"Thank you," Jade chuckled. "Can I meet your companion?"

Zhaojie was stunned and immediately laughed. "Of course, but can you tell me your purpose?"
Jade said, "Are you so sure that I came for another purpose?"
"Not sure," Zhao Jie said. "But for this world, your request is a little abrupt. I’m not careful. There is a saying that good friends come and good wine is in the jackal …"
Jade pursed her mouth. "Do you think I look like a jackal?"
Zhao Jie smiled without a word.
Jade sighed, "well, I admit that I did have something to do when I came to you this time, but please believe me that I didn’t hurt you. On the contrary, I was trying to help you."
Zhao Jie raised his eyebrows and wondered, "Can’t you just tell me?"
Jade shook her head and said, "No, I must tell all of you directly, but believe me, I will neither say anything against you nor do anything that will hurt you. We can sign a contract and I promise that what I want to do will definitely be worthy of your conscience."
Zhaojie carefully looked at the jade girl with clear eyes. If she is not really without any conspiracy, it can be said that the girl is deeply scheming. "Can you introduce yourself?"
Jade, of course, knows zhaojie’s meaning to show white teeth. "I am a passer-by of the Three Gods and One Water God. My ability is to say that the spirit is lower than mine, and I can control it in terms of combat effectiveness."
"Yan Ling?" Zhaojie doubt way
"Yes," Jade nodded and smiled, and the pupil of her eyes suddenly disappeared, leaving white eyes. "You will pinch your face."
Zhaojie one leng left hand involuntarily raised gently pulled a face.
"how about it? I can be a little stronger. Although you are very hot now, I promise that if you fight alone, you are definitely not my opponent. "
Zhaojie was deeply shocked in his heart-he certainly knew that the so-called speech spirit would never be so easy to control people, but even if he paused in the battle, he might suffer a devastating blow, which shows that this girl is really scary.
"Now I can be sure that you really don’t have any malice towards me, and if you are alone, you can definitely do it to all of us at the same time, so … my companion is here."
As zhaojie finger jade twist a head to see a figure with different postures came along.
At this moment, the war ghost took off his white shirt sleeve after his suit, and walked along with his arm in the arm. "You have to give me a hand, Hugh bit. I just met a big head, but I really can’t bet on him."
The little loli’s eyes were sharp, and she quickly grabbed zhaojie’s sleeve and said, "Who is this elder sister?"
Zhaojie after a brief introduction of both sides Jeremy strange way "water god? We are related to the water god. "
Jade said softly, "It’s true that your deeds have spread all over the world now, and all the big shots are watching you. So it’s nothing for the water god to pay attention to you?"
"Hey? Really? Why didn’t I know you were so famous before I came? " Acer said to Theseus Lan and immediately rubbed his hands with a look of bedroom eyes. "Can this jade lady leave a contact?"
"You are really famous, especially the ghost who played two battles recently, Theseus Lan, Tiny, Jeremiah and Leona. Five people played against the general of Wan Ciwang, Sylvester Lodan, who led the team of two hundred walkers and successfully ended it; Xiubit Ahong fought against Mommy in the clear moon, and Muse Cheng, the most powerful wise coach, suppressed it and killed it. These two battles were all regarded as examples in the Varoran Plain. "Jade introduced with a look of excitement.
"This girl is really a water god?" Jeremy quietly asked Qingyue through the female buckle.
Clear month nodded "if it’s true"
Zhao Jie said, "Then my companions have all arrived. Just say what you want to say."
"Well," Jade nodded cleverly and summoned a half-man-tall seahorse from an individual. This seahorse has a pair of blue eyes the size of a lamp and a mouth like a trumpet.
"What is this?" War ghost asked.
Jade gently patted the hippocampus on its body, and immediately tooted a strange sound in its mouth, followed by the spread of ripples in coils to surround everyone in the beauty squad.
"This is a level prop. I want to strengthen the hippocampus into a dragon in one thousand to absorb other people’s memories …"
Seeing a group of people pulling out their weapons at the same time, Jade waved her hand and said, "Don’t get me wrong, I won’t let it absorb your precious past and all your beautiful memories, but I want it to take a woman away from your mind. It’s too dangerous for you. The water god is sure to win her, so it’s hard for you to send me to do this."
When she spoke, zhaojie’s floating bullet and the little girl’s broken fire had been shot out, but when they reached her, they were blocked by a layer of light film. At the same time, others also opened their own pseudo-fields.
"There is no such thing as reinforcement because it has almost no weakness, and it is destined to be pulled out of memory if it is touched by sending out super waves. Please don’t wave your strength to attack me. At the same time when starting this prop, I have already played an absolute defensive position. All control skills, attack skills and BFF abilities are all used to me …"
With Yushu words, zhaojie and others all fell soft and went to the field. The only one who still stood there was an idiot, Ah Hong, and a blue weapon appeared in all the remaining population.
Look around, Hong, a companion who fell into a coma, flew into a rage. Even a lecherous has his own bottom line. He instantly summoned a huge kitchen knife to release the crescent moon.
"Let go of the weapon" Jade said softly that her words seemed to have a special magic that made Ahong raise his hand and slowly withdraw it.
Ah Hong’s eyes almost burst, and the double pseudo-field instantly shrinks back, which will control the body energy to expel and then slash.
However, his knife was chopped when he was about to fall on the jade. When he looked up again, the jade had recovered the hippocampus and stepped on a dozen ancient floating feet, full of apologies and said, "Please tell them that I am sorry, but I am really saving them."
"Go to hell, crescent moon and sky rush"
Ah Hong angrily brandished a knife and a blue crescent moon more than ten meters long rushed at the jade, but it also tore a shadow. The real jade has disappeared.
At this time, zhaojie and others have already awakened Ah Hong, hurriedly put away the knife and pulled up zhaojie nervously. "Boss, are you okay?"
Zhaojie shook his head but asked, "Where’s the jade?"
Ah Hong bowed his head in shame and said, "I didn’t let her get away."
Zhaojie shook his head and said, "No, she tried to run. Maybe France stopped her." Then he turned to look at the others. "Are you all right?"
The war ghost touched his head and said strangely, "I can’t feel anything. Was that a simple group control skill just now?"
The little girl said, "No, that woman shouldn’t be lying. We’ve definitely been washed away from our memories of someone."
Zhaojie mused, "But who did we remember?"
Jeremy calmly said, "If Ahong has nothing to do, but the memory of Qingyue has also been washed away, then this person should be known to all of us and has just experienced the acquaintance of vice middle school not long ago."
The little girl and zhaojie exclaimed "double ghosts" together.
Qingyue asked weakly, "But there are many people fighting with us in the double ghosts. Who is the one we have forgotten?"
Zhaojie frowned and said, "I don’t know if all the passers-by have disappeared in my memory. If the enemy’s words were successfully killed by us, Kaya and Zhen didn’t disappear from my memory … What Jade said just now absorbed our memory, then some part of the whole battle should disappear."
"Or" the little girl bit her lip "that thing can even change our memory"

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