I came to this military base named Sing Tao in an instant, and I was beaten several times. I came to the base gate and checked my identity many times. I entered the base department. Now all the bases are under the control of Xingyun. When I came to the door, she already knew it, but she was taken care of by various instruments. This is what she used to do for thousands of years, and I don’t know how she came into the base control hall. However, Xingyun was already waiting for me there. My gods swept my two sisters lightly, but here I asked Xingyun.
What makes them come to the base? You know, it’s no good letting their sisters know about these things. I’m afraid it will be too shocking to them and affect their future repair.
I don’t think so. I don’t think the two sisters have reached a point when they are practicing. There is no greater external stimulus to oppress them. It may take decades to break through the bottleneck. It is better for them to practice when they are open to their eyes. Although it may cause them to lose their minds for a short time, they are all geniuses. After this time, I think they will gain a lot of facts. My opinion is that the two sisters have actually gained a lot. I think it is a matter of time before they become law gods, and I need their help. I need to do something about this world magic knowledge. You also said that our pure technology has a great influence on the world, which may make the world lose its direction of development, so we must study the magic knowledge and update it quickly. But in my opinion, your guy’s mastery of magic knowledge is superficial. Now two holy care guides come to help me, may I give up? Otherwise, you can find me two better people to come to Xingyun and say that I am speechless. I know that this is not an excuse for the rhyme department. She is no longer a brain. She is life. She knows what loneliness is. What can I do with her?
What are they doing now? I’m not arguing with Xingyun about whether to bring the two sisters to the base. The question has come, and it’s meaningless to argue about it again.
They are reading a novel, and Qing Lin’s sister is also in Xingyun. I knew it would be such a scene, shook her head and asked Xingyun
I’ve been gone for more than ten days. Do you have any new information for me?
A lot of people talk about intelligence and rhyme, and they immediately get active and gush. Speaking of it, I can hear from her tone that she is dependent on me. It seems that I should pay more attention to her. She is a brainless person with strong computing power, but in her feelings, although she is a child, she is very capable, but some things, including feelings, can be experienced by herself. Others are guiding her and rhyme needs my guidance.
Xingyun, I’m not a communicator. If you don’t understand any questions, you can ask me if I’m okay, but I can have a chat. You can find me anytime and anywhere against our communication satellite. Our satellite is not busy chatting and won’t delay anything, I said
I know the star rhyme. I didn’t pay attention to my tone, but I said quickly
After these days, I have obtained information from continuous observation of the two continents, and the population of the two communities is smaller than that of our mainland. It is estimated that the active forces of the two communities will be more than 20 million each. According to my inference, it will never be less than 10 million. You are welcome to say that your power base is vulnerable now. Even if you kiss the horse and add Qinglin, it is best to tie the knot.
Are the gods and demons so powerful? I asked
Yes, I didn’t put it bluntly. According to my energy scanning results of the two families of ghosts and gods, the two families of ghosts and gods are generally two grades higher than human energy. That is to say, the two families of ghosts and gods have just been born with the level of intermediate swordsmen. My energy meter has detected that tens of thousands of people have reached the distraction period. If you have a war battlefield in this fast-growing mainland, I am afraid that this mainland knot can be hit by Lu Chen. You said that this is not a lose-lose situation. What is it that the two families of ghosts and gods came to the mainland? Of course, it is impossible to have our technology in Lu Chen. It’s okay, but it’s not for the rest of the mainland. Now you can deal with the magic and bright family and attack Taoism on a large scale. At this moment, you can’t completely control these Taoist attacks. It’s inevitable that the mainland will be hit by waves.
Through the analysis of depressed star charm, it is confirmed that I am a weapon of mass destruction. A humanoid nuclear weapon can be at the end and at its own chassis. It can be a lose-lose situation. Compared with conventional forces, I am still far behind the two families of ghosts and gods. I have been preparing for more than ten years, so I can’t develop with the two families for tens of thousands of years.
What’s your opinion
It’s my decision. One of my choices is to give them weapons of mass destruction first, so they won’t be able to fight any big wars. At that time, we will have a chance to develop. In three or five hundred years, human beings will be able to fight against the gods and demons, and our family will be able to lead human beings to defeat the gods and demons.
I don’t agree with two reasons. First, we are people who cultivate truth, not demons. Mass slaughter is not good for my cultivation. Those protoss people, old and young, are koos. We can’t do this. In the protoss army, I have no problem killing people. Second, our family doesn’t want to be the leader. Muxiu is destroyed by Lin Feng. Our method of cultivating truth is balanced. This may also be my own understanding. Do you want our family’s future generations and grandchildren to live in their eyes? Their lives should be chosen by them. We can leave them enough lives. That’s
Hum, woman, when I saw you, I knew you would say this. I have already made a plan. I am sending out a small tactical nuclear bomb material, which is all kinds of magic nuclei in the world. The magic matrix can be built with different properties, and it is best to attack the armies of the gods and demons without nuclear radiation pollution, so that the impact on the mainland land structure is minimized. What do you think? I still need your help, Xingyun said
It’s better to be prepared, but we may not necessarily have a conflict with the gods and demons. After all, my first plan is to take advantage of this kind of destructive weapon. We will negotiate with the gods and demons. We are more sure that they will fight if they don’t come to our site. I think neither of them wants me to join one side. Before that, we should still show our strength in the temple. It’s better for us to show our strength. The opponents have said so much, I forgot to come here. I want to discuss things with them. Let’s go and see them. I said.
It’s better to see the two sisters first and then talk about other things. I’ve prepared the plan for the railway and want to discuss it with you. Since the two sisters, Qinglin and Sister, are also here, we can discuss it together. Maybe they can have a good opinion, Xingyun said.
Qing Lin is very happy to see me. The two sisters’ expressions are different when they see me. The elder sister is a questioning expression and the younger sister is a vicious expression. When Lisa saw me, she immediately came to me, grabbed my clothes and asked with a bad breath.
Richie 86 Bits, you bastard, the bigger you get, the worse you are. You don’t tell us such a fun place. If Sister Qinglin hadn’t told us, I wouldn’t have known you were such a fun place. I would have gone back and told my adoptive mother that you were broken and lied to see how my adoptive mother could pick you up.
Come on, my sister and brother didn’t come, didn’t they? You know this base was just established. When you arrived in the territory, I was in a hurry to do something, so I didn’t come to tell you. Fortunately, Qinglin brought you here. Isn’t it the same as I brought you here? I quickly said to Lisa
Come on, Qinglin is willing to bring us here. Besides, Sister Xingyun is in charge here, which has nothing to do with you. If you cheat us, you have to make up for it, Lisa said.
No problem. Let me know what you want. I patted my chest and said generously.
I heard from sister Qing Lin and sister Xing Yun that you can keep us young and beautiful forever like gods. We want this Lisa, she said.
It’s that simple. I don’t want anything else, I asked
It’s that simple. We don’t want anything else. Lisa must have said
It is not difficult to keep young and beautiful forever, but it requires your own efforts. I can teach you a way. It depends on you whether you can do it or not, I said
Then teach Lisa now. It’s acute
Not yet, I’ll talk slowly
What? This time, my sister Sally asked. It seems that women are more concerned about their own appearance.
You won’t be able to practice until you have all successfully advanced to the Dharma God. Otherwise, I can’t return my two sisters. You don’t want me to teach you for nothing. You have to pay something. This is the only way in the world. No matter how much money you spend, you can’t get anything. I’m talking about the fastest update.
What do you want us to pay you? Tell me so I can get ready for Lisama.
It’s very simple. I think when my two sisters help me, just don’t ask too much for ten years. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you again in this decade. What do you think? I asked
You want to be beautiful for ten years. You want to be beautiful, sister. I have to get married when I have been there for so long. I don’t have time to play with you. Lisa doesn’t want to answer.
Ah, Sister Lisha, are you finally getting married? It’s the young aristocrat who is not afraid of death. It’s up to him. The young aristocrat in the empire sacrificed his own share. I taught him a little self-defense skills to avoid being beaten by my sister when you two fight in the future. I quipped
Go to hell, Li Sha threw a big fireball at me, and I shook myself and hid in the past. The big fireball slammed on the walls of the hall. Fortunately, these walls are all made of high-strength alloy steel. I built the walls by the young master myself, so there was nothing to lose. Li Sha stopped and continued. Li Sha said to me
Come on, Liza, don’t make fun of me any more. Liza, you’ve been eating this since you were a child. If you are angry with him, you’ll be embarrassed. Every time you suffer, you won’t change your temper and let him suffer. No interest. Liza said, what are you up to? You won’t teach our sisters any tricks. Don’t say it’s a long time. My sisters miss us very much. Come and see us. I don’t believe you. If you don’t say it, I’ll go back and tell my adoptive mother
All right, all right, I surrender. My two sisters sit down. I’ll report to them. I need the help of my two sisters. I’ll tell them about my whereabouts immediately. I’m going to never be good at this kind of administrative work. I’m going to prepare Sally to be the daily administrative work of the Secretary for Administration, and Lisha is still going to let her be the chief escort of the escort agency. It’s not necessary to give her a good foundation and a set of effective management.
After listening to my plan, the two sisters were not happy, but very happy. After all, it is impossible for energetic young people to wander around and do nothing. The two sisters in the bones are still very happy. However, the arrogant people are already holy guides at a young age. It is definitely impossible for ordinary people to help them. However, they are nobles of the Maltese Empire. How can they help other empires? However, Old Aaron ordered them not to participate in the political affairs of the Empire. The family has gradually faded, and I am the only one who can help their sisters.
Lisa jumped up with joy when she heard that I was going to give her a team of nine thousand people. She took Qinglin’s hand and said without reading the novel.
Sister, we don’t stay here. We can read novels whenever we want. Let’s go back now. I’m going to have a look. Ricky is going to give me 9 thousand soldiers. I’m a marshal. I’m so happy, sister. Let’s go back together. There’s really nothing to stay at this swing base. I’m already bored

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