Nirvana gold gas lurks in the depths of the Dan River. If you want to suck it, you must enter the bottom of the Dan River, where the pressure is enough to crush a four-yuan nirvana. It is not easy to resist that pressure while sucking nirvana gold gas.

Here all this just suddenly.
Looking at the crowd, it’s a smile, but looking at the young figure Nirvana of Danhe is really extremely violent, but I’m afraid it’s hard to pose a fatal threat to the cultivation of the blue sky and dragons.
Do it. Dan River Dust really looks at Enlightenment and laughs
Enlightenment nodded slowly, and soon the surface S gradually became dignified, and the sleeve robe waved suddenly with the majestic and vast force sweeping like waves, and a huge Tianyuan force was inserted into the Fontaine River and then stirred up like a giant stick.
As the giant Yuan Li practiced to stir up the Danhe River, the Danhe River suddenly boiled up and the waves surged wildly, followed by a black S vortex that quickly formed on the surface of the Danhe River.
The black S vortex quickly extends into the black vortex at the bottom of the Dan River, and the mouth of the devil is generally creepy.
The vortex is obviously expanding rapidly, and when the vortex mouth expands to about ten feet, suddenly there is a golden S light in the deep darkness.
make a din
As soon as the golden S light shines, it is the same way to cut through the dark star. If it flashes quickly, it shoots from the whirlpool and finally shoots the sky. Suddenly, an unusually violent B moves and radiates.
Nirvana golden gas
Look at that golden platform shooting from the whirlpool, people are exclaiming that their eyes are full of heat.
Lin moved into the bottom of the Dan River to suck the Niran gold gas. If you can’t bear to crush this jade, I will pick you up. When the golden light shoots, the dust sleeve robe is swept away by a wave of a gold S jade piece, and it also falls into the back ear.
Lin took the gold S jade piece and didn’t talk nonsense. The body was slightly shocked and vigorous. The force was to wrap all its bodies and then directly turn into a light and rushed into the swirling vortex without hesitation.
When Lin moved into the vortex, the dust really roared with a more powerful force, and directly enveloped the vortex, then the rotation speed of the vortex slowed down, and finally it was forcibly solidified.
See vortex solidification enlightenment is also a slight sigh of relief, this just a recruit the palm of your hand that pangdayuanli horse practice back to the body boy, and then look at the golden vortex channel mouth can’t help but sip sip.
The next thing depends on his own ability. The longer he stays strong, the better it will be for him. Dust really patted his hand and said
Do you think this little guy can be strong for a few days? I suddenly laughed and asked
It should be about five days, and the enlightenment hesitated and gave a conservative estimate of ng.
Five days has been a very good result, but I’m afraid it’s still some distance from your heart. Haven’t you always attached great importance to him? Dust really smiles to say
Well, I guess it’s Tian Wudao who caressed his beard and whispered
Dust really froze for a moment and sighed in silence. You’re really welcome. As far as I know, among the younger generation, it seems that they should laugh at that girl when they are strong in accepting the Danhe initiation.
I never thought that Lin would be worse than that girl. She smiled lightly.
Then why can’t you think more about it? Brother Zhou Tong just walked around because he sucked up the Nirvana gold gas on the Dan River. Dust really criticised me.
Haha, Zhou Tongchong, brother, but I have realized the peerless wizard when the sky is deserted. I didn’t expect enlightenment. "
Nijia household Hua
Dust really had a heart attack, then shook his head, and his eyes were also turned to the swirling channel with golden light. Since you expect so much from him, let’s see if this little guy can be strong.
Words here dust really paused just then murmured that if it is a miracle, it would be best. Luo Huang Temple has been so quiet over the years, and it seems that it is time to order some information. Chapter six hundred and forty Dan River bottom.
Chapter six hundred and forty
The dark vortex channel is still a black python rushing into the Dan River and finally connecting the deepest part of the Nadan River.
make a din
A light in the channel suddenly swept away, and then an amazing speed swept along the vortex to the depths of the vortex. Soon after, the golden light in the darkness in the depths gradually lit up.
Has it arrived yet?
Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly at the vast golden light in his eyes now. From those golden lights, he could feel an extremely violent and vast fluctuation. I think this is the nirvana golden gas born in the depths of the Dan River.
This kind of fluctuation is familiar with Lin’s mumbling, and his mind immediately moved. On that day, after he swallowed the Yuan God of Lin Langtian’s body, didn’t he also have some more golden energy in his body? Now it seems that these two kinds of energy actually belong to the same kind, but these nirvana golden gases born in the Dan River were unconscious and out of people’s control.
The pressure is rising.
Lin Lin’s eyes look at both sides of the vortex channel. With the deepening of the river bottom, the pressure is getting stronger and stronger, which makes Lin Lin’s skin feel tight.
Dan River is not an ordinary river, and the liquid flowing in it is not an ordinary river, but the nirvana water is completely condensed by nirvana gas. Even if the nirvana is strong like Lin Dong, I dare not take it lightly.
Lin’s mind moved slightly, and the light green light surged on the surface of the body. That kind of pressure suddenly dissipated. With the gradual mastery of Lin’s tough degree, it is obviously not inferior to those who have survived nirvana for six times.
Green light will wrap Lin’s body, and he will no longer hesitate to move suddenly and violently. In the end, he directly rushed into the vortex channel and swept into the diffuse Jin Guangzhong at the bottom of the river.
Lin’s body has just swept through the vortex channel, and its shape is fierce and heavy. The pressure hole is not penetrated to him, and even the green light of the body has become dim.
Aware of this situation, Lin’s eyes are also dignified, and many bodies tremble. Layers of blue scales quickly emerge from the surface of their bodies, and scales generally cover all their bodies.
As soon as the scales are exposed, all the pressure immediately dissipates. Only then can we look around. It is already in the depths of the Dan River, but there is no silt here. The golden light spreads to about ten feet at the bottom of the river, while outside the golden light, it is a dark area.

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