Hearing the captain’s heart, the crew mustered their last strength. Sasha closed his eyes and urged the holy light to draw six points of light in front of Cui Hetang’s fingers. Harley kept giving herself to the magnetic field to absorb spiritual power. It was quite hard to flap its wings and release colorful colors.

Even Mo Lie sat solemnly in the middle of the room and held a unique ceremony. A silvery white arc light was generated from his horns and quickly remitted to the Phantom of the Opera, making an important contribution to this restoration project.
Pei Lin Odin Christine Xuanyuan three brothers and sisters, one of the Li gunners, count as one. They shine like light bulbs, bringing warmth and vitality to the Phantom of the Opera.
"Hum you people still want to struggle? Look at my mountain power. In the white light, the red wind violence honour person made an earth-shattering roar, and then the orange gravity field slowly pressed around the Phantom of the Opera, which changed greatly.
It’s really terrible that this mountain should even be suppressed together. Lin momo and incarnate son look very ugly.
"Poof!" Sasha spit out one mouthful blood. Her adjutant was responsible for dispatching the ship’s energy system, and external forces were the first to penetrate and attack people.
"I’m dying. I’ll give it to you here." Sasha came to explain for an instant. The mermaid adjutant reversed the shield and turtle’s back, but there was only a little holy light lingering between the eyebrows to prove that she was not dead.
At this moment, there are 17 seconds before the restoration is completed. It is only when we see some clues that the Venerable Master will rush to exert extreme measure. Otherwise, no matter how strong Zhuoshan is, it will not inspire such a large scale.
The orange-yellow mountain peak is getting closer and closer to the Phantom of the Opera, and the superposition of gravity fields leads to disorder. From a distance, when the platform is moored, everything seems to be covered with a hazy cover.
Lin momonai released nine metempsychosis dragons. These nine little guys have strong penetration ability, and most of the insect shells can resist their biting and disappear.
The orange-yellow mountain peak makes the action of metempsychosis extremely difficult. The first two metempsychosis dragons are responsible for opening the way, and the last seven mechanical dragons are the killer, which shocked the honour person of red wind violence.
"Just a machine dares to break me in front of me." The deafening sound comes to a huge white light and the nine metempsychosis dragons get the ultimate command to fight freely.
Lin momo willing to give up blood, after all, there are still some places where nine metempsychosis evil dragons make my mountain slightly slow down the Phantom of the Opera.
Red wind violence honour person is exerting source ability to destroy Phantom of the Opera, and at the moment, he will not exert his efforts to deal with the metempsychosis evil dragon. It is always uncomfortable for him to be attacked by the metempsychosis evil dragon.
In a blink of an eye, the charm son entered the countdown state, and a magnetic field and gravity field emerged around the hull of Phantom of the Opera to compete with Cui Hetang Xuanyuan. The three brothers and sisters fainted after Sasha, and their energy was beyond the endurance limit.
"Nineteen seven …"
Countdown audio Harley’s ear, the wise and tough guy couldn’t hold on any longer. His mouth kept twitching and he fell down to the battery area. His family gunner was dragged by breath and fainted at the same time.
Those micro-robots dive into the deepest part of the hull wall at their own expense to make up for the tiny cracks. They build a new energy vein to make the hull stronger and the Phantom of the Opera can withstand more powerful collision forces.
"Hum …" With the smooth operation of the magneto-optical cosmic wonders released by the ship’s hull, the orange-yellow mountain peaks are held by magenta magneto-optical and can no longer be suppressed.
In an instant, six metempsychosis dragons were shot from the white light, while the other three were crushed by the gravitational field.
At this time, a faint purple rose from the deck of Phantom of the Opera, and then the huge white light together with the gravity field of Zhuoshan was imprisoned as if it were compressed by some mysterious force to another layer.
"Gee, I can’t believe that you are so capable." There was an exclamation in the white light, and then the orange peaks turned round and round, and you didn’t see any clumsiness at all.
Lin momo’s figure suddenly appeared near the white light, and there was a little purple light on his left arm. Although there was a little light to clamp down the gravity field, the mountains failed to escape imprisonment.
"Why? The captain came to fight in person, and you didn’t even want to show your face? All right, let me tear your face. "Lin momo’s eyes are radiant with cold light. No one can do it except him.
Soft and colorful light golden glow set off from Lin momo’s head. The gravity field of Zhuoshan Mountain was suddenly attacked by thousands of blade lights. The overwhelming momentum made the red wind violent honour person unprepared.
"Artifact? No wonder the black-and-white venerable clone will die. It turns out that you have an artifact sitting on the earth. "The venerable man seems to be mumbling and full of joy. It is also impossible for a master like him to meet an artifact."
"Hum-red storm is evil. Since no one is willing to come forward to deal with you, the captain will take the place of the world’s justice and exterminate you." Lin momo exclaims at first, prompting the agate snail.
The huge colorful snail shell is erratic, as if it is not real at one time and virtual at another. The golden blade light is in the form of blowout, and the huge white light is twisted into pieces.
"Ha, ha, ha, Lin, it’s great that you don’t have an artifact. You can’t play the real power of the artifact." The venerable master laughed wildly and the white light dissipated to show a figure.
Lin momo looked at the enemy, the senior peak master of the red storm. From the appearance, he was about a hundred years old, and his white eyebrows drooped to his cheeks, which made him look particularly old. It is estimated that when he achieved the peak master, his qi and blood had already lost to the bottom, and he became as young as his peak. Even so, you can’t despise this old guy.
The battlefield is a place of life and death. Too much nonsense is meaningless. The colorful agate snail turns and locks the bridled old man, which is a light blade.
Gravity field torsion honour person releases orange shield, which is also the most basic source ability. It is not unusual to have two garbage source abilities, but it is rare to hone the source ability to resist artifact attacks.
Lin momo won’t give each other too much defense. He suddenly sent the bridled old man near to lean out his arm to make more dense imprisonment, and then one thousand pieces of gold velvet scalpel blaster.
Attribute source ability has always been bad for defense. The bridled old man hurriedly grabbed a crutch and saw the golden arc all over the sky shooting the two sides to do close combat.
It’s really commendable that just a few breathing bridled elders cut all scalpels with crutches in their hands, but it’s shocking for the old guy that Lin momo didn’t play according to common sense after finishing.
"You don’t have a chance." Lin momo took advantage of the golden velvet scalpel attack to deceive himself, and his left hand broke out with poor suction to seize the honour person. I don’t know when he set the Dark Phoenix silent gun on his right arm.
The gun light faintly revealed a chill, and the bridled old man immediately realized that the situation was not good. He quickly rose to the other side’s chest and printed it to Lin momo’s mutual destruction.
Volume 14 eventful! Elite chapter 15 comeback
Dark Phoenix’s silent gun almost sticks to the red wind, and the violent honour person’s chest bursts with a cannon and a cannon, and then the thick laser rays spew out, even if the top master repairs deeply, it is not easy to avoid such a nullification.
Lin momo is crazy. He seizes the enemy’s tricks and tries his best to cut off the golden light on his head, so that the venerable master has no chance to escape from imprisonment.
It’s a brutal battle, and at this moment, there are already many differences. The two of them are determined by their weapons, their will to fight and their determination not to let each other live.
How is it possible that a black shadow flashed across the superimposed gravity field and was less offset by about 70% when Lin momo’s chest was printed on the palm of his hand?

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