Let out a deep neigh again.
Turns out to be in the direction of Yin resin old village.
Liang Ping didn’t hesitate, but she ran after him.
Dragging a sword on the ground looks cool, handsome and natural and unrestrained with a solemn face.
The shadow cloak is ringing in the high wind, but Liang Ping’s heart is heavy
The whole village was either bitten by a corpse and turned into a corpse, or brutally killed by this damn beast.
Liang Ping’s trip didn’t save anyone. He wanted to kill all the monsters here with one blow.
However, when he re-entered the old village of Yin corpse, the scene before him made him feel a little timid.
All the villagers who died before were resurrected here.
But they are not normal human beings who are resurrected, but people who have no thoughts and corpses.
Liang Ping’s grip on the sword is hard to feel.
If you say it before and after, you don’t hesitate to kill every corpse, because it is to save lives.
And now what’s the significance of slaying these corpses?
Liang Ping had a brief confusion.
However, it is this sister who is lying on the shoulder of Yin ptomaine beast who actually giggles and laughs wildly.
"Big brother, I know you are a good man. Come with us!"
Hearing the sound of younger sister’s immature innocence, Liang Ping felt a sense of sadness.
What a kind child, what a poor situation.
Everyone in this mountain village is extremely kind. What have they done to bear such a terrible experience?
Liang Ping’s step-by-step retreat may be because their ancestors used to be Luo Zhuang people, and now they have to repay their ancestors’ mistakes.
However, Liang Ping found that the guy who was mistaken for a beast suddenly appeared behind him before he left the village.
He wore a dark black suit, and his limbs and body were mechanically transformed, but his head still belonged to human beings.
Liang Ping looked at the man in surprise and immediately thought that a great medical scientist had seen on the news a few years ago that human beings had achieved eternal scientific research achievements, that is, human heads could be transplanted into mechanical bodies, and they would never die if they were well protected.
And this person in front of me is like a person who says that in the news.
Looking at him with a face of maliciousness and a smile, Liang Ping suddenly felt creepy and asked boldly, "Who the hell are you? Is this so-called ptomaine from you?"
"My name is Miki, a scientist who has lived in the Farmar Empire for nearly a thousand years."
"Scientists? So this corpse poison is really your Jie? " Liang Ping frowning brows asked.
Mikubi smiled smugly. "These things are really my Jie, but I am not satisfied with the growth of these guys."
"Oh?" Liang Ping looked at Mark in surprise.
Mark looked at Liang Ping with flashing eyes and smiled. "Of course, it was after seeing you that I suddenly felt that these guys were all a bunch of waste!" "
Liang Pingwen felt an ominous premonition. For scientists, he always thought it was a way to fight against the super-strong. They not only had super brains, but also had some unimaginable means of killing.
This kind of opponent makes people wonder about his strength, which is even more frightening.
Liang Ping seriously faced Miki’s theory of heart and mind, and he had to be beheaded at one stroke!
Is slowly close to mark before preparation to slay Yin ptomaine beast plan to slay mark before.
However, just after two steps, I saw Miki suddenly flash in the dark and laughed. "I know who you are. You just occupied the sword statue of Mu Ye. Your name is Liang Ping, who came from the 23-year-old world, but you want to kill me. I’m afraid it’s not easy. Why don’t you try my scientific research results first!"
Mark’s voice fell slightly and he heard a burst of screaming from the villagers’ Yin corpse, which seemed to be ready to attack himself.
Their speed of action has also become faster here, and they can move a distance of 3 meters in about one second, which is really unprecedented among small monsters!
Liang Ping’s face sank in vain, and he could no longer have the slightest kindness.
Chapter 139 Slay Yin corpse
The dark body of the shadow sword can’t see its appearance in the dark night.
However, Liang Ping’s release of white firm but gentle swordsman is like a dazzling fluorescence in the night.
"shua shua ~"
The extremely fast sword speed forms a sword curtain, and Liang Ping is wrapped in it.
He didn’t release his skills when he broke into the group of unknown corpses.
"Kaka Kaka ~ ~"
Hear waves like broken glass.
Blue ice crystals are flying in the village, all of which are gone in a flash.
However, it is strange that those blue ice crystals just disappeared in the night and were resurrected from the anus of the village-end ptomaine beast.
Liang Ping can’t help but scold a.
"This M is resurrected too fast!"
However, his speed of slaying the corpse is getting faster and faster.

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