zeng Xiaofan will arrive at the sub-site 32 hours before the release, so please be present at the release".
Now it’s just going through the motions, but there’s a new sign, "The lock will open in an hour, so please pay attention to all the assistants around you and urge them to start."
An hour later
We looked at our watches, and it was midnight, and it was also Jiu Jianxian who told us that the time limit would indeed change, and the feeling would envelop the whole county.
I just don’t know if it will become an eschatological world like downtown Tang Cheng.
And Zhu Yeqing also showed us "Look at a group of Italians about 100 meters to your left. Be careful."
Our hearts were tight, but we didn’t expect that it would be possible to meet here. It’s really a trivial matter to catch us, as we guessed.
They are the group, men and women are also visiting, so it should be them.
It won’t be so coincidence.
I gritted my teeth and said, "Ning Xi, you know Italian. Let’s lean over and listen to what they are saying to confirm it. And if we know what they are saying, we can know it before we prepare."
If you don’t go into combat, you won’t find it. You can give it a try.
Lin Weiwei also nodded repeatedly, "It should not be a big problem to have this small bunker of Youxi, and it would be good if you could really know it."
Ning Xi and Zhu Yeqing didn’t disagree. They felt that the situation was not bad, and they acted directly without exposing danger.
Chapter 44 Bat Corps
Lin Weiwei and I got the nerve to drag Youxi in that direction like a little couple’s play. It’s good to hear that there are not many voices on the Kuang stone road.
It’s better to be a little closer. You can hear the sound not too close, but you can also see the five or six Italians watching and speaking Italian, and looking around and measuring something like instruments.
After that, I continued to talk, and my brow was still a little locked. I was very serious and very precise, and I didn’t know what I was talking about.
I just squatted there as if I were talking to young hee and asked, "You should be able to see your plane camera right there. What is their watch-like instrument?"
Ning Xi said on the opposite side, "It’s the measuring position. They seem to know how big the A+level deputy will be. They are measuring where it is suitable to play."
"So that’s it. What did it say?"
Rubbed young hee’s face.
Ning Xi sighed, "Far away, their Italian accent is too impure. Some dialects are still unclear, but it is certain that the awakened one should kill those two with us, but if you want to know the exact situation, you have to get closer."
Lin Weiwei and I winked.
Lin Weiwei said, "Young Hee, let’s go there with my sister and have some fun." We got closer.
Because there were few people, they also attracted the attention of those Italians, who smiled and touched them.
It seems to be commenting that Lin Weiwei’s breasts are very large
Lin Weiwei took a unhappy look and continued to say to Youxi, "You crooked nuts are so annoying. Haven’t you seen women?"
I went to the front again, but it was not far away to hear.
Those Italians laughed and continued to talk, so that we could hear better.
Ning Xi said there, "That’s the wave of people, the two Italians and these are a group. They said that the general meaning can be analyzed to find out what the bat guild bat corps is called. They should have received this three days ago, saying that they arrived here 72 hours ago and they could hear it when chatting, but they just arrived in Zunhua and sent someone to find a novice halfway. They should have found it and hoped to find a place to wake up to help them.
They are very nervous and serious about the transnational completion of the deputy, and they also say that the other two have not come back to see the samples, and there is no special function. I don’t know who killed them or whether they are dead or not. "
This is a reassurance for us. If it’s not easy to check, we’ll get something.
It’s not good to be near all the time, so we’re going to look inside. Because the Qing Dongling is still very big, there are nine underground palaces in total. We looked at it in Xiaoling, the emperor shunzhi.
I’m ready to go somewhere else and make some preparations. I’m always too close for fear of showing the cloven foot.
As a result, Ning Xi said over there, "There is something ahead of you."
As soon as we saw it, the five people from Nangong came here at random, seemingly knowing these Italians and smiling.
And those Italians saw the nangongshan they are eyebrows a tight very cautious together a embattled.
So we giggled and said, "Go and have a look at the back. It’s not interesting here."

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There are several wooden rattan nets coming. A lot of ghosts are struggling to get into the net, but they can’t move. Of course, there are also many ghosts who haven’t fallen into the net and still storm around Sun Hao’s eggshells.

Corleone responded with a strong ghostly attack and continued to fuel Qing Di Changsheng Zhenyuan to send out huge protruding stakes.
Knock, knock, knock
There are not three hundred ghosts in the dead end, but in less than half an hour, Sun Hao was fishing. Generally, the Aoki cage was used to catch a few nets. Together with the giant scorpion, it was no exception, and it turned into a mass of meat.
Sun Hao was busy for more than half an hour before cleaning the battlefield.
Count the more than 100 blood crystals harvested, and once again get a copper coin, which is a slightly higher blood crystal from the giant scorpion of Youguang.
Getting so many blood crystals at one time makes Sun Hao more confident in refining blood evil spirit for himself, but at the same time, it is also a wry smile to buy ten thousand Lingshi high-priced ordinary blood crystals himself.
If I had known that there were so many blood crystals before the second 99 bifurcation, how could I spend ten thousand lingshi to buy them?
When I bought these three blood crystals, Sun Hao was still scarce and expensive, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough condensed blood crystals. I didn’t expect this to be the case.
However, Sun Hao still carefully received three high-priced blood crystals, and planned to find the remnants of the soul before exercising. Anyway, Sun Hao did not lack these three blood crystals, did he?
The formation of protoplasmic crystals does not easily require years of accumulation of grievances and misfortunes.
However, for many years, the blood evil spirit has been taboo by the monks as harmful evil spirit, and they don’t like going to the ghost hill for a long time.
Over the years, the strength of ordinary ghosts and scorpions has become stronger, and finally the evolution of big scorpions and the condensation of blood crystals have given Sun Hao the impression that blood crystals are not rare.
In ancient times, the first 99-99 bifurcation area was the active area of Qi refining monks. Now, the first 99-99 bifurcation ghosts and scorpions have accumulated for many years, and they have become so powerful that ordinary monks can hardly cope with them.
A rising tide lifts all boats, but the accumulation of blood crystals is really a lot cheaper, Sun Hao.
After clearing this passage, Sun Hao recovered a little, got out of a small fire, played for a while, and then Sun Hao again went back to the main road and made a strong advance in the forward direction.
Although the strength of the ghost is much stronger than the first bifurcation, the characteristics of the specially enhanced scorpion become a dim light giant scorpion are rarely easy to distinguish.
It makes Sun Hao’s actions more bold and natural with the targeted measures.
Sun Hao, a dark ghost hill cave, carried an egg shell like autumn wind sweeping away leaves, and went all the way to the depths of the cave and killed him.
Unconsciously, Sun Hao killed for more than ten days.
It was not until one day that Sun Hao saw a large dim light ahead that he had to stop.
The faint light makes the ghost hill feel more gloomy, and at the same time, it is said that the giant scorpions in front of you are in droves
With the gradual deepening of the ghost hill, the proportion of the dim light giant scorpion or the dim light evil maggot ghost is getting bigger and bigger
However, it is the first time to see the phenomenon of gathering together like the dim light in front
If Sun Hao’s judgment is correct, the second nine-nine bifurcation should be ahead. To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and one Big blood crystal
Sun Hao, who has been killed all the way, has been quite familiar with the ability of the giant scorpion and the evil maggot of the dim light, and the dim light in front of him is enough to threaten Sun Haoan.
Far stop, Sun Hao looks at the strange dim light ahead, thinking
Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for Godsworn Tsukiji to kill here, even if it is refined, it is difficult for Godsworn dzogchen to kill so deeply.
Sun Haosan’s attribute is true, and in the middle period of the foundation, the deity Gang has the strength of a small magical power again, but here it has reached Sun Hao’s limit.
The previous combat experience tells Sun Hao that if the specially reinforced tail sting or the scorpion with claws and dark light have strong armor-piercing ability, the consumption of his own fire shield and pure Vulcan will be great and difficult to prevent after being attacked.
The speed-enhanced scorpion has surpassed itself in running; And strengthening the defense against the dark light and evil maggots, the black skin is already hard to break, the impact resistance is also greatly enhanced …
When the dim light gets together, there should be all kinds of enhancements in the dim light. Once it is surrounded, it is foreseeable and dangerous.
Sun Hao didn’t rush over rashly and found a way to adjust his state by sitting cross-legged not far away.
After thinking for a while, Sun Hao felt that the only way to pass through this dim light area should be to improve his ability.
Very intuitive and direct way is to condense blood crystals.
As Sun Hao continues to advance, more and more blood crystals are accumulated in his hands.
A little statistics show that there are more than 10,000 ordinary blood crystals, and even a blood crystal with a higher grade has gained more than 70 pieces.
All blood crystals should be condensed to "kill the evil spirit", even if they can’t be finished, they should be completed in a considerable proportion.
After refining, the stability of vigorous gas will be greatly increased and the defense will be greatly enhanced.
Sun Hao wanted to think about it and decided to refine the secret method of "killing the enemy and setting the evil spirit" by refining the blood crystal, and then tried to destroy a piece of light after strengthening his own ability.
I found a way to be cleared away, cleaned up a little, and set up several laws. Take your time, smoke incense, cross your legs, sit still and refine blood crystals.
It is not difficult to refine ordinary button-sized blood crystals.
It takes half a column of incense to put a blood crystal into the palm of Sun Hao’s hand to show the siege, and the blood evil spirit will melt into the god’s body. At this time, there will be a strong resentment that is unwilling to go straight to Sun Hao’s mind. Sun Hao will resist the resentment and dissipate a blood crystal after a while, even if refining is completed.
It’s not difficult to refine one blood crystal, but it’s not a day or two to finish refining as many as ten thousand blood crystals.
Sun Hao was in no hurry, and it took three days for gold pieces of blood crystal to be refined one after another.
After three days, Sun Hao took a short rest and then tested his refining achievements.
Sun Hao’s two kinds of gangqi have been refined, and ten thousand pieces of blood crystals have been condensed, which makes them look heavy and practical. Sun Hao tried to find that the toughness of the geomagnetic field is indeed a hundred times more stable.
Pure Vulcan Gang has completed 10% refining.
Because it is partially condensed, there is little difference in color between the two levels of pure Vulcan
Pure fire is bright in color before it is condensed into blood, and it seems to be stained with blood after it is condensed into blood, and the color is slightly darker.
Sun Hao observed that the pure Vulcan Gang, which is refined with blood evil spirit, is very similar to the magnetic Gang, which is refined with blood evil spirit. If it is not observed carefully, it is not easy to find their subtle differences.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but move himself in his heart, so that he could pretend to be a terrestrial fire magnet when he was finished.
Although the geomagnetic field is also very good, the thickness reaches 2.5 inches.
But compared with the pure Vulcan Gang, which is five inches thick, it seems to be less sensitive.
Sun Hao dare not run around with a five-inch god, which is simply a living target.
Friars who are impatient or have mental problems will show off their gods everywhere.
After the color of the gods deepened, Sun Hao made the five-inch gods feel a lot more suspicious.
Sun Hao God Gang hasn’t finished refining yet, and about 20% God Gang needs to refine blood. I wonder if 70 big blood crystals can complete refining.
Corleone once again lost his breath and took out a big blood crystal drive surrounded by gods.
The blood crystal in the deity was quickly disintegrated and melted. Sun Hao felt that there was almost no difficulty in refining the blood crystal with the size of a button, but the blood crystal was slightly larger and slightly longer when refining.
Corleone just breathed a sigh of relief, saying it’s not difficult to refine this blood crystal. It’s not good to have another careful tunnel in the horse’s heart.
At this moment, the blood crystal is refined and fierce, and violent resentment rushes from the blood crystal and rushes straight at Corleone’s mind, as if it were a roaring giant scorpion waving its tail and stabbing Corleone’s mind unwillingly.
Suddenly Sun Hao’s mind was tingling.
The pain is very fierce, as if there is the malice in the tail sting of the giant scorpion, which rushes into Sun Hao’s knowledge and corrupts Sun Hao’s knowledge, which generally makes Sun Hao feel a group of ants linger in his pain.
At this moment, Sun Hao’s knowledge of god has suffered the greatest test since it was born, and the degree of discomfort is also the first time that Sun Hao practiced "Thousands of thoughts cut off the refining of gods and objects *"
Not only is there a sharp pain and tearing feeling, but there is also a numbness after poisoning, which makes me feel terrible.
Sun Hao body involuntarily violent shaking up at this time.
A small fire jumped out of the bag of the spirit beast and looked at Corleone nervously, but did not dare to disturb Corleone easily. He kept spinning around Corleone and made an anxious squeak.
I didn’t expect this blood to be so fierce!
Sun Hao is bigger, and it may be more difficult to refine blood crystals, so he is ready for lasting refining.
Unexpectedly, it is not difficult to refine a large blood crystal, but the impact of Shaqi is fierce. Sun Hao is a little caught off guard than he is not well prepared.
In the face of danger, Sun Hao took urgent action to start the meditation, firmly hold his heart and keep himself clean.
Move in the heart Sun Hao launched Bai Gong to dream and refine God * and let himself enter a state like dream a dream, forcibly turning the pain in the knowledge of God into a dream to feel and bear, but not to be moved by the dream.

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This skill made the two teenagers stunned and looked at Pang Xia.

Putting these two teenagers on the ground, the man smiled and said, "You two were also accidentally injured, but it’s not good."
What’s more, to build a gazebo requires some construction knowledge, not just nailing the wood together.
You two are lucky to meet me this time. What if you break your arms and legs like this again and call your parents? "
Listening to Pang Xia’s words, the two teenagers looked dim almost at the same time and said, "We are both orphans."
No one will notice us if we break our arms and legs, and naturally no parents will worry about us. "
Pang Xia looked at a soft place in their hearts and was touched.
After thinking about it, he sat down on the spot and took out some food and drinks from his backpack and threw them to the two of them.
Then he smiled and said, "I don’t have parents either, but I’m doing well now."
So don’t lose heart, you two. Life is your own work, and you will live well naturally.
Come and eat. I made all these things myself. I’m still confident about the taste.
By the way, what are you two called? It’s never enough to feed you. "
"Oh, my name is Kou Zhong, and this is my good brother named Xu Ling."
Chapter 673 Edge to edge to longevity tactic
Hear each other introduce PangXia hand slightly paused and then returned to normal #.
After entering the game for so long, Pang Xia has already met a number of well-known strong men.
It is precisely because of this that Pang Xia’s vision is not as simple as it used to be.
So when he learned that he had saved two np’s, Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, he soon returned to normal.
It wasn’t long before the three of them became brothers after eating.
At this time, Kou Zhong and Xu Ling were young and didn’t have so much thought.
Pang Xia saved them both and gave them food to eat.
Plus Pang Xia shows kung fu, which really makes them greedy.
For Pang Xia Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, I still want him to get along well.
After three rounds of food and five flavors, Pang Xia and Kou Zhong and Xu Ling sat on the ground and drank slowly after eating.
Even eating at ordinary times may not be able to have Kou Zhong and Xu Ling naturally don’t have many opportunities to drink.
So the two of them each held an altar of wine and drank it.
Soon the two of them felt top-heavy and hot-headed but drunk.
At this time, Kou Zhong suddenly took out a thread-bound secret from her arms and smiled and said to Pang Xia.
"Fat shrimp eldest brother to tell you the truth, the two of us are going to steal money from an old Confucian scholar.
But I didn’t expect to find this nonsense classic in his clothes interlayer.
Come to me and Ling Shaohui. This is a martial arts secret, but I never thought it was something that taught people to live forever.
This theory of longevity is illusory, which took us a lot of time ~ ~! In! ~vvww
And it’s a waste to pay for the danger of being hunted down. "
After speaking, Kou Zhong threw his things aside.
Pang Xia looked at his secret book not far away, and he was so entangled that he didn’t know if he should pick it up and have a look.
After all, the three characters written in this ancient book "longevity tactic" really make Pang Xia’s heart scratch like a cat’s paw.
Taking a deep breath, Pang Xia suppressed his excitement and said to Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, "Can I see this thing?"
Hear PangXia Kou Zhong slightly one leng immediately laughed "fat shrimp eldest brother you want to see this thing is no problem".
After Kou Zhong had finished speaking, Xu Ling also nodded his head in agreement with Kou Zhong dialect.
Seeing this, Pang Xia took a deep breath again and picked up "Immortality Tactics" from the ground and then turned it over solemnly.
At this time, although Kou Zhong and Xu Lingcong were drunk, they also saw Pang Xia’s vision.
And they also guessed that Pang Xia’s vision came from the fact that they were useless.
If others Kou Zhong and Xu Ling, I’m afraid I’ll think of some way to get the longevity tactic back.
But Pang Xia is kind to both of them after all.
What’s more, Pang Xia’s martial arts are much better than those people he has seen before.
Therefore, Kou Zhong Xu Ling also silently looked at Pang Xia’s "Immortality Tactics" in his hand.
Pang Xia immediately saw that it came from the old Tao Te Ching.
After meditation, Pang Xia continued to read "Immortality Tactics"
However, when Pang Xia looked through the book "Immortality Tactics", the whole person’s expression seemed quite strange.
There are seven pictures in this book except the words, among which the second, third, sixth and seventh pictures.
Unexpectedly, Pang Xia’s four pictures are exactly the same.
It’s better than looking at the four pictures in "Immortality Tactics", and the qi of Pangxia body actually runs automatically and autonomously.
In this case, if Pang Xia doesn’t understand what he has encountered, then he has lived in vain for more than 20 years.
Turn to the first, fourth and fifth pictures of "The Strategy of Immortality", and Pang Xia poses according to the figures in them.
The first picture adds 500 points of true qi to Pang Xia instantly. After all, the master and the nature are different.
The fourth and fifth pictures brought 600 and 550 points of true qi to Pang Xia respectively.
At this time, Pang Xia’s Qi plus the original Qi instantly reached 1,750 points!
And at this time, seven or seven longevity pictures of the property panel slowly merged.
Finally, the three characters of "longevity tactic" stayed in the property panel!
At the same time PangXia saw appeared in front of his eyes.
When I saw this, Pang Xia knew that I would be like Kou Zhong and Xu Ling in the plot after all.
I chose one of the pictures to major in catalogue.
It is impossible to have seven pictures at the present stage.
Or this "longevity tactic" was actually formulated according to the seven constitutions of people when creating the seventh picture.

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No one answered the words of the honour person in the red suit, and everyone left the battlefield. The honour person in the red suit watched Su Yu warily.

An Junyin trembled as soon as he got out of the battlefield, and hurriedly flew to Su Yu’s side, trembling and reaching for Su Yu’s shoulder, but he did not feel the slightest breath of life.
Su Yu’s body is white with blood, his eyes are closed and his lips are pale and bloody. He is like a brilliant Terran God of War, but this last moment is still in front of his people.
He is the Terran Emperor!
He will guard the Terran even if he dies!
"My feather son!"
An Jun’s eyes are full of tears, and the bodhi old zu of Ziya Mountain can’t cry.
An Yu’s heart coughs up blood, anger attacks the heart, the virgin wails, and the universe cries with sorrow.
The Lord of Wusheng Pavilion sighed faintly, and Fox Nine and others couldn’t believe it.
Is a generation of Terran Heroes so lonely?
That’s impossible!
But the reality is that he is dead! Su Yu is dead!
There is no breath of life!
His sword drained his strength, including the breath of life, including Tongyuan!
Everything Su Yu made a sword to cleanse the enemies and made several people shock and cry.
One honour person in red took a careful step forward and made a brilliant magical power of cutting.
"Hey ~!"
Avatar flies, tears, and fights Su Yu’s body with poor strength.
"How dare you bully my grandson!"
An Jun was furious, and his hands pushed a powerful terrorist force to rise and instantly annihilate this magical power and let it hurt Su Yu’s body.
But even if this blow works, the venerable people in red will also smile in succession.
"He’s dead!"
"Su Yu is really dead!"
"It’s a pity that a generation of Terran heroes finally came to a stranger, and he died and the Terran died."
The honour person in red sighed, and then someone else said with a smile, "There are thirteen honour persons buried with him, which is that he has never had a record since ancient times and he is proud enough."
Although I don’t want to admit it, the venerable people in red are still very Pei Suyu in their hearts.
Too powerful!
This is an enemy that makes people exclaim and despair. He is so powerful that people are at a loss. If he doesn’t die, Red will fail!
It’s a pity that he is a saint after all. If Su Yu becomes an honorable person, this Xinghai people can suppress him.
But after all, at this moment, he will die a top saint.
There are always regrets.
There will always be some things that are not so perfect in one’s life.
The venerable men in red dress looked at each other one after another and saw each other’s eyes. They couldn’t help laughing. The sound shook Xinghai and frightened several creatures.
The sacred battlefield mourns, and Wang Chuanyi mourns and shouts, "War of the Emperor! Terran war! "
"My body to die to follow the emperor! Don’t make my emperor Huangquan Road lonely! "
Several Terran soldiers screamed at the top of their lungs from the sacred battlefield. The Terran Godsworn soldiers were in high spirits and were not afraid of death, but they did not retreat. The offensive was even fiercer!
A song of the emperor’s voice stirred up and blood boiled, and was shouted out by several Terran soldiers at the top of their voices.
"I! Humans! "
Leitian blood-stained armor left arm has been broken right hand knife suddenly roar loud.
"Can pity day! You can also hold a butcher knife! Kill the whole life! "

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