The thunder roared and flashed triumphantly overhead.

Xuanyuan night felt more and more confused. With a wave of his hand, Xu Mao waved an umbrella, and the cold rain fell on him, but the coolness was even more conscious.
Now is not the time to worry.
Stride into the eaves, he ordered, pointing to a bodyguard
You take my edict to get the body guard commander.
The bodyguard was ordered to take the Xuanyuan night and pass the waist tag away. Although I don’t know what happened, it must be a big event to look at the emperor’s mess.
Xuanyuan night pushed the door and walked into his bedroom.
Xu Mao followed and handed the umbrella to one side. The little eunuch came in with the tail and asked the body-guard to do something.
I’ll draw you water first. You’re soaked to the skin. You need to take a bath.
No Thanks!
Xuanyuan night waved his hand, and the gorgeous carpet left his footprints with water stains.
Deep eyes seem to be filled with fog, and I can’t see clearly the mind inside. The cold is all over me, which makes the temperature in the room cold.
Huang, what’s the matter with you
Xu Mao felt that Xuanyuan night was full of sadness and helped his heart to tremble. He couldn’t help but ask such an emperor in a moment. He had never seen the instant death of the first emperor and the instant poisoning of the little queen.
The queen is gone.
Xuanyuan’s low body trembled at night, which seemed to suppress Falk’s grief. He believed that lying in bed was unconscious and the cold bend would disappear at the bottom of his eyelids.
My little queen is missing.
The sound is getting lower and lower, but the sadness is getting stronger and stronger.
What Xu Mao’s eyes are as round as a bull’s-eye? He can’t believe that he has heard that the queen is gone. How can she be gone? Isn’t the queen poisoned and unconscious? Isn’t the emperor standing by her side? She said that people can snatch the queen in front of the emperor? Isn’t the emperor also dangerous? He quickly swept the Xuanyuan night for fear that he might get hurt? It’s okay, although it’s a mess, it’s not a scar. It seems that the man is intent on stealing the queen instead of hurting the emperor. But who is the one who took the queen? What
Report to my Emperor, Lord Lin Yang, the Imperial Guard, asks for an audience with the little eunuch who is standing outside the door and reports through the door.
Come in, Xuanyuan night said coldly, but with eagerness in his tone.
Xu Mao in side also analyze the possibility of this matter in my mind.
I see Huang Linpu came in and bowed down.
Get up Xuanyuan night cold way
Xie Huang Yangpu’s eyes touched Xuanyuan night’s mess, but suddenly he was surprised and quickly lowered after hitting Xuanyuan night’s cold eyes.
The queen is missing. Xuanyuan Night said that your horse led the body guard to look for me along the palace. You must find the queen back.
At first, I heard that the nine-year-old little queen was missing. It’s too bad that the queen was taken captive in the palace. Their body-guards could not escape their responsibilities, and they quickly left with a careful face.
Wait, Xuanyuan night suddenly stopped him from looking for another reason. Don’t let the captive curved person accidentally hurt her in panic.
Long Xianxiang is filled with fresh fragrance.
Xuanyuan night in front of the window, staring at the stormy night outside the window.
Bend, you must be good.
Chapter seventy-three True master
The wind howled and the rain fell heavily.
Thunder accompanied the flash dance.
Have a lively party at night.
Two figures, one high and one low, are now in the dead of night on the street, occasionally reflecting soft lights from someone’s window to add a little warmth on rainy nights.
Lengwan suddenly remembered that Nanny was the first person to treat her well after she wore it. Whenever she was late, Nanny would light a lamp to guide her home.
The rain seems to fall into the bright eyes, and the fundus light flashes. If it is not guessed that Xuanyuan Yuan can’t find her at last, she will suspect that she is missing and go to the cold house to find her. She will go to see the nurse now.
Stretching white soft cotton hands and cooling the rain from the fingertips through the red lips, sooner or later, she will return to the cold house
Don’t keep me waiting too long at Xuanyuan Night.
The wind blows and the trees sway.
The rain splashed on the road, and the drops were crisp and the thunder was deafening like modern rock music.
Black-and-white eyes turned and looked up at the silent night. Although it was splashed by the wind and rain, he didn’t see the slightest mess. He changed to a maid-in-waiting ridiculous woman’s dress and changed to a crescent gown. He was still a young boy in a thin raincoat. A purple eye pupil was shining more and more because of the rain, as if it were two glittering purple gems.

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