That knot is actually a job change.

Almost every petty officer has to face life choices.
This possibility makes Gu Mengmeng’s heart tight and her face white. Her motivation is that Conway imagines him taking off his military uniform and going back to the ordinary nine-to-five class, wandering around this metropolis and finally disappearing into the dust of the years.
He may really do this Gu Mengmeng thought.
Inexplicably, I feel deeply sorry for this imagination, just like Qin Jun said that he was born in the army. The army trained him and spent so much energy and money. Now it is time for him to serve the country and benefit the people, but he is willing to give up the opportunity to create the peak of his career because he cares for his wife. Is this a bit unreasonable?
Gu Mengmeng looked at Qin Jun and felt ashamed.
Although she didn’t know it beforehand, it was her who caused all this.
I know what to do. Gu Mengmeng answered Qin Jun.
Qin Jun looked complicated and waved away without taking away a cloud.
But Gu Mengmeng sat in KFC until the early morning door, waiting for the bus on the side of the road. In the cold wind, she lit up on her cell phone, but she didn’t expect the text messages to come and go without stopping.
A few drunken young people passed by the roadside and looked at her standing alone on the street, blowing a frivolous whistle. Gu Mengmeng didn’t feel her eyes passing over them, dressed in fancy clothes and staring at the phone that was not connected.
When a group of bad children walked by, she flashed her eyes and beat her words.
Almost as soon as I got through, I was answered by the other party. He always kept a low voice and asked MengMeng where you were, trembling with anxiety.
When I was waiting for the bus, I went back to the road, and a taxi came far away. She greeted me and stretched out her hand to stop me.
Conway heard the car door Gu Mengmeng driver’s teacher say that his voice was light and shallow, which made him gradually settle down.
Gu Mengmeng tired on the car seat behind him.
Hello Conway, she closed her eyes and whispered to him through the microphone.
Well, I heard his gentle low voice in my ear.
Don’t you think her lips are tied up? Are mom and dad asleep? She is a little worried that her husband will suffer if these two old patients make trouble again.
I’m an old man who has slept. How can I be so energetic? My dad is still snoring. His mobile phone is close to Commander Kang’s place, and he snores intermittently.
Hehe, she relaxed as soon as she finished.
MengMeng Xiao Jun Ta
It’s okay. She just wanted to talk to me. Your mother said that and left. Gu Mengmeng lied.
What did she say, Conway? Be nervous.
What else can I do? Don’t ask me about the former mother-in-law and mother-in-law. Who will ask me again? Who am I worried about? She deliberately said so.
Conway hook well, don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t ask, don’t go home and sleep at once. I may not go back in the afternoon, so I have to accompany my mother for a cardiac angiography.
Yeah, ok, just call me if you need anything, so I won’t go to the hospital to make trouble. I’m so sleepy. I’m going to hang up my phone, but Conway is suddenly full of childishness and groaning over there.
Kiss me and I’ll hang up.
Oh, my God, Gu Mengmeng rubbed his arm and broke it. She didn’t know this ya was still disturbing.
The driver’s eldest brother laughed at the front and teased the back seat. The beautiful female soldier is your husband, right?
Gu Mengmeng embarrassed to scratch his head. Oh, it’s quite annoying.
The more annoying I am, the more I love my wife. She often calls me an asshole. Now it’s almost a mantra. The talking driver’s cell phone rings. He is the other side’s screaming soprano. He doesn’t go home when he arrives as an asshole.
Hey, the last trip to Hua Ting, the driver’s eldest brother winked at Gu Mengmeng, which means you see, am I right
You hurry up and make people unable to sleep, and you have to wait for the door to annoy me. I finally got interested, but your wife’s words were ambiguous at the end, and the driver came to rescue me to this extent.
Gu Mengmeng tilting face at the car glass reflected himself ha ha laugh.
It’s interesting to express your love in such a straightforward way in marriage.
When the car was red, the driver’s eldest brother just lost the money and hurried home. Gu Mengmeng felt warm in his heart and watched the car rental go away. He silently wished the couple happiness forever.
When she came home and took another shower, she didn’t have the man who would blow her hair.

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