"No, who is this cow who becomes a burn after flying? Obviously a female player! "

"Well, I think so, too. How can a man be called Huang?"
However, Lin Tianxiae asked wait for a while at this time, "Who do you think that player is? Did he become a phoenix after flying?"
"Nonsense is not who she is!"
"Holy shit, that’s my wife!"
"Your wife? Isn’t your wife an archer? "
"Another wife!"
Liu Heng and the goblin followed their faces with a wry smile. "Yayuan and Xiaotian got married and sealed a big red envelope. It seems that it will be double!"
It is said that Yang Qianqian committed suicide and practiced a new character after breaking up with Lin Tianxiao. Although he called Wang Shu, there was a Yang Qianqian left in the novice village and he didn’t tell Zhou Xiaofu that there was one left, which was directly hidden to Zhou Xiaofu.
As luck would have it, after entering the game, Yang Qianqian didn’t have the ability to hide, kill monsters, train and kill Yang Qianqian, so he became addicted to killing chickens. Accidentally, he trained to level 11 and killed hundreds of thousands of chickens.
At this time, Yang Qianqian came to the ear and said that he had killed 500,000 Wanda, and he went to find an old man named’ gay’ under certain conditions.
You can tell by the name that it’s not a good person, but now that it’s unified, Yang Qianqian knows that it’s definitely a hidden one, and I’m afraid even Uncle Wang doesn’t know it.
In fact, there are many people who grope for hidden people. There are many people who kill hundreds of thousands of people, but they don’t insist on 500 thousand. Yang Qianqian is the only one.
After a lot of searching in the novice village, I saw a’ beggar’ in the corner of a room. In fact, even a beggar is not as good as a beggar. The beggar’s name is gay!
So Yang Qianqian linked up with gay people one by one, and all of them were finished by Yang Qianqian, that is, after the first one, the gay people suddenly gave him a skill and disappeared with his figure!
And Yang Qianqian received the instruction after learning this skill!
This is Yang Qianqian’s hidden career Brewmaster!
Chapter 19 Brewmaster
The sky is blue and the sea breeze is cool. Lin Tianxie is holding Zhou Xiaofu and Yang Qianqian’s hands and sitting on the beach watching the sunset blowing the sea breeze. It’s already three days later. Lin Tianxie’s chrysanthemum has already healed, and Zhou Xiaofu and Yang Qianqian have also practiced to level 2 and found Lin Tianxie in Sabac.
"What is Qian Qian Brewmaster’s occupation!"
After chatting for such a long time, Lin Tianxiae also knew about Yang Qianqian’s hidden career, Brewmaster, before he asked about it.
"I don’t know, but my skills are very fierce. I don’t know how to do it in the future!"
Said Yang Qianqian will learn that skill to light up. Lin Tianxiao looked surprised at his face.
Drunk and hazy (fairy skill elementary /5) After the skill is put into use, all the attributes will be doubled. When the effect is 3 seconds, the mana will be consumed. When the skill is cooled, it will take 3 minutes. Under certain conditions, the liquor will be three or two!
"Boy, the attribute has doubled, but it seems that Qian Qian will become a little alcoholic!" Lin Tianxiao said with a wry smile, if this profession of Brewmaster is developed, don’t say level 5, it will be level 1. Who can kill it? Is it advanced in the future? How to get Brewmaster’s vocational skills? Although the career is awesome, the prospects are worrying!
But Lin Tianxie didn’t say it. Expectation is a beautiful thing. Now the most important thing is to practice the level of two big beauties.
"Come on, I’ll take you two to train!"
Pulling up two women’s hands, I went straight to the wormhole. It happened that the goblin was here to brush the level. He also took thousands of people. Now there are fewer and fewer novices. From the initial tens of thousands of people every day to the present, thousands of people have entered the game after such a long time. The number of players has reached billions, and the number of Chinese people has entered 70%
Let the goblin divide the two girls into two groups and tell the goblin not to bring them after this wave. Zha Di also has to take the two girls to level 97. No!
Ten minutes later, the thousand players left at level 7, and at this time, Lin Tianxiao and four people have come to the fourth floor, and the level of two women has reached level 3, which makes the two women’s mouths never close!
The four-story monster was quickly cleaned up by the goblin, and the second female level rose to level 9 here. Because of the fast speed, the four-story monster was cleaned up. Although there was an agreement with the Zerg, everything was discussed by Lin Tianxiao with three people to the fifth floor.
As soon as I arrived, the praying mantis flew over with an angry look, staring at Lin Tianxiao. The World War II has not yet been decided. The praying mantis has always been unhappy. Seeing Lin Tianxiao’s spreading wings, he wants to compete with Lin Tianxiao again!

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