"Of course, this is Mo Zong’s baby, so we will appreciate it and satisfy it. Mo Zong takes it out and wants to contribute to his mother’s charity. Naturally, we won’t try our best to deprive others of it."

However, one person’s idea made everyone feel stunned and took it for granted.
Shen Han sat in front of the camera. "We Shenyang will definitely go to charity in this charity auction, and we won’t care what irrelevant people think."
"I personally like that portrait very much. After all, it is very collectible by famous artists."
"What don’t shoot? Isn’t it just an auction to show it out? The highest bidder wins! For granted. "
"That painting, Shenyang will not show mercy, or it will be disrespectful to Mohism. People like Mo Jun Night should not like being disrespected, right?"
"This guy!"
Fu Yunfei punched the desktop screen and fixed it on Shen Han’s gentle and elegant smiling face.
"Tsukiyomi ikuto what did you see? He is provoking you! "
Mo Jun slowly looked up at the screen at night and picked up the remote control to give the screen.
"What about that?"
Fu Yunfei nasty "that again? You and I don’t know the current situation of Mohs enterprise? Shen Han is pressing you everywhere. How much liquidity can you have? But there is Su Jia behind him! "
He frowned and circled in the office of Mojun Night like a trapped animal. "Qin Fan and I have also invested in the new company. What now? He just wanted to play the idea of that painting! "
Mo Jun was dizzy by him at night. "I have my own arrangements for this matter."
"What are your plans?"
Fu Yunfei’s eyes are wide open and he wants to see something from Mo Jun’s night face.
However, Mo Jun’s expressionless face at night made him very frustrated.
"You’ll know then."
"Then it will be late! It’s important for Shen Han to get that painting. Will he be kind to you? "
Fu Yunfei yelled and turned and rushed out. Mo Jun didn’t come to stop him at night.
"Yeah, I feel that this is not a good ending."
Mo Jun silently shook his head at night and continued to work.
Shen Han and Su Qianyu came out of the restaurant and he saw the figure leaning against his car at a glance.
Perhaps I felt that I was looking at the man and looked up and looked bad.
"Do you want me to leave first?"
Su Qian smiled but did not move.
Shen Han shook his head and took her straight over. "Is Fu Shao waiting for me?"
Fu Yunfei glanced at the two of them with dark eyes. "I have something to tell you."
"Then please say it directly. Qianyu is not an outsider."
Shen Han’s eyes looked calm and Fu Yunfei didn’t know what was in his heart.
But at the thought of what he said, Fu Yunfei’s anger rose again.
"Do you want to argue with Tsukiyomi ikuto about that painting?"
as expected
Shen Han’s heart twitched gently. He should have known that Fu Yunfei would come to find himself. What else would there be besides Mo Jun’s night?
Looking at Fu Yunfei questioning eyes Shen Han didn’t want to let him down, but especially now he didn’t have a second answer.
"Mo jun will take out the painting at night just to make people argue? Do you think there is any problem with the high price of fair competition? "
"You know"
"I don’t know anything!"
Shen Han interrupted him in a high voice. "You really shouldn’t have asked me this question today."
"What do you mean?"
Shen Han suddenly showed an expression that surprised Fu Yunfei that he had never seen an evil smile.
"It means that maybe I was a little hesitant before, but now"
He hooked an evil radian around his mouth. "You must win!"

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