Cut the crap and spell it out with him. When I heard Yuan Ye’s words, I slew a dragon with a cold hum. Soon my steps were fierce and I stepped forward. The breath of the three people suddenly soared to the peak. After all, the momentum of slaughtering a dragon was the strongest, and the remaining two people were also extremely strong.

Three people really put fighting strength is not underestimated.
Killing him was accompanied by surging momentum, and the dragon slayer’s bravery was once again storming, drinking at a low level, and three people were almost plundering at the same time, and tacit cooperation was revealed.
If the three people are scattered like lightning, they will surround Yuan Yewei in its immediate somberly, rapid brandishing of a knife with three feet and a hundred feet. The huge knife mountain suddenly surged and immediately chopped at the top of Yuan Yetou’s head. In the three people’s ferocious smiles, they directly slammed into Yuan Ye’s body.
Bang, the energy waves spread at the impact, and the hard rock suddenly burst into dust.
Hit three people eyes dumbfounded looking at this scene before Yuan Ye seems to have not avoided the sample after the meeting.
The dust slowly subsided and Yuan Ye’s figure was watched again, but now it was strange. Now the attack was low. Hundreds of meters away, it was still a blue figure, tall and straight, and there was no injury at all. Even Yuan Ye couldn’t see how to move this hundred meters.
Go find my dad, Chen Lin. I’m Huang Fei blocking him. Look at the limit of that strange figure. Yuan Ye slew a dragon and others suddenly turned pale, and then a deep force emerged. No wonder the other party can kill wantonly in front of so many people just now.
Let’s go. Slaughter a dragon and suddenly drink in anger. His figure is like a mans violent plunder, and a bloody grudge shines in that combating Dao.
Before the combat knives were extremely fast, it was almost a blink of an eye. Now Yuan Ye’s knife shadow suddenly danced, and countless sharp knives and mans directly enveloped Yuan Yezhou’s vital blade with a very dark and dark red force looming.
It’s not a loss that the top 20 in the honour list looked at a long man who fled in the direction of Tu Changfeng. Yuan Ye ignored it directly and turned to praise his body. However, he chose to avoid and rushed to another master of the honour list at the same time.
Is still the first kill DiYiErWuSi slay slew a dragon.
Go to die to see Yuan Yechong rush to his own top ranking master. It is also a hard force to stab Yuan Yezhang’s left palm with a knife. However, a closer look can show that the combating Dao is only half an inch away from Yuan Ye’s palm, and this half an inch is driven by his madness. Pisces are all ways to go further.
A statue of the top 40 list will force a blow to be directly connected by Yuan Ye, and it will be closer.
Let’s end it. Yuan Ye sneers at the left and controls the opponent’s combating Dao while the right hand directly wields the Crimson Lotus sword.
This statue of ranking Wu finally died in Yuan Yejian.
Yuan Ye saw that Yuan Ye killed the dragon slayer by another person, and finally he was completely desperate. He knew that it was not a desperate battle to escape from the root without Yuan Ye’s speed.
Although the ranking of the top ten in the honour list is ten places apart, it’s just like Yuan Ye’s ability to honour the top five Tu Changfeng in the honour list. I really don’t care about anything. This dragon slayer can fight World War I, especially Yuan Ye’s strength is not at its peak now.
Seeing this camp, Yuan Ye slew a dragon completely, but Yuan Ye still retains the strength to prepare for another battle. Suspected of slaughtering a dragon, he knows that the other side’s strength is too strong, so he must look for it desperately, otherwise he is not an opponent.
I’ll fight with you. Suddenly, the dragon’s eyes are fierce, the mans eyes are flashing, the handprints of both hands are fierce, and the hands of the combat knives are u-handed, and the blood mans are suddenly surging, which is the expansion of thousands of feet. The huge blood knife is suspended in the sky, and the essence is generally condensed on the blade, and the soul is surging with lotus flower.
Suction yin blood knife blood knife ShaQi more condensed slew a dragon’s eyes a cold blood knife fleeting harsh sonic boom in the battlefield rumbled around the place where the blood knife had collapsed, and the ground also showed a huge deep ravine.
Blood knife swept Yuan Ye complexion is also becoming slightly dignified hand Crimson Lotus sword is also rapidly expanding and then mercilessly the blood knife collided together.
The terrible impact of the law has swept the battlefield, and all the ground has collapsed by tens of feet at this moment. Most of the peaks have collapsed and smashed into powder, and the destructive power of the top 20 masters in the honor list has reached this level.
Peng blood knife inverted and the volume is also sharply reduced, and the slew a dragon was also shocked by this front to vomit blood inverted, but when inverted, the slew a dragon unexpectedly stepped on the ground with a jerk, and once again rushed to Yuan Ye’s terrible red eyes, which seemed to have turned it into knowing how to kill Warcraft.
Can you really win? Looking at Tu Longxun approaching Yuan Ye’s arm, he suddenly shook Crimson Lotus’s sword and suddenly surged, and finally turned into a golden-green firm but gentle Crimson Lotus sword blade, which was imperceptible to the naked eye.
Before the golden green firm but gentle breath, he slew a dragon and touched his palm. Immediately after the palm was sharp, the palm collapsed, and the firm but gentle spirit easily penetrated his palm.
Bang on the palm of your hand, a sudden burst of force to resist is also right against the face, and the dragon body I is directly inverted and splashed with blood.
I didn’t expect that I killed the fleeing bastard for several months that day. I really can’t bear to slay the dragon. I was a little embarrassed on the ground. I looked at the palm of my hand and almost blackened the blood hole. His arm was pierced by that firm but gentle, and his fighting capacity dropped by 30%. ren couldn’t help sighing.
Unwilling to be unwilling, but killing the dragon is white. He now has the strength to defeat Yuan Ye by root method. Although there is not much chance to escape, he fled in the direction of his father, and his father was so eager to kill the dragon. He still had a little fantasy. When I moved, I fled in the direction of Yuan Ye’s killing Changfeng.
Can you get away with it? Tu Long’s figure just moved with a cold sound, and suddenly he came behind him. Tu Long’s eye pupil suddenly shrank and his backhand combating Dao surged, and a fierce horse exploded with a knife.
Bang Slaughter’s fierce knife mans just waved and met an invisible barrier. Before listening to a loud noise, the combating Dao was directly beaten away, and the strength directly made Slaughter’s blood rush into his throat, but it was forcibly swallowed.
This time, the combat knives flew away from the dragon slayer, and the mind trembled with horror. As soon as yu used the secret method to increase the degree, the palm of his hand was slightly cold, and now the cold temperature of his neck made the dragon slayer stiff directly.
Don’t kill me, I’m stiff, and the dragon slayer took a sharp drink.
If you don’t kill someone, Yuan Ye laughs coldly and directly wrings his neck. Then all these people’s rings are in these rings, which also hold a lot of water and fire, and the dragon slaying ring is also a respect for the soul. Yuan Ye’s heart is more practical for this respect.
I’m afraid that the chance that the soul can kill Tu Changfeng will be 20% higher. Yuan Ye smiled and arranged directly.
Yes, it’s impossible to defeat Tu Changfeng now, and it’s hard for the law to kill the emperor. Therefore, Yuan Ye’s practice is that the combination of the law strength and his own strength should be able to decide Tu Changfeng’s victory or defeat. Yuan Ye wants to know clearly that it will make Tu Changfeng crazy, and maybe Tu Jiazong will join hands to make the situation more dangerous. Even if he loses his degree, Tu Changfeng can’t stand him. Yuan Ye can stop the messenger and didn’t stop him, or Yuan Ye wakes him up. Tu Changfeng is in the position.

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