"One million seven hundred thousand …" zhaojie sighed.

Ah Hong said, isn’t your team too good at wasting money? It seems that after you meet, you have to give them a good training. "
Zhaojie shook his head and said that money is just a foreign object to me. What is important is that they can consume so many crystal coins to buy after a crisis. "
Macro mouth eldest brother zhang I also you are worried about money? "
Zhaojie’s melancholy eyes gradually became firm. He looked at Ahong Dao carefully. Ahong, I plan to show your memory at once and let you get ready to speak before I do. Once you don’t show mercy. "
Looking at Zhao Jie, Acer’s eyes also strengthened and nodded.
Zhao Jie just changed and sat back in front of Xiao Pang with a smile and hesitated to eat. "
With his words, Qing Yue also handed the barbecue to Xiao Pang, who grabbed it and immediately poured blood into the pupil. Like this barbecue, he threw his cheeks and helped to lift his teeth. After that, his teeth were like the flowing water of the Yangtze River. It was like Tom and Jerry, where the cat could be chewed to the skin in an instant, and the pocket dog wandered for a long time and saw two rows of teeth.
"… boss, I feel creepy all over?"
In the spirit of macro dumbfounded way
Zhaojie is also full of sweat. He has never seen such horror in his two generations. He swallowed a mouthful of water and swallowed all the good things he had prepared.
On the other hand, Qing Yue didn’t seem to see the general face smiling at her like a loving mother … She even dared to touch that fellow’s head when Kurt wolfed down.
In this way, zhaojie took out three thousand kilograms of fresh meat and let Qingyue barbecue it and fill it in Xiaopang’s mass grave before Xiaopang relaxed.
"Are you full?" Clear moon squinted like a mother watching a child eat, and her thick eyelashes completed two beautiful arcs.
"Uh-huh, I’ve eaten almost for a long time, and I haven’t eaten so well." Xiao Pangli added a clean finger.
Until then, he noticed a face of rout. Zhao Jieyi asked you? Did I eat your share? "
Go against the sky and eat goods at class B!
Go against the sky and eat goods at class B!
The third volume I have sold my soul to the virtual realm of ghosts and gods and the … evil mushroom planter.
Pseudo-realm materialization and … evil mushroom planter
"Hey, hey, Sylvester Lodan, it seems that you are so confident."
The arena of the main line of the Montreal killer in Banny City is surrounded by nearly 100 passers-by, and the five-person team of Chinese war ghosts stands calmly in the arena. Opposite them, an elegant man in a white suit is holding a glass of red wine, and five people are facing each other. Pink ribbons are wrapped around the handle of his waist, and Tatsu Yamashiro hangs it.
The elegant man shook the goblet lightly and said that it should be me that the war ghost should say this sentence. Have you forgotten the lesson I taught you before? "
The war ghost smiled and showed two rows of neat and cold teeth. Sylvester Lodan, I admit that you Xiaocong did design us in, but is this small advantage worth arrogant? If my boss is here, you won’t be killed. "
"Is the goddess of spring repairing bits?" Sylvester Lodan’s mouth is cocked up, and I also want to see the rising star named by Bill Seth as the most potential. Unfortunately, Bill Seth will be angry if he is killed. Although I am not afraid of him, I still want to sell him this noodle, but since I am so reluctant to help Bill Seth break that right hand and left hand, it is also a good thing. "
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! "
Sylvester Lodan’s eyes narrowed. You don’t think I have that ability? "
"Of course not." The war ghost hurriedly waved his hand and looked pure. I mean, you and this group of beggars around you don’t have this ability together. "
"Grass war ghost you he * * die" a seemingly a squad leader roared in the crowd.
War ghost a pie mouth made a wave even dare not chop suey near ge … ou "
"There are five of them, and we" roared another squad leader, and suddenly there was a shouting and killing of a group of seventh-order crossers.
"These people …" Theseus Lan walked out of the crowd without looking up and said that I could deal with it. "
With his pace, a circle was full of heavy coercion, and the pseudo-field came crashing up, covering all the passers-by in it, but releasing the pseudo-field to Sioux Lan was different. This time, it was full of violent coercion. As soon as these passers-by were covered, the horse broke into pieces. A halo in Hwa-Sung Do surrounded every passer-by, and suddenly all the eyes of the passers-by who rushed forward became extremely bloodthirsty and crimson. All eyes met at that second, and that was Sioux Lan.
Theseus Lan’s thin face was full of expression. He raised his tomahawk and suddenly cut it forward. Suddenly, a bloody whirlwind formed in front of him, and then it was transformed into a five-meter-high energy whirlwind. One wall of the arena was smashed with rubble, and Theseus Lan stepped into the collapse crevasse, and those who crossed it seemed to be irrational and crazy to go in.
In just a few seconds, there were only four people left in the arena: Sylvester Lodanjeramy.
"Maybe? That’s … "Sylvester Lodan looked at the crowd pouring out of the crevasse with a face of surprise and was surprised that it wasn’t …"
War ghost ferocious smile you didn’t see oh dear, that’s after mastering the pseudo field to practice pseudo field skills "
Sylvester Lodan took a few deep breaths to calm his horror, looked at the war ghost and said calmly, So what? Even though he has the pseudo-domain skills, he has already gone out to fight with that group of waste, leaving the battlefield for us. Can you compete with me with the quadruple pseudo-domain? "
War ghost shrugged his shoulders and said, "Have you finished this plan?"
Sylvester Lodan sneered. Is it really going to delay waiting for Theseus Lan? Unfortunately, I’m going to solve your problem in this period and then compete with Theseus Lan to see who is stronger in the fake field. "
War ghost surprised way yi? Did I make you misunderstand? If that’s the case, then I apologize. I mean, we never thought about dealing with you with the quadruple pseudo-domain because … "
Behind him, the monstrous flame burst into flames at the center of the flame, which seemed to produce a Bermuda-like vortex, so that Sylvester Lodan could clearly feel that hundreds of meters of fire elements in Fiona Fang were rapidly converging to the vortex.
The war ghost makes him look … Even if he doesn’t go to the side, Sylvester Lodan can see that it is two or three meters thick and the flame temperature in the fire column is stronger than that in just a few seconds, and the reinforced concrete with a thickness of four or five meters will melt through the arena, and the surrounding flame is still expanding and melting to break the hole, so that Sylvester Lodan can see the stars in the sky through a circle of smooth holes.
In the pillar of fire, the white hand slowly changed from being held high to a flat-ended flame, swimming back and forth around the lovely and delicate palm like a baby depending on its mother, and then slowly covering it so that the hand was completely surrounded by flame.
Sylvester Lodan stepped back slightly, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and he had a sense of foreboding.
The crisp sound turned out to be that white little hand holding the attached flame.
However, when the flame dispersed, it showed a fiery red armor. Although the gloves were still petite, these hands felt thirsty and burning. Then, with a wave of the red hand, the whole rotating pillar of fire immediately stopped rotating and even stopped burning. After only half a second, the whole pillar of fire quietly dissipated as if it had never appeared in the landing arena, but it was burned like a mirage.
step on
Crisp ringing in Sylvester Lodan’s ear first caught his eye. He was wearing a metal boot with a general lux texture, followed by a line of sight shift. Luxuriant metal knee pads, lux knee waist skirts, lux stripes, soft armor lux breast pads, light armour, lux gloves, lux smooth armrests, lux feet long shoulder pad lux phoenix wing helmet, and lux ninja masks did not cover a pair of … ruby-colored big eyes.
"Burn … Fengxiangjia"
The little girl’s voice clearly shows from the ninja mask that she walked forward with a little lady’s general pace, and behind her, a pair of lux phoenix wings suddenly flapped and gently pushed her to the center.
This armor is worn in such a petite body, but it shows a unique charm, like sacred Athena, majestic and solemn, but like a powerful god of war.
"You’re surprised?" The war ghost flirted with a face as if the ancients had exposed millions of soldiers behind them after confrontation. His father’s name was Li Gang, and his brother Li Jiang wan ku was younger.
"This is … pseudo-domain skills?" Sylvester Lodan was chased by him like a group of Sangguquan before he dared to finish. Two people in a five-person team actually grasped the pseudo-domain skills so quickly.
The war ghost looks like a good teacher. Please don’t be too ignorant, do you? Can this be called pseudo-domain skills? Tell you that this is another ability that is higher than the pseudo-domain skill. There is no common sense in the materialization of the pseudo-domain. "
After saying this, the war ghost feels comfortable from the heart. I remember that Sylvester Lodan seemed to say the same thing when he first made pseudo-domain skills.
"Pseudo-realm materialization? Is it similar to the solution? " Sylvester Lodan frowned.
The little girl incited the phoenix feather to fall behind the war ghost’s generous shoulders and sneered and laughed. Don’t flatter your face, okay? Understanding is just a kind of cottage power of pseudo-domain materialization, and it is still far from understanding compared with pseudo-domain materialization. "
Sylvester Lodan snorted and threw the goblet in his hand into the scabbard and pulled out Tatsu Yamashiro’s nonsense in front of him. I want to know which one is stronger, the essence of pseudo-domain, and give it a try. "
"I’m not going to fight with you." The little girl sneered at him. I hurt you in a wide range. Even if I win, I won’t be said to be someone else because of attribute suppression. "
“?” Sylvester Lodan is not stupid. You mean that besides you two, someone else has mastered the materialization of pseudo-domain? "
"No" Jeremy came forward with a cold face, and the sword blade storm field rose rapidly and the horse shrank back to her body. But at this moment, a huge cross sword composed of several firm but gentle swords appeared behind her. This sword was more than two meters high, and it was carved from the hilt to the tip of the sword as if it were made of white diamonds the size of a hill. It looked crystal clear, but Sylvester Lodan felt a different heavy pressure from it.
This cross sword walked with Jeremiah behind her, followed closely and floated in the middle. When it was ten meters away from Sylvester Lodan, Sylvester Lodan felt the strong sword.
"Xiao Fan turned to show you just to tell you that you are not the only one lucky enough to meet a rare mysterious businessman."
"You … also met a mysterious businessman?" Sylvester los Dan one leng exclaimed.
The so-called mysterious businessman is a peddler who travels in various cities in mainland China. He will sell some things that he bought in the mall in France, and it is extremely difficult to meet in the main line, including attribute points, rare props, special skills and materials. If you have enough money to compete with the three gods and nine dragons in one night, it is not a problem. The businessman’s personality is also extremely hateful. Unless he is eye-catching, he will not want to do business with him, and everyone will have a business opportunity with him once in his life. This opportunity is ten minutes. Whether you buy or not, he will leave in ten minutes.
The most important thing is that this root doesn’t often appear in front of people. If you want to find his root, you can’t trade with the person you like only in the place you like. It is said that there are no more than 100 transactions with him in the whole world, and even these travelers can really benefit from him, but the people who buy it have finally become real strong.

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