The Chinese-style wedding has finally been finished, but they have to go back to Spain to hold another western-style wedding. After all, some friends have not come to attend the Portuguese wedding, and Cyprus feels that a wedding alone is an injustice to Sang Ni.

The western-style wedding was also organized by Castro, who had enough experience in western-style weddings to hold a "king-like wedding" that was later talked about.
In addition to the bride’s elaborate wedding dress inlaid with water mirrors, precious stones and broken diamonds, the pair of little flower girls are also very attractive at the wedding. They are Guti’s children Diego and Flora.
The Guti twins are 14 years old, tall and handsome, and they can be groomsmen for their uncles, and Diego and Flora are just right in age. This also makes fans laugh and say that "they never walk on their own legs". Princess Xiaohua walked so far for the first time, and later came out to see the wedding video. The little girl walked unsteadily with a long wedding dress like a fairy. Many people were cute, but she also pulled the wedding dress. At the same time, she also helped her little sister Diego from time to time, which attracted a lot of fans back.
As soon as the ceremony was over, there were several guys hanging around Flora, her twin brothers, Diego and even Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Cassie. They all wanted to hold the little girl in their arms.
"Your daughter is really popular," Goody said sourly to Lei Dongduo.
"That’s your daughter, too." Lei Dongduo calmly hit back and then glanced at the "strange uncles" and "strange brothers" around Flora, especially the little girls of Raul, Yero Jia Er.
"Flora, come to Dad," Lei Dongduo called to her daughter.
Come to Flora, her head is tilted and she is caught in the difficulty of choosing. So Togo’s brother and uncles want to hug her. She is considering when to choose when she hears her father’s voice. Well, she won’t choose. So the group of people around her saw Flora running past with her short legs like Lei Dongduo.
But before Flora ran to Lei Dongduo, she was cut off. Guti grabbed Flora in front of Lei Dongduo and held her in her arms. "Flora just asked her father not to be sad." The Oscar-winning actress actually exaggerated that she could trick children into acting and cried.
But this acting really fooled Flora. The little girl quickly touched her mother’s face with her little hand. "Flora likes her mother best."
Sure enough, as soon as Flora’s words came out, Guti stopped crying. He rushed aside to demonstrate in Lei Dongduo and picked his eyebrows. What do you mean, Flora likes me best?
Some people in Lei Dongduo are jealous of their own daughters. Guti is naive. It’s been decades.
Lei Dongduo deliberately came over and touched Flora’s little face. "Does Flora like her father or her mother better?"
Obviously, this question made the little girl feel a little sleepy to answer. Flora’s little eyebrows obviously wrinkled up and she hesitated. She looked at Lei Dongduo and made faces at herself. Guti felt that whether she said that her father or mother would hurt another person’s heart, and finally forgot her. At the same time, both of them liked the little girl’s pain. She closed her eyes and pointed to a place at random. "I like him best!"
Guti and Lei Dongduo’s youngest daughter either chose one of them or said they all liked it, but none of them chose her. They both happened to be murderous and looked at Flora. They wanted to see which rabbit dared to hook up with Flora under their noses.
Looking in the direction of Flora’s finger, Guti was a little surprised and then said to Lei Dongduo, who was also a little surprised, "Flora has a good eye, but which one does she like?"
It turned out that there was a pair of twin brothers at Flora’s finger. They looked the same and were the same height. The blond hair looked as cute as an angel.
"Do I look familiar?" Guti remembered that he invited several football friends to this wedding, but these two children are not his usual Real Madrid players or famous children, but they look familiar. That may be which player’s children.
"I think I already know." Lei Dongduo motioned for Guti to look at the man who was walking towards the twin brothers. The man squatted in front of the twins with a small tray in his hand, apparently giving them food.
Guti one eyebrow "wow! So it’s him! Then it’s Luan and Noah, and they will be … "Guti didn’t finish his words. He remembered that Flora was still in his arms. When having children, especially when the children grew up day by day, Guti and Lei Dongduo were very careful not to remember those things that hadn’t happened yet, but now they saw the twins. Guti naturally thought of them when they grew up, but the horse shut up.
After thinking about it, Guti put Flora on the ground. "Since you like them, go and play with them."
Flora came to point casually, but when she opened her eyes, she saw the brothers. She was as visual as her mother, and she had long thought about it. Now her mother allowed her to cheer and passed.
I saw that Flora went to the twin brothers and joined them in the conversation. The twin father was just surprised but took good care of Flora Guti before withdrawing his sight. "What, now I have a feeling that a little bastard is trying to grab our little flowers?" This feeling is really bad! "
Lei Dongduo also withdrew his eyes. "I feel the same way."
Guti leaned into Lei Dongduo’s ear. "I think our little heartless girl must be a little pervert. Sooner or later, she will hook up with a handsome guy and let us watch her go on a date happily."
Lei Dongduo still holds Guti’s paw. "I think her mother should be very experienced in pursuing handsome guys."
"I have no experience. My two generations have chased a guy named Hernando Lei Dongduo. That guy is not handsome at all." Guti’s dead duck mouth shut and never admitted that he was fascinated by Lei Dongduo.
"Not handsome?" Lei Dongduo held Guti’s paw in his hand, which contained threats.
"It’s very handsome, okay?" Guti quickly changed her mouth. "So, this handsome guy, can you get me something to eat? I have to stare at our little heartless crazy girl here. "Guti ordered Lei Dongduo to peek at how his daughter got two handsome boys without blinking."
"You are as heartless as Flora." Lei Dongduo ordered some of Guti’s lips and Nai went to get them. He had to come back quickly and keep an eye on his daughter.
I don’t know if I communicate with my own twins and have been stared at by their lovely little girl’s parents. It’s hard to say whether a gentleman is still having fun with his children and will be retaliated for this matter.
Two weddings were finally finished, and Sang Ni was finally able to catch her breath by these two time-consuming and labor-intensive weddings, but she was found pregnant just after her honeymoon before she recovered her strength.
"This guy moves really fast." This is Guti’s words after receiving the good news in the middle of the night.
"After all, he delayed so long at the starting line more than others" was also woken up, and Lei Dongduo also teased his little brother.
That night, different people were woken up by traffic jams in different places and time zones, and I didn’t know whether I was about to arouse public anger or excited, and told others that I was excited to be a father.
Sai’s excitement and excitement directly turned into the expectant father’s anxiety disorder during pregnancy. First, in the first round of the league, he was just like crazy. Not only did he not feed the cake, but he also went to the front line to grab the chance of the strikers. Finally, he scored the goal. He was excited to put the ball into his jersey and fly around to celebrate. Anyway, this way of celebrating is very skilled for him. After all, he has robbed Lei Dongduo of the opportunity to celebrate many times before. He should be glad that Lei Dongduo has retired, otherwise the great god may retaliate and come back to celebrate in front of him.
It’s not enough just to celebrate, to take care of Sang Ni in all my spare time, and then to go shopping in Madrid’s big and small baby stores and buy piles of things that may or may not be there.
After being stuffed with that kind of gentle and creepy posture for a month, Sang Ni can’t stand it. It’s only comfortable to just put the root back and beat it again. After the beating, the plug will come over to Sang Ni massage hand and ask if the beating was enough just now. If not, Sang Ni will lose his temper directly.
When it was confirmed in the pregnancy test that Sunny was pregnant with twins, she was as excited as when she first learned that Sang Ni was pregnant, so all his family and friends were baptized by his words again.
Raul, who is far away in the Gulf, has some words, "Should I be glad that there is a time difference of more than an hour between here and Madrid?" He said to his wife, Mamam, "But this guy is really beautiful. I just don’t know if he can give birth to a daughter. If he does, how arrogant that guy will be. I pray more that he can’t give birth to a daughter or give birth to a daughter later. The twins must be annoying to him."
Mamam shrugged his shoulders and ignored the angry words of her husband’s children, but when she gave birth to two pairs of twins in three years, and then gave birth to two sons one after another without giving birth to a daughter, Mamam often looked at her husband’s mouth magically # Come and see here is a crow mouth comparable to Bailey! #
It’s not clear how Yusai got himself and the people around him to jump around Guti. Because he was busy again, the filming of White Queen and Bloody Mary entered the announcement period respectively, and the second part of the Holy Grail War was also filmed. Guti was very busy. Today, he appeared in the United States and Britain.
Fortunately, this busyness is not without gains. White Queen entered the Oscar title, while Bloody Mary won the Golden Globe Award. It is even more unexpected that it was shortlisted at major film festivals. If it was not for the intentional suppression of the Oscar and Golden Globe Awards, it is very likely that Guti will appear in the final award.
In fact, as far as Guti himself is concerned, he prefers Bloody Mary, but it shows that historical dramas like White Queen are more appetizing to the Oscar judges, which makes him somewhat naive.
So from the 13-year semi-annual film festival to the 14-year semi-annual award ceremony, Guti became a big winner, winning the prize and getting soft.
Of course, one of the most important awards is the Oscar, especially Guti has won the Oscar twice. If she wins it again this time, it will be the third time. Although it is estimated that it is difficult for anyone to reach Catherine Herr’s kind of winning the Oscar for Best Actress for twelve times and then winning the achievement for four times, it would be extremely glorious to win it for three times.
So even Guti regarded this Oscar as an ordinary award, and the people around him could not be as calm as he was, especially Castro. He chose one set of Oscars to wear early, which made Guti feel annoyed. Finally, Guti simply found something for Castro to do, and finally decided to wear them by himself.
This time, Guti invited Lei Dongduo to bring the children with him. They want to walk the red carpet together as a family. Because Guti has already turned his career focus back to the football field, he plans to hold an election again in 2015, and he plans to run this time. He feels that he is ready, so since the career focus will change, there will be fewer opportunities to take pictures on the Oscar red carpet. It is better for the family to create a rare memory together.
Lei Dongduo strongly supported Guti’s idea, so Lei Dongduo was hiding, and the reporter kept a low profile and took the children to the United States.
So on the day of the Oscar ceremony, journalists and viewers around the world watched the live broadcast and saw the spectacular sight of the Guti family.
In the Guti family, all the men except him and Flora look particularly handsome in black, while Guti and Flora are wearing the same white dress, which matches them very much and makes people smile.
Walking on the red carpet, Lei Dongduo holds Flora, who rarely walks by herself, with one hand holding Tiago, a child, while Guti holds a handsome boy with one hand, accompanied by twins holding the moon. Lei Dongduo is somewhat resentful that he can’t walk next to Guti. Sometimes he will even be jealous of his own son, but seeing Guti’s smiling face and the excited look of the children walking on the red carpet, he thinks it is good to take a step back occasionally.
Even the TV host was excited when the Guti family appeared on the red carpet. After all, Guti’s two films swept through the major film festivals this time, and the Golden Globe Award was also won, which was regarded as the most popular candidate for the best actress. Although there was always a big fever and death, this one seemed to be the closest to the best actress title before the final result was announced.
Moreover, it is enough to talk about the husband and children just after the film. From their family to the red carpet, the hosts are all interested in talking about their family’s football career and winning honors; All three children have been trained in football, especially the twins Argentina and Spain, who have fought for their adulthood; What Beckham Xiaoqi and Lei Dongduo Xiaohua argue about which is the first little princess in football? These topics make the hosts talk freely and make the audience in front of the TV crazy, but it sounds like people have come to a conclusion-Miss Guti is really a winner in life!
After sitting in the venue after walking the red carpet, the Guti family were always the focus of the live cameras, but they were also very calm. The children discussed with each other about what they saw the stars, and Lei Dongduo finally got the opportunity to sit with Guti, even though his little daughter Flora was still sitting in his arms.
However, the Guti family is not the biggest focus in the venue. Leonardo, who has been running professionally for 20 years, is also the focus. Whether he can get the winner this time is also a hot topic on the Internet.

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