"Americans will promise this condition? The British Expeditionary Force wiped out the American army, can the day of extinction be far behind? Americans should understand the truth that their lips are dead and their teeth are cold? "

Jiang Fangzhen looked at the military map for a long time before saying, "I don’t know, but it seems that the political promise may not be great, but the military operation is very strong, and it is achievable for the US military to reach a tacit understanding."
"That is to say, we are not talking to the US government delegation, but to General Pershing, commander-in-chief of the American Expeditionary Force." Jiang Fangzhen map carefully explored and said carefully that he had gradually formed a plan in his heart.
Zhang Yiping sent a newspaper to Qu Weiqing to tell him his opinion. The next day, Qu Weiqing came out of the negotiation meeting, saying that the Chinese regiment was interested in re-establishing a non-aggression treaty with the United States, but the former United States was not allowed to shelter the British expeditionary force that had brought great pain to the soldiers of the Chinese regiment.
Qu Weiqing said, "As we all know, the officers and men of the Chinese regiment are a group of ordinary French workers. They came to China to help the Allies. Some of them fought like Allies soldiers in the battlefield, but such lovely working people were persecuted by the British government. Not only were they unable to get their due wages, but their personal freedom was also imprisoned. However, the British government has never said sorry for all the culprits.
We won’t stop fighting between the British team and the British team until the British government says it’s sorry and compensates for the losses. Our Chinese team used to be called the’ Wage Corps’, and we will fight to the death if we don’t reach our goal at least. "
Thomson, the American ambassador to France, secretly cursed the British for being a group of hardworking and obedient Chinese laborers, but they were forced by the British to become a group of man-eating tigers, paying a heavy price for themselves and the United States.
However, although there are 10,000 British people who are not, Britain is an ally of the United States, and the China people obviously want to destroy the friendship between Britain and the United States, which cannot be agreed.
Thomson said, "I’m sorry that you asked us to honor the fact that Britain is an ally of the United States. We feel sorry for your British government, but the friendship between the United States and Britain will never change because of things."
Qu Weiqing said with disappointment, "I regret that the US government is indifferent to right and wrong. If the US government must shelter the British Expeditionary Force, we will have no choice."
At this time, the negotiations had to be interrupted because the difference between the two sides was too wide, and the Americans had to ask for instructions before they could reply.
When Qu Weiqing returned to his own lounge, Hu Weide complained, "Brother Weiqing, can you discuss with me before you throw out new requirements?" Qu Weiqing said, "I’m sorry, Brother Weide, but I just received a report from the commander-in-chief Zhang that Brother Zhen Fang also agreed to this matter and it’s really sorry that he didn’t come to discuss it with you when he was in a hurry."
"But it’s not a special requirement. It’s normal for our group," Qu Weiqing said.
"How can you say it’s not special? You should know what the United States and Britain are like. Americans will not please us regardless of their friendship with Britain. The United States and Britain can be said to have the same roots and wear the same pants." Hu Weide said, "Imagine how Americans can agree to our request? “
"I don’t care whether they answer or not, but I think this is our minimum and most legitimate request. If Americans can’t even do this, there will be no place for peace talks," Qu Weiqing said.
"But this negotiation has to be done bit by bit. How can you talk about it when you come and throw out a question?" Hu Weide said, "I don’t know if your commander Zhang really wants to negotiate."
"Heaven and earth conscience, this time I really mean that money is not so real!" There was a burst of laughter outside the door, and Yuan Wanhong quickly greeted him. "The commander-in-chief is here!"
Zhang Yiping came in and said, "It’s not like a gentleman to speak ill of me behind Mr. Hu’s back."
Hu Weide said something like "I’m sorry" before Zhang Yiping said for sure, "This time I really mean it. Although the Americans have done many bad things in China and paid us a lot of indemnity, we have already come back with several compensations, and we have killed hundreds of thousands of people in their second army. In this case, the Americans can let bygones be bygones. What can we do if we are willing to make peace talks?"
"But why should we set up these obstacles?" Hu Weide asked
Zhang Yiping said, "This is not an obstacle, but that we Americans can’t circumvent the problem. Only by solving this problem will our war really end. Without solving the war factors, there will be no real peace."
"We Americans have a war because the British persecuted us. If we want the Americans and the British to be separated, we will no longer have a war, as simple as that," Zhang Yiping said.
"But why don’t we call the British out and have a good talk with them? Isn’t everything solved if we want to clear up the misunderstanding of the British?" Hu Weide suddenly said
"Ha ha how to talk to the British? "Zhang Yiping said.
"Let them compensate you for your lost wages or apologize. I don’t think the British government will stand by again at this time …" Hu Weide said.
"But have you ever thought about how to compensate Mr. Hu Yuanyuan? Englishmen, we have sold opium in China for so many years, which has poisoned us in China for so many years. How can we compensate for this? …”
Hu Weide was speechless at the moment.
On the American side, the American ambassador to China, Thomas, reported’s human requirements to China and then waited for instructions from China.
John, Thomson’s assistant, said, "It’s impossible to promise them that the China people will force us to choose between them and the British, but it’s obvious that the United States will definitely choose Britain. There is no doubt about it."
Thomson shrugged his shoulders and said, "You never know, maybe Britain’s sinking is just in the interest of the United States, and Britain’s sinking, Germany and France are fighting like this again. Maybe from then on, the US military will replace Britain and become the world hegemon …"
After listening to this, John carefully tasted Thomson’s words, which became more and more interesting.
At this moment, a China guard came in and handed a note to another military member of the negotiating team. He came to Wens School and took a look at the note. Then he lifted his leg and went outside. Thomson hurriedly asked, "What can I do for you at Wens School? Did you, General Pershing, have any military actions? “
"no! “
"The negotiation period is confidential, so you can’t just walk around to Wines School! "Thomson said again
"I’m from the American Expeditionary Force, not your hand, Mr. Ambassador." Come to Wence School and say, push! Push! Push! Go out quietly
There is a Chinese official waiting for him to take him to a sealed room outside the door. There is a man here who said, "Please tell General Pershing that I want to make a deal with him".
Chapter 493 Settled
There is a vast and deserted field in the west of Trouvat, and an isolated wooden house stands on the horizon. A field road runs like a long straight line from the front of the wooden house.
Around this house, the security company Pan Wubai and Shi Xiaochuan led a group of gunmen who have closely monitored this house.
After the sun rose, the earth flew from the direction of the Central League in the west, and it was obvious that the horse was Shi Weilan. At this time, a horse was flying in the direction of the US military in the south, and it was an American officer
They stopped in front of the house at the same time, tied their horses respectively, and then went into the house. After a while, they both came out and galloped away.
Pan 500 said impatiently, "What the hell is he doing? We sneaked here last night. After staying for so long, he just broke up with that American ghost and was still a Yankee."
"What’s wrong with America?" Shi Xiaochuan asked
"It’s either male or female. If it’s female, it’s said that the stone staff will be lovers here. We should be brothers and he should keep it overnight.
Shi Xiaochuan has just returned from injury, and people seem to be more calm. "You just do your own thing, as long as you are talkative, the chief of staff of Shi is doing business."
"I’m wondering if it’s so much trouble to meet Americans and put them down with one shot? And Shi Weilan. What’s he doing? Do we really have peace talks with Americans? Is this necessary? "Pan 500 said," We killed so many people in the US team, and I have at least 50 Americans. How can we really make up with us? “
"The peace talks are not about fighting for the time being, not about reconciliation," Shi Xiaochuan said. "If you don’t understand, don’t try to concentrate on doing your own thing."
Pan Wubai grabbed his head and said, "I just can’t figure out why we should rush over and kill all the Yankees, Brits, Frenchmen and foreign ghosts after all this hatred. Why waste so much?"
"Pan 500, you are 250 out of 250. If you want to have a meal, you will eat. If you have a woman, you will call you to fight. Just call you to have sex. Why do you think so much? If you think too much, I’m afraid you will really lose your mind."
"I just want to think because I can’t figure it out."
"Let me tell you this. We don’t want to fight Americans when we come here."
"What then played? “
"Isn’t it forced by Americans? "Shi Xiaochuan said," But it’s better to let Americans see our strength after a war, and he won’t dare to touch our minds from now on. "
"The commander-in-chief said that dignity and status are punched out, and now I really understand this truth. It is precisely because we have killed so many of them that Americans will face up to us and respect us before we can truly abide by the treaty. Otherwise, will you tell a person who has no resistance and respect each other?"
Pan 500 said, "Yes, even if he is a child, I will keep everything I promise."
"You are 250 out of 525 Pan …"
This secret military contact was planned by Jiang Fangzhen, and Jiang Fangzhen demanded that the US military give up Trouvat and withdraw to Lyon in return. In the middle, the regiment withdrew its 15th division from Kesuwa.
Pan Xing’s delay in moving is largely due to the fact that around Dijon, the 15th Division and 14th Division, he was worried that when the troops retreated, there was a card on 14th and 15th to block their retreat and let the US military repeat the mistakes of the Second Army.
At that time, the US Second Army was blocked by a division of the Chinese * * regiment, which caused the army to be defeated and wiped out.
At this time, the American expeditionary force was left with the first army, and its experience was not very rich, and its combat effectiveness was not strong, which was very inferior to that of the British and French Coalition forces
The United States has trained three armies, with a total of 2.1 million people. The first army has been put into battle, and the second army was wiped out by the Chinese regiment. The third army has just finished training and landed in the United States, and the number of French people is more than 300,000. Moreover, most of China and Lyon have not participated in actual combat. It is unrealistic to hope that the two infantry divisions of the Chinese regiment will pass through Lyon and Dijon.
At present, the number of the first American expeditionary force in Trouvat and Xiaomeng is about 100,000, and there are strong fortifications. This is somewhat different from the situation of the second army at that time. At that time, the failure of the second army was due to the contempt for the Chinese regiment. Another reason was that the battlefield field was quickly attacked by the regiment, and it was out of control.
The fortifications here in Trouvat are solid and complete. If the Chinese * * regiment stormed the American Expeditionary Force, it would definitely pay heavy casualties, which is unacceptable to the Chinese * * regiment.

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