This fruit surprised Chen Song and Tong Yihuai. They don’t doubt that some foreign forces want their lives, but is it funny to send such a person here?

Wu Fan explained that "judging from the current investigation results, the attack on you may be due to Yan Weilun’s initiative, and he is still investigating why Yan Weilun’s attitude is not cooperative."
Chen Song nodded all his thoughts and said, "In this case, my brother and I should still be very dangerous recently. Why don’t we go to this activity?"
Wu Fan smiled. He believed that Chen Song said this, but in order to relieve the pressure of those who protect them, there is definitely something that they don’t want to take part in sports activities and prefer to take them to the research institute to see the research factors. He said gently but firmly, "Without this activity arrangement, I have seen nothing wrong. Dr. Chen, can you believe that we can protect you and Dr. Tong?"
Chen Song "Well …"
It will soon be the day of the activity. Ren Jia Jia’s original arrangement was to drive by car. Now there are just two more cars, Chen Song and Tong Yihuai. Wu Xiaoran’s villa should come mainly to a friend’s party. The garage is big enough to park all the cars.
Wu Xiaoran’s villa is quite big. The main building is three floors. The rooms have been cleaned up by the servants before, but everyone has one room.
The front courtyard is a large lawn with big trees and trees planted around it to block the view and decorate the flowers.
Ren Jia Jia, they have quite a league building atmosphere, and they have specially made a flag to write "League building activities for young migrant workers in scientific research", which is very real.
The flag bearer handed it to Ren Jiajia, the only man in the management and the owner of the villa, Wu Xiaoran, holding a trumpet, and said, "Dear colleagues, arrange activities. Let’s climb to the top of the scenic spot together, that is, where we eat at noon, and then separate ourselves for free activities. If you have any personal problems to solve, solve them quickly. We will leave in ten minutes!"
Everyone should go to the toilet, go to the toilet, apply sunscreen, and take an umbrella.
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai also brought umbrellas and packed water and some food in their backpacks, which were more than half the weight of their belongings.
Chen Song and Tong Yihuai wanted to carry their backpacks, but they were robbed by Wu Fan directly before they were carried. Wu Fan said, "You can’t hide quickly if you carry such a heavy bag on your back. Don’t increase my work burden! Anyway, I’ve been with you all the time. It’s convenient for you to take things with your backpack. "
Chen Song bulged his cheeks. Is he worried that it is inconvenient to take things?
He was embarrassed to bother Wu Fan because his backpack was too heavy!
But since Wu Fan said so, Chen Song didn’t compete with him to take out the umbrella, and he and Tong Yihuai held an umbrella together.
When everything was ready, they all lined up in Ren Yoga and Wu Xiaoran. Chen Song and Tong Yihuai walked at the end.
Everyone stays in the laboratory for a long time, seldom comes out to play, or physical activities are quite exciting at first, but slowly they feel a little chatting, so someone shouts, "It’s boring to climb mountains. How about playing a game?"
"What to play? Physical games? "
"What physical games can we play when we are still climbing mountains? Can’t you sing when you give a question in front and calculate it in the back? "
"Don’t you think you can’t figure it out? Don’t you think about it in case you can’t figure it out?"
"Oh, that’s right. It’s also a postgraduate entrance examination. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if the numbers are ugly?"
Ren Jia Jia heard the discussion behind him and raised his horn and said, "Why don’t we play a simple math game? Let’s start from me, go back to the last person in turn, and then go back and forth. Everyone will quote a prime number in order. If you make a mistake or skip a prime number, there will be punishment! Singing or telling jokes can be punished, and everyone must think that it is passed. "
"It seems a little simple."
Ren Jiajia said, "The front is definitely simple, but it’s still a little difficult at the back. Then I’ll add another restriction. You can’t let everyone wait in half a minute, right?"
"Not bad"
Renjiajia "Then I’ll start!"
Behind her was Wu Xiaoran, carrying the banner, and immediately took it to "3!"
In addition to Chen Song and Tong Yihuai, there were 18 people who participated in this activity. It happened that it was Chen Song’s turn to report "61", and Chen Song’s greatest achievement in the field of mathematics was that he would naturally say "67!"
Although Tong Yihuai didn’t remember a prime number in particular, he quickly got the answer "71!" after a simple calculation.
Then it was Chen Song’s turn to go forward. A prime number was "73", which happened to be a pair of twin prime numbers.
Two people glance at each other couldn’t help laughing.
Today is not a holiday. There are not many tourists in the scenic spot, but it is not over. Their unique games naturally attract some tourists nearby. Some people have taken a small video and sent it to social networks, which has caused some notes in a small area. After all, ordinary people are still very interested in the life of researchers.
When the number is getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more calculations. Isn’t it that some people have made some mistakes? The first mistake is Bao Shan, who ranks sixth.
He has a bitter face, "Ah, I can’t sing with five tones."
Ren Jia Jia "Then you can tell a joke or a short story or something."
Bao Shan: "Do I look like someone who can tell jokes? Shall I search for a line on the spot? "
Before Ren Yoga could speak, others would boo, "No! On-site search is too insincere to think for yourself! "
Bao Shan: "Then you are really giving me a hard time, Pang Hu. I don’t remember anything now."
Chapter 68 Chapter 68
Ren yoga "that otherwise, you recite a poem? Of course, whether it is modern poetry or ancient poetry, it must be longer, otherwise everyone can’t count you, right? "
They shouted "Yes! At least you have to have the length of everlasting regret song, right? !”
Bao Shan: "It’s too difficult for me to be a science student … Don’t mention the everlasting regret. I can’t recite the chivalrous now! My brothers and sisters begged, can I do it? "
Chen Song said, "Why don’t you recite a pi? You don’t need to recite 1 digit and 5 digits, do you? "
Bao shan "? ? ?”
The boss suddenly spoke, but the question is, who can recite pi by himself these days? Is it a bad brain?
Bao Shan said weakly, "The pi of the back is OK, but can you give me a look before the back?"
Wu Xiaoran "I think so, but if you want to read the words, you will have to recite them to the first place, and there will be a minute."
Bao Shan said in distress situation, "Are you studying for my memory? Ok, I’ll search for it myself. "
The team stopped just in time, and good people can take a break.
When tourists nearby heard that someone was going to challenge the memory of one pi in one minute, they suddenly became interested. They leaned in and took photos with their mobile phones. If Bao Shan succeeded in the challenge, they could record this historic moment and send a circle of friends or social networks.
Bao Shan searched the top 100 digits of PI on his mobile phone, and memorized it quickly while watching it. In less than a minute, he put down his mobile phone and began to recite "3141596535 … 117679".
After reciting Bao Shan in one breath, I spit out a long breath and feel suffocated. There is no mistake in reciting a number after the decimal point of PI.
Ren Jiajia shouted, "Did everyone say that he had passed?"

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