It’s so fucking tiring to return the favor.

139 the power of dark Taoist priest

14 Dark Forest of Terror

141 terror black blind.

142 Death Suit

143 forest trap

144 Octopus is also crazy

145 delicious seafood is awesome

146 primitive man? Holy shit, isn’t that cool?

We also became warriors, haha
As soon as I entered the palace, I didn’t know what is magnificent and beautiful. Boy, it looks like an ordinary palace outside. When I come in, it’s like a different world. It seems that you have to see something not only from the outside, but also from the experience.
"Bird elder brother is your boss?" I asked in a low voice as I walked forward
"Shh, don’t talk nonsense." To my surprise, Zhang Yuanchao made a quiet gesture at me. Is it possible that this place is a place of worship for some religious beliefs like the church? If so, you won’t crucify me and play barbecue games like ancient Christianity, will you?
"Elder, they have come in." At the end of a hall, Bird knelt down toward an old man sitting at the top, which made me depressed. Should I kneel down or not? I haven’t knelt down for anyone since I was so big. What if it’s a little difficult for me to kneel down for such a stranger, but what if I don’t kneel down and make the old man angry?
"Well, you go first." The elder really has a boss. He said that his face was expressionless and he didn’t even lift his head.
I don’t like this guy the most when I grow up. I won’t move if you don’t talk to us. I turned my head to see Feifei. They all exchanged eyes. It seems that they want to see what medicine this elder is selling in the gourd.
"you are that warrior who came out of the underground river?" After a long time, the elder finally spoke. As soon as the words came out, I wondered if he called us warriors to harm us. But where can I treat the warriors like this? I won’t talk about it without a beautiful woman, but it’s a bit unreasonable to have no chair. What is this called?
"Elder, they are the people who came out of the underground river." We haven’t answered yet, and Bird just shut up.
"Elder, please tell me what’s going on when you bring us here." Since there’s a play, you all call us warriors anyway, so it’s better not to hang us warriors on the cross immediately because of my words.
"Warriors, you didn’t meet anything in the underground river?" Instead of answering my question, the elder asked with interest.
I’m even more depressed. What happened to us in Dihe? What happened to you? This is strange. Why is he so concerned about this matter? There must be something. There must be a ghost in it. I’d better be careful. It won’t be their totem, will it? In that case, if we kill the octopus and eat its meat, will these primitive people not eat our meat?
"We met a big octopus, but we have killed it and eaten its meat."
I haven’t come to talk yet. Feifei has already said it first.
It’s too fast to stun this girl. If they really worship that octopus, we’ll die here.
"You, do you have any proof that you killed the octopus thief?" Hearing Feifei’s words, the elder’s eyes lit up and he said with joy
Haha, the octopus thief seems that they are not good with octopus classmates. That’s good. Fortunately, I still have a few pieces to prepare for Xiaohei to eat octopus later. This is a big party. Haha, what a surprise!
I quickly took out a piece of fish and handed it over. "Elder, this is the chapter of fish and fish haha."
The elder took the octopus from my hand, his eyes almost fell out, and he went back to his chair trembling. Poor Bird was also happy that he couldn’t tell the difference between the southeast and the northwest, but he was afraid to look there and stretched his neck three points longer than Comrade Giraffe.
"Bird eldest brother, don’t stretch your neck so long. I still have it here. Let me give you a piece. This thing is delicious. Hey hey"
As I said, I handed a piece of octopus in the past. As soon as Brother Bird listened to my words, he came running like a fart. I didn’t expect this piece of fish to have such great charm. If I had known earlier, I would have put the whole octopus in this sachet. It’s hard to say that a primitive man will give me the position of the elder.
I’m having a dream in the Spring and Autumn Period, and Bird and his elders are already excited.
"Warriors, you are really our tribal benefactors. Haha, except for the octopus thief, our tribal day will be better."
Haha, I’m a warrior. Call me a warrior. You must give me something.
"Elder, we killed the octopus with great efforts. His legs were thicker than an elephant, but when he died, he almost crushed me to death."
"Ha ha, warriors are really joking. Since warriors have made such great efforts to help our tribe get rid of their worries, if you have anything we need, just let us know." Bird patted his chest politely.
"What do you think we should do?" I asked Feifei in a low voice. After all, people are mainly planning this activity. How much I am here is also an auxiliary figure.
"They are locals. Why don’t we let them take us to the Black Forest?" Feifei suggested in a low voice that this is a good idea. If they can send us to the Black Forest, we can save a lot of effort. Haha.
"We don’t know if it’s convenient for the elder to help us with a request," I said to the elder. After all, people are grateful to us now. We are also guests. If a request is not good and they beat us out, it would be bad. Besides, it is not an easy thing for people to take us to the Black Forest. I have already deeply realized the charm of this original forest since I came in for a while.
"Warrior, please speak. If our tribe can make a definition, it makes me happy. No matter whether people can help or not, please listen to it. The elder is the elder. Say something so well. It seems that this elder is really not an ordinary person. I’m afraid he can’t be that silly Bird classmate. Haha.
"We want you to take us to the black forest, even at the edge of the black forest." I’m afraid that people will reject it outright and quickly lower the requirements a little. Even if you can’t take us to the center of the black forest, it’s not difficult to take us to the edge of the black forest.
"I’m afraid I can’t do it in the black forest." When the elder’s words came out, my heart was half cold. Just now, he said it well, and now he wants to do it without hesitation. Now he wants it. I ask you to refuse it as soon as you say it.
"But it’s not difficult to get to the edge of the black forest. Although we tribesmen can’t get into the black forest, we are familiar with the way to the black forest."
Haha, it’s not bad to send it to the edge of the black forest. I was happy when I heard what the elders said.
"In this case, there is not much waste of gifts. Thank you, Elder Bird and Brother Bird. How about we start now?"
"Since the Warriors are so impatient, I can’t keep them. You can go to Bird directly from our tribe to the edge of the Black Forest. You can take all the Warriors."
"Cang water, you come with me," Bird said, taking us towards the hall.
I’m depressed. I knew it was so easy. Then what am I doing in such a hurry? At least we have to enjoy this primitive tribe more. Maybe we can have a one-night stand with the primitive mm. Isn’t that cool?
But now it’s too late to regret it. I can’t tell them it’s not urgent again, can I
I can’t help but appreciate the primitive customs when I come next time. Let those primitive MM go this time. Haha.
It was much more convenient to send troops, and in a blink of an eye, we came to a strange place
"This is the edge of the original forest and the black forest. Less than 1 km further ahead is the black forest. We original tribesmen can’t send you here in the past, saying that the black forest is full of dangers. I hope you can go early and come back early. Remember to come to the original tribe to find me and let you experience the MM customs of our original tribe. Haha"
Bird, this guy is really a pervert. I haven’t said anything in my heart. He didn’t look at the fact that there are women here. He just threw the words out. It’s estimated to be more colorful in peacetime. I like this guy. Haha, it’s promising. It’s also good to get him to the wolf clan and let him build a wolf clan branch in the original forest. Haha.
"If we don’t go by ourselves, we will definitely come to you when we come here. You must remember what you said. Haha," I said, patting Bird on the shoulder and Bird laughed at me.
Breaking up with Bird, I’m still iMMersed in the fantasy of primitive mm seeking happiness. Feifei has put her evil hand on my waist.
Oh, I cried. How can all women in this world do this? If I become the boss, I must make it forbidden for women to pinch men and offenders to hit PP 100 haha.
"Shall we quit the game day first or go in now?" Blackie is a real buddy. Just when I was in pain, his words pulled me back from the abyss ravaged by women.
"I think we’d better wait till tomorrow. No one knows what will happen when we go in. It’s already late. Let’s have a good rest today." I suggested without looking at my watch. Today, I am exhausted. I just suffered inhuman abuse. I have to have a good rest and mend my body.
"Well, then quit the game and wait until tomorrow. Is there a problem that everyone must be on time at this time of day or today?"
"Be sure to arrive on time"

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