Silver Wolf king sad pleaded still kneeling there.

I promised to help you save the Black Moon Silver Wolf.
The old Gou saw the silver wolf’s eyes and could not help sighing.
Although I am disappointed with the decline of the old dog in the dark moon, a generation of wolf kings is down and out, which is largely because I should help him regain his glory now.
Xie tianwang
Silver Wolf King got up slowly after weeping and thanking him.
Kuiya, do you know the crime?
Go to Kuiya again. The Wolf King Cave eyes rested on his face and slowly raised his palm.
Knowing one’s guilt by knowing one’s teeth
Kuiya knelt down there, not knowing whether it was because of excessive fear or remorse, and her head did not dare to lift up and tremble slightly.
Now that you know your sin, go to the demon god and repent.
The Wolf King has closed his eyes. When he finished this sentence, his palm also fell on Kuiya Tianling.
Kuiya immediately fell to the ground with a soft body.
Kuiya died, but the wolf king was in tears and shot the traitor himself. He didn’t feel the slightest pleasure, and he felt strong sorrow and pain.
At the same time, hatred and anger also rose in the wolf king’s heart, and only the enemy’s blood could douse it.
After careful treatment of Xiaoqi’s physical injury in Lao Gou, it will soon be better, and the trauma of Qiqi’s spirit will be greatly improved, but it will take a while to fully recover from it.
But Xiao Qigen didn’t come safely because he was worried about his brothers.
Xiaoqi is the last of the seven guards of Black Moon, and he has always been loved by the Wolf King. He is still loyal to Black Moon today, which makes the Wolf King feel very gratified.
Seven-star Wei is the leader of Black Moon and the best assistant of Wolf King, but after the disappearance of Wolf King, Seven-star Wei became the leader of the pack.
In order to avoid the demon emperor’s attack, the Seven Star Guards had to hide with the Black Moon Silver Wolf to stay with the Wolf King.
However, it is impossible for so many people to cultivate resources and hide them.
Just as the body of the black moon silver wolf couldn’t resist the urge to move, King Kui Mukang, the second son of the Seven Star Guards, hooked up together and then married King Heiyue Kangwang.
There’s nothing wrong with coming together. Everyone needs what he wants. After all, Black Moon was in an extremely difficult situation at that time.
But from that moment on, Black Moon was never at peace.
The eldest brother, the fourth son, the fifth son and the sixth son died in some actions one after another.
Today, there are only two left in the Seven Star Guards: the second one, Kratos, the third one, Kratos, and the seventh one.
What Xiao Qi can’t bear is that I don’t know when Kui Mu Kui Huo Kang Wang changed from a combination to a servant.
In addition, they also shamelessly asked Xiaoqi to lead his brothers to join the snake tribe.
Xiaoqi strongly disagreed with the idea of leaving with the silver wolf, but it was too late and others were firmly trapped by the Kangwang people.
Most of the small seven-handed silver wolves came to die, and the boss had hundreds of people, all of whom were elites who were loyal to the Black Moon.
Xiaoqi endured the lives of his brothers for a while, but never promised to be loyal to the snake family.
The second child and the third child have long coveted the strength of the seventh hand and always wanted to join the people, but they never had a chance.
Just a few days ago, the old two and the old three suffered a blow from the Great Ape Golden Ape Guard, and their strength was greatly reduced. They came to Xiaoqi again.
But Xiaoqi turned them down again, making them kill.
So the old two and the old three found an excuse to lead Xiao Qi to the half where they had already arranged the ambush.
Thanks to Xiao Qi’s early vigilance to break through, it was still seriously injured in the second and third hands.
Maybe Xiao Qi’s life shouldn’t be doomed or it’s arranged somehow.
Kuiya found out that Xiaoqi, who had escaped, was informed of Kuimu by the skill of listening to the sky, but he was impressed by the silver wolf king, which attracted the longevity of the old man.
According to Xiao Qi, his men are trapped in the east of the city, and Wanshou Park, Wanshou Park, is the property of Kangwang.
Chapter three hundred and sixty The first decree
Xiaoqi listens to the arrangement of the heavenly king. He will definitely help us save the remaining Black Moon Silver Wolf.
The wolf king encouraged Xiaoqi to wait for the arrival of Li for a while.
The next day, just before dawn, it caused a sensation in front of the paradise lost.

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