"ok solved the words, why are the two eldest brothers still here trying to make a random scroll? We can only go to that place after it has been made." Lin Tianxiae said with a surprised look, but in the eyes of Liu Heng and goblins, how do you think this ya is playing with yourself?

However, Liu Heng and the goblin left together and joined hands to prepare a random scroll.
A guild must have talents to develop in an all-round way, and the game return engagement has some deputy positions besides the main position, such as pharmacists, blacksmiths, miners, builders, alchemists and tailors.
Those who don’t like fighting will focus on these deputies, which will not only relieve boredom, but also benefit the family.
So Liu Heng and the goblin joined hands, and it was the alchemist who could make things.
A beautiful figure appeared in the procession. It was already 20 minutes since Liu Heng and the goblin left. When Lin Tianxiao saw it, he immediately greeted him and shouted, "Dear here!"
This person is Zhou Xiaofu. She wanted to come at once, but she was angry when she thought that Lin Tianxie had not been connected with her for so long, so she forced herself to see Lin Tianxie * Zhou Xiaofu wandering leisurely in the province of Union, but she would watch it every minute.
"Hum, don’t befriend me. Who knows if you’ve been hitting on other women during this time!" Zhou Xiaofu airway
Lin Tianxiae immediately shouted, "I’m wronged, Xiaofu, and I’m more wronged than Dou E. During this time, you also know that I’m always wanted and I can’t enter the city, and I want to give you a surprise. I’ve been trying to get what I want and I’ll come back for you immediately!"
"Hey hey!" While Wang Youliang laughed at Lin Tianxiae, he quickly glared at Wang Youliang and immediately frowned. "Hum, my stomach hurts!"
"endure!" Lin tianxiae roared
Holding Zhou Xiaofu’s hand, Zhou Xiaofu dumped a few times. Can Lin Tianxie pull Lin Tianxie out of the Buddha’s ring and put a glittering and translucent bone bow in Zhou Xiaofu’s hand?
Zhou Xiaofu was immediately attracted by this bone bow. The cold bone bow made Zhou Xiaofu’s spirit shake and followed a mysterious force into Zhou Xiaofu’s arm and finally entered her body.
"The dragon is close to the bow!"
Dragon secret bow (advanced fairy)
Physical attack 12
Magic attack 12
Power +35
Magic +35
Physical strength +35
Increase the damage to creatures by 40%, increase the threat to boss by 20%, increase the basic damage by 15%, and increase the chance of killing with one blow by 5%.
Need a professional archer
Need grade
Need strength 35
Need magic 2
Dragon bone bows and arrows can not only display physical attacks, but also display elemental arrows, which require corresponding skills.
Zhou Xiaofu saw the horror on the face of the dragon’s secret bow, followed by a kiss on Lin Tianxiao’s face
Lin Tianxie’s heart is pleased to reply immediately. Where do you know that an arc appears at the moment when Lin Tianxie wants to kiss Zhou Xiaofu? Lin Tianxie will lie prone at Zhou Xiaofu’s feet directly.
"Ha ha ha ha!" Wang Youliang laughed and remembered that he was treated like this when he attacked Bi Yuer.
Zhou Xiaofu immediately squatted to the ground to help Lin Tian’s evil heart and said, "Xiaotian, I’m sorry I was so excited just now that I didn’t hear the announcement."
"Cough cough!" A puff of smoke from Lin Tianxiao’s mouth recovered his strength before saying, "Xiaofu was killed by you!" "
However, when Lin Tianxiao came to Wang Youliang’s side, and Wang Youliang’s surprised eyes were scratching and fat, he saw Lin Tianxiao clap his hands and said, "Well, I’m relieved, Xiaofu, let’s go shopping!"
"He …" Zhou Xiaofu glanced at Wang Youliang, who was lying on the ground with a black face.
Lin Tianxiae directly interrupted Zhou Xiaofu’s words, "No matter who he is, I’ll take you to the jewelry store to see." Wang Youliang, who was pointed at by passers-by, followed the two of them and left.
I planned to go to the jewelry store in Beach City, but Zhou Xiaofu said that she would go out for a stroll. Lin Tianxiao took Zhou Xiaofu to Beach City.
The two men walked hand in hand in the forest outside the city. Those low-level monsters couldn’t pass the exam because two big dogs were escorting each other. Those low-level players who just entered the game showed envy and wondered when they would be able to walk around with their two big dogs holding their girlfriends’ hands like this man!
"Brother, can I ask if this pair of beasts are your pets?" Finally, some players can’t help but come to Lin Tianxiao and ask.
"Oh, no, I summon creatures. I am a fairy profession!" Lin Tian evil didn’t frame all smiles should way.
"Thank you, big brother!"
This player said that he directly wiped his neck with a dagger in his hand. "return engagement" is a very serious game for suicide. If a suicide player, it means deleting the number and practicing again.
There are a lot of new players who directly delete numbers and practice again. Novice players constantly wipe their necks and spoil the good mood of Lin Tianxie and Zhou Xiaofu, especially when the former player’s neck is splashed with blood, but the profession of immortality is popular throughout the game at this moment.
"I hate how these people are like this!" Zhou Xiaofu asked with a frown with a hint of anger in his tone.
Lin Tianxiao shook his head with a wry smile. "No one can let your husband be so cool. They are envious and jealous!"
When the good mood is destroyed, the two of them can go home. At this time, Liu Heng and the goblin also came to the news that hundreds of random scrolls have been made and they are waiting for him.
Lin Tianxie took Zhou Xiaofu’s hand and wandered back to the edge of the array. Sure enough, Liu Heng and the goblin were waiting there with an anxious look on their faces.
"How come the random scroll is ready? Are we going to kill monsters?"
In one sentence, two people’s eyes broke out. This is to let Lin Tianxiao take them to kill the monster and explode the exquisite horse-cutting knife.
"Take a look at the random scroll first!" Lin Tianxiao said and held out his hand in front of Liu Heng.
Liu Heng immediately took out four bundles of random scrolls and handed them to Lin Tianxie. Lin Tianxie called to check the attributes of a random scroll.
The random scroll allows the player to move once on the current map.
"There are too few good things. This time, it is estimated that you will not be able to come back for ten days and a half months. The more of these things, the better," said Lin Tianxiao.
Liu Heng and the goblin looked at each other. "Why do you want so much? There is no place to put it!"
"I do. Don’t say so much. Go and get a thousand more and buy more big drugs at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s dangerous without instant recovery drugs!" Lin Tian evil light said
"Don’t say that the potion is really refined by those refined pharmacists. What’s called sun water can instantly restore the player’s 2 health points!" Liu Heng said.
"Well, the more it is, the better. Don’t be afraid that there is no place for me!" Lin Tianxiao said again and again
“ ` ` w w w
Liu Heng and the goblin immediately sent a message to their hands for about ten minutes. Two teams of about ten people came here. They were Liu Heng and the goblin hands.
"Give him all the things I said and inform him when he gets back. Five words are floating in the sky. After the third boss of our guild is also your boss, he asks you to help him!" Liu Heng immediately ordered.
The goblin is also saying the same thing. Lin Tianxiao is accepting the sun water sent by two teams of personnel. Don’t say that there are really many bottles of random scrolls and hundreds of bundles. This is the limit of refining during this period.

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