Can anti-ship missiles still play like this?

Everyone gasped, and nothing can be done now. Torpedo interception of torpedoes will definitely be impossible. The speed of others has reached 90 knots. Intercept my ass! Evade? Too close to the torpedo net? In order to keep the warship flexible and mobile, this heavy thing has not been put away. After all, everyone knows that the attack speed of enemy missiles is the magic weapon to protect the law! Some sailors turned pale and gave up their jobs, desperate to jump into the sea to avoid the coming big explosion. The bridge commanders closed their eyes-
Knock! ! !
The warship came with what it was afraid of when it was severely shaken. It was still hit. The commander clenched his fist in pain and waited for the end of the day. But nothing happened. The torpedo didn’t explode!
Bomb experts came to the stern with two battles. Boy, that torpedo has penetrated the thick hull and stopped near the engine room! Well, it didn’t explode, or the Fuxi would lose half its power if it wasn’t blown up. Adults slaughtered lambs! They quickly defused the bomb and nipped the danger in the bud. After a few minutes, they found that they were fooling around. A live torpedo could not explode without a fuse and a charging root. There was a piece of paper with a beautiful square character written on it. It took the captain a lot of effort to understand its meaning. From then on, the commander decided to equip himself with a Chinese translator. "Look, you have helped us once, so I won’t be so polite this time!" Chinese people are nostalgic. They remember that Gaul helped themselves when their national defense construction was in trouble. The Chinese army commander was not too proud and refused to communicate in French at this critical moment. Where should they put their faces?
Holding this word with a murderous note, the commander seemed to be aging for dozens of years until the chief of staff repeatedly urged him to ask for an idea, and then slowly said, "Let our anti-submarine aircraft come back and the fleet retreat for one hundred kilometers … as far away from this muddy water as possible!" Speaking of which, the commander’s brow is full of bitterness and bitterness.
Among the hooligans, the most difficult situation is the most embarrassing situation in China. It was the bloody death of Gaul in World War I and the death of Pojun in World War II. Gaul, which has always felt good about itself, almost fell into second-rate and third-rate countries. If it weren’t for their De Gaul, they would be in danger of being carved up like some small countries. It’s really not easy to deal with NATO and Warsaw Pact all the way these years. They have been trying their best to consolidate the army and have tasted the pain of national subjugation. Gauls are eager to have a strong army. If Gaul can’t be strong or not, it means The Fuchs is the pride of Gaul and his child. He has never married in his life and put all his efforts into the battle group of the Fuchs aircraft carrier. Those excellent sailors are his children, and those excellent equipment are his children! Watching the Fuchs grow stronger and the whole battle group mature day by day, he is happier than watching his children grow up. However, the pride of his proud opponent, an unexploded torpedo, shattered the pride of the whole Gaul navy! From the standpoint of an old soldier, he really wants to fight against this terrible opponent at all costs! But Gaul’s reason tells him that he can’t do this. Gaul can’t afford to be hit by the sinking of an aircraft carrier!
The humiliation of not being able to fight and retreat made the old sailor bite his teeth.
Chapter one hundred The great naval battle (6)
Gaul naval carrier battle group moves back!
The Spanish navy task force moved back!
The Italian navy destroyer detachment moved back!
The remaining British warships moved back!
The commander of the battle group of the aircraft carrier Kennedy was as gloomy as a rainstorm, and it was horribly gloomy. Damn it, the European bastard chose to retreat from the other side and watch the fire! The Chinese army is really cruel. It was a torpedo that blew up the NATO fleet and fell apart! Since the end of World War II, tens of billions of dollars have been thrown into the dog’s body. This group of old European winners and losers have taken a slap in the face and left the battlefield for him to have a good time with the Chinese army! It’s not clear what secret weapon the Chinese army has got, but their determination is clear. Funny old Europe still has a dream of fighting between snipes and mussels.
Look at the left and right sides. Well, it’s not bad. Great and Japanese pigs are both loyal, but their strength is too bad. Without fighting, these two are gnashing their teeth to avenge the Japanese fleet and the Chinese army. Let’s not talk about the "sworn enemy". The South Korean stick is light in shape. Fuck me, I just sent two warships to make soy sauce to broaden my horizons. I didn’t recruit anyone and didn’t provoke anyone. Didn’t you actually sink my shit bug king? If it was a one-on-one hit, I would have run away with my tail between my legs. The problem is that I have him as my backer here in michel platini, and I have to avenge this. What is the first army in the universe if we don’t avenge it! Those warships in these two countries are as crazy as crazy. They are chasing for traces of Chinese submarines all over the world. michel platini is showing dogs. Of course, they have to have enemies with michel platini. Otherwise, why do people still keep them? These two dogs can help a little. Let them toss it around. Maybe they can really force the Chinese army out!
Just now, that round of differential attack has sent the four "nuclear submarines" to the bottom of the sea, making them "dive" forever. The attack was so smooth that everyone was surprised. You know, 93 is notoriously difficult, and it is possible for it to bite the key when it fights with it. Now, when four ships are sunk, they can’t even fight back. This seems to be a problem, which makes the commander angry and report that "three nuclear submarines are missing again!" Speaking of which, these soldiers are a little dumbfounded. Are there so many nuclear submarines? You know, China is not the Soviet Union. How many nuclear submarines can they afford to build for more than two billion dollars? Seven ships came in one? Ghost! They all felt a little embarrassed to speak when they found the report.
The commander didn’t lose his temper, nor did he lose his temper. The most important thing now is to stay calm and calm! He stare at that flashing light on the screen like an outsider.
Points and a string of data show a slight sneer.
I can confirm whether those targets are true or false. Congratulations, your camouflage technology has taken a step further and created false targets, which made us unable to distinguish between true and false. Of course, you also made psychological and tactical advantages. Our fear of nuclear submarines, especially 93, a low-noise and high-speed nuclear submarine, successfully disturbed my judgment. Well done, but it is not interesting to play the same trick twice. If you repeat the same trick, you will tell us that these targets are false! So where is it really hidden? I just believe that these fake targets will come out by themselves!
Another "93 nuclear submarine" emerged triumphantly, and the commander pointed to a direction without a target. "Give me fire here!"
Chief of staff leng "there is nothing ….."
The commander’s line is cold. "Fire!"
"Hey, hey, hey …"
The sea light flashed, foam splashed, and another group of anti-submarine missiles fell into the sea, but this time they crossed those targets that are difficult to judge and hit a sea area. As the chief of staff expected, most of these missiles were lost, but-
"expansion! ! !”
A dark red fire broke out in a hundred meters deep water, and the warship that released the false target was about to evacuate was actually hit by an anti-submarine missile explosion, which made the enemy ship vibrate, but it still didn’t hurt it. The most shameful thing about this warship was that it made two layers of memory composite metal to make a pressure-resistant shell with a layer of seawater and gave the active defense system a response. Even if it was hit, a heavy torpedo could support the anti-submarine missile. The lethality was still a little weak for it. Major General Captain was still as calm as ever, and the staff quickly reported that "No.1 cabin was flooded ..
"An f-14 fighter squadron is coming at us. It is estimated that anti-submarine bombs are hung!"
"And …"
The original picture was not very clear, and suddenly the snowflake occupied it, and I couldn’t see anything. Several staff members looked at each other and made the worst judgment. The balloon was shot down!
It’s not wrong at all. The hanging basket balloon was really blown up by two helicopter heavy machine guns. The battleship’s eyes were gouged out and nothing could be seen.
Major General, the captain ordered a good one, and he judged my general direction so quickly, which deserves to be the most powerful navy in the world! However, your style of play is still too conservative, which needs to be improved! It’s really unreasonable for her mother-in-law not to lose. Congratulations.
It’s the first time that this huge ship has been hit in five years, but your luck will stop here! I’ve seen your anti-submarine power, so even a fish in front of tight encirclement won’t leave without your consent, but now you’ve drawn a considerable part of your anti-submarine power, right? So the number of our fighters will be even. On firepower? One of my warships can kill one of your fleets! Haven’t you always wanted to fight a decisive battle? Okay, I’ll give you this chance!
Major General, the captain’s voice is still as cold as ever. "Launch three magnetic pulse bombs, two covering anti-submarine aircraft groups, and give them to the European fleet for a taste!"
Three missiles, breaking the waves, two flew straight to the anti-submarine aircraft group, and one pounced on the European fleet. In the crowd’s surprised eyes, three balls of fire were more dazzling than two suns. The high school exploded. The strong light made many people dare to look directly at it. The eyes temporarily lost. I don’t know how much it was so expensive. The instrument technicians lost their alarm. One group after another exploded, and there was a scorching smell. There were even some blue flames. I didn’t know what to do to provoke everyone’s anger! The fireball flashed and scolded constantly because many warships of the European fleet lost their combat effectiveness at this moment, and their radar crashed and they couldn’t see anything! Damn pandas, everyone admits that they are not as cruel as they are, and they are willing to stay out of the way. They have to kill them all! Fortunately, the equivalent of that pulse bomb was not large, and it did not completely paralyze the whole fleet. When the magnetic storm in the air passed, most instruments could be restored to work, otherwise they would not cry to death!
The anti-submarine fleet was not so lucky. Two magnetic pulse bombs exploded in the center of the fleet, and they didn’t even have a chance to escape. Each one was smoking with something, and every engine road was instantly turned off. The pilot stared at a pair of out-of-focus eyes and roared. One fighter plunged into the sea, and then another f-14 slammed into a rock and turned into a tumbling fireball. The remaining fighters were planted in the sea one after another for less than 20 seconds like hearing a starting gun. There was nothing left but rolling foam.
Watching the screen beat wildly, the commander’s face finally changed. He knew he had made the most fatal mistake and underestimated his opponent! There is nothing wrong with his tactical body and his deployment, but he underestimated the limit of his opponent’s movable strategic weapons and even underestimated the persistence of Chinese generals in winning! That’s a great guy. Even the magnetic pulse bomb, a soft-killing weapon, has been thrown out, and it’s three at a time! I don’t want to know that those anti-submarine planes are completely finished, and so is the squadron ship! There is nothing wrong with the tactic of giving the opponent the hardest blow and knocking down the enemy in one fell swoop 2.
A submarine force has a dead end when it encounters such a terrible anti-submarine force, but the height of the anti-submarine aircraft also gives the other side the opportunity to kill the magnetic pulse bomb in one fell swoop! At present, the magnetic storm swept across the whole sea area, and many instruments of the fleet were forced to learn what had happened more than 100 kilometers away, but the commander had a bite to bite his teeth and made all the ships take off to replace anti-submarine missiles and prepare to fight to the death with that terrible opponent!
The commander ordered about 30 f-14 fighters to take off by force when the command equipment was greatly affected, and formed a battle formation to protect the aircraft carrier. It turned out that these aircraft took off at an extreme time because when their last aircraft jumped off the deck, more than 20 aircraft carrier battle groups, which represented the aircraft carrier, also jumped the Kennedy aircraft carrier battle group, still managed to make the radar screen normal.
Chapter one hundred and one Great naval battle (7)
Seeing so many fighters born, the commander was dizzy.
Where the hell did these fighters come from? No enemy aircraft carrier was found in the whole battlefield, and it is even more impossible for enemy planes to attack from hundreds of kilometers away-that means flying over the heads of NATO Coalition forces on the ground. So many anti-missile and anti-radar are not vegetarians. Do you want to sneak around hundreds of kilometers from the ground to surprise the fleet? No way!
Radar soldiers hopping foot barking "what is that? What is that? It’s approaching us! Is it a whale or a warship! ? It is so fast! "
The magnetic pulse bomb is still a little far away from the battle group of the Kennedy aircraft carrier, which has limited influence on them. All instruments can barely work normally. The radar found the most conspicuous and arrogant target satellite that emerged from the seabed at the first time, and the confused picture was transferred to the flagship bridge. Everyone looked at the screen stupidly, and some people looked at each other with the same expression. What kind of monster was that? ! !
That’s a real monster. The hull is 330 meters long and made like a super-large torpedo. The hull is slender and has a 75-meter-long flight deck. Two fighters can take off side by side and look around the world. There is no way to find such a strange warship! All kinds of defensive weapons are densely covered, and the whole warship is stuffed like a living hedgehog! Twelve 37mm quadruple-mounted rapid-fire guns, thirty-six quite six combined-mounted rotary tube Gaoping two heavy machine guns, and six 75mm and fifty times diameter multifunctional auxiliary guns are arranged on both sides of the warship, so that every naval general can gasp for breath and add twelve rapid-fire guns to integrate "Sea Red Flag" ship-to-missile launching unit. Even the craziest pilot can look at this shameful warship and tell the company with a wry smile that it is pure death to attack such a target by fighter-bomber alone!
That’s not to mention its super close defense capability. At the same time, it also installed a laser gun at the stern to attack targets 100 kilometers away! It also has a vertical launching system that can launch "shark-toothed" supersonic anti-ship missiles and subsonic anti-ship missiles to send all warships to the seabed for 130 kilometers. The waterline is six quadrupled torpedo launch tubes, which can instantly launch 24 powerful overspeed torpedoes, and can also launch missiles. However, the missile has to be installed in the launch tube, which is fired from the torpedo launch tube and then rises from the sky. This firepower configuration makes it possible for both water and water to pour out the most violent firepower and tear the target to pieces. If these weapons are still normal, then the ship’s bow is equipped with a 43 mm cannon. To see how easy it is to stuff an adult into the dark muzzle, every captain feels that chrysanthemum is tight and cold! This …
What the hell is this? Submarine? Aircraft carrier? Still a battleship? Or is it simply a mobile steel fortress?
The commander is still motionless, which really makes people wonder if he is paralyzed, but his heart has set off a storm and waves. The absurd rumors for many years have finally become a reality. The battle of Belan has come to an end, and the Chinese army has thrown out its trump card, which is almost a mythical weapon. They actually developed it before grabbing the world and put it into actual combat! Looking at the J -12 Sawtooth Shark heavy-duty ship that roared in the distance, he was holding a telescope and shaking his hand. The diving aircraft carrier was not a new concept. It really appeared in World War II. That is, the Japanese navy conducted submarine-borne aircraft warfare research from the end of the 1920s. During World War II, Japanese navies carried large submarines to carry out reconnaissance or correct trajectory. The I -4 design idea sprouted from November 1942. The submarine took off. An e14y1 reconnaissance plane flew to the Oregon forest on the west coast of the United States and dropped two small incendiary bombs. Encouraged by this success, the Japanese navy added a total of one I -4 submarine to the "05" shipbuilding plan.
The I -4 class is 293 feet long and has a water displacement of 355 tons. The water displacement of 656 tons is the largest submarine designed during World War II. The highest speed is water 2, water saving and 7 voyage 33. Haili/ The four-month radius of 16 sustainable wars can reach a corner of the world. The I -4 submarine is the best naval weapon made by the Japanese navy in World War II, which is more significant than the Yamato battleship. Even today, the idea of submarine carrier is quite advanced. Although the idea and design of the I -4 war are quite advanced, it is as late as the German I submarine, which affects the end of World War II. This submarine can take three ships, but it has to fold its wings and tails. If more than a dozen ships, Together, we can make up a large-scale fleet camp in an attempt to attack the Panama Canal and bomb densely populated cities on the west coast of the United States. We dropped bacterial weapons and caused as much damage as possible to the United States at all costs. In the last day of World War II, Japan had built three submarine carriers and sent them out. This was the last counterattack, but God refused to help them. When these three submarine carriers had reached the attack position, they received the news of surrender by the emperor. Finally, the team division. The officer finally surrendered, but before that, all the ships were thrown into the sea and all the information was destroyed. The US Navy dragged these three submarine carriers back to China for further study, but in the end, there was no result, but it was ok.
It’s normal for the navy to take off and land three planes and a large submarine with a displacement of 6,500 tons, but they never dreamed that the weapons abandoned by them would appear in front of them again, and their power was hundreds of times stronger than that unknown during World War II!
The experts who handled Iraq -4 during World War II deserve hell!

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