Messi hurried to help the two ladies carry their luggage. "I’m sorry, I just came with Sai to see the reporter. He helped me guide the reporter, but I still didn’t dare to go in." Charlotte came to Madrid every year. Messi knows this little sister’s temper very well. It’s better for him to apologize immediately, so as not to be counted by this girl.

Seeing Messi get along with Charlotte, I thought that I used to regard Charlotte as a rival in love for a while before, and I couldn’t help but feel funny. Now she believes that Messi regards Charlotte as another little sister.
"Hello, dear" Messi finally calmed Charlotte down and immediately looked at Anton. The tenderness in his eyes made Anton not miss it.
"Hello" Antonella blushed a little, and she greeted Messi in a low voice.
Charlotte couldn’t get over it. "You two are going to live under the same roof in the future. Do you have to say hello so quietly in the future? In that case, Leo, my birthday present for you this year will be a pair of loudspeakers."
Hearing Charlotte’s words, Macy and Antona couldn’t help laughing, and their embarrassment was swept away.
Originally, Antona decided to stay in Argentina to study in university after graduating from high school this year, but she could not hold back. Messi repeatedly persuaded her to finally make up her mind to come to Spain. To be exact, Messi now lives in Madrid to study in university, and Charlotte will play the role of Guti Investment Shadow, and Messi will make a guest appearance in it. Charlotte will ask Antona to come to Spain together.
Three people and three kinds of Messi and Antonella are lovers. Messi and Charlotte are brothers and sisters who are not related by blood. Charlotte and Antonella are friends, and they are not very old. As Messi started the car, they started chatting at will, and talked about Charlotte and Messi’s upcoming movie.
Antonella said, "There are also reports in Argentina. After all, this is the first time that Mr. Lei Dongduo has appeared in the film since he retired."
Charlotte also said, "My father is still jealous. I can be invited by Fina and Hernando. He doesn’t even have a guest role."
Messi revealed some gossip to them. "Actually, Mr. Carney was invited to them. I heard from Fina that there would be many famous Real Madrid guests in the film and friends from Hernando would be invited to make guest appearances."
Charlotte smiled. "Then I won’t tell my father and let him sulk for a few more days."
Macy and Antona glances at Charlotte’s temper and expressed sympathy for Mr. Ricagni, who was kept in the dark by her daughter
Charlotte thought of one thing: "Will all the active players of Rio Real Madrid make guest appearances?"
Messi nodded. "Almost, but I heard that there seems to be something wrong with the scene. After all, he looks so much like Fina."
"Yes," Charlotte rolled her eyes and was relieved to hear that all the active players in Real Madrid would make guest appearances. After all, she came to Spain for another purpose besides filming.
"Speaking of real Madrid’s first-team handsome boy can be a lot? Plug is still so popular? I heard that a man named Ramos is also very handsome. By the way, Igor has broken up with his girlfriend now? " Charlotte looks like chatting and asking Messi
"There are too many gossip about the traffic jam. Every day, there are so many female fans around the base and scream as soon as it comes out." Messi has a headache. He has never bought a car and has been living in the room where Guti is separated from the traffic jam. Every day, he takes a traffic jam to go back and forth for training. It is conceivable that sitting in the traffic jam, his ears are tortured every day.
Messi continued, "Sergio is handsome, but Fina said Sergio’s good friend is handsome, but it’s a pity that it’s next door to us." Messi knew who Guti said Ramos’s good friend was, and he had already played against the Atletico Golden Boy next door in the league, but his footwork was not inferior to his appearance.
"Igor recently heard that he seems to have some problems with his girlfriend, but I’m not sure exactly. After all, this is his private matter."
"Well," Charlotte bowed her head in thought and then looked up and asked Messi, "Leo, do you think I’m beautiful or Igor’s girlfriend is beautiful?"
"Ah?" I’m concentrating on the car. Messi has some doubts
"Forget it, it’s no use asking. You must say that you are the most beautiful in Anton," Charlotte said grumpily.
Messi couldn’t help shaking his head. "The most beautiful thing in my mind is that Fina Antonella is ranked second." Messi said that before he came to his senses, "Honesty" embarrassed to look at Antonella.
Antonella smiled at Messi understandingly. She had known Messi since she was a child, and she knew that Messi was ill before and after that year. If Lei Dongduo and his wife hadn’t helped him bring him to Spain for treatment and sent him to Real Madrid youth training camp, Messi’s life might have become different, and maybe there would be help from noble people, but Messi would have to go through more hardships.
Antonio, Messi’s girlfriend, is also full of gratitude to Lei Dongduo and his wife. She knows that Messi’s admiration for Guti’s appearance is from the heart and not mixed with other thoughts. He also thinks that Messi may regard Lei Dongduo and his wife as his other parents in his heart, which may be the same with Charlotte.
Several people laughed and went all the way to Messi’s home in Madrid, or the house that Guti rented to Messi’s father was next to the plug room.
Messi has now been promoted to Real Madrid’s first team, but his salary is almost the lowest in the team, reducing the burden. His father still has to go out to work, and others still live in Argentina. However, Messi’s performance in the league and the Champions League has been impressive. Some experts say that it will be terrible to wait two years for Messi to mature. With Messi’s high grades, he will earn more and worse. His agent is Castro, the agent who crosses the cultural and sports fields, but he is very powerful when negotiating contracts.
I could have moved my house a long time ago, but I don’t want to move this house when I think of whether I bought it with Guti in those years or whether my good friend lives in the house. But I have already developed in the direction of a black-hearted renter. Guti has a lot of luxury houses in his hand, and he will wait for him to change rooms directly with Messi in two years. After so many years of getting along, people will always have feelings, and Guti’s impression of Messi has changed from "cheating from next door to being a fool" to "bullying my own little fool". We must take good care of ourselves.
Messi didn’t know that Guti was going to move for him, and he was happy to introduce his room to Anton La, who came here for the first time.
A few days after Anton La settled in Macy’s house, there was a lot of buzz. Lei Dongduo’s first "touch" film was finally going to be filmed
The name of the movie is Faith. Although the name is tall, the actual plot is still quite bloody.
Fina and Hernando are classmates in the same middle school, but they are as far away from each other as the South Pole and the North Pole.
Fina is a shy and autistic girl with freckles and acne, while Hernando is a sunny and athletic boy who has to take part in football training in his spare time and is a future star of football field.
The only possible connection between two people is that Fina secretly loves Hernando and Hernando doesn’t know it.
One day, Fina was bullied by a group of bad students in a place where no one was around, and she was saved by passing by Hernando, who also said a few words to encourage Fina, which made Fina cheer up from then on.
A few years later, Hernando has become a soccer star, and Fina went to study football coaching. However, Hernando never knew how hard Fina worked. Once again, Fina bought a ticket to watch Hernando’s game, and two people met by chance. Hernando didn’t recognize Fina as her shy and autistic female classmate. Although Fina was a little sad, Hernando didn’t recognize her, but she always remembered what Hernando encouraged her to continue her strong and optimistic life.
It seems that Fina and Hernando didn’t pay each other, but I didn’t expect that one day the head coach of Hernando’s team suddenly fell ill and went to the club to continue coaching. Nennai chose an acting coach to direct the team before the head coach recovered.
There is an English in the club? Knowing people is good? Dare to make progress? Chairman he chose the only female coach among several resumes, and that is Fina.
When she became very beautiful, she couldn’t see the past middle school days. After she came to the club with her sports car, from the first day, she was questioned by captain Hernan and many players, and she was not allowed to step on the team bus when she went out to play.
Fina worked hard to win the trust of the players and finally won the recognition of the players. Qi Xin worked together to play a wave of winning streak. Finally, she faced an arch-rival in the cup final, which was dirty and dirty, and secretly bribed Fina by small means. Their club staff drank Chinese medicine for the players, which greatly reduced the status of the players in the game, but all dirty means could resist the real sportsmanship. Fina and her players worked hard together to overcome their opponents and won the game.
After the game, the real head coach of the team came back from recovery, and Fina also ended her career as a fire-fighting coach. She had already developed feelings for Fina in her relationship. Hernando went to Fina’s residence and found that someone had gone upstairs, but he recognized that Fina was actually his middle school classmate. Hernando took the photo and was going to chase Fina. As a result, she found it after a dozen doors and came back to look for the photo. Fernando confessed to Fina and then they were together.
Many years later, the elderly Fina and Hernando sat in the stands watching the ball, and a young man with Fina’s appearance but Hernando’s surname was killing with the ball in the arena.
"Honey, are you sure that the hero and heroine’s names should be Fina and Hernando?" Before filming, Lei Dongduo asked Guti again. He always felt strange. After reading the play, he always thought of them forever.
"This will make the audience feel kind and dear, Hernando. This is a drama that I personally made." Guti is sweet and tired of calling Lei Dongduo’s name. Well, he does have a grudge. He remembers how good he was when he was ignored by Lei Dongduo, and how much he loves Lei Dongduo. He will remember how miserable he was. Although he asked for it, he still has some resentment.
"What’s the name of the villain club? Our club is called Real Madrid, and even Florentino happily agreed to be a guest chairman. You’re not going to call the villain club Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, are you? I don’t think they want to make a guest appearance. "Lei Dongduo suspected that Guti thought so when he was writing the play.
Guti wanted to nod, but he also knew that it would definitely not work like this. "I’ve already thought of a name, so it’s called Lewen. I somehow feel that this name sounds annoying."
Guti cleared his throat. "Go to hell with Lewen! Lewen hell! It sounds like the fans are very excited to shout like this. Isn’t it good? "
Lei Dongduo shrugged. "Yes, your voice is very good even when you curse." Lei Dongduo knew that he should praise Guti appropriately.
Sure enough, Guti’s eyes narrowed when he heard Lei Dongduo’s words.
"Your investment is really saving money this time." Lei Dongduo figured out that this time, except for looking for a professional filmmaker, almost all of them were friendly cameos
Real Madrid woke up in Guti to compete for the filming of "One Goal Becoming Famous", but there was still no competition. Newcastle Florentino decided to shoot a football film himself to promote Real Madrid. This time, he not only contributed the first team, the youth team, the training base and the home court, but also performed a club chairman.
In terms of actors, Hernando and Fina were naturally played by Lei Dongduo and Guti, while in their middle school days, Hernando Jr. and Fina Jr. were played by Messi and Charlotte, which confirmed the title of "illegitimate daughter of Lei Dongduo" and "illegitimate daughter of Guti" in those years. This film also became a "virgin" of the future plum ball king, which made many fans come from time to time.
It is estimated that the most dissatisfied with his role in the whole movie is the cancellation, because he was robbed of the captain’s armband in the movie by Lei Dongduo, and he was also degraded by a generation to become the movie Lille Nando and Fei Naer, and he only showed up at the end of the movie.
I am very cautious about my own scenes and roles, and I think it must be Lei Dongduo’s mischief. His sister must have been blown by Lei Dongduo, so she made a bear’s strength. Xiong Haizai decided to declare her feelings, so he sang the only scene several times until Guti personally twisted his ear and taught him a lesson. Only then did he finish the trick honestly.
This film, dubbed by the media as Real Madrid’s "image project", was filmed in more than a month with concerted efforts in several aspects.

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