Young hee also asked, "Who lives here in Obaoni? The room is so big."

I laughed and said, "You crooked nuts don’t understand, do you? It’s better to live here after the emperor’s death than to live alive?"
First of all, I visited the emperor shunzhi Xiaoling Mausoleum and became the first emperor of Qing Dynasty, which was naturally full of morale.
It is also the main mausoleum here.
Tong also gave the indication that "Player Zeng Xiaofan will arrive at the sub-site 32 hours before the release, so please be present at the release".
Now it’s just going through the motions, but there’s a new sign, "The lock will open in an hour, so please pay attention to all the assistants around you and urge them to start."
An hour later
We looked at our watches, and it was midnight, and it was also Jiu Jianxian who told us that the time limit would indeed change, and the feeling would envelop the whole county.
I just don’t know if it will become an eschatological world like downtown Tang Cheng.
And Zhu Yeqing also showed us "Look at a group of Italians about 100 meters to your left. Be careful."
Our hearts were tight, but we didn’t expect that it would be possible to meet here. It’s really a trivial matter to catch us, as we guessed.
They are the group, men and women are also visiting, so it should be them.
It won’t be so coincidence.
I gritted my teeth and said, "Ning Xi, you know Italian. Let’s lean over and listen to what they are saying to confirm it. And if we know what they are saying, we can know it before we prepare."
If you don’t go into combat, you won’t find it. You can give it a try.
Lin Weiwei also nodded repeatedly, "It should not be a big problem to have this small bunker of Youxi, and it would be good if you could really know it."
Ning Xi and Zhu Yeqing didn’t disagree. They felt that the situation was not bad, and they acted directly without exposing danger.
Chapter 44 Bat Corps
Lin Weiwei and I got the nerve to drag Youxi in that direction like a little couple’s play. It’s good to hear that there are not many voices on the Kuang stone road.
It’s better to be a little closer. You can hear the sound not too close, but you can also see the five or six Italians watching and speaking Italian, and looking around and measuring something like instruments.
After that, I continued to talk, and my brow was still a little locked. I was very serious and very precise, and I didn’t know what I was talking about.
I just squatted there as if I were talking to young hee and asked, "You should be able to see your plane camera right there. What is their watch-like instrument?"
Ning Xi said on the opposite side, "It’s the measuring position. They seem to know how big the A+level deputy will be. They are measuring where it is suitable to play."
"So that’s it. What did it say?"
Rubbed young hee’s face.
Ning Xi sighed, "Far away, their Italian accent is too impure. Some dialects are still unclear, but it is certain that the awakened one should kill those two with us, but if you want to know the exact situation, you have to get closer."
Lin Weiwei and I winked.
Lin Weiwei said, "Young Hee, let’s go there with my sister and have some fun." We got closer.
Because there were few people, they also attracted the attention of those Italians, who smiled and touched them.
It seems to be commenting that Lin Weiwei’s breasts are very large
Lin Weiwei took a unhappy look and continued to say to Youxi, "You crooked nuts are so annoying. Haven’t you seen women?"
I went to the front again, but it was not far away to hear.
Those Italians laughed and continued to talk, so that we could hear better.
Ning Xi said there, "That’s the wave of people, the two Italians and these are a group. They said that the general meaning can be analyzed to find out what the bat guild bat corps is called. They should have received this three days ago, saying that they arrived here 72 hours ago and they could hear it when chatting, but they just arrived in Zunhua and sent someone to find a novice halfway. They should have found it and hoped to find a place to wake up to help them.
They are very nervous and serious about the transnational completion of the deputy, and they also say that the other two have not come back to see the samples, and there is no special function. I don’t know who killed them or whether they are dead or not. "
This is a reassurance for us. If it’s not easy to check, we’ll get something.
It’s not good to be near all the time, so we’re going to look inside. Because the Qing Dongling is still very big, there are nine underground palaces in total. We looked at it in Xiaoling, the emperor shunzhi.
I’m ready to go somewhere else and make some preparations. I’m always too close for fear of showing the cloven foot.
As a result, Ning Xi said over there, "There is something ahead of you."
As soon as we saw it, the five people from Nangong came here at random, seemingly knowing these Italians and smiling.
And those Italians saw the nangongshan they are eyebrows a tight very cautious together a embattled.
So we giggled and said, "Go and have a look at the back. It’s not interesting here."

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