At this moment, the Qibao Golden Mansion flew to the half-suddenly changing the size of ten feet. A layer of Jinding Buddha’s light condensed into a golden screen, which enveloped Li Yueling on the second floor. Zhu Lun whirled and the Sanskrit sounded a dozen green light columns.

It’s the six yang gods, the fire mirrors, the six elephant beams, which are different and have the same work.
At the beginning of the green light column, it immediately melted the surge of heaven and earth, and the huge pressure of Leiwei came to 70-70. The light column was condensed like a real object and went straight through the clouds, but it was too thunderous to meet the constant energy absorption.
However, Li Yueling also consumed three real powers in an instant. This Buddhist treasure is powerful, both offensive and defensive, but the demand for Shi Baoshen’s real powers is also great. If Li Yueling had not been distracted and repaired in the middle period,
I’m afraid I’ve long been drained by Qibao Golden Mansion.
In fact, Li Yueling has been able to worship the Qibao Golden Mansion, and the Qibao Three can be moved to the power of the Fobao Zijin alms bowl on the third floor of the Qibao Golden Mansion.
But if it’s true, I’m afraid he will also face the dilemma of the exhaustion of real power in a short time. At this moment, it’s not a life-and-death situation. Li Yueling will not risk offering sacrifices.
The old voice rang again, but this time he was not worried about being identified by him as the safety of Li Yueling, his precious disciple, but because of the seven treasures and golden buildings.
Seven treasures, a golden building, a Buddhist treasure. Is this person a Buddhist vein?
Surprised and startled, Tian Yue’s real person stood in awe for a long time, saying that there was no way for Buddhism to contend for the afterlife to spoil our Qingcheng draft, and besides, the Seven Treasures Golden Building has been missing for thousands of years
At this time, the five-thunder-forbidden array changed again, and the old road suddenly exclaimed and interrupted Tian Yue’s reality. Oh, my God, how is it a magic weapon of the top order? That is the legacy of the God of Heaven, the thunder and the thunder.
Obviously, it is not Li Yueling’s land plan to eliminate the threat of thunder, but a prelude to his plan.
Sincerely, the veteran exclaimed that the thunderbolt, the God of Heaven, was a magic weapon to kill demons and destroy demons thousands of years ago.
But when I saw a little purple bean and a big brilliance crossing the sky, it exploded and scattered. Mars hit each other, and it turned into a hundred and a thousand.
The five-color light source head in the sky was shattered by thousands of tiny lightning balls in an instant. Don’t look at this dry day. The lightning bolt-derived mine ball is very small, but its release power is definitely the highest level in all kinds of lightning methods in the fix-true world.
If you really want to find one, I’m afraid it can be compared with the thunder method, and the heavenly teacher’s five thunder bans the five gods, and the thunder can reach this level
Of course, Li Yueling can definitely exert its three-layer power because he hasn’t dried up for a day. However, even if the three-layer thunder suddenly attacked, it would be no problem to break this five-thunder forbidden array.
Who let Tian Yue real meaning to deal with Li Yueling is to want to do a test?
Although the key to Li Yueling’s success in breaking the array easily lies in the fact that the Qingcheng Sect didn’t really want to criticize him, it was regarded that the Qingcheng Sect sent a large array of Tianshi five thunder bans, which was easily broken by Li Yueling, but it also made the Qingcheng Sect look a little bit awkward.
The five-color light was blown away and collapsed, and the illusion was annihilated.
Seeing the mountain is the mountain, seeing the water is still the water. At first sight, Li Yueling saw the master and several of them cross their legs and fell to the ground, as if they were in the heart of pranayama, and then they flickered and released several true yuan to penetrate into their bodies, which made them feel at ease.
Sir, they are probably confused by the strange characters in the waterfall for too long, and their heart is exhausted. At the moment, they are recuperating and it is very serious.
Is it Fang Shengming’s nonsense after all?
Mo blasted into Li Yueling but saw a dozen guys in cassock walking slowly towards him. Zhou Jinguang’s forbidden circle had disappeared for a long time.
A risk-averse came. Li Yueling made sure that the master and others were not in danger, and he looked more ridiculous than raising an eyebrow easily. This should be a question for you.
At this time, Tian Yue was the first real person to be the patriarch of Qingcheng School. I heard Li Yueling’s remarks, but they would all look great. If it weren’t for the amazing strength that Li Yueling showed when he cracked the five thunder bans, he was afraid that several people from the Jockey Club would jump in and teach him a lesson.
Tian Yue is a real person with a good temper. His eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, but he didn’t send a light message. The Qingcheng Mountain Draft is the governor of both Buddhism and Taoism. This Taoist friend has stirred up the game and won’t say how it is a slap in the face. We Qingcheng Mountain School are fooling around again. Taoist friends might as well say it in plain English.
Li Yueling corners of the mouth hang a smile, but if your words are illogical, you are willing to kowtow and make amends.
I didn’t expect that Li Yueling was still a righteous man, and he said that kowtowing and making amends were malicious words. The old Qingcheng Sect was also slightly discolored, and this guy really couldn’t do anything.
Li Yueling was silent for a moment and suddenly asked if the Taoist friends were those sects in the Qingcheng Draft.
Is Tian Yue reality nods.
Zun is also a patriarch, and he soon mixed up with Yuan Zong. Although he is a small clique, he can’t allow others to rob the clan master Yi Zonghuan. I wonder if your Sect robbed my clan to participate in the Qingcheng Mountain draft. Li Yueling said that while pointing his finger at Jin Nuanyu, they looked angry.

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