Volume 2 Peak! Daqingshan Chapter 115 March

It’s been ten days since Lin momo returned to the Discovery Fleet. This issue has overcome all difficulties and finally made the Great Mighty successfully promoted to the Discovery Fleet. Since then, she has owned a strange star cruise ship of her own.
"Hehe, how does Uncle Bodan feel recently?" Lin momo looked at sight with messy hair and a lot of bearded savages in a good mood.
Perhaps Lin momo has tortured the hostages, and the more energy he spends on seeing others’ star cruises, the greater his joy. Anyway, Bo Dan has succeeded and is ready for a better future.
"Mom, there is absolutely nothing in this world that is more difficult than the promotion of Star Cruises. I have no experience when I suffer! It is angry. You adjutant don’t help Lai Dawei at all. "
"Tut-tut, Uncle Shan should be happy to improve your control ability of the Great Power. I believe that it is more handy to control the core data through hard work in recent years. I am not idle to go out and bring back some advanced resources for you this time. The Great Power still has a great increase. Don’t miss the opportunity. Every percentage increase in the evolution value means that the strength will increase by one point, and those mobile turrets need to be re-forged. I believe that Uncle and Great Power can do this job well. I will definitely hand over the adjutant after I arrive. By then, the Discovery fleet should have taken off."
"What? Found rare resources again? Oh, my god. Are you the devil? Or is it the old man’s private life? How can good things always spread to you? "
"Hey, hey, I didn’t expect Uncle Bodan to believe in the emperor. Speaking of it, I was an old man three thousand years ago. This underground palace is a relic left by that old man, but the rare resources I obtained this time are a coincidence, from bloody Goethe. I will let Louis distribute them later."
"ah? You-you’re a descendant of the star hero Xiao Shuihan? Wait, is there really a bloody Goethe treasure here? "
"Well, don’t be surprised. I’ve sent the cactus to check in the Jade Bird. If the Iron Magic successfully merged with the Green Nest and was promoted to the odd level, I’m going to melt the bloody Goethe Jade Bird. You know, this is a famous ship in the world of star pirates two thousand years ago. Maybe it can refine something from the hull to melt the Jade Bird. The energy loss should be affordable, but it is equal to energy to buy resources."
"Melting jade bird? Ordinary people don’t dare to do this if they don’t recover much material from the Jade Bird, so it’s not worth the loss to spend a lot of energy to do it! "
"If you don’t build a fleet, you usually have to take some risks. I am measured and believe in the melting probability of the green nest."
Bo Dan no longer says that there are thousands of owners and one discoverer. Who is the biggest fleet now? It is this dashing young man who talks about this mysterious guy Philips who seems to have not grown much for a while.
Seen from a distance, the Great Weiwu is magnificent and abnormal, just like a lion in a crouch, even in the quietest state, it gives people a natural psychological oppression.
This word "Great Mighty" is not a white call. When the head of the regiment built this ship, he began to imagine creating psychological pressure, but he didn’t expect the potential to be brought into full play by the thin sheet. Perhaps the thin sheet has a matrix of mind and teachers and students, so it exudes a majesty, which is by no means comparable to Yagues’s second sai-jo.
Lin momo is used to being a shopkeeper of cutting, and the commander of the British fleet will not do it himself, but will work out a big plan and put the power on all the roles in the fleet. These roles are tentacles that can think for themselves
People are an embarrassing situation, but it’s okay for Lin momo to actively give it to the noodle people, Louis and Orleans, who have grown up rapidly, but have made progress. Li Linglong is a very transparent woman who no longer engages in corpuscles but opens her eyes and seizes the opportunity to develop the Red Coral.
The most gratifying thing is that gruss, a reckless young man, is still good. He has high potential for war command. It will be a beautiful jade to carve it in time. It is a good choice for him to check and balance.
After all, the Discovery Fleet is not the Tenchu Fleet. Lin momo invested a lot of money and didn’t want to raise the baiwenhang. However, this fleet has a complicated structure and many problems.
For example, the old man alone can easily win the favor of many captains, while gruss is the captain of the flagship Obsidian. This kind of intention to recommend him is very obvious, even though Louis and Orleans will do their best to help him. If Obsidian does not shine, there will still be a very bumpy road to go in the future.
Lin momo put it badly, but he didn’t put it badly, but he had a chest full of dry Kun fleet. Every captain has the nature of when to do something. He only plays the role of the leader of the Tianzhu fleet for more than ten years, not to mention the superb management means. Playing with a newly formed fleet will never fail
The Discovery Fleet has received a large amount of investment, and the essence of the Star Silk Mine is strong. Every ship has entered the peak development stage. Even if the foundation is the worst, Lin Sisuo will go to the sixth ancestor of Hengbo and Phantom of the Opera before the development experience, and the hull impurities will be refined a little to eliminate hidden dangers and go to the high end.
After the great mighty ship was successfully promoted to the odd-class star cruise ship, Obsidian successfully reached the B-class bottleneck period. This kind of development speed can shape the word "terror". Every captain in the fleet gives birth to an unrealistic and illusory feeling. I feel that what I have encountered recently is like dreaming, and everything seems to be entering a dreamy and dreamy development speed. I am afraid that this dream will suddenly wake up one day.
These captains are excited and worried about their work every day. What do they struggle for half a generation? Not yet. Is there such a situation? Unconsciously, these captains vowed to maintain this "dream" and would never let the dream die. Whoever attacked the Discovery Fleet and robbed them of benefits would be the enemy.
Lin momo can imagine the mental journey of the captains, but he doesn’t have contact with them because he has a more important thing waiting for him to do.
Fifty boxes of golden apples are treasures brought back from the Jade Bird. They are said to be treasures because these golden apples are very rare and play an important role for pharmacists and can quickly form combat effectiveness.
In a blink of an eye, Lin momo has been immersed in these golden apples for five days and five nights. At this time, Taitou finally made up his mind to lead the fleet into the ten-star array
According to Jakkula and his deputy adjutant, it’s no secret that Lin momo has mastered the five powerful mutant zerg overlord. It’s quite surprising that the head of the delegation is surrounded by a wise man to help gradually restore the truth.
Five powerful mutant zerg overlord even if the blood-soaked fleet can suppress fire, it is almost impossible to kill them without damage.
After the wise men around Taitou, they finally get a limit result. If the command is effective, 30 to 40 elite star cruise ships can hold the key to the cooperation of the five zerg overlords and make the ship’s fighting skills slightly worse, which will double the damage. This will be a tragic and abnormal war.
Pay back too much. There are many things to consider. Pay so much. What is the rate of return? Is it concluded that there is a treasure in the Xiao cold magnetic cloud just because the vein warrior appears? It is impossible to always plan everything before taking action.
Although TaiTou is the first person in the blood-soaked adventure group, what he hates most is taking risks. The so-called risks are all carried out before he is absolutely sure, so he is not sure to fight for his fortune. He can’t do it.
The fact that 210 star cruises have moved is that this so-called blood-soaking head is composed of three parts. Taitou, this greedy wolf is the flagship, and it is mainly in charge of 99 elite-level wars, while the other two odd-level star cruises, Wei Qi Sha and Tian Ying Huo Ling, are also the flagship. The three fleets can be combined or separated.
Jakkula brought out that a few B-class star cruise ships are naturally not qualified to be mixed into the fleet. The head of the fleet sent a confidant to take charge and still wait outside the ten-star array.
This time, the head of the expedition is quite confident. The wise man has deduced everything clearly, and when and what to do has a process. Although the five zerg overlords are terrible, they are not invincible
Confidence comes from strength and blood. It is true that this family business is not weak today, which is several times stronger than Lin momo’s previous understanding.
As soon as the blood-bathing fleet entered the top of xingbing Mountain suspended by magnetic clouds, it was noticed that it disappeared for a moment. Now xingbing Mountain can no longer form obstacles, but it is just an ordinary peak in the suspended magnetic clouds.
Although the ten-star array is powerful, I am too confident to break it. I have waited for so many days to find a solution to break it.
The wise man who bathed in blood is amazing. After more than ten days’ observation, they found a relatively fragile place with a ten-star array. After all, this ten-star array is generated by cosmic magnetic force. It is necessary to have a vast force to attack within three days, so that the attack power is strong enough to bathe in blood before the gap appears. This super array is naturally no problem, and even worse, it may be possible to find his way out of the battle.
"What did you say? The blood-bathing fleet has entered the magnetic cloud? It is impossible for Jakkula to go back to Huojia Port for three months? " Lin momo heard the report and was frightened to disgrace.
"I also think this matter is quite strange. Is there another arrangement outside the escape guy?"
"Don’t think so much when things get to this point. This plan is to quickly arrange for the strong enemy to attack."
Volume 2 Peak! Daqingshan Chapter 1151 Enemy strength
"This is the magnetic cloud? That mountain in the distance should be xingbing Mountain? " The colonel stood with his hand in his hand, and his bridge stood like a sculpture. No one knew what the old man was thinking next to him.
"Mount Tai xingbing has been abandoned. Our main purpose is to March into the mysterious continent in the magnetic cloud. If we spend too much time here, I’m worried …"
"Not much to say, I have always been striving for stability in my work, so that Faku and some of their wise men can go to explore the vein warriors. Three thousand years ago, the powerful force was a flash in the pan, and I was still quite curious."
"Yes, please inform Faku to lead a group of wise men."
"alas!" The colonel sighed heavily, "How many years have you followed me, Lieutenant Leia?"
"It’s been thirty-four years since I told Taishu that I’ve been following Taishu, thinking of helping to soak up blood and go up a storey still higher, but I didn’t expect to encounter insect robbery in my lifetime."
"Yes! It’s been thirty-four years, and my health is getting worse every day! I’m afraid those old brothers in the regiment have begun to challenge the peerless, right? But I can’t. I still have a burden on my shoulder. Although I haven’t seen the so-called discoverer fleet yet, I have a hunch that most of Yagues has suffered misfortune. "
"Yagues? You mean Master Sun? " Leia’s canthus fretting
"Yes, I know Yagues too well, and he can’t come up with such a way. He didn’t have the courage to defect, not to mention coercing Yagues to seize the captain of the mighty ship. I conclude that there is another master behind the discoverer’s fleet, and this man is a guy who knows his luck very well. Yagues and Jakkula are in such a mess because they are facing a great opponent. Hum me, these two stupid grandchildren don’t have any brilliant places to want to die, but one is competing with the other and Yagues dies! At most, foster a grandson with more potential, but Yagues, after all, is my grandson’s enemy. We must notify him to be vigilant against the seven killers and the Eagle Fire Bell. Don’t underestimate me. "
"It belongs to the immediate alliance of Forbes and Magellan. If something happens to Master Sun, please be too sorry for your loss." Adjutant Leia bowed his head slightly and let him hone his excellent mentality for more than 30 years.
Leia, the adjutant, always keeps his stiff face, even on the battlefield, but he will still show some subtle mood swings in the face of too much, just like saying that Yagues is likely to have suffered misfortune. He immediately showed a little shock and anger. What about Yagues’s death? Speaking of it, he has long disliked the second sai-jo, but the leader of the company is the emperor of the whole blood-soaked adventure group. If he stays with the happy old man for a long time, Leia has done a good job.
Don’t say that the zombie-faced adjutant’s excellent psychological quality says that Lin momo couldn’t help frowning after measuring the situation of the enemy and the enemy at this moment.
Blood-soaked adventure group A large number of star cruise ships have entered the magnetic cloud, which has brought the news to you. If the other party comes to 100 ships and relies on five barrier badges, they will not be afraid. However, a fleet of 210 elite star cruise ships is a powerful force that people can’t ignore.

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