Manual is faster than my mind. I grabbed the letter from Jilan directly without waiting for Su Fang’s brain to think that it was almost a robbery.

When JiLan noticed, he had already opened it.
"Xiao Fang!" JiLan screamed and stretched out his hand to bring the letter to me, but he paused in the middle. Xiaofulang was good to know.
The original letter was written by the husband of the terms.
However, after reading the letter, Su Fang also froze. This letter said that it was actually his business.
"Husband, is it true that I am not my father’s Armin child?"
There are many pages in the letter, but in total, it is just a few words. Su Fang is not his father Armin’s own.
Will sell him to JiLan this watch will die.
And the owner of the family, Fu Lang, also said that the man who bought him in those days was dead, and now he knows where the Soviet party bought it from.
If JiLan wants to help Sudan find her real dad Armin, he will exchange wine for the kind of wine that JiLan wants at home!
Qi Lan sighed that they had already returned to the hospital at this time and didn’t go back to the house. They sat directly in the pavilion in the courtyard and saw Xiaofulang’s confused expression. Qi Lan thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want to find your own biological dad and Armin?"
Jilan Xiaofulang must want to find his own father and Armin.
If it were him, he would also want to find them and know what he would become someone else’s child.
Besides, these people are not good to him at all, and they have been abusing him and selling him out.
However, to JiLan’s surprise, Su Fang shook his head directly after staying for a moment.
Qi Lan was stunned. "Doesn’t Xiaofang want to know who his father and Armin are?"
"It’s not that I don’t want to," Su Fang frowned and tried to express himself. "Of course, I also want to know who they really are, but this Qi Zhu Fu Lang asked us to exchange news with him with our own wine, not to mention whether he was true or not.
If we do find it, then he will definitely open his mouth and won’t tell us the news easily. "
I didn’t expect Xiaofulang to have more than I thought in such a short time, but Jilan carefully thought about it. Xiaofulang said it correctly. He didn’t say it before the oil lamp was saved. During this period, he always persuaded his master to come to him, but he never appeared behind his back. Now his master is humiliated by his joint efforts with Xiaofeng, and he will definitely not come to him again. This step has made this move again.
He was just distracted because of his heart, and he was bent on helping Xiaofulang find his own father and Armin. He forgot that the stepfather might have said this nonsense on purpose.
Calm down again to JiLan thoughts began to turn quickly "small square you’re right but it doesn’t rule out that it may be true.
Anyway, it’s still necessary to confirm the truth, Xiao Fang. Do you remember where you used to live? "
In fact, JiLan has another worry. Whether Xiaofang is the two people’s own or not, he will also ask Yufang that the mole between the eyebrows is getting weaker and weaker. He can’t guarantee that Xiaofu Lang’s father Armin knows the reason for this, but it is also a clue.
However, when I heard my husband ask about these Soviet parties, I shook my head. "I don’t remember. I know that our village is called Dashan Village. I don’t know anything else. I have never been to the town since I was a child. After I was sold by Dad Armin and them, I sat for several days. I don’t remember where I bought it."
At that time, Su Fang knew that he had been sold by Dad Armin, and the whole person was stupid and didn’t know anything.
I couldn’t get up until I was sent to Qifu and lying in bed. My husband didn’t even meet the bride, and two people were directly driven out of Qifu with two children.
Chapter 18 Departure County
Because of thinking about Xiaofulang, Qi Lan’s words and deeds can’t be somewhat eager to work, and people can see that Qi Lan is also disgusted with their slow movement, which is even higher. This is what Qi Lan didn’t expect
After five or six days, the grapes began to ripen on a large scale. At this time, Qi Lan had already made more than 30 jars of green wine.
"Li Sheng Wang Shi and I will leave the field for a few days and leave things to you."
This day JiLan guess when it’s almost time to call the lunt and wang shi to arrange things at home a ready to take XiaoFuLang to the county.
"At this time?" Li Sheng was a little surprised. "Recently, it’s time for a large number of grapes to grow. Do you want to leave now?"
JiLan nodded. "Actually, there is no technical content to make wine for you to supervise, and there is nothing to worry about, such as pig houses and chickens and ducks. You should pay more attention to Wang Shi.
If I’m not at home, Qiao Yueren will come and pull things and still follow the past articles of association. "
"I know" Wang Shi nodded. Although this person is not as stupid as before, there is still no change in the end. He is still silent. I don’t know whether the Feng Shui in Qijiacun is too good or the food in Jilan is too good. Wang Shiyuan’s broken gong voice has gradually improved over the past few years. Now his voice is a very calm man voice. Well, it is reassuring.
"All right, you guys are busy. Xiao Fang and I are leaving."
JiLan motioning with his hand to let them leave lunt also want to say what, but see JiLan has decided the expression can also give up, although he don’t know what the owner left at this time.
But since it’s the owner who decides things, he has no reason to object to working for others.
All he has to do now is to look after his home when his boss is not at home and not disappoint his boss’s trust in Thaksin.
"Husband, we really want to this time in the past? What if he is lying to us? There are so many things at home. Isn’t this a delay? "
Su Fang’s husband didn’t go back to the county until he was busy. I didn’t expect to be in such a hurry.
Recently, not only dozens of acres of grapes are ripe, but also corn horses are about to harvest. There are also many soybeans and mung beans in these fields. Soon, there will be another round of rotation. It can be said that relying on the land to grow crops to live all year round, there will be no idle time.
Especially when their family is still planting in such a large area, there are more things, and there is almost no room for it in the field.
"Rest assured that there are so many people at home. Lunt and Wang Shi have been helping me arrange things at home for the past two years.
If I delay them, I won’t be able to train them in the past few years. "
JiLan doesn’t have to worry about everything like Xiaofulang.
He thinks that people don’t doubt people and stop talking about things in the field. If it weren’t for stupidity, he would have known what to do in the past few years. His dream is to be a landlord and the shopkeeper doesn’t want to tie himself up at home and go nowhere.
Except at the beginning, Qi Lan always secretly gives spiritual springs to crops or pigs, chickens and ducks.
Since the first half of last year, there hasn’t been much spring water coming out. The other reason is that he feels that the land in Qijia Village seems to have been changed by a lot of spring water and become more fertile. The magical substance in the spring water seems to have remained in the land. Now, even if it doesn’t need spring water to grow crops, it won’t be bad.
No, some villages around Qijia Village have also benefited a lot. No matter whether they are married to Qijia Village or married from Qijia Village, little boys are stuck with Qijia Village people. Naturally, they don’t hesitate to sell them to their in-laws.
So this in-laws and in-laws together with many villages near Qijia Village have been exposed to the light and enjoyed the benefits brought by the improved species of Lingquan Water.
Now Qijia Village is almost the most popular village in Shili Township nearby. All the boys want to marry the little boys in Qijia Village. All the little boys want to marry in Qijia Village, but the population in Qijia Village is small, so it happened that many little boys in the village actually sold it themselves. You said it was irritating.
Ahem, this topic has gone a little far. Let’s get back to the point. Qi Lan helped Xiaofulang to the carriage and drove it himself. They have too many secrets to let too many people follow.

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