"care?" War ghost pie pie "you and I are you this guy selling * *? Take care of you and scold next door. "

Bald flew into a rage "you dare to scold me? Do you know who I am? "
The war ghost turned to Zhao Jienai and said, "Why is there always such a person who feels good about himself and is famous?"
Zhaojie smiled and did not speak.
War ghost turned to baldness and said, "I don’t know where you come from, bastard."
Bald, with glaring eyes, he pulled out two short axes from behind and was about to say something. The wretched traveler suddenly remembered something and quickly grabbed his arm and bowed his head to his ear and said something.
Bald one leng consciousness to take a step back and look at war ghost eyes reveal doubt light to obscene male way "you go".
The wretched man nodded and quickly came back with a brand-new scroll in his hand.
Bald man took the scroll and looked at it for a while, pointing to some girls and saying, "Pick your cloaks."
Macro beside smirked and said, "hey, man, can you bend the rules?" These people are our families. "
Bald with a righteous look. "That’s not good either. Now the situation in Varolan is very urgent. Who knows if you will bring some resisters in without telling them? Oh, by the way, maybe you don’t even know what a resister is, do you Tell you that the resister is the enemy who is wanted by all major forces. "
Hong put on a frightened expression. "Brother, we are really not resisters. We are ordinary travelers. Don’t call us enemies of the people."
Bald and proud, "If you don’t want to be wanted by major powers, just hurry up and let those guys take off their cloaks and hats. We’ll check them and we’ll let you pass."
Ah Hong smiled and turned to zhaojie with a wink.
Zhao Jie saw Ahong’s idea at a glance.
For him, there are two ways to enter Varolan now. One is to enter in a low profile and then unite with some forces to create a territory by himself. The other is to act in a high profile and tell everyone that zhaojie has come to Varolan. You should all be careful. If you want to unite with the Abyss troops, it is natural to enter in a low profile, even if you are exploited, there is nothing wrong with it. But now the Abyss troops have lost their way, so it is better to enter in a high profile and attract people who want to find themselves.
Now that you’ve decided to be high-profile, let’s play big.
When he motioned that almost everyone except Leona took off his cloak, he immediately caused a stunning cry.
Seeing Yuan Yifan’s beautiful baldness on the clear moon, Hara almost dragged out half a foot long and looked at the three women extremely * * and said, "They are very opposite to the few resisters we saw before. You can go in and the three of them must stay."
"Haonan elder brother, the evaluation volume in your hand …" Although the wretched man is also amazed at several women, the calm sample still makes him confused and pulls his bald hand.
Hao south elder brother a pull him impatient way "you are so careful to do a fart ah didn’t you see? Except for this bald girl who looks like Hong, an idiot of the beauty squad, which one of the others looks like it? The appearance is not right, the number is not right, how can they be a beautiful team? "
Although the latest Abyss Force Evaluation Volume has made a detailed evaluation of the strength of zhaojie and others, the photos have not been changed, so Brother Haonan will have an idea.
"Hey, hey, you’re bald, and you call me bald?" Macro pointed to his way
"Fuck off. I’m in a good mood today. I don’t want you to buy money to leave these women to our brothers to play … investigation." Brother Hao Nan looked upright.
War ghost laughed. "Well, I admit that you are more stupid than I expected. I’m kidding you. You are really the boss. Leave these guys to me."
Zhaojie was just about to nod when he smiled. Yuan Yifan suddenly took this pure girl to the extreme and crossed zhaojie to fight against ghosts. "Uncle, they are going to investigate others, so you’d better back off."
War ghost has always loved Yuan Yifan to the fullest, but she didn’t object. Nai sighed and walked back to the team.
Yuan Yifan took off her heavy cloak while walking, revealing the white dress inside. This dress covered her up far more than the average girl’s rugged figure. She walked up to the bald man and said, "How do you want to investigate me, big brothers?"
"Well …" Bald yin said with a smile, "It depends on * * * how you want to be investigated. These people here are all elites of major forces, and all kinds of’ investigation’ methods want something. We can do it if you want it."
He said that it is true that these people come from major forces, but they are not elites of major forces, but are recognized by major forces for their growth potential. People like this are divided into three classes, and the major forces are ordered to manage the country and the city, and the second class is ordered to guard the gate of Varolan. This kind of thing can be done without much ability, and the third class dares to do trivial things such as being handed information.
The little girl smiled and bent her eyes slightly with her hands behind her back. "But there is a person in the family. So many of you want to’ investigate’ how people can stand it."
Brother Haonan slobbered his feet and wet the ground. He said with bedroom eyes, "There are not many people who want to’ investigate’ with you except my brother. There are thirty-one brothers behind me. We brothers are all elites. If you’ cooperate’ with good words, you will be rich and prosperous."
The little girl looked around. "Really? I saw a lot of people across the bridge, too. Are you sure I don’t’ cooperate’ with them?"
Brother Hao Nan nodded repeatedly. "Of course not. You just need to cooperate with us."
The little girl a face of pure "you? Come closer and let me see who’s there. I don’t want to be robbed by people. "
"Who dares"

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