"Brother Seven Nights, you’re not worried about me."

Seven nights gently stroking Feng Hua Xiaoxue’s hair lightly, "I’m fine. I’m just saying’ golden flash’. I don’t care about the wind for seven nights and a few third-rate ninjas. I won’t have an accident until I let you go home in an upright way. This is a promise made by a male man."
"yeah!" Feng Hua Xiao Xue happily tunnel "thank you for your seven-night brother!" "
"hey!" At this time, there was a warm applause around, and the crazy director said, "This is the perfect love between the hero and heroine. The screenwriter adapted the original play for me and changed it to lead to the other side of the rainbow. On the way, Princess Fengyun was attacked by the devil again. In desperation, the princess appeared in her life and saved it."
In the warm hands of people, seven nights and Xiaoxue are not embarrassed by this, but still naturally embrace together. From this point, we can see that both of them have one thing in common, that is, they dare to love and hate, and they don’t care about the whole world or people.
Seven nights light whispered in Xiaoxue’s ear, "Let’s formally communicate after Xiaoxue and so on! Ok? "
Listening to the favorite man courting Xiaoxue happily replied, "Yeah!"
There is still a long way to go before the group leaves the snow country, the capital and the snow city.
Mei twice, this is the seventh class. Don’t cut the head again.
After many wars, Kakashi was killed and put in the dungeon.
"Hum!" Don’t chop arrogantly and sneer, "You’ve been tricked by Kakashi. This is your absolute way to escape from the special cage. If you are allowed to move freely, I’ll take care of you later." Then I saw that the pool of water left on the ground during the initial fight actually came alive and formed another one, that is, no more water.
Kakashi, who was in the dungeon, said, "You guys run away with Mr. Dazina. You have no chance to fight that guy. If he keeps me in the dungeon, he can’t leave, and the water body should be far away from the body. You can always run away now."
Sasuke, Naruto and KINOMOTO SAKURA have been stunned by the murderous look. They are all unable to move. However, in this critical situation, Naruto remembered to talk to him for seven nights. There is always a solution to everything.
"ah!" Hearing Naruto cry out for Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA in Naruto’s cry out for help, they both freed themselves from the murderous look of never cutting again. They looked at Naruto with a handle in his right hand and shuriken stuck it on the back of his left hand. Naruto endured the pain and said, "Escape? Don’t be ridiculous. From the moment you were put in jail, we had no other choice. Even if we escape now, if you don’t cut again, we will eventually be killed." Naruto had a painful tunnel. "Maybe there will be a chance to escape, but we are companions! Teacher Seven Nights once said that when a person has friends and companions, everything will become beautiful. That’s true. I really feel that I don’t want to lose this hard-won happiness and beauty. I might as well just die if I leave my companions and escape. "
In addition to not cutting again, some people in other places, including Kakashi who was trapped in the dungeon, fell silent by Naruto’s words. Kakashi thought of Daitu Dazina and his son-in-law, Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA, and was surprised that Naruto, who has always been nervous, should have such consciousness.
Don’t cut a sneer and then continued, "Not bad, kid actually thought of pain to resist uncle murderous look. Uncle remembered your name, Naruto Uzumaki, right? Even so, you still have to die today."
"Hey, hey!" Naruto smiled firmly. "That’s not necessarily true. You should quickly remember in your manual that Naruto Uzumaki, a Konoha ninja, will become a naruto sooner or later. My uncle Naruto Uzumaki will never die before he becomes a naruto!"
"Naruto’s big talk will be saved until I can live. Now you should protect Mr. Dazina from escaping. But the first rule of ninja is how did you learn it at school?" Kakashi had to say something against his will considering Naruto’s situation.
"I will never leave!" Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA both mean the same thing, but the three of them looked at Da Zi Nada Zi Na and were silent for a moment before saying, "What? At the end of the day, it’s all because of me. At this time, I don’t think I still want to live? I’m sorry to trouble you, so you can fight as much as you like. "
"Ha, that’s it. No eyebrows, guys. Are you mentally prepared?" Naruto confidently said, "Shadow separation!" Naruto was divided into thirty or forty shadow members in a flash.
"Oh!" Don’t cut a little surprised a "shadow busy? And there are quite a few places at once. "
Naruto’s avatar department holds a bitter mouth and says, "Cut the crap and I’ll take it!" Say, the shadow doppelgangers are rushing to cut the water body again, but they are surrounded by the water body again, but even the water body strength is not a fledgling person. Naruto can resist listening to it and drinking it, and Naruto’s shadow doppelgangers are scattered by the Ministry.
"Hey hey hey!" Don’t cut and continue to laugh. "I told you that you are just a group of ordinary kids playing ninja games. When you were your age, your uncle’s hands were covered with blood."
Naruto pulled out shuriken calmly and said, "I can’t control those things and eat my trick again!" Naruto sank shuriken in four points, saying, "Wind Devil shuriken Shadow Windmill!" At the same time, Naruto jumped up and threw shuriken at the water body again.
"Kid shuriken’s toy is not for me!" Never again cut water body arrogant tunnel but naruto shuriken suddenly changed direction and flew towards never again cut water body when he was near it.
Chapter 16 Plot (7)
"Kid shuriken’s toy is not for me!" Never again cut water body arrogant tunnel but naruto shuriken suddenly changed direction and flew towards never again cut water body when he was near it.
"Oh!" Don’t chop a little surprised and say, "Come to me!" Seeing that shuriken, the rotating enchanter, flew to the front of the body without cutting, reached out and easily grasped shuriken, the enchanter. "This degree is naive. Grandpa said that shuriken is not a toy for me." Just when he was not proud of it, another enchanter, shuriken, was fast and surprised. "It is a shadow shuriken technique to hide in the shadow of shuriken." It is still naive to avoid the second enchanter shuriken with a light jump without cutting! "
"Really?" Suddenly, the second one, which was evaded by shuriken, turned into Naruto, who took the opportunity to take out a handful of hard work and threw it at the dead corner behind him. "Eat your uncle Naruto Uzumaki!"
Don’t cut frightened he never thought that the second shuriken turned out to be Naruto’s mercy, his sensitive control of the water dungeon technique, or a blood groove blown by shuriken, even with such a little devil saying, "You little devil will kill you!" Say don’t cut conveniently pulled out beheading broadsword suddenly split to naruto.
"Bang!" A violent metal impact took the opportunity to solve the problem of water imprisonment. Kakashi will never cut this deadly knife again.
"Naruto, you’ve grown a lot in battle." Sasuke and KINOMOTO SAKURA praised Kakashi again, but they couldn’t believe all this, and they couldn’t believe that Naruto, the crane’s tail in ten thousand, did it.
Naruto hey hey smile with a smug tunnel "I make the shadow separation is not to knock down and never cut again, but to cover up the fact that I really turned into a enchanter shuriken. I left a doppelganger, but I turned into an enchanter shuriken, and then I took out my enchanter shuriken and two enchanters shuriken. Together, I can just make a shadow of shuriken. Of course, I won’t recognize the light, so I can knock down and never cut again, but I want to destroy the dungeon, and then I can use this to make the water not cut again. It’s really successful.
At the moment, Naruto’s performance made Sasuke unable to sit still. Sasuke’s heart whispered, "Naruto, where have you grown up? It’s the first time to perform this kind of thing. How can you be so calm and calm? But also can improvise such amazing tactics because of that guy named Seven Nights? "
KINOMOTO SAKURA: "Is this still the stupid Naruto I know?"
Dazina: "This kid is much more reliable than when we first met."
The battle to get Kakashi and not to cut again is about to begin.
"I said that the same patience can’t make me twice. What are you going to do!" Kakashi avenue
Two people hit it off and don’t cut it immediately. Kakashi sharingan copied it as soon as he finished turning it.
Almost at the same time, "water escape, water dragon play!" When the two men completed the operation at the same time, they saw that two hoses broke out of the water and bit each other, causing a wave that washed Naruto ashore and spread to Sasuke, KINOMOTO SAKURA and Dazina.
Looking at the great destructive power caused by the hose, KINOMOTO SAKURA was surprised and said, "Is this Ninjutsu?"
The most shocking thing is never to behead again. Looking at Kakashi’s scarlet eyes, I felt a little uneasy. "What’s the matter? It’s imitation. Why is it even the same time and power? Is this the real power of sharingan?"
Then the situation is the same. Kakashi’s every move is exactly the same as never cutting again, which makes him even more worried. When he didn’t respond to never cutting again, he listened to Kakashi and shouted "Water Dun Waterfall!" I can’t believe all this if I don’t cut it. This technique is exactly what his horse wants to deal with Kakashi. Unexpectedly, Kakashi made it first. Then the only explanation is that Kakashi has the ability to predict the future.
As soon as Kakashi’s voice fell, he saw that the river suddenly swelled and formed a huge spiral water flow to hit Zaibuke. Finally, this operation ended everything in Zaibuke’s incredible eyes.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!"
"Kakashi!" Don’t cut the road again. "Before I die, I want to ask you a question. Do you have the ability to predict the future?"
"Not bad!" Kakashi calmly said, "I see you are going to die!"
Just as Kakashi was about to kill again, two flying needles broke through and went straight to the neck artery. Soon, he was already dead. Everyone looked up and saw a mysterious boy with a mask on the opposite branch.
"Yes, he is dead!" The teenager said, "You are Konoha ninjas, right? I’ve been hunting for a long time, and I finally caught this opportunity today. I have to thank you."
Kakashi squatted down to confirm that there was really no pulse. Kakashi looked at the mysterious boy again and said, "That mask, are you a foggy assassination unit?"
The young man said, "You know very well. Yes, I am a member of the Fog Hidden Assassination Force. I am responsible for hunting down escaped ninjas like Never Cut again."
Kakashi tunnel "Judging from his height and sound, he should be about the same as Naruto and others. This kid is not an ordinary kid."

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