"Why don’t you believe it?"

Li Xuandao’s eyebrows grew cold and said, "Do you want to have a try?"
ChuDonghe’s eyes flashed in horror, so he hurriedly stepped back, but accidentally tripped over a stone and sat down.
He kept fighting with his hands on his teeth, as if he were suppressing great pain. "The thing in Lin ‘an City, Li Xuandao is not that I don’t want to tell the truth. I have been taught the’ Death Curse’ by the blood lotus, and once I reveal the secret of the bleeding lotus, I will be stunned."
Li Xuandao’s eyes lit up amber and he watched intently.
as expected
He broke his eyes, and he could see that the soul of Chudong River was wrapped in a red line that could not be observed. One end of this red line was tightly tied to the neck of Chudong River, and the other end was stuck in the virtual unknown place.
Li Xuandao is no stranger to this red line. His generation has seen this situation several times.
If the caster violates the red line of the curse, it will easily end the life of Chudong River.
Curse is one of the three ancient sorceries. It’s weird and unpredictable. It’s even more horrible to practice corpse.
However, all this is not difficult for Li Xuandao
See he slowly raised his right hand and put ChuDongHe head is trying to cut off the curse.
Li Xuandao seems to have found something and pulled back his right hand like a flash.
Thousands of meters away, the forest suddenly rushed up with an essence like wolf’s smoke. This essence is three feet thick and magnificent, stirring up the whole forest, and at the same time, an image of wild sand sweeping across the sky slowly emerged.
"Essence such as column vision born! This, this is … "
ChuDonghe looked ecstatic.
"Ha, ha, ha, penance for more than ten times and a sword flying into the sky. Today, broken arrow finally broke the shackles of his heart and stepped into the realm of Yin and Yang as a saint!"
With a burst of laughter, a figure Ran Ran flew up from the forest.
He was wearing a gray robe, thin and slightly narrowed his eyes, and his eyes opened and closed, and he burst into brilliance.
Impressively was Li Xuandao sword split fly broken arrow elders!
Now he’s wrapped around the sky with crazy sand, and it’s as difficult as a god to leave a few footprints.
Chapter 23 I also have magical powers
Chapter 23 I also have magical powers
Kaka, Kaka!
A burst of bone fracture sounds. Elder broken arrow’s muscles contract all over, and the speed changes can be seen by the naked eye. In an instant, he has turned into a kind of man.
He floated over Li Xuandao and looked down at the ants on the ground like a god.
On his deathbed, Elder broken arrow actually realized the meaning of the sword to cut off the shackles of his heart and become a saint.
Saints are like heaven, and all beings are like ants.
Step into the realm of saints and you will no longer be mortal.
His body has become the purest energy, and he can reconstruct his physique and appearance. Moreover, his body has become more vigorous and concise, and he can fully mobilize the vitality of the surrounding world and the harmony between heaven and earth to exert his terrifying magical powers!
Saints are like every day!
The gap between saints and fighters is as difficult as a natural barrier.
"Elder broken arrow, have you stepped into the realm of saints?"
ChuDonghe excitedly got up from the ground and carefully asked as if afraid that broken arrow Presbyterian Church would deny it.
Elder broken arrow sneered and didn’t answer his eyes, and there was a vast momentum that was severely crushed.
Virtual imitation is like a exploding.
Terror is like a meteorite suddenly falling from the sky.
Li Xuandao looked motionless as if he were not affected by the imposing manner, but his feet and ground collapsed instantly and spread several bottomless seams. The Chudong River had already been scared and shivering.
However, his face is full of ecstasy and pain.
"Ha ha ha saints are indeed saints!"
ChuDonghe eyes flashed a fierce suddenly to the back to Li Xuandao stabbed a sword.
Violent purple flames spread to the blade along the arm, leaving a clear trail.
"Li Xuandao is dead!"
ChuDonghe looks ferocious.
After the defeat of Elder broken arrow and King Yinjia respectively, he thought he was no match for Li Xuandao, and his heart was filled with awe. However, when Elder broken arrow reappeared and broke through the saint’s realm, he instantly regained his confidence.
He believes that he and elder broken arrow will join hands with Li Xuandao.
Moreover, he suddenly shot a thousand omens, and if the sword was sharp and fast, he was confident that Li Xuandao would be wounded with this sword. Even if Li Xuandao died in the end, he would get a lot of credit at the hands of Elder broken arrow.
Chu Donghe fantasized about all the wonderful times after he won the credit.
See Li Xuandao backhand stretched out two fingers and never looked back.
Give it a gentle clip
ChuDonghe is bound to have a sword that was easily caught by Li Xuandao.
"This, this … how is it possible?"
ChuDonghe eyes astonished. He has grasped the best opportunity. What can still be easily resisted by Li Xuandao?
This situation is like …
Like Li Xuandao, he knew he would attack and he was ready.
Chu Donghe was startled by the sudden idea of his head. He couldn’t help but feel afraid and loosened the hilt and turned away.
Just at this time, a light drink sounded.
"Leave it for me!"
Li Xuandao don’t know when I have turned around and reached a finger at ChuDonghe.
A handful of blood fog appears at first sight
ChuDonghe incredible looking at the chest that finger thickness wound feel whole body strength like the tide receded plop off the ground.
"Elder broken arrow … help me …"
Although the Chudong River was pierced by Li Xuandao, it did not die immediately. He fell to the grass and cried for help intermittently.
At ordinary times, the elder broken arrow turned a blind eye to the Chudong River for help, but looked at Li Xuandao coldly as if he were looking at an ant. His eyes were full of contempt. "It’s hard to believe that you are not only amazing in swordsmanship but also have such a powerful fingering at your young age. No wonder even the temple calls you a young enemy."
"What’s the fuss?"
Li Xuandao looks cold. His attitude towards Elder broken arrow is like facing an ordinary humanitarian. "It’s just a little ordinary swordsmanship and fingering. Are you so surprised? If I take out the closet secret skill, won’t it scare you to pee your pants?"
Elder broken arrow’s face showed a bit of anger, and immediately he snorted, "Li Xuandao, I admit that I have seen people in my life. Your swordsmanship is the strongest, and I want to thank you. If it weren’t for your sword, I would have been promoted to the saint’s realm."

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