That’s good. Ye Chen took her hand. He would never treat her as a queen, and he wouldn’t let her be for too long. The emperor would treat her as if she had already belonged to himself. He took Long Huang’s son by the hand and walked to Ye Nu Ye Wei. He smiled and said, "At the beginning of the month, I will burn my son and get married softly. I hope my grandfather and father can come home earlier."

Wang Wenshu has made people run everything and sent thousands of miles to Ye Nu Ye Wei. However, during this short period, Wang Wenshu’s roots haven’t arrived yet. Ye Wei was stunned at first glance, but Long Huang’s son was ashamed to look at the two elders in front of him.
Will it be inappropriate for Ye Wei to hesitate to say that Ye Chen’s words mean that the queen of flowers and water, Long Huang, married him on the same day, and it is not uncommon for her to marry a husband on the same day, but one of these two women is an emperor of Tianlong.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ye nu burst out laughing. Chen Er, you really surprised grandpa one after another. Your queen got married. Oh, no, no, it was you who got married. How could we not be grandpa’s father?
Ye Wei’s expression is also smiling, and he doesn’t say anything more. It suddenly occurred to him that Ye Chen now has everything, and what rules can bind him? He has now become a person who can change the rules of Tianchen mainland at will, and he has no strength, ability and courage to interfere in whatever he wants.
However, Ye nu’s voice turned to glance at some dim Zhuge Xiaoyu, narrowing her eyes, and said that Grandpa had set a marriage for you to come to Ye Grandpa’s side.
ZhuGeXiaoYu sweetly came to Ye nu’s side. First, he blushed and hung his head, then suddenly he looked up with a fierce heart and a face of domineering Ye Chen’s eyes, which was quite provocative.
Kohane is also old enough to get married. I have never met a girl like Xiao Nizanga in my life, but she can’t be cheap. Other kohane is also deeply attached to you. Since this is my decision, you must marry Kohane into Yejiamen at the latest.
Kohane’s lips are getting higher and higher, and she is still secretly waving a small fist at Ye Chen from an angle that Ye nu can’t see, as if to say, look, look, see if you dare not marry me, even if you are an evil emperor, you can’t help but listen to Grandpa.
ZhuGeXiaoYu is still ZhuGeXiaoYu Ye Chen smile hurriedly replied grandpa told me to obey him and smiled, even if I didn’t have grandpa to fix me, I would definitely marry Kohane into the house.
Facing Zhuge Xiaoyu’s misty eyes, he said softly, Kohane, you said that one day you would let me beg you to marry me. You really won, so are you still willing to marry me Ye Chen now?
Zhuge Yi, who has been silent for a long time, began to take a long breath, and his face was relieved and satisfied. Xiaoyu had to worry about the rest of his life, and his Zhuge family would be extremely prosperous because Zhuge Xiaoyu married the evil emperor.
Zhuge Xiaoyu, the girl who just pursed her lips to demonstrate to Ye Chen, held her hands tightly over her lips at the moment, and then turned her back to her shoulders and cried violently. She was pinned down by this stubborn girl who never gave up, but in front of her, water droplets fell to the ground one after another.
Leaf nu gratified nodded ha ha a smile and patted Zhuge Xiaoyu on the shoulder. She was in her own mood and she made persistent efforts in exchange for seeing that she could not be in the excitement. He finally got rid of a worry again.
Chapter 46 Desert sandstorm
Ye Chen gently squeezed Yi Long Huang’s hand, Long Huang’s son took a look at him, took the initiative to let him go, and then smiled and motioned for him to comfort Zhuge Xiaoyu. She was no longer sexual. She knew how powerful the men around her had become and when she should do it. Looking back on the days when he was alone three years ago, it was a period of time that this life will never be blurred. It was also at that time that she loved him and found her own life for those days.
Ye Chen bent over Zhuge Xiaoyu’s shoulder and looked down at her face stained with tears. She smiled and said, Kohane is such a crying girl. Three years ago, when we were last together, you just ran crying and now you are crying like a Xiaohua Mall.
A small fist is pounded on Ye Chen’s chest, which is absolutely not light. If ordinary people will not be twisted, then the soft body will lean on his body and dare not look up at the eyes of the people around him.
Ye Chen patted her on the back a few times and then looked up at Ye Nu with a smile. Grandpa and Dad, I came to say goodbye to you.
Say goodbye to where you are going. Ye Nu’s face and smile disappear. Long Huang’s look is also a little sluggish. Zhuge Xiaoyu can’t help but look up at him a little.
Go to the west and see if you can cut off the root cause of crazy sand. Ye Chen said with a relaxed face
Grandpa Chen believes you, but I still have to ask, can you really influence this great power?
The windy country is covered with wind and sand, and the area is a quarter of the size of Tianchen mainland. Ye Chen can really control this huge force, so it will be easy for him to destroy a country with one hand. Ye Nu believes Ye Chen, otherwise he will not have a reputation as a leaf family. At the same time, six people, the strongest and most distinguished in the world, swear poison together to make a guarantee. Who dares to believe it? But as his grandfather, he has to worry more.
Don’t worry, in fact, everything is not as complicated as you think. Ye Chen smiled and said, it may be short or long, so don’t worry about my safety.
When to start Ye nu asked.
I will go home first one day and Ye Chen replied.
Well, in this case, go early, go back early. You have created so many amazing miracles, so do it again and again. It is not only difficult to drive away the sandstorm, but also to save all the people.
The morning is another day.
Ye Chen woke up early and opened his eyes only to see a pair of eyes watching him. When he saw him wake up, Xiaomo sat down beside him and asked softly, Will dad leave now?
Well, I have to go to Ye Chen early, saying that I didn’t wake up at my side. He really didn’t delay much. After all, he set himself a one-month time limit in front of millions of people. This time limit is not because he is too trusting, but because it is almost the easiest for the gale army to accept. If it is too long, its credibility will drop greatly.
Really don’t want me to go with you? Small foam looked at him eagerly and said
Silly daughter, your dad, I’m not afraid of sandstorms and I don’t need protection. You have to protect your two sisters here, okay?
Small foam called Ye Chen dad and sister Xue Ning, while Xue Ning called Ye Chen’s brother. It seems that they are confused, but they don’t feel uncomfortable at all.
Yeah, I know, dad, but remember to come back early, said Xiao Mo
Ye Chen didn’t wake up the sleeping pupil, coagulate the snow, get dressed and call Xiang Xiang’s heart to emerge. He has been to the westernmost position and disappeared in a moment in a white light.
Ye Chen felt something lost from Xiaomo, sitting in bed and teasing with his fingers, which was also not finished. In the first few months of ordinary people’s life, Xiaolong was suspected to be the fastest growing period, but in the past few months, Xiao Zi’s body shape was slightly larger, which was still less than Xiaomo’s palm size, but Ye Chen Xiaomo felt that its power growth rate was extremely terrible. After all, it was a dragon crystal with super-god power.
Just got up, Chu TC yawned, muttered something in a daze, pushed the door and went away, but almost a girl dressed in a green petticoat bumped into her. The girl hurriedly stepped back and respectfully said that Chu Gong was early.
Oh, I said hello to Chu Jingtian Hanhan early. This girl is Ye Chen’s exclusive servant girl. Xiaolv is a servant girl but long and graceful, but he doesn’t dare to look at it at ordinary times. Although he has been away from Chu Cangming for nearly half a year, he still can’t put his hands and feet in front of women, especially women of the same age.
Mata saw the cold cliff horse standing quietly by the flower pond and ran over and shouted in his ear that the ice face got up so early.
Cold cliff did not move his head or lift a stiff stone, where Chu Jing was shocked. If you are careful, you will see that his face is red and white, but the frequency of change is getting faster and faster.
Hey, hey, you’re not awake yet, are you? Chu Jingtian smashed his shoulder and put his head forward.
However, his slaps on the cold cliff awakened a sleeping fierce beast. At that moment, the cold cliff suddenly turned his head to touch the cold cliff’s eyes. At that moment, Chu Jing saw that it was two o’clock, sometimes red and sometimes white eyes. The cold cliff attack was also sudden, and he never left the wind and suddenly stabbed Chu Jing’s chest.
The sudden shadow of death surprised Chu Jing. His body retreated as quickly as possible, and he never left his body. The Canghua sword flew from behind to his hand. His arm pointed to the blade when it was not sent.
rattling sound
Chu Jing Tian didn’t come to breathe a sigh of relief when he suddenly felt a huge tremor in his hand. His palm ached sharply, and the sword flew to break the wind. The blade stabbed his chest in his sudden pupil contraction and suddenly stopped at the moment when it was almost attached to his clothes. The green blade tip was trembling slightly, and the cold cliff eyes were shaking violently.
Chu TC stare big eyes and keep the body back, but I can’t say a word. The cold cliff will break the wind blade and return to my room without saying a word, slamming the door tightly.
Chu TC raised his right hand palm, which has been shattered. Several wounds ooze blood and half palms are dyed red. He stared at the cold cliff door for a while and still didn’t wake up from just being surprised. His back was already a layer of cold sweat.
Strong. He never knew that Lai Lengya was so strong.
On the explosive power of speed, he knows that it is far from cold cliff, but the front of strength is the same level. He has never fallen into the wind, but he was hit by a cold cliff to fly the Cangshan sword.
Moreover, Lengya has recently become very wrong since he came back from Beidizong a few months ago. His words have become less, his breath has become colder, and he has become more like a dead man’s breath. At most, he has locked himself in his room and he has not come for a few days.

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