A nail in a blue flame chain lights up like a blue candle.
Like this, there are more and more "candlelight" and finally they are connected into one piece, and the whole chain is wrapped around this blue flame.
The semi-transparent figure was elongated like a snake. At this time, the blue flame of the chain screamed in pain and spread to him, which made the illusory black smoke rising from his body more and more intense.
He tried to dig his face and let out a piercing cry, but at this time the chain suddenly retracted and pulled him behind, into a stone door and suddenly disappeared into the darkness.
"What’s that?" Chen Yan’s eyes are red, and it seems that anger will erupt at any time, but he is still surprised to see the abnormality just now.
Before kurotsuchi nemu responded, he felt the ground shake gently and saw a misty blue light in the darkness of the door.
"What’s coming?" kurotsuchi nemu clenched his sword and assumed a defensive posture. "That thing is very different from what we met before. Be careful."
At this time, Chen Yan also felt a deep and gloomy aura approaching slowly, and then he heard a piercing scream in the door, as if there were thousands of people who were chained to their hearts and were struggling to howl.
They have also been to many realms and experienced many mysteries, but they still feel numb when they hear this scream from hell.
The darkness in the door was gradually dispelled by the blue light, and thick hot air poured out from the crack of the door with rancid smell. kurotsuchi nemu barely saw a huge figure in the corridor behind the door coming to see what it was at least six or seven meters high.
Suddenly, they heard the sharp vibration of the chain, and then the door fell apart. A burning blue flame spread all over the barbed chain and threw it into the door and dumped it at kurotsuchi nemu Chen Yan …
Chapter 12 Silver Knight Struggle
That chain full of spikes is not only burning with blue flames, but also twisted with figures. In case of python, kurotsuchi nemu and his wife can also see some dark people with hunchback red-skinned monsters and those dog-shaped creatures outside the mill.
These black people are also chained, but the difference is that these black people have entities that are physically disabled.
Or left half or torso or simply left a head …
But even so, those black people didn’t die. They were burned by the blue fire, and the black smoke rose and stinked. They followed the chain and dumped it at kurotsuchi nemu.
On kurotsuchi nemu or Chen Yan, they don’t want to be drawn by chains, and they don’t want to be touched by those blue flames. They jump in different directions respectively.
The chain fell to the ground and shattered the ground, and the debris was ejected around like a bomb.
Kurotsuchi nemu saw all kinds of foreign bodies strung by chains struggling desperately to get rid of the chains, but they were finally pulled back by the chains.
Pulled into the smoke rising from the gate.
Kurotsuchi nemu calmly fired a flare at the hall, letting the white light spread over every corner of this vast hall and let her see the tall figure that broke out from the smoke.
The height is about six or seven meters. The monster has a bat-like head with fangs dripping with viscous liquid. It turns out from its mouth and tilts to both sides. It has two noses as big as two bells, and things like worms are surging in its nostrils.
There is a vertical eye in the head, and there are a pair of eyes on both sides. Three eyes are arranged in an inverted triangle, and the pupils roll in different directions. Obviously, this monster’s’ field of vision’ is unusually wide.
There are also horns on both sides of the head. Some horns grow in the direction of gray flames, while others grow backwards. The neck is reversed forward, like blue lines on the armor neck.
This monster’s physique is visible to the naked eye and strong, like human beings, with developed pectoral muscles with long and clear lines. Every muscle looks thick and tough, and it is covered with tattered nail plates. These are obviously foreign objects that protect its body like armor.
Behind it, two tattered membrane wings flapped from time to time to fly.
It has no tail, but it has a circle of tentacles around its waist. Those things are half a meter long and hang freely like a grass skirt to cover some hidden parts.
Its legs are anti-arched and full of strength, and its feet are wide with three claws, which make it firmly grasp the ground and support its huge body.
This monster is holding a long spear gun in his right hand, and there are all kinds of mysterious symbols everywhere. A gray flame is burning at the tip of the gun, which is rancid and constantly crackling.
The left hand is wrapped in a chain full of thorns. It is just now that kurotsuchi nemu was beaten. This chain is strung with many black people and those semi-transparent figures. At this moment, the chain figure and the black people are constantly howling and struggling to get rid of the chain.
"What the hell is this!" Chen Yan squints slightly, even if he is in a hurry to hunt down Tianyang now, he doesn’t have to face this monster.
Be in a hurry and exercise restraint.
"I don’t know, but this thing is very dangerous. It has a strong sense of oppression and a high concentration of dark particles. I think that’s why the target introduced us to the area."
"This monster may be the owner of the ash town." kurotsuchi nemu pushed the thumb of the hilt of the’ Little Building Raining at Night’ and drew the sword for three points.
"Whether it’s the owner or anything that dares to stop me, I’ll chop it with an axe!" Chen Yan stepped forward, and he and kurotsuchi nemu had an illusory wall rising.
Order barrier!
Then the monster raised his pike and pointed forward.
The gray flame at the tip of the gun suddenly boiled and burned violently, and a gray fire stream was emitted. The gray fire stream swept the imaginary city wall, and the wall immediately twisted and then melted like a candle thrown into the stove.
The monster waved a pike and the fire swept across the illusory city wall. Although the order barrier was not disintegrated, it was weakened and partially disintegrated.
Chen Yan said in dismay, "This guy looks very restrained."
As he spoke, he added a "star barrier" to himself and kurotsuchi nemu, and then put his hand on his chest and palm and suddenly a yellow light surged to form a semi-transparent armor

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