So as to achieve a truly complete secret-level "Sunflower Collection"

Otherwise, he will fall behind Pang Xia and the sea forever!
Thought of here, I looked at the players in front of me in the mood of taking a break.
Smiled and said to Pang Xia, "Let’s make a point of the three of them."
Solve them as soon as possible, and you can go to your own business. I am very embarrassed to bother you too much. "
"So it’s all right that the two of us can’t limit the delay and deal with these guys now."
Yan Bi Pang Xia casually struck a sword finger of Yuanyang.
Fingertips send a golden shock wave over three players and turn them directly into white light and disappear into the air.
Don’t hesitate to see Pang Xia take the lead in winning the sea and the beautiful scenery.
The sea is, as always, greatly relying on "Dao Xin Zhong Mo * *" to control the vitality of heaven and earth.
In the beautiful scenery, there is a lot of technical content, and a large number of embroidery needles are released by both hands to shuttle back and forth.
It is very rare that the red cotton thread is driven by the embroidery needle to draw traces.
The whole person is like a thorny rose, which is dangerous and enchanting.
Pang Xia didn’t go to see the sea and the beautiful scenery. He walked in the crowd by himself.
From time to time to defeat the incoming enemy, he did not intend to provoke others, and he did not intend to do it.
Because he is looking for the leader who leads these people.
Pang Xia knows very well that there is no leader among these players who attack Qianqiu Batu.
And it is impossible to act in a large guild.
Suo Pangxia wants to find out that person, and he is sure that the leader may be Chu Qianqiu.
Sure enough, when Pang Xia came to the back of these players, he immediately saw a familiar figure
As always, white clothes, as always, purple overlord knife
But he has become more calm and has a lot more precipitation than before.
Recently, Chu Qianqiu has appeared in the public eye, and almost no one knows what he is thinking.
No one knows to what extent Chu Qianqiu’s strength has reached.
Now Pang Xia has seen that Chu Qianqiu has not been seen for many days. He is sure that it is nonsense that Sheng Chu Qianqiu has been smelled by people.
Because a player who can vaguely bring a little danger to Pang Xia can be beaten!
See PangXia found himself Chu Qianqiu simply got up from the ground.
He casually took the overlord knife in his hand and looked at Pang Xia with a smile. "Brother Fat Shrimp hasn’t seen you for a long time, but it’s okay?"
Shrugged PangXia laughed. "As you can see, I’m still doing well. I’m healthy and delicious.
On the other hand, Brother Chu, your strength has risen greatly, and it is really a model for foreign players to go deep into it. "
Pang Xia’s words are mapping Chu Qianqiu’s collusion with foreign players, and Chu Qianqiu naturally listened to them.
However, when he joined forces with foreign players, he knew there would be such a time, so he didn’t have any extra feelings
Is looking at PangXia laughed "Brother Fat Shrimp is serious. My brothers are all going to eat.
Therefore, I naturally want to find some ways to eat in the middle of nowhere.
If Brother Fat Shrimp thinks he can’t see through his eyes, please close his eyes.
Otherwise, there is nothing too good for someone to solve this matter. "
"In that case, let’s have a game.
Let me have a good look at what the strength of Brother Chu has reached.
Let Brother Chu show me what’s wrong with using saber! "
After saying, Pang Xia pulled out the magic sword from the sword box with a word behind him.
But when I saw that the magic punishment knife was held by Pang Xia, the black blade with dark golden lines kept trembling.
There was a faint buzz from the blade.
Looking at Pang Xia’s hand, the face of Chu Qianqiu changed for the first time.
Then he clasped the overlord’s Dao in his hand, and purple light came out from the blade, and thunder resounded.
"I heard that you learned Xiang Yu’s Seven Strikes of Purple Thunder. I once learned this knife technique. Please give me your advice!"
"Brother Fat Shrimp wants to see my Seven Strikes of Purple Thunder, so someone will naturally meet Brother Fat Shrimp.
Just let the fat shrimp brother see how someone’s "Seven Strikes of Purple Thunder" works! "
As the voice falls, Chu Qianqiu holds a knife in both hands, and the first blow of purple thunder comes out of the spring thunderstorm!
The flow and the sound of Lei Yin are accompanied by the chop of the overlord’s knife
Pang Xia, seeing this low drink, slaughtered the magic punishment knife in one hand and aroused several bloody knives, and greeted them like waves.
The bloody knife gas is like the waves surging constantly, and it is wrapped in the past in a regular way towards Chu Qianqiu.
Seeing this, Chu Qianqiu’s overlord sword crossed an arc, and purple formed an arc with the knife gas to block the blood knife gas.

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