As we talked, everyone’s mood became heavy again. Yes, whether it can be completed or not is still unknown. I was wondering what wonderful reward I would get. Isn’t it ridiculous? It seems that I am still too frivolous. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn if I want to be a big businessman and make a lot of money.

"You guys, don’t be ambitious and destroy yourself down a peg or two. No matter what the monster is, I will never frown. Is it a big deal to die once? Even if we can’t finish it, won’t we see the world? "
I didn’t expect Chunniu to have this momentum. It seems that I underestimated her a little before.
With the spring girl’s words, everyone is excited, and another woman is like this. How can we fall behind?
It turns out that immortals are not pure either.
Finally, we finally saw the end of the road. It was like a kannika nimtragol who had endured for many years and finally saw her mother-in-law lying in the hospital bed, hoping that she would swallow her last breath quickly.
"Ha-ha, his mother, we finally came to an end, and we have to go to that nine days to be the end." The meat wall said that it was harder than the stone road, and it shook and scared him not to jump or move.
"I depend on your body also jump? Do you want us all to fall? " When selling peaches and swearing, this guy can always make sense. I really killed him
"I think he wanted us to fall, but he didn’t fall from Huashan. His heart must be unbalanced." People say that he is fat and broad-minded, but the more I look at Chunniu, the more I think this girl is cruel and sinister. I have to be careful after that. The ancients said that it is difficult for women to raise Chunniu, but I have to be more careful when women and villains strengthen their beauty.
"Sister Chunniu, I didn’t offend you. Didn’t you kill me?" Although the meat wall is a meat shield warrior, it is also a rectum. After hearing this, Chunniu immediately became anxious.
"Ha, ha, well, let’s hurry up. I’m a little impatient. Don’t hurry to see what treasures are waiting for us at Huashan Mountain." I don’t want these guys to stay in such a dangerous place any longer, besides, there are still people waiting for us ahead.
"Go to Cangshui, you’re right. There’s a pole waiting for us in front." Selling peaches laughed.
At the end of the stone road, I quickly jumped to the land, and my heart thumped and finally returned to my stomach. Although there was no danger just now, when you saw that there were floating white clouds on both sides and nothing, there were 10 thousand people telling you that it was safe. I’m afraid you wouldn’t believe it.
This is Huashan Dian?
Let’s look at me. I’ll see if you haven’t spoken. No one has been to Huashan Mountain, and there are no signposts to indicate whether it is here or not.
"Welcome to Huashan Mountain. We have been waiting for you for so many years. Don’t be afraid. You can overcome your fears and cross the Yunxiao Road to prove that you have extraordinary courage. You will be absolutely safe."
At this time, a middle-aged man in his thirties suddenly appeared in front of me, wearing a costume in a costume drama, which made me even more unable to help but want to laugh. He even took a jade in his hand. Does this guy really think of himself as a government official?
"And you are?" Selling peach gall means walking up to the man and asking.
Instead of being angry, the middle-aged man burst out laughing. "I forgot that you are all new here. Naturally, mortals don’t know me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Cao Guojiu."
Shit, Cao Guojiu? Cao Guojiu in the fairy? If you were Cao Guojiu, I wouldn’t be the Jade Emperor?
"Cang water you don’t believe it? Haha, it’s no wonder that you don’t believe it, but after a while, if you don’t believe it, you have to believe that my identity is right. "Cao Guojiu said, looking straight at me and laughing. The eyes seemed to have always seen my bones, which made me a little shudder.
"How do you know what’s on my mind?" Anyway, he already knows, and I have nothing to hide. Besides, I can’t hide it even if I want to.
Cao Guojiu smiled more Huan "forget? I am a fairy, haha. "
"I depend on you is a fairy? Then what is this place? How did we come here? " Asked the peach seller in surprise. Look at his appearance. I don’t think he will be less shocked than me. No, everyone here will be more shocked than all our previous experiences and
"Of course, it’s no fun for us immortals to cheat you mortals. I can see the bone marrow in your bones from your clothes. It’s not challenging to cheat you."
Cao Guojiu said, one by one, telling the story of Chunniu. Now they are trying to look at them dumbfounded. I knew this Cao Guojiu was right.
"By the way, you humans have something I like very much," Cao Guojiu said suddenly.
"What is it?" I immediately asked, in my impression, immortals are omnipotent, and I really can’t think of anything else that can interest human beings.
"Telescope periscope class haha"
"What do you have for this?"
"With them, I can watch the fairies taking a bath in the Milky Way," said Cao Guojiu, without paying any attention to our disdain and happiness.
Damn it, Cao Guojiu, you’re a fucking fairy. How can you be so unrequited? Can peeking at the fairy bathing make you so happy? Of course, these can be thought of by yourself while Cao Guojiu is still immersed in his vision, but I dare not say it.
"Peek at the fairy to take a bath? I didn’t expect you to be a kindred spirit. If I have a chance to come back again, I can bring you a batch of goods. "If I can sell my business to the gods, it would be wonderful. Even if I let them give me a few things that they have eliminated, I will make a big difference. Haha.
"Really?" Cao Guojiu, after hearing what I said, immediately saw the client like a prostitute. Men in this world are all of the same kind.
"Of course, we can talk about the details later. Now can you tell us where we should go to accept the new ones?" I’d better be vigilant about this unknown creature, the immortal. Now I won’t talk much about keeping their appetite, and then I can get more benefits, but I have to get something first, otherwise I can’t help it if they don’t pay for it. After all, I can’t chase after the immortal.
"Ha-ha-ha." Cao Guojiu blushed and didn’t notice that Chunniu had a full face of unhappiness. "You don’t have to do anything now. The Jade Emperor will personally receive you later, and then you will know what is waiting for you."
Holy shit. Jade Emperor? I hate that guy who can’t put on airs, but now he’s still in people’s hands, and people can directly see what’s on my mind, so I have to restrain my urge to throw up.
55 Lingxiao Hall
As soon as Chunniu heard Cao Guojiu’s words, she cheerfully asked, "Is Cao Guojiu Jade Emperor a man or a woman?"
Poor Cao Guojiu has just been hit and hasn’t recovered. Chunniu gave him another thunderbolt, which made him tremble all over. I don’t know what to say. Spare us guys who are as thick-skinned as the city wall can’t accept Chunniu’s idiotic behavior. They all stepped aside and said that they wanted this idiot bitch to draw a line.
I’ve seen idiots and shameless people, but I’ve never seen a guy who combines idiots and shameless people so perfectly.
"Let’s go and see the Jade Emperor quickly." I saw everyone shut up and quickly changed the subject. I really don’t know what these guys will do in a few minutes.
"Ok, let’s go to the Hall of the Soul. The Jade Emperor’s adult is still feeling about us." As soon as Cao Guojiu listened to me, it seemed that she had been forcibly undressed and was about to face atrocities. When she saw the police car, her eyes were full of gratitude
"Ha ha, I don’t just do personal feelings? If you really appreciate the boss, then just send me a few things. I will never abandon the drop. "When my words came out, Cao Guojiu’s adult was completely finished foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground.
Is my word really so powerful? If I had known I still had such powers, why should I be weird? Why not just surrender when you see the monster?
"Ha ha or surging water, you are malicious enough." This guy selling peaches looked at me with envy. Maybe I put down Cao Guojiu or a great achievement?
"Yes, yes, sometimes you have to teach me more about surging water." The bat is really a sinister guy. While talking, he squatted down and put his hand into the ground. Cao Guojiu is already in a coma. Is this guy still in this hobby? I really didn’t see it before.
At the moment when everyone became speechless, the bat got angry and cursed, "He Niang, a fairy, was so poor that he wanted to have some fun, but he didn’t touch a fart."
I depend on this guy. He’s so fucking cruel that he doesn’t even let go of the immortals. If it weren’t for me, I’d be tempered in the wind and fire on weekdays. I’m afraid that one by one would be like this immortal who has lost his life for half a day.
But without Cao Guojiu to lead the way, it’s hard for us to find a toilet even if we don’t want to go to the Lingxiao Hall. God knows how these immortals made it look exactly the same everywhere, and after a long ride, we finally returned to our original place.
"You guys are still back. I still want you to throw yourself to the hall of the clouds. Haha" Just then, Cao Guojiu fell to the ground and sat up and looked at us with a big smile, but I feel that this guy must have ulterior motives. I have to be careful.
"You, how did you get up?" That bat guy has a guilty conscience, but he doesn’t have his head held high on weekdays.
"Why can’t I get up? Don’t let you touch my arms again? " Cao Guojiu this guy seems to be a bad fruit, maybe he didn’t faint just now? Luckily, we’ve been around here for a long time, so he’d rather sit here and watch us hit a wall.
"I’m also a fairy. You guys are so rampant. If you don’t understand the rules when you first arrive here, I’ll make you look good." Cao Guojiu said, glancing over a few of us, and then said, "You guys are lucky today. I have spared you a lot, but don’t blame me for saying anything today."
It took me a long time to understand that this guy is afraid that we will tell the story of today, but considering the future business, it is better to cooperate with this unlucky fairy.
With our own thoughts, our party marched toward the Hall of the Soul.
It’s good to know the way. Soon we came to a magnificent gate, which was towering into the sky (I am leaning against Tianmen, of course), but we couldn’t see the top of it.
"You guys wait here while I go in and report to the Jade Emperor."
Cao Guojiu said, without waiting for our answer, he went straight to the gate. There was no way to get to somebody else’s site. I was told to wait for me here. What can I do but wait?
After a while, a group of guards came out. I looked at them with straight eyes. Damn it, they are all heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals. Usually, they can see actors in sight. Now it’s different to see them. That armor is all gold and money.

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