There are several wooden rattan nets coming. A lot of ghosts are struggling to get into the net, but they can’t move. Of course, there are also many ghosts who haven’t fallen into the net and still storm around Sun Hao’s eggshells.

Corleone responded with a strong ghostly attack and continued to fuel Qing Di Changsheng Zhenyuan to send out huge protruding stakes.
Knock, knock, knock
There are not three hundred ghosts in the dead end, but in less than half an hour, Sun Hao was fishing. Generally, the Aoki cage was used to catch a few nets. Together with the giant scorpion, it was no exception, and it turned into a mass of meat.
Sun Hao was busy for more than half an hour before cleaning the battlefield.
Count the more than 100 blood crystals harvested, and once again get a copper coin, which is a slightly higher blood crystal from the giant scorpion of Youguang.
Getting so many blood crystals at one time makes Sun Hao more confident in refining blood evil spirit for himself, but at the same time, it is also a wry smile to buy ten thousand Lingshi high-priced ordinary blood crystals himself.
If I had known that there were so many blood crystals before the second 99 bifurcation, how could I spend ten thousand lingshi to buy them?
When I bought these three blood crystals, Sun Hao was still scarce and expensive, and I was worried that I wouldn’t get enough condensed blood crystals. I didn’t expect this to be the case.
However, Sun Hao still carefully received three high-priced blood crystals, and planned to find the remnants of the soul before exercising. Anyway, Sun Hao did not lack these three blood crystals, did he?
The formation of protoplasmic crystals does not easily require years of accumulation of grievances and misfortunes.
However, for many years, the blood evil spirit has been taboo by the monks as harmful evil spirit, and they don’t like going to the ghost hill for a long time.
Over the years, the strength of ordinary ghosts and scorpions has become stronger, and finally the evolution of big scorpions and the condensation of blood crystals have given Sun Hao the impression that blood crystals are not rare.
In ancient times, the first 99-99 bifurcation area was the active area of Qi refining monks. Now, the first 99-99 bifurcation ghosts and scorpions have accumulated for many years, and they have become so powerful that ordinary monks can hardly cope with them.
A rising tide lifts all boats, but the accumulation of blood crystals is really a lot cheaper, Sun Hao.
After clearing this passage, Sun Hao recovered a little, got out of a small fire, played for a while, and then Sun Hao again went back to the main road and made a strong advance in the forward direction.
Although the strength of the ghost is much stronger than the first bifurcation, the characteristics of the specially enhanced scorpion become a dim light giant scorpion are rarely easy to distinguish.
It makes Sun Hao’s actions more bold and natural with the targeted measures.
Sun Hao, a dark ghost hill cave, carried an egg shell like autumn wind sweeping away leaves, and went all the way to the depths of the cave and killed him.
Unconsciously, Sun Hao killed for more than ten days.
It was not until one day that Sun Hao saw a large dim light ahead that he had to stop.
The faint light makes the ghost hill feel more gloomy, and at the same time, it is said that the giant scorpions in front of you are in droves
With the gradual deepening of the ghost hill, the proportion of the dim light giant scorpion or the dim light evil maggot ghost is getting bigger and bigger
However, it is the first time to see the phenomenon of gathering together like the dim light in front
If Sun Hao’s judgment is correct, the second nine-nine bifurcation should be ahead. To be continued.
Chapter four hundred and one Big blood crystal
Sun Hao, who has been killed all the way, has been quite familiar with the ability of the giant scorpion and the evil maggot of the dim light, and the dim light in front of him is enough to threaten Sun Haoan.
Far stop, Sun Hao looks at the strange dim light ahead, thinking
Under normal circumstances, it is difficult for Godsworn Tsukiji to kill here, even if it is refined, it is difficult for Godsworn dzogchen to kill so deeply.
Sun Haosan’s attribute is true, and in the middle period of the foundation, the deity Gang has the strength of a small magical power again, but here it has reached Sun Hao’s limit.
The previous combat experience tells Sun Hao that if the specially reinforced tail sting or the scorpion with claws and dark light have strong armor-piercing ability, the consumption of his own fire shield and pure Vulcan will be great and difficult to prevent after being attacked.
The speed-enhanced scorpion has surpassed itself in running; And strengthening the defense against the dark light and evil maggots, the black skin is already hard to break, the impact resistance is also greatly enhanced …
When the dim light gets together, there should be all kinds of enhancements in the dim light. Once it is surrounded, it is foreseeable and dangerous.
Sun Hao didn’t rush over rashly and found a way to adjust his state by sitting cross-legged not far away.
After thinking for a while, Sun Hao felt that the only way to pass through this dim light area should be to improve his ability.
Very intuitive and direct way is to condense blood crystals.
As Sun Hao continues to advance, more and more blood crystals are accumulated in his hands.
A little statistics show that there are more than 10,000 ordinary blood crystals, and even a blood crystal with a higher grade has gained more than 70 pieces.
All blood crystals should be condensed to "kill the evil spirit", even if they can’t be finished, they should be completed in a considerable proportion.
After refining, the stability of vigorous gas will be greatly increased and the defense will be greatly enhanced.
Sun Hao wanted to think about it and decided to refine the secret method of "killing the enemy and setting the evil spirit" by refining the blood crystal, and then tried to destroy a piece of light after strengthening his own ability.
I found a way to be cleared away, cleaned up a little, and set up several laws. Take your time, smoke incense, cross your legs, sit still and refine blood crystals.
It is not difficult to refine ordinary button-sized blood crystals.
It takes half a column of incense to put a blood crystal into the palm of Sun Hao’s hand to show the siege, and the blood evil spirit will melt into the god’s body. At this time, there will be a strong resentment that is unwilling to go straight to Sun Hao’s mind. Sun Hao will resist the resentment and dissipate a blood crystal after a while, even if refining is completed.
It’s not difficult to refine one blood crystal, but it’s not a day or two to finish refining as many as ten thousand blood crystals.
Sun Hao was in no hurry, and it took three days for gold pieces of blood crystal to be refined one after another.
After three days, Sun Hao took a short rest and then tested his refining achievements.
Sun Hao’s two kinds of gangqi have been refined, and ten thousand pieces of blood crystals have been condensed, which makes them look heavy and practical. Sun Hao tried to find that the toughness of the geomagnetic field is indeed a hundred times more stable.
Pure Vulcan Gang has completed 10% refining.
Because it is partially condensed, there is little difference in color between the two levels of pure Vulcan
Pure fire is bright in color before it is condensed into blood, and it seems to be stained with blood after it is condensed into blood, and the color is slightly darker.
Sun Hao observed that the pure Vulcan Gang, which is refined with blood evil spirit, is very similar to the magnetic Gang, which is refined with blood evil spirit. If it is not observed carefully, it is not easy to find their subtle differences.
Sun Hao couldn’t help but move himself in his heart, so that he could pretend to be a terrestrial fire magnet when he was finished.
Although the geomagnetic field is also very good, the thickness reaches 2.5 inches.
But compared with the pure Vulcan Gang, which is five inches thick, it seems to be less sensitive.
Sun Hao dare not run around with a five-inch god, which is simply a living target.
Friars who are impatient or have mental problems will show off their gods everywhere.
After the color of the gods deepened, Sun Hao made the five-inch gods feel a lot more suspicious.
Sun Hao God Gang hasn’t finished refining yet, and about 20% God Gang needs to refine blood. I wonder if 70 big blood crystals can complete refining.
Corleone once again lost his breath and took out a big blood crystal drive surrounded by gods.
The blood crystal in the deity was quickly disintegrated and melted. Sun Hao felt that there was almost no difficulty in refining the blood crystal with the size of a button, but the blood crystal was slightly larger and slightly longer when refining.
Corleone just breathed a sigh of relief, saying it’s not difficult to refine this blood crystal. It’s not good to have another careful tunnel in the horse’s heart.
At this moment, the blood crystal is refined and fierce, and violent resentment rushes from the blood crystal and rushes straight at Corleone’s mind, as if it were a roaring giant scorpion waving its tail and stabbing Corleone’s mind unwillingly.
Suddenly Sun Hao’s mind was tingling.
The pain is very fierce, as if there is the malice in the tail sting of the giant scorpion, which rushes into Sun Hao’s knowledge and corrupts Sun Hao’s knowledge, which generally makes Sun Hao feel a group of ants linger in his pain.
At this moment, Sun Hao’s knowledge of god has suffered the greatest test since it was born, and the degree of discomfort is also the first time that Sun Hao practiced "Thousands of thoughts cut off the refining of gods and objects *"
Not only is there a sharp pain and tearing feeling, but there is also a numbness after poisoning, which makes me feel terrible.
Sun Hao body involuntarily violent shaking up at this time.
A small fire jumped out of the bag of the spirit beast and looked at Corleone nervously, but did not dare to disturb Corleone easily. He kept spinning around Corleone and made an anxious squeak.
I didn’t expect this blood to be so fierce!
Sun Hao is bigger, and it may be more difficult to refine blood crystals, so he is ready for lasting refining.
Unexpectedly, it is not difficult to refine a large blood crystal, but the impact of Shaqi is fierce. Sun Hao is a little caught off guard than he is not well prepared.
In the face of danger, Sun Hao took urgent action to start the meditation, firmly hold his heart and keep himself clean.
Move in the heart Sun Hao launched Bai Gong to dream and refine God * and let himself enter a state like dream a dream, forcibly turning the pain in the knowledge of God into a dream to feel and bear, but not to be moved by the dream.

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