I was a little eunuch at that time, and I didn’t have much manpower. I was a little smart and a little bold because I accidentally bumped into Guan Jin. I drank alone in the middle of the night and sighed, so I boldly volunteered to ask Guan Jin to share my worries. At that time, I needed someone who could listen to my ambition. Now it is time for this little eunuch to talk about his ambition without any influence on myself. So I told this little eunuch through wine that he was smart and clever. Father-in-law Wei immediately touted Guan Jin and cursed that it was a peaceful and prosperous time. We can’t let Guan Jin show his strength to the hero. Kings are lonely in ancient times. Many words in Guan Jin’s daily life have been bottled up in his heart. This time, I met Wei Gonggong and touted it. I suddenly felt that I met a bosom friend. The next day, I pulled Wei Gonggong out as the eunuch in charge.

From then on, father-in-law Wei rose to the top, and it didn’t take long for his strength to expand as fast as his body, but his body was still bound by that layer of skin and continued to gain weight, but he filled it like an abyss.
Finally, finally, he dreamed that he could also be a king, because now he is just a eunuch, no matter how powerful he is, and he is only a slave after all
So father Wei set up a terrorist organization in other neighboring countries and began to cultivate his own secret armed forces, so that he could become a master one day.
But now things are at this point, waiting for death. Father Wei suddenly feels like crying. The Fufeng Emperor is not satisfied with his own brothers and sisters. Why should he pursue that illusory power?
Father-in-law Wei sighed gently and suddenly found that the hammer didn’t seem to have fallen on his head. Did the slag change his mind? Father-in-law Wei was surprised to open his eyes and suddenly found that he didn’t know when he had a name.
The famous sword stopped at the throat of the slag for half a minute.
Slag hammer hanging in the famous head hammer has rubbed a famous hair.
I know you, scum said hoarsely. You once assassinated the emperor and hurt the eldest brother.
Name eyes dim but didn’t tell anything.
I know that you were once a member of our brothers, and the scum stared at a famous brother with eyes. After trusting you, you helped him more than once in the most dangerous time.
I don’t know why you left your eldest brother, but I know that there is a warm eye in the eyes of the slag, and you are a kind man.
Don’t say that. Finally, his voice is louder than the leaves blown by the wind. I’m sorry, boss
Then you can’t be sorry for the boss. Slag stared at the famous eyes. Do you know that the man behind you killed General Feather, General Zhang Fei and our brother Mo Yun. Slag took a deep breath and imprisoned thousands of dead soldiers. You must not stop me.
I’m sorry. Mingli shook his head. I can’t let you do that.
What scum roared angrily that he had come to himself? This statement can make the name stop himself from killing father-in-law Wei together. I didn’t expect the other party not only to reject himself, but also to protect the damn beast.
He raised my name slowly but firmly. I can’t watch him be killed by you.
So when you hear the scum of fame, you know that all arguments and persuasion are gone, so you and I have avoided World War I, so come on
Good words only took one bite, and both of them took a step back at the same time. After looking at each other, both of them entered the fighting state again.
Chapter 235 Name Decision
I just wanted you to fight once, but I was stopped by the boss. This time, it may be more than just a fight. Slag raised his right hand and pointed a sledgehammer at the name. Murder has swept past.
A sad smile is that you must kill him, but if you want to kill him, you must step on my body.
Slag is very helpful to gently shake his head. This celebrity is indeed inflexible, but he is still a filial piety. If it weren’t for the enemy and the enemy, I really don’t want to fight for life and death. But the heavy box behind him is not awake at all times. Slag hates his teeth and bursts out of his teeth with a word to kill his left hammer to protect his heart. The sledgehammer in his right hand has hit the name with a sharp wind.
All martial arts people know that the general hammer is a force to win, and there will be no fancy in the moves, and all of them will overwhelm the opponent’s fighting spirit. Of course, the scum is no exception. He knows that an assassin is a killer. What he is best at is to kill himself with one blow, and he must have the first hand to win. Otherwise, maybe a long and narrow sword in his hand will pierce his throat mercilessly in a second.
Although the expression of the name has been very dim, my heart is surging in the waves. My names are all official Dongfeng. Before that, it was even numbered. Although the official Dongfeng became his own master, he never regarded himself as a slave, but regarded himself as a brother. He would stand up again and again in times of danger, and even if the official Dongfeng died, he would not frown. However, his parents died, and Wei Gonggong’s parenting was like two mountains, and he was almost out of breath.
When the emperor was assassinated that time, Guan Dongfeng looked at himself with sad eyes. It was sad to read that he had lost his name, but there was nothing he could do. How to do it? After being named, he interrogated his soul several times in his heart, which made his heart heavier.
In the face of the hammer with Taishan coping potential, I smiled sadly and gently put my hand on it, and the sword fell away. At this moment, I have made a life choice.
Slag eyes have been staring at every change of the famous face. When I saw the sad smile of the famous face, I felt bad in my heart. It’s a pity that this hammer has lost the strength of the slag body, that is, it is useless to recover most of the strength.
The cold hammer hit the famous forehead mercilessly, just like a straw that was thrown away, and it flew a few meters away. The blood was instantly dyed red, and the earth was covered with thin frost.
Name of slag was back to the strength of the back force shock chest a stuffy wow spray a mouthful of blood sad calling.
Ming lay quietly on the cold earth, his eyes closed at the moment of his death, and he finally died to pay back everything he owed others, so he left this world with relief.
Father-in-law Wei was like being beaten by frost. He had regained his hope of life, but he didn’t expect to be manipulated by others in an instant.
Wei Gonggong’s dregs barely hurt himself, and his body will not fall down. He walked step by step to Wei Gonggong with strong hatred. With his will, he must send Wei Gonggong to the road first even if he dies.
Your father-in-law Wei is really desperate this time. Who will come to save him again at this time? Father-in-law Wei suddenly found that he was alone in this world, with no friends or relatives.
Get ready to die. Slag raised his sledgehammer again.
Wait a minute, with a crisp sound, a pretty white beauty flashed out of the shadows.

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