But this degree of injury is the so-called thing for Pang Xia.

Pang Xia, who has the "longevity tactic" to protect his body, will immediately resolve this degree of injury as soon as he runs the body to generate qi.
However, at this time, the Yelufang’s hands were folded as if kneading dough.
As Yelufang’s hands keep rubbing and rubbing, nine deep and remote places gather in his hands to form an energy ball.
At this time, behind Yelufang, Duan Yu raised his fingers with both hands and repeatedly popped up.
Series of sharp but firm but gentle since Duan Yu hands fingers inspired like a laser to break.
Watched Duan Yu six pulse Excalibur firm but gentle will hit behind the law.
But at this moment, the energy ball in Yelufang’s hands was instantly crushed by it.
Suddenly, with the explosion of nine deep and remote places, the center of Yelufang’s body around the ground exploded around.
The huge waves formed by the broken earth and stone spread rapidly around.
The watch is about to hit Yelufang, counting to six pulses, and the firm but gentle sword of Excalibur is also resisted by these spreading earth-rock waves.
Slightly frowning, Duan Yu’s hands and fingers are intertwined, and six different shock waves converge and form a pair of index fingers.
Turn your hands at the same time, then move forward a little, and suddenly a white mountain shoots, even those earth-rock waves can not be stopped.
The strongest shock wave of six swords in one is the strongest killing skill in Six Pulse Excalibur, which has unparalleled penetrating ability.
As soon as this move was spared, it was the law, and its face changed slightly, and then it was slammed on the ground with one hand.
However, I saw a thick, dark air spewing out from the ground and being absorbed by Yelufang’s right fist.
Makes Yelufang’s right fist gradually turn black as if it could devour all the light.
At the same time, I saw Duan Yu’s great power, Pang Xia, waving a magic knife in his hand and cutting it towards Yelufang.
Thick pure black murderous look gushed out from Pang Xia’s fingers and revolved around the demon-killing knife.
Holding a dark magic knife, Pang Xia’s true spirit broke out and split it toward Yelufang’s head.
But at this time, someone is faster than him, and the life and death operator floats in front of the palm.
The whole person appeared like a ghost on the right side of Yelufang, and a palm went to his right temple!
Chapter seven hundred Join hands to absorb work
Pang Xia’s three men are not battle-hardened masters.
So the three of them attacked and came to Yelufang when they were in control at the same time.
Watching PangXia three people attack can be in the center of the law.
However, at this time, Yelufang had gone bad, and the black right hand suddenly became claw-shaped.
The five fingers of his right hand were deeply caught in the ground and suddenly moved when Pang Xia’s attack was about to hit him.
Yelufang’s body rotates rapidly, and his right hand drives nine deep and remote places to drag up a large number of earth and stone to rotate rapidly around him.
Almost in an instant, Yelufang seemed to directly turn into a fierce rotating earth-rock tornado.
Yu Pang Xia’s three-man attack was unsuccessful in blocking the earth-rock tornado filled with nine deep and remote places.
Pang Xia and Xu Zhu were thrown out by Juli because they were too close to the earth-rock dragon, and they were hurt to some extent.
The slow stop of the earth-rock tornado blocked the view with smoke and dust.
When the smoke dissipates, an earth pillar like a tower appears in front of Pang Xia.
On the other hand, Yu Yelu is standing on the square of the earth pillar overlooking Pang Xia.
See this PangXia eyebrows a pick a palm boom in the earth pillars.
However, it was beyond Pang Xia’s expectation that the earth pillar was extremely condensed and solid because it was full of nine deep and remote places.
Pang Xia’s palm just now, even if it is a master of innate realm, will be lightly injured.
However, this earth pillar actually has only one more hand print that is not deep, which makes Pang Xia’s eyes slightly narrow.
See PangXia this move and the law of the party immediately laughed "little friends this nine you Optimus Prime is not so good.
I’ll let you have a good experience-I’m a nine-secluded Optimus Prime! "
Never put off till tomorrow what you can "law" party eyes a stare whole person made a handstand hands hugged the smaller top.
Then at the rebuke, I pulled this pillar full of nine deep and remote places from the ground.
And as he fell to the ground, he held him in his hand and waved like a giant stick.
Huge earth pillars waved in Yelu and stirred up strong winds.
In Yelufang, a low-drinking stone pillar turned into a phantom and went to Pangxia three people respectively.
The stone pillars filled with nine deep and remote places are as strong as half a magic weapon.
So this is very dangerous for Duan Yu and Xuzhu, who are fighting against each other.
Therefore, Pang Xia took the initiative to rush to the front of the earth pillars without hesitation.
"Boom boom boom …"
With his teeth clenched, Pang Xia’s nine-yuan fairy sword and the demon-killing knife kept hitting the earth pillars.
However, after all, the other party is a great master, although with the help of a pair of magic soldiers in the wild
However, for Pang Xia, the massive force attached to the earth pillar is still beyond his tolerance.
Blood flows slowly from the corners of Pang Xia’s mouth, and it is obvious that Pang Xia has been injured in constant collision.
However, Pang Xia not only didn’t flinch, but even more frantically waved his sword and recklessly fought for the stone pillars of Yelufang.
"Happy! Happy! Not the kui is a great master’s strength is really amazing, so it is a man’s fight. "
With Pang Xia’s voice falling, a firm but gentle voice filled with metaplasia artistic conception and a knife spirit filled with destruction artistic conception.
From Pang Xia’s hands, the nine-yuan fairy sword and the magic-killing knife are distributed respectively.

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