An Xiaoya instantly understood, "It is said that there are actually two of us supporting at home. Do others have to go directly to the scene?"

Yanming nodded and agreed with AnXiaoYa.
An Xiaoya suddenly held her face and said, "But I also want to go to the scene!"
Yin Ming glanced at An Xiaoya or hit, "But we are foreign aid and technical foreign aid-this identity root can’t come to the scene in person!"
That’s right. Although Nail often cooperates with the network police, it is from the public security side after all.
Even though we are very close, because it is not a department, it didn’t react at the first time. The other party, An Xiaoya and Yin Mingcai, let him get beaten in his hand.
Of course, he still knows that the two of them are there.
I will be so worried when I think of it later!
"Well, have the babies eaten their meals?" Self-serious captain nail adults watching everyone left a lot of lunch box couldn’t help saying.
When everyone looks at it-it will be officially prepared in ten minutes!
But they haven’t finished their dinner yet!
It’s not here yet. Throw away the garbage!
How can this work?
So they all buried themselves in their lunch boxes and tried to eat.
Because whether you need a lot of mental energy, network police comrades or public security comrades need a lot of physical energy later, you need enough nutrition. These box lunches are very heavy!
It’s twice as much as usual!
And if it is not enough, there is something to add next to it!
In addition to these, chocolate, which can quickly replenish energy and sugar, has two boxes in this car!
It’s so hard to get out
Bring your own equipment, bring your own food, and prepare food.
And these-in fact, they are all nailed by their respectable and lovely captain.
Watching everyone eat almost, the nail lifted a box of chocolates, and everyone gave out two first.
"The old rule is to take it and eat it first!"
He is the captain who is in charge of words and logistics!
No one is as hard as him!
Stupid mu mu sprained his ankle-this is a hard life.
Life years really make people collapse!
Chapter 173 Target appears!
But whether it’s the hand pups or the cyber police, they often join them, and he is the most protective
A sense of being a father and a mother suddenly appeared!
Soon, everyone settled their lunch boxes, then picked up the nails and wiped their mouths and hands with tissues and wipes just now.
Everyone threw the paper towels and wet wipes into the box lunch box, and then got up and tacitly put the lunch box in a box in the car.
And this box-after the end, it is to be held by the captain and thrown away.
Stop it! They’re executing it!
If you throw so many lunch boxes, they will definitely find out when they are squatting. Okay!
When everyone has thrown away the garbage and nailed the box silently and then took a look-the rabbits are always so accurate!
"Prepare formally in thirty seconds!"
He gave the order!
Whether it’s the network police or the public security, or Yin Ming and An Xiaoya, they all shouted off one by one.
And then later!
"get ready!"
Nail again!
Network policemen debug their own equipment and instruments.
The police adjust their equipment and clothes.
An Xiaoya and Yin Ming invaded the target network in the shortest time and then quietly controlled it.
Everyone is waiting for the nail step command.
In the half hour of preparation, they can go to great lengths to check whether there is anything wrong with their equipment over and over again, but their comrades around them can check each other’s situation without any problems.
Don’t they just move silently?
AnXiaoYa also silent when she will take this action all information and YanMing watched it again.
Then I have a more detailed understanding of the person who will be arrested today.
She also did face detection for today’s targets by the way.
That is to say, if these people appear in a surveillance screen of her or the network police, they will be captured and locked immediately.
She sent this little program to the network police who are trying to prepare there.
On the other hand, it is silent and not installed.

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