"The famous antique wine bottle bought by a private collector in Carcy is said that the liquid in the wine bottle will become rich wine in less than half an hour after water is poured into it." Jeremy read aloud.

"Hey? This is a good thing. "War ghost shook his tongue excitedly.
Jeremy ignored him and continued to read, "The Lover’s Spring in Carcy Lan Central Park is said to erupt once every month on the 13th. Even if there are many people around the Lover’s Spring, the spring will fall on a couple, saying that the lovers who are blessed by the spring will never be separated from each other."
"So romantic …" Two women’s eyes came up with red hearts at the same time, imagining themselves and zhaojie being drenched by spring water, and they all secretly turned red.
"What about one?" War ghost some don’t know when asked
"…" Two women didn’t good the spirit stared his one eye. Jeremy continued to read "The branches of the moon painted by the famous painter Tian Youran three hundred years ago. It is said that his pen is like a magic pen, and the moon will change with the changes of the moon in reality … new moon, moon, new moon, etc."
Raphael heard the two women discuss and leaned in and asked, "Which of the three is most likely to have a female ghost?"
Raphael, the captain of the affiliated squad, naturally knew that zhaojie had inferred this question
"That still ask? The wine king Zun is the most suspect. "The war ghost is a face of course." Do you think that this place is similar to Earth Day? Isn’t it all female ghosts and monsters possessed by some appliance? So I think it should be a wine king bottle. "
"Wouldn’t it be more possible to talk like Brother Warrior?" Raphael chimed in.
"What do you know? I say wine king Zun is wine king Zun "war ghost tiger face shouted.
Raphael passive Nuo Nuo retreat corners of the mouth is a pie, he naturally guessed war ghost this drunkard want to find wine king Zunmu but also dare not say it.
"I think the most suspect should be the lover’s spring." Jeremy looked thoughtfully.
The little girl agreed, "I think it’s also imagining a girl who has not been blessed drowning in a spring and then turning evil spirits into an attack on all lovers …"
She suddenly couldn’t go in the middle of her words until a few minutes later, when she stepped on Jeremy and asked the war ghost, "I don’t know what to say the word’ drowning’, I suddenly felt as if I had caught something in my heart."
"Listen to you say these two words, I also have some brains …" Jeremy and the little girl played charades with each other tacitly.
"So where should we explore first?" Raphael very koo raised his hand and asked
"lover’s spring" said two women with different mouths, and at the same time, four bad eyes shot at the war ghost.
"All right, lover’s spring … just lover’s spring" War ghost nai compromise.
"You mean your team found four very suspicious clues but were afraid to go there independently?"
Mercenary exchange center LingHeng said to zhaojie.
"Yes, these four clues show that I think everyone has a responsibility to go and have a look?" Zhaojie said with a smile
LingHeng slightly blush to look next to nod a way: "I know, just as you said, I’ll ask everyone to go and have a look together, but you should always give me a general address, right? Let me know where we will go. "
"Of course" zhaojie handed LingHeng a piece of paper with a smile.
"The primary goal … lover’s spring?" Lingheng murmured
"Yes, I …" As soon as zhaojie’s words were exported, she heard a greasy disgusting sound behind her.
"Sister Hubby ~ ~ ~"
Zhaojie got a tingle and suddenly went back and cried, "Zhao, don’t be so close, okay? And please don’t speak in this tone. It makes me sick. "
Zhao Jungu looked at Zhao Jie’s big eyes and blinked. "Sister ~ ~ Did someone do something wrong?"
"@ # # … ※ (*※) Zhao Jie takes a step back and keeps a long distance vigilance with this cute girl." What are you doing? Can you just say it? Quite a big man, how can you be more girly than me? "
In fact, Zhao is more depressed in his heart than Wan Wan told him to pretend to be weak and play poor and get close to zhaojie. How could he make such a disgusting sample? His big eyes blink pitifully as if a kitten were begging for food from its owner.
Lingheng felt that if he didn’t leave soon, he would spit it out. He quickly put the paper in his pocket and fled.
It was not until Ling Heng went far that zhaojie withdrew the lofting and sat back in the chair. "Come on, don’t show off your stupid appearance. Say it. What did Wan Wan tell you?"
"Hey? How do you know that Sister Wan has been looking for me? " Zhao a face of shock.
Chapter directory Chapter IV Complete oppression and village chastity
The third volume I have sold my soul to ghosts and gods] The fourth chapter is complete oppression and village virginity
The fourth chapter finished oppression and village virginity
"Well, I admit that it was Sister Wan who asked me to come here because she said she would follow you with meat."
In the face of zhaojie, Zhao Jun can choose to tell the truth
"No problem, I agree with you to follow, but are you sure you want to do things under my command?" Zhaojie readily agreed to come.
Zhao a face of very hurt expression way "please please don’t treat me like a rookie? At least I am also a seventh-order elite traveler. Well, I still know that there is a sound in the team. "
"That’s not what I meant." zhaojie shook his slender fingers. "Are you sure you want to take the blame for our loss? Are you going to be a cannon fodder?"
Zhao Jun’s expression suddenly became rigid. "Elder sister, are you kidding me?"
"Of course I’m not kidding," zhaojie said lightly. "You have to pay the corresponding price if you want to hold your thighs and pick up cheap. You also said that you are not a rookie and should be white."
Hug your thighs? I hold my thighs?
Zhao Jun’s little face suddenly appeared in various colors. He tried his best to freeze this guy in front of him into a popsicle and nodded his head a little hard.
"Wan Wan, since you are here, you must have wished you something, right?" Zhaojie looked at Zhao Jun and almost couldn’t help laughing.
Zhao was surprised to think of Wan Wan and her evil smile. She was more awake than being poured with a pot of cold water and recovered into a good doll. She nodded and said, "I know."
"… Mr. Frost Nova will follow us in this main line."
In Zhao Jie’s room, although everyone is familiar with it, war ghosts and others still send out a surprised sound.
"Wow, haha, if you’re not joking, it’s so cool. The seventh-order traveler or the elite are called adults wherever they go. Now they are old younger brothers … why am I so comfortable?" War ghost burst out laughing.
Raphael was called to agree. "Why am I so pleased to get such news?"
"Wow ~ Sister, after all, changing her job is too controlling." The little girl is making fun of shota, who is flushed with anger or shyness.
Zhao Jie sat back on the sofa lazily tunnel "Wan Wan still helped us a little anyway, and Zhao Jun still has some strength. This requirement is not too much and worse. The abyss troops are also a big force, and they can benefit each other when they get along well."
"What I feel so no feeling? Shouldn’t these words stop me from saying? " Zhao pointed to his sad face.
Jeremy ignored Zhao Jun and stared at Zhao Jie with sharp eyes. "You really had an affair with that fox."
"If I were you, I wouldn’t focus on this trivial matter," zhaojie said primly. "At present, our form is still grim. Let’s not say that the main battle effectiveness of this main line alone is that the face and heart are incompatible. This situation can form the most serious result, and we will be dragged back a lot."
"Is I listen to wrong? Although I admit that you are very strong, you actually say that those guys who are similar to me will hold you back? " Zhao Jun once again vomited.
Before zhaojie commented on the situation, there was a knock at the door. Theseus Lan knocked in the door, impressively LingHeng.
"Captain Hubert is on the move tonight. I have something to tell you."
Zhaojie pointed to the sofa "please sit down".
Lingheng came to the door and said, "I discussed an action with those people, and everyone agreed to shunt action."
"shunt?" Zhaojie eyebrows a wrinkly.
"Are you kidding? We tell you these four clues in the hope that we can take care of each other when we are in danger. What’s the difference between splitting up like this and selling us? " The little girl some angry way
Lingheng’s facial expression said, "Don’t worry, just hear me out this time. I’ve found all the clues to reward you. Everyone agrees that you should choose a route first, and the Frost Nova Brotherhood will be selected by us after all the way with you."
"You are really cheeky." Jeremiah sneered and debunked his disguise. "Zhao Jun, this little guy, has decided to join our team. For the time being, it is not only said that the four clues are in the haunted house, but that it is enough to solve the second half of the mystery, but it is almost inevitable that there will be a battle all the way. If we choose this road, even if we face the powerful female ghost again, there will be no chance of winning, and there will be a theory of death and injury. In the end, we are all unable to compete with you for high marks in the main line of the third stage. On our success or failure, you can all get the answer. The other three roadbeds are all guesses. Can you find clues or not? I’m afraid we will all go to the haunted house together if we choose one road. There are so many of you who need to get to the haunted house that you can easily get the reward for showing the answer, and you can get away without saying the number advantage … Should I admire your ingenuity? "
Lingheng looked at this woman in surprise. He didn’t expect that this woman would have inferred them from the negotiation department just after saying 1.

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