It serves to show that Qiu Qianren’s martial arts are profound and serious.

Just then, a black man came running with a big burden in a flurry.
He said in a hurry outside the house, "Little Liu San has an urgent matter to see the master."
Then Qiu Qianren, although unhappy at this time, had to accept the work and come out and ask, "What on earth needs to disturb Wang’s practice?"
Liu San, the man in black, hurried to pack the baggage and said, "I was on duty at the entrance of the mountain gate today, and suddenly I found someone throwing this baggage in front of me. Then it seemed that someone said in my ear: Lord Zi Xue Demon Road came to worship the mountain a few days ago, and it was ordered that everything should be told to Lord Zi Xue Demon Road as soon as possible, so I dared to disturb Lord Zi Xue."
Qiu Qianren listened to Liu San’s words and said, "You should be rewarded well, but what is in this baggage?"
Then Liu Sandao said, "Tell the master that I had to look at it in the future, so I turned my back and I’ll fight."
With Liu San beating a dead chicken with no head and a dead dog with no head, Qiu Qianren saw this and bit his teeth and murmured, "What a good chicken and dog! Don’t you think I’m afraid of you?"
Qiu Qianren was so angry that he broke a stake in front of the house with a palm, which scared Liu San shivering.
Then Qiu Qianren came to his senses and said to Liu Sandao, "Aren’t you afraid to order the brothers in the gang to combine all the days? In addition, inform Elder Chang to let him take out the 100 hand crossbows when it is not necessary. From now on, you should triple the number of people on alert in the gang."
It turned out that Zhang Ping had already heard that Huang Rong was injured by Qiu Qianren’s iron palm and rescued by Zhou Botong.
Stay Zhang Ping came to the border of Jingchu and just met Huang Yaoshi, a worried daughter. That Huang Yaoshi was so unreasonable that Zhang Ping didn’t say anything, so he went straight and complained that Zhang Ping’s bad idea had hurt Huang Rong.
However, at this time, Zhang Ping’s fossil miraculous achievement, Huang Yaoshi, is naturally not an opponent. In Huang Rong’s face, Zhang Pingcai did not give a heavy hand, but explained it to Huang Yaoshi.
In the end, the two decided to seek Qiu Qianren’s revenge first, and then to find Huang Rong’s trail, so that Qiu Qianren received this gift.
The next day, the Iron Palm Gang was heavily guarded at this time. It was really three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle. Even a fly could not fly in easily.
And Qiu Qianren, the lobby of Tiezhang Gang, is sitting in the first seat. More than ten Tiezhang Gang executives in different clothes are discussing Zhang Ping’s affairs.
Just as the discussion was in full swing, a cold and cheerless voice suddenly echoed in the afternoon of Tiezhang Gang: How’s Master Qiu of Qiu Qianren recently? Purple blood demon came to worship the mountain.
At this time, Zhang Ping shouted at the evil wind roar kung fu of Ghost Prison, and his voice was mixed with Zhang Ping’s vigorous force, which made the iron palm creak for the trees.
Qiu Qianren at this time quickly led the iron palm to help his men walk out of the hall. The guards outside the gate saw a purple figure coming slowly from outside the mountain.
However, every step of Zhang Ping’s is much closer, and it doesn’t take a moment for the doorman and guard to see that Zhang Ping came to the iron palm gang door.
At this time, Qiu Qianren and others suddenly heard bang, bang, click, and then the door latch was broken. At the same time, two doors flew to both sides. A young man in a purple cassock slowly came in. The iron palm behind him helped many guards to lie down on the ground.
Seeing this, Qiu Qianren said, "Purple Blood Demon Road, are you really? Can you help the enemy with my iron palm alone? I’ll tell you today that it’s not luck that the Iron Palm Sect has been fighting hard for many years. Let the purple blood demon road see the inside story of our Iron Palm Sect. "
As Qiu Qianren ordered around the hall to detain poured out several armed with crossbows, and then they each occupied a favorable position. The faint arrow light shone in the sun and dazzled a little. When Qiu Qianren ordered, it was necessary to shoot Zhang Ping on the spot.
When Zhang Ping saw this, he didn’t care at all. He simply said to the Iron Palm Gang, "It’s very good. The inside story of the Iron Palm Gang is really extraordinary, but I’ll show you today that the number of people can’t decide anything in front of absolute martial arts."
Then Qiu Qianren also sneered, "Are you crazy enough to see if you can get crazy later?"? Come on, shoot an arrow. "
As Qiu Qianren ordered dozens of crossbows to shoot from all directions with sharp breaks.
However, in the face of these military forces, Zhang Ping’s crossbow, which is specially designed to surround and kill martial arts experts, actually does not flash or avoid, but slowly walks out to Qiu Qianren and others.
With dozens of crossbows shooting at Zhang Pingshen and listening to the "bang bang" sound, people saw that the crossbows shooting at Zhang Pingshen seemed to hit the stone and fell to the ground.
This iron palm stunned everyone, as if refusing to believe that someone could survive here. However, the fact is that Zhang Ping not only lost the slightest bit, but also walked step by step to the people. People can’t believe it
As Zhang Ping stepped into it, the elder Chang shouted again, "Shoot him in the head and limbs. I don’t believe he is really invulnerable."
As the second wave of arrow rain continued to hit Zhang Ping, Zhang Ping still maintained his natural frequency. After the crossbows hit Zhang Pingtou and limbs, they still fell to the ground.
At this time, Zhang Ping had already reached less than 50 feet in front of Qiu Qianren and others. When Qiu Qianren saw this, he couldn’t help but ask, "What kind of kung fu is this?"
At this time, Zhang Ping said slowly, "Fossil magic works into nine turns, and everything in the fossil skin doesn’t hurt. Nine turns into heaven …"
DiYiWuLiu chapter iron palm wounds
Then Zhang Ping didn’t wait for Qiu Qianren and others to react suddenly, suggesting that the sunflower treasure Dian Li stepped like a meteor and jumped into the iron palm to help the crowd.
Qiu Qianren saw this and rushed to Zhang Ping’s chest with a palm attack. However, Zhang Ping didn’t dodge it. It was a big magic fist that attacked Qiu Qianren’s chest.

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