"I summoned a monster to be on the inside to show that it was on the scene and then stamped a card. The round is over!"

"I’m out of ammunition, Sese …" Gangsaburo pulled out a card from the deck and revealed a sneer at the corner of his mouth. "Then I’m going to attack the card again!"
"Fold the card and start the trap’ gravity inversion instrument’. This trap card can exchange the offensive and defensive representations of the field monsters on the inside and outside and cannot change the representation of the existing field monsters in this turn! Now your monster has become a defensive representation, while our monster can turn over the table and attack it! Get up, Newt (attack 19, defense 4)! "
In the seahorse, the monsters in Saburo Field disappeared in an instant, but the seahorse field was integrated. Newt was hunched like a 70-year-old man in the seahorse field.
"At the same time, I can launch Newt flip effect to increase its attack power and defense power by 5 points at the same time! Now Newt’s attack power is 24 points and defense power is 9 points. The monster can’t hurt it! "
"Hum think this method for a few rounds? Tell you no! " Just saburo pulled out a hand card and put it on the scene. "I will offer a sacrifice to Lei Di Zaporuge from the hand card to summon Hades, the demon king of the underworld (attack 245, prevent 16) to attack! If you want this card to be played on the spot, it means that the effect of the demon monsters in our field is destroyed by the battle. The monster effect is effective! Now I, Hades, the demon king of the underworld, will attack the judgment of Newt Pluto! !”
"Well …!" In the face of extinction, killing Newt Hades hippocampus was a step backwards. Although it was not a severe attack, now his field has returned to a state of one thing, but one of his hands can’t summon a blue-eyed white dragon at will, and his health has become 195 points. Now his state is so pale compared with the opposite arrogance, and his strength is almost the same as letting him fight there.
"Haha, you are just like this!" Just saburo’s natural and deep smile sounds so harsh in the hippocampus. "Then I’ll cover a card now and end the round so that you can think about how to escape from my secret attack!"
"Don’t deal with you too many brain cells that is disrespectful to me! Draw a card! " Haima furiously reached out and held out a card. "I started the magic card’ Soul-grabbing Jade’ and paid 1 point of life to insert all the hand cards back into the card deck for washing and cutting and then draw five cards!" Then he inserted the only blue-eyed white dragon in his hand back into the card group for quick washing and cutting.
Just Saburo smiled and threw out such a sentence, "I’m going to wake you up, Sese. You have 95 points left in your life. Aren’t you afraid that I will clean you up?"
"Feel free to attack if you have something to say. I don’t think you have it yet!" Haima drew five cards from the deck and held up one of them. "I’m going to launch a magic’ Turbid Funeral’ to destroy the places on both sides. There’s a garrison on the inside, which means placing monsters!"
"Why? Do you still have this card in his deck? !” Just saburo was taken aback and didn’t shout out his own field. Hades, Wind Emperor and Chaos Emperor Dragon were "cleaned" into the cemetery together. Before he could respond, the hippocampus immediately launched a stronger offensive. "Now I’m going to launch a magic’ reaction center’ from my hand to summon all the monsters in the deck with attack power of 3 points as much as possible! Show yourself, hippocampus doll (attack 1, defense 1)! !” With the seahorse shouting "three heads, big body and short body", the little doll of the seahorse jumped out of the ground and was still there. It was really funny to POSE the Pose of the seahorse, but now there is no one in Reagan’s gymnasium who can appreciate humor, and their performances can be white.
"Call the monster quickly. Do you have that in your hand?" Just saburo’s face became cold and abnormal. "Seto Kaiba is really a difficult opponent,!"
"It’s over just saburo! Now I’ll let you see the end of your ambition! " Haima raised a card in his hand and put it down on the scene. "I’m going to present a three-sea centaur doll to the gods. Come on, Aberg, the giant soldier (attack 4, defense 4)! !”
Suddenly burst in the gym, thunder accompanied by a huge blue fiend slowly descended to the hippocampus. Aberg’s giant soldiers were raising their angry fists and waving them as if they had already waited for him to die.
"Ha ha ha ha … God card finally came out!" Just saburo gave a laugh. "Great! Everything is exactly the same as my plan! If I can defeat the magic god, then I am the strongest dark cadre around Lord Hualuda! "
"What are you talking about in your sleep? You don’t have enough time to beat Shenka!" The hippocampus said coldly, "or have you been scared out of your mind by the appearance of God?"
"Hum, you won’t know Seto Kaiba …" Just Saburo’s voice suddenly changed to the original loud and powerful voice, but now his voice has become deeper and more magnetic. "We, the dark world, can smoothly enter the human world, and it has always been our greatest wish to get rid of the three illusion gods in addition to the Millennium artifact power. Now that you have summoned the illusion gods yourself, you will not waste so much effort and struggle with you. Now I will let you know what the real strength of our dark world is!"
Hippocampus stare big eyes, he was surprised to see that just saburo’s facial skin and muscles across from him seemed to be melted into liquid and appeared in it. It was not a dense bone, but a black magic face with three points in the cold and arrogant. Around his body, white clouds slowly condensed and the black steel skin set each other off to form a strange scenery.
"You … you are not just saburo? ! Who are you? "
A list of DIY card tables
Seto Kaiba (Qingyan Bailong +YZ Card Group)
Rowen light trap card in the player’s hand card, when the dragon is specially summoned, sacrifice its own dark monster, and you can choose an integrated light monster from the deck to be specially summoned to the scene.
After stopping the trap card from being launched, the player gives 1 health point. In this round, the opponent can’t launch an attack or let the monster launch special effects.
After the gravity inversion trap card is launched, the inside and outside of the field monster indicates that the offensive and defensive representations will be exchanged, and the existing field monster representation cannot be changed in this turn.
The Necromancer Jade Magic Card pays 1 health point, inserts all hand cards back into the deck, washes and cuts them, and then draws five cards.
When the Turbid Burial Magic Card is activated, it will destroy the places on both sides. The inside garrison means placing monsters.
Hippopotamus doll (warrior clan, one star, land attribute, attack 1, defense 1) Effect Monster player will play the game to show that this card offering can be called from the deck, and the attack of "Justice Partner Hippopotamus" will be put on the scene.
Kenzaburo Haima [? ? ? ] (Diablo King Card Group)
The magic of the palace site in the dark world. When this card is played on the spot, the demon clan and dark monster in the place will increase their attack power by 3 points. All the angel clan and light monster will reduce their attack power by 3 points. When the devil clan and the phantom clan are present on the spot, they will increase their attack power by 5 points and reduce their attack power by 5 points.
The King’s Dignity Trap Card can only be launched when the opponent launches a battle declaration and the player has a "Emperor" monster card in his hand. The monster with the name of "Emperor" in his hand can be called for a special call, and the opponent’s battle round is forced to end when the call is successful.
The greedy inspector magic card draws another card from the deck. If it is a monster card, it can be drawn again.
Gan Ladder Servant (Warrior, Samsung, Earth Attribute, Attack 9, Defense 3) Effect Monster This card is usually summoned by special summoning.
Wind Emperor Sebanut (Angel, Six Stars, Wind Attribute, Attack 24, Defense 1) Effect Monster When this card is successfully summoned, choose at most two cards in the opponent’s field to bounce back to the opponent’s hand card. If the returned card is a monster card, deduct the opponent’s 5 health points. If the returned card is a magic and trap card, restore your 5 health points.
Chapter 50 Trading with the Dark Side
"Gang Saburo" sneered coldly, even the gray smile made people feel uncomfortable. "Yes, I’m not Gang Saburo. I’m a living body that copied his memory. People in this world call me Girba, the army god of the dark world. The purpose of me and the tricolor is to wait for you to seize the Millennium artifact and take this opportunity to eradicate the magic god you have-the giant soldier of Aberg Sk." At this moment, in front of the hippocampus, people can’t find a trace of Gang Saburo except for the purple west. It’s as black as metal.
"Hum, for me, it means that no matter whether it’s just Saburo or any other guy who gets in my way, I’m going to clean it up one by one until you become just Saburo to challenge me …" Haima glared at her eyes and her body and she was furious … it would make my unhappiness with you multiply to the peak! "
"Say so scary because of the magic and fear? Then let me break your confidence! " Girba smiled and reached out and pressed the wrist fold button to "fold the card and launch the trap card’ real mirror’. When the other party successfully summoned the integrated monster, I sent both the hand card and the field card to the cemetery, so I could call the integrated monster from the card group and summon the monster with the same level as the other party! Come on, absolutely from the magic man (attack 35, defense 3)! "
In front of Girba, a whirlwind with blazing fire was rolled up, and a huge scarlet monster slowly emerged from the whirlwind and roared around the pale blue sky.
"The attack power is 35 … even if the site effect is added, there are 3 points. Isn’t it better than my magic soldier?" Haima laughed. "After a long time, you summoned such a nothing? Then everything will be over in this round, damn it! Aberg tusk magic weapon to attack is absolutely from the magic man’s fist! !”
"Hum, is that it?" Girba laughed coldly and saw that although the Magic of Hippodrome moved, its shape was very sluggish and it was very difficult, and the original 4-point attack power actually slipped away slowly.
"Damage to 35 points? What … what the hell did you do? !” Seeing that the attack power of the magic weapon was instantly 35 points in the fist attack, the hippocampus was shocked. However, if you want to stop it, it is no longer. The magic weapon fist has been waved out, which indicates that the formal law of fighting has been stopped again.
"Don’t underestimate the power of the dark world, Seto Kaiba." Girba gave a proud sneer. "Even the true god with great power has to give in before the vast dark world. What’s worse, he is willing to be at the mercy of human beings! Another special ability of the palace of the dark side is that when there are evil gods and phantom gods on the spot, when the monsters of the two families attack, the evil gods attack by 5 points and the phantom gods attack by 5 points! Because this effect is not lasting and effective for god, magic cards can also clamp down on god! You can go to hell with Aberg Sk’s giant soldiers with all your resentment to play your monster duel with Haima Gangsaburo! Absolutely fight back from the magic man, absolutely shake the clutches! !” Absolutely, when the magic man raised his fist, he countered the magic weapon. The spark attached to the fist made the whole stadium shrouded in a blazing spark.
"Hum, don’t let me have a card that can change the status quo. It’s your biggest mistake to keep the card in my hand!" Haima exclaims and raises a card in his hand. "I launched a quick attack magic from my hand to’ shrink’ and reduce the attack power of the absolute magic man by half before the end of my turn! Now you definitely have 19 points of attack power from the magic man and you can’t compete with my magic soldier! "
"How come! ?” Girba was surprised and yelled at an absolute instant from the magic man, and he was smashed by the magic soldier’s heavy boxing. He was also hit by the magic soldier at 16 o’clock, and his health value was deducted at 32 o’clock. A strong sense of shock made the army god fall to the ground and didn’t get up for a long time.
"I didn’t expect this skill … damn it, Seto Kaiba!" Girba struggled to sit up from the ground. "But once it’s my turn, I will never let you go crazy again. I want my hands to completely bury you in the dark world …"

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