I don’t believe Xiaoxiao said in a low voice that his facial features were wrinkled to such a degree that he could not cure his daughter’s poison.

He smiled gently and held the bar against her head and arms unconsciously. Their poison is not ordinary poison, but the combination of methods can detoxify people.
That Xiaoxiao clenched her lips and suddenly remembered what color I wanted to see the immortal bird.
Duan Fei eyes light zheng eyebrows light cu looked at her without asking anything is headed slowly.
Oh, by the way, Xiaoxiao grabbed him and pointed out that he was covered in a blood-stained plain shirt. He said that he would change me.
Duan Fei raised her lips and kissed her suddenly, pouting and whispering to her ear.
Xiaowu dividing line
When I came to the secret room, the door turned without turning.
Suddenly, a golden light stung Xiaoxiao and quickly reached out to block her eyes. After she got used to it, she slowly let go. Her big eyes stared at the beautiful bird in the cage with colorful feathers and dazzling golden light. It held its head high and stretched its wings, and its peaceful and soothing breath lingered around.
It’s so beautiful. At the moment I saw it, I forgot all the compliments. It’s a beautiful word that covers a thousand words.
As if she understood her words, the immortal bird tilted its head gracefully and closed its eyes gently. Xiaoxiao could even see that it had two rows of thick eyelashes.
Treating the undead birds or Xiaotian or Duan Fei is always from explaining these magical things. He never takes pains to brew unnecessary emotions.
Xiaoxiao swallowed saliva to resist the excitement and slowly closed his eyes.
Soon after, she suddenly opened her eyes and stared at the immortal bird in front of her in disbelief, and then she winked at her playfully.
Dong Xiaoxiao directly bumped into Duan Fei’s arms.
Duan Fei picked her eyebrows and glanced at the bird holding Xiaoxiao and turned to go.
Swish the wings of the immortal bird is another dazzling golden light.
Xiaoxiao lied that he had a headache and wanted to rest after returning to the room. He went to the room without telling a few words. He just left Xiaoxiao and sat up and called Xiaotian.
Xiaotian crawled in through the window, yawned and said lazily, What’s the matter? Don’t you know that it’s important for mice to sleep in broad daylight?
Xiaotian, I saw the immortal bird. Xiaoxiao’s eyes were wide open. Obviously, he hasn’t recovered from the shock just now.
On hearing this, Xiaotian came. How about running over and sitting on the quilt?
Xiaoxiao took a few deep breaths to stabilize her mood, and then it was incredible to say that I just got there and it took the initiative to follow me.
Xiaotian raised his eyebrows and mused, does it feel that you can communicate with animals? Things are getting more and more interesting. Does it ask?
It, it said that it knew what trouble I was in, and if I could find a way to let it go, it would help me until dawn, and I was not sure whether she was really with the immortal bird or had a dream.
The little paws touched the bar and stroked both sides. Hu Xiaotian said seriously, it seems that my previous guess is correct, but now the problem is that this fairy may not be credible. What if it is cheating us?
Xiaoxiao patted his forehead and tried to digest these strong facts, and then the strange man needed his blood to survive. Shura couldn’t match the antidote, so he was our only hope, just in case we never let it go during this period, but I could take the opportunity to talk to it more.
Xiaotian nod can also be like this.
Xiaoxiaoteng got up and startled Xiaotian. Her eyes were firm and her expression was awe-inspiring. Now I’m going to solve the troubles around me one by one.
Then, without saying anything, I grabbed Xiaotian and stuffed him into my arms, leaving work first from the most troublesome.
Xiaotian wriggled in her arms and protested, "I’ve recently learned that Sheng Lingli is working with you."
Shh. Just do as I say.
Xiaoxiao came to the backyard and the frost stood at the door. She strode in and followed me.
Uh, yes
The two men followed Xiaoxiao into the room with a face of unhappiness. Seeing Xiaoxiao at the bedside gave you a sigh of relief, girl. I still have a lot of unfinished things there. Say that finish carrying the medicine cabinet and hurry.
If Yu sits on the bed and stares at Xiaoxiaolou girl with hostile eyes, what are you doing here? Where is he? Chapter 4 Can the world be a little crazier?
Xiaoxiao smiled. I wish you would talk to me from now on. I hope you can forgive me if she is too busy to come and visit you.

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