No, I’m not gay, or I wouldn’t have spent the night with Ye that day. I’m a weirdo, a weirdo who often goes wrong and often goes wrong.

She doesn’t know when she fell asleep. The dream man was shaking. She tried to break free but couldn’t move.
Confused, I heard Fang calling in my ear and wanted to answer. My eyelids were as heavy as a thousand pounds.
Human power shook her shoulder and it hurt. She finally beat her eyes to see Ah Fang’s enlarged face and a pair of clear black eyes with fright.
Are you okay? Don’t scare me.
Why are you here? Go back quickly.
Fang giggled and the silly girl was so scared that the little man in the quilt could eat it. Call him and I want to meet him.
What little man, Ashin, was stupid enough to remember that he had made that remark earlier and forced a smile. Are you still a cannibal now? Yuan has gone to Shenzhen. In fact, you can say that you have seen him and Ye. Go back quickly and please.
Fang smiled and said that she couldn’t go back. I said that I would go back to Guangzhou for a party without dinner. What else did I have to stay for? Why didn’t you go to class?
A Xin was stunned again, and her head was heavy. Before Fang came back, she could hear how she slept for two times. It seems that her health is not good.
Fang, she was ill. Why did she shout for a thermometer? Ashin knew she didn’t have a fever, but she took it obediently and asked how you knew I was at home.
Fang pestle, I know the background here too well, and you, Ah Yuan, are here, so I came to see and be honest with him for bullying you.
Ashin smiled wryly and I scolded him. He said he had been looking for me, but I still have no face to tell him. Chapter 7 I cherish you here.
A Xin’s words made A Fang angry. It’s necessary to cater to men. Women think so, too. Isn’t it an idiot to watch A Xin’s pathetic appearance? I rarely swear and pinch her armpit thermometer. I sighed that I don’t have a fever. You have to pay attention to your health. Don’t work day and night, silly girl. What is that? If you don’t know it, you haven’t had a membrane repair operation. It’s very simple. I’ll accompany you to do it after I get married.
How can you come here to become a brother when Axin is surprised by his honeymoon?
He’s-he’s afraid to take a three-day wedding leave with his parents. He’s an executive and busy.
A word "A Fang" is full of bitterness. Compared with Zhang Cheng, a new good man is a good man. In the past two days, her in-laws have come. Zhang Cheng’s excuse is to accompany her to escape. She is tired and tired. She can understand that Zhang Cheng will not do her family duty to her parents. She is a charming bride. In fact, those charming brides are carefully soaking up interesting things. The truth is that Zhang Cheng has relaxed to show her true colors when she comes back to the North. Zhang Cheng has not seen anything when decorating her new house for more than ten days.
I’m still in this situation. Axin doesn’t worry about asking about all kinds of little men.
A Xin recounted in detail that the fictional man could not actually say that fiction was Gao Boyuan, but Ah Yuan would come again today. I just wanted to meet again, but I couldn’t be with a man at all, and Ah Ye Gao’s relatives might not be related to Ah Yuan.
She suddenly felt so dirty that she had sex with Ayako after she knew about his relative.
A Xin’s mood is unconsciously reflected in the sound. A Fang is angry. It’s not surprising that you are such a stupid businessman and a dozen women. It’s good to be picky about women and not marry Xiao Zhou Xiao Zhou.
Axin shook his head. Xiao Zhou is too slick. Yuan is an honest man.
A Fang, one hundred and twenty people don’t believe her. Show him to me and see you. How can I rest assured that I won’t marry well? I’ll get the money and always take you with me.
Axin felt so bad that he wanted to ask if this man meant anything to himself and was afraid of piercing the paper. Ah Yuan smiled hard. He said Ma would go through the Guangzhou branch.
A Fang has a whimsy, so we can consider asking him to buy a suite in Chengge Garden Community. It’s rare for us sisters to share the fate. It’s too rich for a wife to do beautiful things every day and have leisure to travel with men. Go find a honey tube to find love, go do business and get out.
A Xin is getting more and more flustered. A Fang really means a lot to me. Zhang Cheng is a wise man. He is afraid that A Fang will really draw water from a bamboo basket. It is impossible to get married and live a good life with Cheng Ge.
A heart is sour. This is what I can do with my unilateral efforts. How many women foolishly regard the family as the end of everything? She is not a married woman. She feels that her belly is still flat, and she thinks cynically that even if she has children, she will not let the birds go when she grows up. My in-laws are an example to attract people.
She couldn’t help but reach out and hold Axin’s hand. For the first time, she doubted her choice. Now, this kind of life is really whether I want money or not, but Axin no longer entrusts Chapter 8 to keep the truth in my heart.
A Fang quickly adjusted her mind and patted A Xin on the back like a child. I didn’t care about you now. You must listen to me, but Ye looks like A Yuan, so you pay so much. It can be seen that you love badly. The deeper the little man loves, the more he hurts. He doesn’t cherish you. Give A Yuan a word and let him come to my house when he comes back from Shenzhen.
Ashin’s face turned white, and he couldn’t become a brother. I don’t know if he is the boss and Ye is working as a brother. What will his parents think of me? I’m afraid his parents will also care about whether your friends are good or not. Didn’t you say that they are very old-fashioned and have a wedding? Don’t rock the boat.
A Fang thought for a moment, and he was right. Another day, I aimed at the opportunity to tell Cheng Ge that Ah Ye Fei had met you. Hey, don’t take Ah Yuan to see Xiao Zhou. Those guys will be scared away.
Ashin said, I know that when he read our newspaper, he said that girls are not staying in this place.
A Fang’s fire rushed to her forehead. She said that she didn’t see Xiao Zhou because she was afraid that the guy would deal with rival in love. After all, it was not a good thing for a girl to have a bad name in her hometown, but a little man dared to really look down on the South Piao clan and kick him to death.
She refused Yuan’s face in one fell swoop without showing her face at all, and nodded frequently, ready to get married. Now this group of friends have to break off your job and add family and women’s life. You want men to be private, and you must never let him know that everything is impenetrable. I will never tell Cheng Ge about the past. That Wang Eggs has no patience to listen. Alas, it is said that men are women and believers are stupid to get married. If you don’t have money, beautiful women will not be guilty of this job, but you will have to be more careful. Wait for me to arrange for Cheng Ge to talk about life. Yuan is a guest to see your sister fly away without bloodshed. You need to pay too much attention to your sister. Marrying is a good thing. I will soon be so busy that I can’t take care of my family. Let’s take it together.
So she can’t admire her wrist. She can’t buy a suite in a small and medium-sized city in Guangzhou. It’s no problem to spend it with Axin’s children. If you want to leave, you can’t believe that you can’t play in Guangzhou.
Ashin should try his best to pretend to obey her arrangement. Afang discussed when it was appropriate to take Boss Gao to see Brother Cheng, but a lyric floated unexpectedly in his mind. Let’s go, let’s go. People always have to grow up on their own.
It’s getting late, and she can’t bear to wake up. Fang can still listen to it several times, and then she can leave alone in this difficult world. Go and keep the sincere wishes in her heart.
On the last weekend of April, A Xin saw A Ye in the red car, and he was snuggled up to a beautiful girl.
Xiao Zhou greeted him as warmly as before, joking and saying that they are not rivals in love now. Axin is accompanied by a handsome doctor. This gentleman is discussing ancient Chinese with Axin, who is a great alumnus of Axin. According to Axin’s opinion, since ancient Chinese is so good, why don’t you take the road of college entrance examination? Why can the little man get out of here before it’s too late? Axin can smile at her ancient Chinese. It’s no problem, but it’s hard to simplify Chinese characters and return to a foreign language today.

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