"Wild foxes and vultures give you fish at four o’clock, greedy wolves and vipers, shrimp at one o’clock, and you take care to hide and make a quick decision!"

It’s almost a few breathing things. The leather pants girl has made a decision. Hidden dragon has no gluttony.
"Captain, do you really believe him? !”
"I don’t believe him. I believe in my own judgment. Judging from the current situation, there is nothing wrong with what he said. Won’t you judge for yourself!"
The leather pants woman’s face is cold, and the cold mans in her eyes splash!
"It’s taboo to delay the fighter plane and put your teammates in danger. Do you want a military court?"
Although she is a woman, she is more intimidating than that Xu Zhennan. The captain of the hidden dragon supernumerary team is really not simple!
If four people don’t argue with women, it’s a military order. If the fighter plane is delayed and disobeys the military order, even if they come back from life, they will be court-martialed!
In the dark night, these four people immediately hid their bodies and shuttled through the jungle to avoid the fierce stray bullets in the pull back and touch them in the direction of Jianghan’s guidance!
It’s a little sigh of relief to observe Piku woman’s behavior. If this woman is obsessed with it, it will really cause him a lot of trouble!
But now!
"Hum, I want to see if you are sacred!"
"I’ll leave the east side of Qiubai to the west side. I don’t want to fight quickly and deal with these bloody guys without mercy!"
Li Qiubai didn’t answer, and the night has disappeared!
Jianghan told a Jian Yin who crawled out of the corpse heap with a wry smile not to show mercy to the enemy’s hands, which was really funny.
When the heart is crossed, Jiang Han also walks like a fly and incarnates death in the dark night!
The other party obviously came prepared. Perhaps the root is that Jianghan has already made arrangements for them to catch them all from the inside, and their protection is also very targeted. Therefore, Jianghan has obviously felt that the fire suppression on his side is getting more and more fierce, and several prances have almost been hit by highly targeted stray bullets. Even so, after he moved forward into a dozen meters, his arm has already appeared scars!
It was not shot, but was burned by stray bullets during the process of moving and avoiding!
Getting closer and closer to the fire suppression point, the fire at the other end is getting more and more fierce, and the movement is getting louder and louder. Listen, there is no small movement in Li Qiubai. Jianghan knows that he must be facing the same situation as himself!
"psst ~!"
Suddenly Jianghan couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning and leap without thinking about his consciousness. At that moment, he just stood where a big gap in the bathtub crashed and cracked, and soil chips and dark branches and leaves of low shrubs splashed around!
"Armor-piercing bullets! Their snipers are already in place! "
Jianghan burning way!
After landing, he quickly dodged several times to hide his body!
"I’m afraid it’s dangerous for that woman to send someone!"
After hiding from her, Jiang Han thought of the sniper of the leather pants female squad in place. Although they were also tempered in the war, the environment is obviously more dangerous than before!
Frowning, Jianghan can’t care so much. The lightest thing has been given to them. Whether it can be completed depends on their business. He has his own things to do!
"I haven’t seen my skills for a few months!"
Jianghan pupil shrinks "who? !”
"The second time you were killed, someone gave his life to protect you. This time, it is impossible to let you leave alive!"
Jianghan stared at the strange figure in front of him!
"It’s you!"
Although he couldn’t see his face clearly, he adapted to the dark environment. Jianghan still saw the outline of the man not far in front of him, but it was enough!
"It’s me! If you die here and die in my hands, you will die and regret it! "
The man sneered and rushed full of murder, but six figures appeared around him unconsciously. It turned out that he was not the only one. It turned out that they had already calculated Jianghan’s whereabouts, or maybe it was so-called where Jianghan went!
"A good national hero, you should run to be an exotic dog. Chen will live up to your parents! Be worthy of raising your motherland! " Jianghan nu a roar people have disappeared in situ.
Volume 4 or Leap Deep Chapter 29 Since breaking an arm!
Chen, once a wolf in the border, now the dark world hires the jungle king! From the national weapon to the devil, the transformation is real, and this man is a real interpretation.
"It’s a hard stone. Don’t leave it here every day!"
Jiang Han’s departure was also the first time for Chen to respond. His war made the shadows around him immediately spread out. In the dark night, the army stab in the cuff was hidden by them. Even if they couldn’t see their faces clearly, they couldn’t see their expressions, but they could feel that they were murderous and invincible, and despised all the sharp edges.
These people around Chen Jiang are all from the battlefields in Western Europe, the Middle East and North America. Now they have been brought together by him. Although the number is small, they are definitely comparable to the powerful teams.
Jianghan felt a little shocked when he was marching, but soon this shock turned into anger and Jianghan began to spread!
He is so familiar with this breath. Qin Mufeng, on the top floor of Mufeng International Building, looked at the furnace and rushed to the crown with anger. In the old tree village, he was old Jiang Wenxuan, and his eyes turned slightly, and even the eyes of the leather pants women just now were sharp-edged. These people all had similar breath with Chen, including himself!
However, the former is still a national weapon and the latter was once!
In my heart, I was angry with Jianghan, and I growled like a lion, but I didn’t care that I was trapped in the dark border. The six wolves were impenetrable and waved their fists full of murder!
Jianghan over there has already met his six-headed wolf!
If we don’t say that this general can make a name for himself in the mercenary world, some old mercenary organizations in the Middle East and Western Europe will give him some faces when they face him. These few people can see a lot!
How does Jianghan do?
During the more than ten years of wandering around the rivers and lakes with rivers, I have been instructed by martial arts, the iron wire master Si Bo Xingyi, and everyone thinks twice about Tai Chi, the ancestor Gu Santong, and so on. In addition, after some chance, when I was on the verge of death, I met the Taoist ancestors and gave him a door to lay the foundation for Xuanyin. Those martial arts skills are unique, and his body is combined with precipitation. The so-called martial arts taboo Jianghan is an epidemic disease. He can touch the barrier before he is 30 years old, and he can control it very shallowly.
However, it is Jianghan, a martial arts expert, who is now training Chen Jiang. These people are deadlocked at the moment!
At night, I can’t see the cold mountain of the army thorn, but the whistling wind is enough to make people feel scared!
"Ding Ding Ding!"
The sonorous army stab dagger hits the dark night and draws out the long star fire shadow! Jianghan dodged left and right and roared punches from time to time.
These six pups are simple and rude. Jianghan saw at a glance that there was a Chinese military boxing shadow. It must be that Chen stripped this little boy from his intellectual man fit experience, and his pace was also very doorways. He was not used to the simple triangular jungle formation like ordinary mercenaries, but advanced and retreated in a well-founded and deadly gait!
Jianghan dodged a wolf cub’s army attack on the neck, grabbed a gear, and punched the small one to vomit blood. Only then did the gap panic, and immediately stepped back several times, all staring at Jianghan!
Looking at the distance, I’ve been looking for a chance to give myself a fatal blow. Chen Jianghan said angrily, "This mutiny is completely hidden, and what you learned is actually used to teach them!"
Chen will face shaking violently!
"How do you have the face to argue!" Jianghan sounds cold!

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